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Below are curated lists of tech companies that share common characteristics. You can find companies that are all at a similar investment stage, are headquartered in the same city or received investment from the same Venture Capital firm. Additionally we've built lists of tech companies that share common technologies, industries or custom tech company collections that we build for fun.

Companies by Headquarters Location

Find tech companies and startups based on the American city the firms are headquartered in.

Companies by Investment Stage

These companies are grouped by the latest funding round they've received from Venture Capital firms, based on data collected from the public web.

Companies by Venture Capital Firm

These lists show the portfolio companies for each prominent Venture Capital firm. Click to see the tech companies that each VC firm has invested in.

Companies by Industry

These lists of companies feature companies from common industries that may or may not compete with each other

Companies by Tech Stack

These are companies that use a given software technology. Click on a technology to see tech companies that use that technology to run their business.

Custom Company Collections

These are custom curated collections of tech companies and startups made by the Employbl team.