Companies with Offices in Beverly Hills

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Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
Adicet Bio Adicet Bio 2016 $145,624,992 Beverly Hills, CA Medical organization founded in 2014 50 200
LiveXLive Media LiveXLive Media 2009 $94,624,464 Beverly Hills, CA Organization founded in 2009 100 500
Profitboss Profitboss 2018 $29,200,000 Beverly Hills, CA We power online ordering for restaurants and help them automatically market using their data to increase profits 50 100
Parrot Analytics Parrot Analytics 2013 18000000 NZD Beverly Hills, CA Unlocking the magic of content 50 200
GrayMeta GrayMeta 2015 $7,304,607 Beverly Hills, CA Organization founded in 2015 10 50
Crush Capital Crush Capital 2020 $6,000,000 Beverly Hills, CA Crush Capital is a pioneering FinTech firm and creator of the “Going Public” series. 10 50
dot.LA dot.LA 2020 $4,000,000 Beverly Hills, CA dot.LA’s mission is to celebrate and empower the Los Angeles startup community, fueling innovation around the world. 10 50
Eusoh Eusoh 2017 $3,440,000 Beverly Hills, CA Community-based care for your pet that will save you money. 10 20
Olympian Motors Olympian Motors 2021 $800,000 Beverly Hills, CA Motor vehicle manufacturer founded in 2021 10 50
Argo Argo 2019 Beverly Hills, CA Organization founded in 2019 10 50
Channel Factory Channel Factory 2010 Beverly Hills, CA We help brands find the right content, context and audience on YouTube at the right price. 100 200
ISERVICE Auto ISERVICE Auto Beverly Hills, CA 20% increase in Gross Profit or FULL REFUND! Improving the way service departments operate through modern technology. 50 200
Zentap Zentap 2017 Beverly Hills, CA We combine automation, big data, and marketing hustle, providing the #1 solution for real estate marketing. 50 200
Digital Media Management Digital Media Management 2010 Beverly Hills, CA Organization founded in 2010 100 500
Elite Body Sculpture Elite Body Sculpture 2012 Beverly Hills, CA Medical organization founded in 2012 50 200
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