Tech Companies and Startups in New York

Updated on November 20, 2023
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Connor Leech

This post is a breakdown of the current tech company and startup scene in NYC. It analyzes companies by HQ Location, Founded Year, Employee Count, Total Funding Amount and Industry.

Tech Companies and Startups in New York

New York) is far and away the most populous city in America. Los Angeles comes second in terms of population and its spread out over a much larger area. San Francisco the 17th most populous city has the most tech companies, according to previous analysis. New York comes in at #2 on our list of cities in the United States and the tech companies headquartered there with 794 software companies, tagged by NAICS code.

In this post I'd like to examine these eight hundred companies based in New York to see what we can take away. We'll analyze the dataset by looking at HQ Location, Founded Year, Employee Count, Total Funding Amount and Industry. I'm based in the Bay Area but hope this'll be beneficial to anyone looking to learn more about the NY tech scene in this remote-first world 🌎

Companies Headquartered in New York

New York is a big city with many boroughs. Living in one can feel like another's a world away. Many people work remotely but even still it can be nice to know the people you spend all your time working with aren't that far away. Even in a remote world we're social creatures; location remains important.

We're working on an interactive mapping application, until then we created some static images of where these ~600 companies are located. Some are in the same buildings so appear in one dot. Ideally we'll have a choropleth going forward, maybe broken up by zip code. I love those types of maps!

Ny Lower Tech Companies

These maps of New York give a high level sense of where the companies set up shop. To see the full list you can login to the Employbl dashboard and add "New York, NY" to the HQ Location filter. To dig into that we'll start by looking at when these companies were first founded.

New York Startups Founded Recently

To start off let's look at companies founded this year and last year. To view the full list with more information you can login to the Employbl dashboard and filter by Year Founded and select "Past Year".

Company Name Founded Year Total Investment Amount
Intrinsic Brands is an eCommerce acquisition and growth platform uniquely focused on digital-first health and wellness brands. 2021 $113 million
Stablix Therapeutics is a biotechnology company pioneering the field of Targeted Protein Stabilization (TPS). The company’s resorted platform generates heterobifunctional small molecules (RESTORACS) that recruit deubiquitinase enzymes to remove ubiquitin from targeted proteins and consequently stabilize or increase target protein levels and activity. Stablix initially is leveraging the platform to develop programs to treat rare diseases, cancer, and immunological disorders. 2021 $63 million
Buyk is a high-availability, virtual grocery store. 2021 $46 million
Empathy is a platform for families to deal with the loss of their people. Empathy combines technology and human support to provide a digital companion application built to empower bereaved families. 2021 $13 million
Precision Neuroscience brings together an experienced team that has been developing brain-computer interfaces for nearly two decades. The company has a sizable and growing intellectual property portfolio and is developing an integrated system of electronics, software, and minimally invasive neural implants. 2021 $12 million
Caden The internet is far from perfect. One of its greatest flaws has been the decades-long abuse of our personal data. That's where we come in. 2021 $6 million
Capchase is a fintech company that helps SaaS companies finance the growth of their operations with cash tied up in future monthly payments. 2020 $189.6 million
Acquco is an E-commerce platform that focuses on acquiring and growing Amazon Marketplace businesses. The company was launched by two former Amazon workers who built multimillion-dollar businesses on its platform. 2020 $160 million
Beyond Identity's mission is to empower the next generation of secure digital business by replacing passwords with fundamentally secure X.509-based certificates. 2020 $105 million
Lafayette Square is a minority-controlled and leading asset management platform. 2020 $100 million
Novocardia is a cardiovascular care delivery. 2020 $53.7 million
SchoolCare delivers free health technology for K-12 public schools to help school nurses deliver care and keep students safe. 2020 $48.9 million
Collective provides multi-screen advertising solutions that help brands to connect with their audiences. 2020 $28.6 million
Calibrate is a digital metabolic health business that provides a virtual program for weight loss. 2020 $27.6 million
Coiled is a modern solution for seamlessly scaling data science, machine learning, and AI in Python. 2020 $26 million
Buzzer is a notification-driven mobile platform for live sports personalized for fans. 2020 $24 million
Dayforward is a provider of a life insurance platform designed to bring financial security to families. 2020 $20 million
Clearing is a digital healthcare platform built to serve the more than 50M chronic pain sufferers in the United States. 2020 $20 million
Rasgo enables data scientists to explore, clean, join, transform, and featurize raw data into analysis-ready data at the speed of thought 2020 $20 million

In a previous post looking at non-acquired software companies in the United States I noted there appears to be a normal distribution when grouping companies by founded year. Most active companies now were founded between 2015 and 2018. Companies founded before that begin to die off or acquired. Companies founded more recently haven't had time to ramp up or appear on anyone's radar yet. The year a company was founded won't tell you the whole story but can still provide insight into a company's trajectory.

Largest Companies in NYC by Employee Count

These are some large companies by employee count. It's not a complete assesment but should provide an indicator of some large tech-focused companies based in New York. We use min and max employee counts to demarcate a range for how many employees the company may have.

Company Info Min Employees Max Employees
Macy's Buy pants online or in store. 123000 123000
Verizon Verizon Communications Inc. is an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate and a corporate component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 100000 200000
Compass Compass, Inc. is an American licensed real estate broker that utilizes the Internet as a marketing medium with the use of real estate technology. 5000 20000
General Assembly The world evolves at the speed of tech. You and your business should, too. 1000 10000
WeWork Space That Works for You. From desks to offices and entire headquarters, we create environments for productivity, innovation, and connection. 5000 10000
UiPath UiPath is a global software company for robotic process automation (RPA) founded in Romania by Daniel Dines and Marius Tîrcă and headquartered in New York City. The company's software monitors user activity to automate repetitive front and back office tasks, including those performed using other business software such as customer relationship management or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. 1000 5000
DataArt For Data Art as an emerging art form, see Information artDataArt is an IT consultancy company. The firm designs, develops and supports software. DataArt operates from 20 locations in the US, Europe, and Latin America. 1000 5000
Andela Andela is an American company with operational campuses in Africa including Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya that identifies and develops software developers. The company launched operations in Nigeria in 2014, to help global companies overcome the severe shortage of skilled software developers and has offices in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and the United States. 1000 5000
Sprinklr Sprinklr is an American software company based in New York City that develops a SaaS customer experience management (CXM) platform. The company's software, also called Sprinklr, combines different applications for social media marketing, social advertising, content management, collaboration, employee advocacy, customer care, social media research, and social media monitoring. 1000 5000
CAST CAST is a technology corporation, with headquarters in New York City and in France, near Paris. The firm markets software intelligence with a technology based on semantic analysis of software source code and components. It provides information and size (automated function points counting) measurement technology and expertise, and offers software, hosting and consulting services in support software analysis and measurement. 500 2000
Fractal Fractal Analytics is a multinational artificial intelligence company that provides services in consumer packaged goods, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, retail and technology, and the financial sector. Headquartered in New York, it has a presence in the United States, United Kingdom, and India along with fifteen other locations. 1000 5000
MongoDB We're the creators of MongoDB, the most popular database for modern apps, and MongoDB Atlas, the global cloud database on AWS, Azure, and GCP. 1000 5000
Chief Chief is a private network designed specifically for women leaders — rising VP level through CEO — to strengthen their experience in the C-suite, cross-pollinate power across industries, and change the face of leadership. Co-founders Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan launched Chief in 2019 to drive more women to the top and keep them there. 200 2000
Datadog See inside any stack, any app, at any scale, anywhere. 1000 5000
LIVEPERSON INC LivePerson is a publicly held, global technology company that develops conversational commerce and AI software." 1000 5000
InVision InVisionApp, Inc. develops software tools. The Company provides prototyping software for web and mobile application designers. InVisionApp's platform allows design teams to create interactive prototypes of web and mobile applications and gather instant feedback from key stakeholders through social and collaborative capabilities. 500 1000
Yext One platform to manage all your digital knowledge, including listings, reviews, and local pages. Control business information across 100+ sites and apps. 1000 5000 democratized the home-financing ecosystem, replacing it with a digitized process that eliminates commissions, fees, unnecessary steps, and time-wasting branch appointments. 1000 5000

Largest Private Companies in NYC by Total Investment Amount

Next we'll look at companies that have raised oodles of money but have not gone public via IPO. These are companies that have not been acquired either.

Company Name Description Total Investment Amount
Oscar Health We do health insurance differently — with more coverage, less hassle, and perks that give you the most value for your premium. $1.63 billion
Articulate Articulate Global, Inc. was founded in 2002. The company's line of business includes designing, developing, and producing prepackaged computer software. $1.5 billion
Noom Noom, Inc. develops mobile applications. The Company offers applications for weight loss and to maintain an overall healthier lifestyle, as well as monitors your progress and provide expert advice and analysis. $657 million
MediaMath MediaMath, Inc. provides application software services. The Company offers an online campaign management platform geared towards online display advertisement that facilitates the management of advertisements, allowing agencies to analyze marketing programs across the digital landscape. $607 million
Via Transportation We've built revolutionary technology that is changing the way people get around cities. Using Via, a ride booked on your phone costs little more than the bus. Via is on-demand transit on a mass scale; it's smart transportation that’s friendly to our planet. $587 million
Dataminr Dataminr's clients are the first to know about critical events and breaking information, enabling them to act faster and stay one step ahead. $577 million
Knotel Your agile business deserves an agile space. Knotel will find, customize, and operate your ideal office while you focus on your business. $560 million
Ribbon Ribbon Home Inc provides software solutions. The Company offers platform for buying and selling of home. Ribbon Home serves customers in the United States. $555 million
ClassPass ClassPass is an all-access membership to a global network of 10,000 fitness studios. Try strength training, cycling and more. $549 million
Forter Forter is a software as a service (SaaS) company that provides fraud prevention technology for online retailers and marketplaces. $525 million
DailyPay DailyPay, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers solution which enables them to pay daily payments for employees and contractors. $514 million
Bowery (Farming) At Bowery Farming, we dream of a world where agriculture gives back to the people and the planet more than it takes. Right outside of cities, we build indoor farms that grow wildly flavorful produce that’s defiantly free from pollutants, all while using less finite resources like space and water. Our smart farms are powered by our proprietary farm operating system, BoweryOS, creating a simplified, agile food system that’s focused on flavor, freshness, and safety. $467 million
Axonius Axonius, Inc. operates as a platform as a service company. The Company offers cybersecurity asset management platform that provides organizations with complete visibility and automated policy validation on all assets, devices, and users. Axonius serves customers worldwide. $465 million
Petal Petal Card, Inc. issues credit cards. The Company specializes in credit underwriting decisions with machine learning and analyzing customer's digital financial record and credit scores which allows to issue credit cards to the customers. Petal Card serves customers in State of New York. $435 million
Yotpo Yotpo Inc develops a content marketing platform. The Company provides an integrated solution that lets brands collects, curates, manages, and responds to every type of user-generated content from a single platform. Yotpo serves clients worldwide. $406 million Founded in 2016, democratized the home-financing ecosystem, replacing it with a digitized process that eliminates commissions, fees, unnecessary steps, and time-wasting branch appointments. In addition to providing mortgage rates in seconds,’s platform offers a digital marketplace featuring competitive quotes from an array of insurance providers for seamless purchase of a homeowner's insurance policy and instant access to leading real estate agents across the country. $405 million
Attentive Attentive Mobile Inc. develops mobile messaging platform. The Company offers a platform that enables to send text messages to the subscribers. $393 million
Foursquare Foursquare Labs Inc., commonly known as Foursquare, is an American technology company. The company's location platform is the foundation of several business and consumer products, including the Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm apps. $390 million
Biz2Credit Biz2Credit, Inc is an online small business platform that provides credit solutions. $387 million
ASAPP Asapp Inc builds artificial intelligence products. The Company designs a machine learning capabilities that enables automation and work simplification. $380 million

Companies Headquartered in New York by Industry

Finally we'll look at what industry companies headquartered in New York are categorized as. Each company can have up to three tags. This shows what industry the companies in our database are categorized as.

Category Name Number of Companies
Software Companies 821
Software As A Service Companies 209
Social Networking Companies 147
Artificial Intelligence Companies 146
Financial Services Companies 110
Financial Software Companies 72
Computer Vision Companies 68
Natural Language Processing Companies 64
Medical Organizations 57
Financial Technology Companies 52
Marketing Companies 47
Health Care Companies 45
Cloud Computing Providers 42
Media And Information Companies 37
Computer Security Companies 33
Educational Organizations 33
Online Learning Companies 31
Retailers 26
Online Retailers 21
Manufacturing Companies 19
Service Companies 14
Open Source Software Organizations 11
Shopping Delivery Services 4
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers 2

That's all, for now..

I hope this post has provided some insight into the NYC tech and startup scene. There's plenty more data to explore. To view and filter all of the data login to your Employbl dashboard and give it a whirl! If you have any questions hit me up on Twitter: @connor11528

Connor Leech

Connor Leech

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Connor is the founder of Employbl. He writes the codes and even some articles like this one. He lives in San Francisco, CA.

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