Connor Leech (@connor11528)

Hi I'm Connor!

I created Employbl.

Employbl is your first stop in the job hunt. I created Employbl as a result of my experience both applying for jobs as a software engineer and working as an agency tech recruiter in San Francisco. You can upload your resume, search for jobs and find companies all for free.

What is Employbl?

Employbl is a talent marketplace for candidates and companies in the Bay Area. Active candidates apply to join the network, create their profiles and can search through company profiles on the discover page.

Recruiters use Employbl to find active tech candidates looking for work in the Bay Area.

Why did you make Employbl?

As a self taught software engineer and former agency recruiter I've experienced the job market from both the candidate and recruiter's side. On the candidate side there didn't seem to be a good way to find cool tech companies and browse through open positions. Most job sites hide candidate information so they can earn placement fees or give it away to everyone leaving candidates to get spammed constantly. For recruiters it seems like a fresh hookup of active candidates could be a breath of fresh air. Init journey...

Who is Employbl for?

Right now Employbl is for active candidates that are authorized to work in the United States and looking to work for Bay Area tech companies. On the hiring side it's for in house talent teams and hiring managers at Bay Area tech companies.

What if I have a question?

If you'd like to learn more (or just want to say hi) shoot me an email at or I'm on twitter @connor11528.