Employbl allows candidates to discover tech companies, startups and jobs.

We've built a database of thousands of companies and use powerful web scraping to organize and categorize information that's relevant for job seekers. You can save companies you're interested in, explore jobs and find new startups you otherwise wouldn't have known about.

Right now we're focused on building tools to help candidates in their job hunt. Longer term we'd like to build up our tools for employers to facilitate more equitable hiring practices across the tech industry.

How does Employbl work?

Login with your LinkedIn, GitHub or Google social account

Select "Candidate" from the onboarding menu

Discover, sort, filter and search for tech companies and startups across the United States

Search thousands of always up to date job listings for hundreds of tech companies and startups

Spend less time job hunting and more time doing meaningful work.

Frequently asked questions

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How do you make money?
Great question! We don't. At the moment we're focused on building best in class tools for candidates to arm themselves in the job hunt. There's an asymettery in access to information between candidates and recruiters that we're looking to solve. Information about the tech industry should be open and accessible to all, especially those looking for work. The job hunt sucks enough as it is without having to comb through mountains of spam. Candidates should be able to spend more time improving their skills and pursuing meaningful work instead of combing through unsorted industry information. Eventually we'd like to build up paid offerings on the employer side to directly connect candidates with companies. For now though we're focused on building up free job hunting and company discovery tools candidates can use to find full time employment. Employbl's a side project Connor Leech and Dipo Isola work on in their free time.
How do you choose which companies go on the website?
This comes up a lot. You'll see lots of different companies on the Employbl website, from small scrapy startups to multinational corporations. Employbl is a directory of tech companies and startups. We define a tech company rather broadly as any company that hires people to sit in front of a computer screen all day. This allows us to include marketing agencies, healthcare startups, software as a service providers and tech hardware companies and all sorts of companies. We believe in open acces to information and we don't want to restrict the opportunites that are available to job seekers. We don't want to drown them with information either though which is why we're invested in building up our company and job discovery engines.
Wow this is really cool. How can I get involved?
Another great question! We really appreciate feedback. The best way to get involved is give the tool a test drive. Login using your social profile and begin discovering companies and job listings. Let us know what you think, what's confusing and what you'd like to see more of. For questions and feedback please email connor at employbl dot com.
Can we put a link on Employbl linking to your website?
Probably not tbh. We do not feature advertisements.