It's public data, why shouldn't it be easily accessible?

Employbl was born out of a frustration with existing tools. AngelList is great but it does not have all the startups and tech companies. LinkedIn is fun but it's spammy and lacks critical features. Other job boards are out there but they're too niche and vary in their filtering and sorting capabilities.

Why is it so hard to see, for instance, "Series A companies that First Round Capital has invested in". Or what about, "show me startups in San Francisco that were founded in the past three years" or maybe let's explore "software engineering jobs in Climate Tech that have been funded recently".

It's a pain or impossible to find results matching these queries using most job hunting sites.

Sure, there are sites built for investors and salespeople like Crunchbase and Pitchbook but those sites can be expensive and don't have job listings or other info candidates looking for a job care about.

With Employbl you can find startups, tech companies, financing rounds, investor information and job listings all in one place. You can use powerful filters to discover new opportunities and land your dream job.

Everything You Need, One Platform.

From job listings to startups, investors to funding rounds, and everything in between, Employbl puts the power in your hands. Why wait?

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