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SmartPAR logo
Advancing healthcare through adaptable and innovative inventory management solutions.
HaddonfieldNJ1 - 102024$1,250,000
First Bite logo
First Bite is a go-to-market software platform for food manufacturers.
Redwood CityCA1 - 1002024$2,000,000
Reken logo
Reken is an AI & cybersecurity firm building a new type of AI platform and products to protect against generative AI-enabled threats, including deepfake social engineering and automated fraud. The company was founded in 2024 and is based in San Francisco,
San FranciscoCA2 - 102024$10,000,000 logo's mission is to define the future of knowledge work by creating intelligent agents that alter how knowledge workers interact with AI.
MadisonWI10 - 502024$30,500,000 logo is a Software Development company.
East HamptonNY10 - 502024$6,000,000
Akela Hub logo
Akela Hub is an AI-powered platform enabling innovators to find solutions to their difficulties.
South HollandIL10 - 5020241081306 EUR
Paxton AI logo
Paxton AI is a legal tech company that utilizes cutting-edge Generative AI technology to revolutionize the way legal and compliance professionals work. Its robust AI platform ingests vast sources of regulatory information, including all state and federal l
PortlandOR2 - 102023$6,000,000
Zep AI logo
Zep AI provides scalable blocks in AI to build apps in minutes without rewriting code.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$1,803,000
Newton Research logo
Newton Research is an artificial intelligence company that offers data infrastructure and analytics services.
NeedhamMA1 - 102023$5,100,000
Crossed logo
Crossed provides and offers geolocation to connect individuals who have recently crossed paths. Whether you're looking for romance, professional networking, or simply expanding your social circle, this app offers an exceptional platform to meet like-minded
TampaFL10 - 502023$5,900,000
Larkspur Biosciences logo
Larkspur's strategy focuses on the particular ways in which tumours hijack the immune system by developing precision immunotherapies for molecularly defined patient groups to overcome the bottlenecks that allow the tumour to subvert the immune system.
WatertownMA10 - 502023$35,500,000
Rhythms logo
Rhythms offers generative AI, the prevalence of hybrid workplaces, the imperative to do more with less are reshaping organizations function.
BellevueWA2 - 102023$26,000,000
Liquid AI logo
Liquid AI is a developer of AI applications that help improve human experience. It focuses on researching and developing tools that use artificial intelligence to improve creative workflows and help clients manage their workflow efficiently.
BrooklineMA5 - 102023$43,200,000
Necto logo
Necto platform harnesses the power of next generation, API driven bank connectivity.
New YorkNY10 - 502023$8,000,000
Deasie logo
Deasie is a startup that creates tools to give businesses more control over text-generating AI models.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$2,900,000
Gushwork logo
Gushwork operates as an AI-powered global platform, designed for enterprises to outsource highly complex operational workflows.
LewesDE1 - 102023$2,100,000 logo is a SaaS platform that identifies new revenue streams for businesses, augmented with AI technology. Our B2B predictive sales intelligence model enables firms to streamline and maximize their cross-selling revenue by analyzing historical and ma
MiamiFL5 - 102023$2,500,000
Symbionics logo
Symbionics is a brain-computer interface company that focuses on the development of interface devices to integrate humans and machines.
CambridgeMA5 - 2020234103967 CNY
Heliux logo
All-In-One, AI-Powered Enterprise Operating System for Engineering and Manufacturing.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$2,265,000
Ergo logo
Ergo empowers shoppers by letting them communicate with retailers so they can set prices together.
New YorkNY1 - 102023$1,500,000
LighthouseAI logo
LighthouseAI is here to solve compliance by leveraging AI for the pharmaceutical supply chain.
Los AngelesCA5 - 202023$10,199,998
Maximal Learning logo
Maximum Education utilizing AI to help each student reach their full potential. It collaborates on research with the Stanford Graduate School of Education. a pattern that Microsoft adopted when designing tools and is crucial to ensuring learning outcomes.
BellevueWA2 - 102023$5,700,000
NetBox Labs logo
NetBox is the most popular open-source Network Source of Truth. Grown and battle-hardened over the last 6 years by a huge and rapidly growing open-source community, NetBox is feature rich and enjoys a wide ecosystem of integrations into popular tooling. N
New YorkNY10 - 502023$20,000,000
Dottxt logo
Dottxt is a software company currently based in Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States. It has been founded in 2023.
RidgewoodNJ1 - 102023$2,700,000
FirmPilot logo
FirmPilot develops an AI-driven marketing engine designed for law firms. It automatically generates content and SEO to outrank competitors and get more clients.
MiamiFL2 - 102023$2,000,000
DatologyAI logo
DatologyAI optimize training efficiency, maximize performance and reduce compute costs with expert curation.
Redwood CityCA1 - 102023$11,650,000
Helix By HL logo
Helix by HL is an AI assistant that simplifies private market investment and enables wealth advisors to confidently traverse private markets.
New YorkNY1 - 102023$6,000,000
Unkey logo
Unkey operates as an open-source API authentication and authorization platform, primarily catering to user-facing APIs. The platform enables developers to create, verify, and manage API keys with low latency. Unkey's services are designed to help developer
ClaytonCA1 - 102023$1,550,000
Reo.Dev logo
Reo.Dev is a modern growth stack for developer focused companies. Reo.Dev tracks developer activity across your multiple platforms like Github repos, Docker, Technical Docs, Slack and more and discovers hidden sales opportunities and accounts that are read
San FranciscoCA10 - 502023$1,200,000
RadiantGraph logo
RadiantGraph is on a mission to make healthcare more accessible and easier for all of us as consumers. Our AI platform helps leading healthcare organizations build deeper and richer connections with their consumers, driving personalized engagement and clin
San FranciscoCA5 - 202023$5,000,000
Prowler logo
Prowler is committed to providing solutions that address the expanding problems of cloud settings.
RockfordIL10 - 502023$6,000,000
Sohar Health logo
Sohar Health is a platform for behavioral health companies. It is an API-based solution to handle eligibility verification, and AI-powered medical coding to automate manual workflows, increase patient intake, and generate more revenue
New YorkNY1 - 102023$3,737,000
Pavewise logo
Pavewise provides management and solution software that assists users in developing successful strategies. Using asphalt paving variables in conjunction with technologies to increase productivity and profits on any paving project.
DoverDE5 - 102023$1,300,000
ShareWillow logo
ShareWillow is a SAAS company that offers a profit sharing software for companies to manage profit sharing plans.
New YorkNY1 - 102023$3,803,255
VectorShift logo
VectorShift Builds, designs, prototypes, and deploys custom generative AI workflows.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$3,000,000
Tofu logo
Tofu equips B2B marketing teams with tools to create personalized omni-channel content that is on-brand and can scale to all types of marketing campaigns.
San MateoCA5 - 202023$5,000,000
WorkMagic logo
WorkMagic is a generative AI-driven multi-agent marketing SaaS platform. Its objective is to offer e-commerce companies the automation and self-governance that is required to expand more quickly and stress-free by offering an approachable, AI-powered marke
NewarkCA10 - 502023$2,000,000
Layer AI logo
Layer is the number one productivity tool for gaming creators. Whether creating solo or working in a team, creators of any skill level can train the AI using their own art work and create infinite new variations. Layer allows gaming creators ship games fas
San FranciscoCA5 - 102023$1,800,000
Monster API logo
Building a new project in Generative AI? Sick of letting Bezos drain your bank account? Join the resistance with our AI-focused computing infrastructure. Our super-simple, ultra-slick APIs make it easy to launch your applications in a scalable and afford
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$1,100,000
Hitloop is a technology company that provides artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. The company was founded in 2023 and is based in Chevy, Chase, Maryland.
Chevy ChaseMD1 - 102023$7,500,000
Essential AI logo
Essential AI creates AI solutions that enhance efficiency through the automation of labor-intensive and repetitive workflows. Through a combination of human feedback and technological advancements, Essential AI's Large Language Models (LLMs) will enable us
San FranciscoCA10 - 502023$64,500,000
Finpilot logo
Finpilot's chatbot tool seeks to increase the efficiency of financial analysts. It uses artificial intelligence to explore publicly available corporate files and respond to research requests in natural language.
SeattleWA2 - 102023$4,500,000
Daytona logo
Daytona is an enterprise-grade alternative to GitHub Codespaces for administering self-hosted, secure, and standardized development environments.
New YorkNY10 - 502023$2,000,000
Stacklok logo
Open source software supply chain security aficionados
SeattleWA10 - 502023$17,500,000
Agentio logo
Agentio is the first ad platform for creator content. We're automating how brands buy the most performant and authentic ad unit.
New YorkNY2 - 102023$4,250,000
Monitaur logo
Monitaur is an observability platform for web3 applications powered by machine learning. It gives insights across the entire stack with real-time monitoring, anomaly threat detection, and powerful event management.
BostonMA10 - 502023$8,155,360
Avante logo
Avante is a software company currently based in Seattle, Washington, United States. It has been founded in 2023.
SeattleWA1 - 102023$10,000,000
BYO logo
BYO is creating a digital environment that promotes the interplay of human and artificial intelligence.
New YorkNY5 - 102023$3,000,000
Dexa AI logo
Dexa AI is a software company currently based in New York City, New York, United States. It has been founded in 2023 by Marcus Martins and Joshua Berkowitz.
New YorkNY2 - 102023$6,000,000
Distributional logo
Distributional makes AI safe, reliable and secure.
BerkeleyCA1 - 102023$11,000,000
Echo Labs logo
Echo Labs is developing the first artificial intelligence capable of human-level transcribing.
ChicagoIL5 - 102023$7,700,000
Omega logo
Omega is a Web3 infrastructure supplier that makes it possible for idle bitcoin to be collateralized for DeFi yield production.
MiamiFL100 - 5002023$6,000,000
Scorability logo
Scorability is a developer of a sports platform that matches athletes with college athletics programs. It also has technology that allows college coaches to identify the best players for their programs and helps prospective student-athletes navigate the re
AustinTX1 - 102023$11,000,000
Spiffy AI logo
Spiffy is working on Outcome-Oriented Models (OOMs), a new type of AI that improves over time toward a specific goal. These models comprehend client behavior, reason about what creates an exceptional experience, and outperform today's best commercial AI, s
SeattleWA1 - 102023$6,000,000
ZeroRISC logo
ZeroRISC operates as a stealth start-up making hardware security foundations transparent and trustworthy.
BostonMA10 - 502023$5,000,000
Vectari logo
Vectari designs bank-grade AI fueled by regulatory expertise.
CharlotteNC10 - 502023$1,699,993
Overworld logo
The overworld is a world-class game development studio that specializes in cross-platform free-to-play games centered on player ownership. A proven team of free-to-play hit-makers leads the team.
AmericaAL10 - 502023$12,500,000
Knownwell logo
Knownwell operates as an Artificial Intelligence as a Service platform.
HaymarketVA1 - 102023$2,000,000
Lutra AI logo
Lutra AI is to simplify complex tasks that specializes in workflows, created by the platform.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$3,800,000
Series.AI logo
Series.AI is a creative company that specializes in the development of games using artificial intelligence.
RocklinCA10 - 502023$7,900,000
XponentL Data logo
XponentL Data enables brilliant data experiences for our clients. We are the leader in the emerging field of Data Products and believe they are the best way to drive value from data in complex environments. Our mission is to transform the way businesses in
PhiladelphiaPA10 - 502023$3,500,000
Pika logo
Pika is a startup that is developing an AI-powered platform for editing and generating films from captions and still images. The company is revolutionizing the video creation and editing process through the integration of AI, offering a user-friendly and
Palo AltoCA2 - 102023$50,000,000
Pliable logo
Pliable is an AI-powered SaaS platform that improves data without the need of an engineer.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102023$2,500,000
Prophetic AI logo
Prophetic AI is a non-invasive neurotech company that offers neural devices to help people stabilize and induce lucid dreaming.
New YorkNY1 - 102023$1,100,000
Responsiv logo
Responsiv is an AI assistant for in house legal teams.
ChicagoIL1 - 102023$3,000,000
Nexusflow logo
Nexusflow is a generative AI business that works in the cybersecurity market.
Palo AltoCA1 - 102023$10,600,000
Mindy logo
Mindy provides tangible value to your current communication channels. It can communicate with you via email and helps you with tasks ranging from conducting research for a paper to scheduling virtual meetings and planning your next vacation.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$6,000,000
AI Optics logo
AI Optics is a medical device and digital health company focused on building products that prevent vision-loss.
New YorkNY5 - 202023
TabbyML logo
TabbyML is a software company currently based in San Francisco, California, United States. It has been founded in 2023.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$3,200,000
AstroBeam logo
AstroBeam is focused on creating more comfortable, more accessible, and more human ways to hangout and have fun with friends in VR!
AustinTX1 - 102023$3,000,000
Synqly logo
Synqly is an Integration-as-a-Service Platform that provides seamless and speedy integration of infrastructure and security technologies.
San JoseCA1 - 102023$4,000,000
Wraithwatch logo
Wraithwatch develops an AI-driven cybersecurity platform designed to anticipate and counter AI-powered cyberattacks through the use of large language models.
BozemanMT1 - 102023$8,000,000
Sensigo logo
Sensigo is an AI-powered vehicle service platform that gives service technicians and OEMs the tools they need to reduce cycle time, enhance customer satisfaction, and mitigate warranty risk by simplifying complex automotive and maintenance data.
San CarlosCA10 - 502023$5,000,000
Sweep logo
Sweep is an artificial intelligence assistant that can take care of users' software tasks automatically.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$2,000,000
Bastion logo
Bastion blends the best of web2 and web3 technologies to broaden opportunities for organizations and their customers.
CampbellCA10 - 502023$25,000,000
UnityAI logo
UnityAI uses AI to enhance the management of hospital beds, optimize resource allocation, and elevate the quality of patient care.
NashvilleTN2 - 102023$4,000,000
Meeno logo
Meeno offers an AI relationship mentoring app targeting young adults. It provides tailored coaching exercises that are mostly created and selected for Gen Z. It is structured as a vertical AI product.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102023$5,000,000
Method Security logo
Method Security develops autonomous cyber defenses.
New YorkNY1 - 102023$5,500,000
Cortex logo
Cortex is creating an innovative, totally integrated, all-encompassing platform for assessing and treating AFib with precision, simplicity, and speed. The company has formed a proficient team comprising highly skilled and experienced engineers and clinical
Santa ClaraCA10 - 502023$90,000,000
Prompt AI logo
Prompt AI offers a platform that enables users to convert visual data into a searchable database, allowing them to prototype visual AI solutions, share their workflows with the larger community, and ask questions about these events, transforming visual dat
San FranciscoCA10 - 502023$5,000,000
Reworkd logo
Reworkd is an AI-driven automation platform that allows for the automation of business processing workflows to achieve outcomes. Their aim is to democratize access to AI. They believe the power of AI should be accessible to anyone and driven by the communi
San FranciscoCA2 - 1020231650000 CAD
Jamix logo
Jamix is your AI assistant for work. We connect with your company's apps, data, and APIs. This enables you to search across your apps, chat with your data, and automate daily tasks. We take your data security and privacy seriously, and never train models u
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$3,000,000
Dapta logo
Low-code platform for building APIs and AI integrations
MiamiFL5 - 102023$1,200,000
Lore logo
Lore is a Generative AI media and consulting company, most well known for a weekly newsletter about AI read by leading investors, entrepreneurs and executives. was acquired by Nathan Lands in 2019 from, which acquired Lore/Coursekit.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502023$20,123,836
Harmony Games logo
Harmony Games is a developer of next-generation hybrid-casual games.
MatthewsNC5 - 102023$3,000,000
Plai Labs logo
Plai Labs is building the next generation of social platforms.
Los AngelesCA20 - 502023$32,000,000
MyShell logo
MyShell is a decentralized and comprehensive platform for discovering, creating, and staking AI-native apps.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502023$5,600,000
Codegen is a SAAS and artificial intelligence company that offers AI-assisted code development services.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$16,165,484
Class Companion logo
Class Companion is a new AI technology that allows professors to provide students with immediate, individualized feedback.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$4,000,000
Safebooks AI logo
Safebooks AI develops a platform for enterprises to automate the quality verification of financial data. It enables enterprises to sign off on 100% of their financial data.
WilmingtonDE2 - 102023$9,100,002
DevShaft logo
DevShaft is a software company currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. It has been founded in 2023.
PhoenixAZ10 - 502023$1,271,000
Ediphi logo
Ediphi is a cloud-based platform that accels at conceptual and detailed cost estimating, with procurement centralized on the market.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$6,500,000
Provenance Networks logo
Provenance Networks is a domain registration and web hosting company based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA
PhoenixAZ10 - 502023$10,000,000
Monument logo
Monument is a software platform for the self-storage industry that manages large portfolios of facilities. The company's cloud-based platform allows users to manage facilities and customers remotely.
DallasTX2 - 102023$12,000,000
Sierra logo
Sierra is an AI startup that tackles essential business challenges by leveraging Enterprise AI solutions. The company aims to integrate practical AI solutions into established business workflows seamlessly. Its conversational AI agents help companies strea
Los AngelesCA10 - 502023$110,000,000
Velocity Access logo
Learn more at Velocity Access provides a suite of solutions related to venue and destination management: - Sticky Tickets enable venues to control the fan experience with safe, secure, and verifiable ticketing technology. Take bac
PaysonUT10 - 502023$1,501,000
GigaML logo
We make high-quality finetuned models based on open-source LLMs
San FranciscoCA5 - 202023$3,600,000
Nectar AI logo
Nectar is an AI powered social commerce platform that helps brands scale comms and drive conversions through messaging.
SeattleWA1 - 102023$1,800,000
SalesRiver logo
SalesRiver is an All-in-One Sales Platform for Distributed Teams.
LexingtonKY10 - 502023$3,950,000
Sleek logo
Sleek is a Hong Kong-based Web3 social networking platform that revolutionizes authentic human connection in the digital age. Their mission is to power the ownership economy and bring blockchain-powered social media to the masses.
RI10 - 502023$5,000,000
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