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What is a seed stage funding round?

A seed stage startup is a company that is in the early stages of getting off the ground. It has typically just been founded and is still working on its product or service and sometimes is preceded by a Pre Seed or Angel round. Many Seed stage startups are bootstrapped, meaning they are funded by the founders themselves or by friends and family. However, they may also seek outside investment from angel investors or venture capitalists, known as institutional investors. A seed round is regularly followed by Series A financing.

The challenges of being a seed stage startup are many. The company is still unproven and there is a high risk of failure. The founders may have to wear many hats and work long hours. They may also have to make difficult decisions about how to allocate their limited resources. In the fundraising process the founders of the nascent company will have to offer part ownership of the business on what's known as a cap or capitalization table. Investors then offer money and a term sheet to the founders which can be signed or negotiated. A valuation needs to be agreed upon. Investors that come in at the seed round often have preferential terms when it's time to raise a Series A.

At the seed stage most ofter a founder or founders raises the money through equity, that means they're selling part of the company in exchange for cash. This is different from raising money via debt which means investors give you money but that money has to be paid back. When founders are raising money they have to be careful how much of the company they are selling. As founders sell more of the company their ownership of the business is diluted; they own less and less as they sell more and more. This process is called dilution of the founders' equity.

There are also many opportunities for seed stage startups. The market is often ripe for disruption and there is a lot of potential for growth. The founders have a lot of control over the company and can make decisions quickly. They can also build a strong team and culture that will be essential for success.

Here are some of the key things that seed stage startups need to focus on:

  • Pivoting: It is important for seed stage startups to be willing to pivot if their initial idea is not working. This means changing the product, service, or market that they are targeting. Pivoting can be difficult, but it is often necessary for startups to succeed.
  • Fundraising: Seed stage startups need to raise money to fund their development. This can be a challenge, as angel investors and venture capitalists are often looking for more mature companies with a proven track record. However, there are a number of resources available to help seed stage startups raise money, such as accelerator programs and crowdfunding platforms.
  • Scaling: Once a seed stage startup has found product-market fit, it needs to start scaling. This means growing the team, increasing revenue, and expanding into new markets. Scaling can be a challenge, but it is essential for startups to achieve long-term success.

The success of a seed stage startup depends on a number of factors, including the strength of the team, the market opportunity, and the ability to execute. However, with hard work and dedication, seed stage startups can have the potential to change the world.

Here are some additional terms that are commonly associated with seed stage startups:

  • Team: The team is the most important asset of a startup. The founders need to assemble a team of talented and experienced people who are passionate about the company's mission.
  • Culture: The culture of a startup is the way that the company does things. It is important for startups to create a culture that is supportive, collaborative, and innovative.
  • Product: The product is the company's offering. It is important for startups to have a product that is differentiated and solves a real problem for customers.
  • Market: The market is the group of people who are potential customers for the company's product. It is important for startups to understand the market and identify a target market that is large enough to be profitable.
  • Customers: Customers are the people who buy the company's product or service. It is important for startups to acquire and retain customers.
  • User acquisition: User acquisition is the process of getting people to try the company's product or service. There are a number of different ways to acquire users, such as paid advertising, social media marketing, and word-of-mouth.
  • Engagement: Engagement is the measure of how users interact with the company's product or service. It is important for startups to keep users engaged in order to retain them.
  • Retention: Retention is the measure of how many users continue to use the company's product or service over time. It is important for startups to have a high retention rate in order to be successful.
  • Revenue: Revenue is the money that the company generates from its product or service. It is important for startups to generate enough revenue to cover their costs and make a profit.
  • Profit: Profit is the money that the company makes after covering its costs. It is important for startups to make a profit in order to be sustainable.
  • Burn rate: The burn rate is the amount of money that the company is spending each month. It is important for startups to have a positive cash flow, meaning that they are generating more revenue than they are spending.
  • Runway: The runway is the amount of time that the company has before it runs out of money. It is important for startups to have a long runway in order to give them enough time to succeed.
  • Board: The board is a group of people who oversee the company. The board provides guidance and support to the founders and helps to ensure that the company is managed in a responsible way.
  • Investors: Investors are people or organizations that provide money to startups. Investors

What's the average seed round size?

In our database of public web knowledge we've collected data about 8,727 seed round funding events that have happened since 2014. The average seed round amount for the past ten years, according to our data is $3,502,252.96. So average seed round size over the past decade is about about $3.5 million.

It's worth noting though that there's a HUGE range. The largest seed rounds in our database are for $200 million. One of those mega seed rounds was for the crypto exchange, which did come after Binance Exchange had already launched in other parts of the world. The other largest seed round was for the blockchain protocol Aptos that Andreessen Horowitz and FTX Ventures backed.

The smallest seed rounds are only for $1,000 and these went to companies like and EvolutionIQ though both those companies went on to shorly raise additional seed rounds for much more money.

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Layup Parts logo
Layup manufactures composite parts and the tooling required to make those parts, as well as developing technologies that will allow us to get parts to our clients faster than ever before. Layup ship parts far faster than our competitors can provide a quote
Huntington BeachCA2 - 102024$9,000,000
Manifold Freight logo
A software solution that aggregates spot freight opportunities for medium-to-large carriers
SeattleWA2 - 102024$2,400,000
Prime Intellect logo
Prime Intellect democratizes AI development at scale. Our platform makes it easy to find global compute resources and train state-of-the-art models through distributed training across clusters. Collectively own the resulting open AI innovations, from langu
San FranciscoCA1 - 102024$5,500,000
Trovo Health logo
Trovo Health uses AI technology to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions, combining smart algorithms with professional human coaching to deliver personalized patient care.
New YorkNY2 - 102024$15,000,000
Glui logo
Glui is an integrated adtech platform that offers interactive advertisements on social media post or website banner.
AtlantaGA10 - 502024$1,874,851
SOAI logo
SOAI's visual design team creates a warm, dreamy world with exquisite illustrations, videos, and interactive elements, evoking emotional experiences and guiding users to establish meaningful connections with AI companions.
EarthTX10 - 502024$5,000,000
ProSentry logo
ProSentry is a SAAS company that offers a risk monitoring platform for residential and commercial multi-tenant real-estate.
New YorkNY2 - 102024$3,224,999
Rivalz logo
Rivalz is a software company. It has been founded in 2024.
WausauWI10 - 502024$2,000,000
Hapax logo
Hapax is a financial service platform that provides superior technology to overcome challenges. Hapax uses technology to bridge information access barriers between large banks and smaller institutions.
AustinTX10 - 502024$2,600,000
BizScout logo
BizScout is an online platform of Off market deals for verified buyers and sellers.
AustinTX1 - 102024$4,900,000
RISR logo
RISR is a SAAS company that offers a software platform for business advisors for data capture and insights.
BerwynPA1 - 102024$1,500,000
Brain Jar Games logo
Brain Jar Games is a new worldwide studio comprised of AAA professionals dedicated to creating bold and bright games that players want to share.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102024$6,700,000
Lady Nomada logo
Lady Nomada is a restaurant company that offers food and dining services.
DenverCO10 - 502024$1,175,000
Fleak logo
A big data platform for building real-time AI applications. Fleak offers a user-friendly visual orchestrator, allowing users to craft their Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) by seamlessly connecting data sources, AI models, and user defined functions. With a
San JoseCA2 - 102024$1,500,000
ThinkLabs AI logo
ThinkLabs AI is a specialist AI development and deployment firm. Its mission is to empower critical industries and infrastructure with trustworthy AI towards global energy sustainability.
New YorkNY1 - 102024$5,000,000
Akela Hub logo
Akela Hub is an AI-powered platform enabling innovators to find solutions to their difficulties.
South HollandIL10 - 5020241082034 EUR
NodeOps logo
NodeOps offers AI-enabled infrastructure to Node Operators, speeding Web3 protocol development.
Bel Air2 - 102024$5,000,000
DGTLsuite logo
Customer expectations are consistently being reshaped by sweeping advances in technology and high-quality digital customer experience is expected in every brandโ€™s online interactions. The SaaS model of DGTLsuite solves the four largest problems businesses
San AntonioTX10 - 502024$1,154,100
Warbird Protection Group logo
Warbird Protection Group offers customized body armour.
Traverse CityMI1 - 102024$1,100,000
First Bite logo
First Bite is a go-to-market software platform for food manufacturers.
Redwood CityCA1 - 102024$2,000,000
FrontRace logo
FrontRace is a SAAS company that offers a software for monitoring employee performance and productivity.
Boca RatonFL1 - 1002024$4,000,000
KEY Energy Drink From Ketones logo
KEY, the first all-natural energy drink, delivers long-lasting, smooth energy from ketones.
WilmingtonDE1 - 102024$4,000,000 logo
Viva Health provides AI automation and optimization platform for dental office operations. Our software includes an AI Receptionist for handling both inbound and outbound communications including calls, SMS, and emails. The platform also features Practice
PasadenaCA10 - 502024$2,500,000
Backstroke logo
Backstroke is an hospitality company currently based in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. It has been founded in 2024.
IndianapolisIN1 - 102024$1,999,992
GaiaNet logo
GaiaNet is a pioneer in decentralized AI technology, committed to transforming the IT industry through user privacy, transparency, and control. The cutting-edge open network infrastructure empowers users by ensuring privacy and censorship resistance in dai
BerkeleyCA50 - 1002024$10,000,000
AgentSmyth logo
AgentSmyth is a leader in financial analysis automation. AgentSmyth provides a suite of smart autonomous agents that act as specialized team members, revolutionizing coordination in finance. Our services include macro research, expertise at both the ticker
New YorkNY2 - 102024$2,500,000
Alys Pharmaceuticals logo
Alys Pharmaceuticals engages in immuno-dermatology services. The company is reshaping the treatment landscape through advanced scientific innovations and a strong research and development-focused multi-platform pipeline. Alys emerged as a result of the str
BostonMA10 - 502024$100,000,000
ETM Venture Capital logo
ETM is a rebellious venture capital firm that seeks founders wanting to change the rules of the game in the technology world. They invest in pre-seed and seed rounds, supporting bold and visionary entrepreneurs aiming to revolutionize the tech industry.
New YorkNY10 - 502024$7,000,000
Reken logo
Reken is an AI & cybersecurity firm building a new type of AI platform and products to protect against generative AI-enabled threats, including deepfake social engineering and automated fraud. The company was founded in 2024 and is based in San Francisco,
San FranciscoCA5 - 102024$10,000,000
AlphaFund logo
AlphaFund is an innovative media company revolutionizing the way news is distributed and consumed. It operates on a decentralized platform that aggregates news from diverse sources, providing a comprehensive and unbiased view of global events. By leveragin
Lake MaryFL1 - 102024$3,200,000
Youth logo
Our mission is to advance the mental, moral, and physical development of boys and girls, as well as families and others, through a variety of camping, sports, and recreational activities with the goal of 'building leaders for tomorrow'.
NashvilleTN10 - 502024$4,500,000
Storm Labs logo
Storm Labs is a blockchain investment project provider. It enables users to create and manage bespoke DeFi investment portfolios without relying on human processes, as well as tackle difficulties like losses and rebalancing.
AustinTX5 - 102024$3,000,000 logo is a Software Development company.
East HamptonNY10 - 502024$6,000,000
Prompt AI logo
Prompt AI offers a platform that enables users to convert visual data into a searchable database, allowing them to prototype visual AI solutions, share their workflows with the larger community, and ask questions about these events, transforming visual dat
San FranciscoCA10 - 502023$5,000,000
VULCAN ELEMENTS is changing the way to electrify aerospace, defense, and auto with decarbonization.
CambridgeMA1 - 2002023$5,201,998
Atommap logo
Atommap is a physics-based and ML-augmented computational drug discovery platform
New YorkNY2 - 102023$7,084,989
Meeno logo
Meeno offers an AI relationship mentoring app targeting young adults. It provides tailored coaching exercises that are mostly created and selected for Gen Z. It is structured as a vertical AI product.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102023$5,000,000
Compiify logo
Compiify is a compensation intelligence platform that helps businesses attract and retain employees by enabling them to make data-driven and equitable pay decisions.-
San FranciscoCA5 - 202023$4,900,000
GigaML logo
We make high-quality finetuned models based on open-source LLMs
San FranciscoCA5 - 202023$3,600,000
PublicAI logo
PublicAI is a Web3 distributed AI training network that helps people to earn rewards by contributing data work.
RI1 - 102023$2,000,000
Adrenaline logo
Adrenaline is a code intelligence platform generated by AI to help developers navigate and modify large codebases.
NY1 - 102023$2,400,000
Operator logo
Operator makes it easy to connect and work with business data.
New YorkNY5 - 102023$150,000
AirMDR logo
AirMDR uses an AI-powered virtual security analyst for investigating threats, triaging incidents, and executing responses. This innovation significantly enhances the speed and precision of incident investigation and response, while simultaneously reducing
Menlo ParkCA10 - 502023$5,000,000
SydeLabs logo
SydeLabs' intention is to assure the overall security of your AI systems, allowing you to spend more time developing powerful AI applications without worrying about security gaps.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$2,500,000
Blush logo
Blush is a dating app that transforms online connections with community events, virtual courting, and bonding over shared local favorites. It is a dating platform for those valuing meaningful connections, local community, and a shared mission to inspire po
DoverDE1 - 102023$7,000,000
Synqly logo
Synqly is an Integration-as-a-Service Platform that provides seamless and speedy integration of infrastructure and security technologies.
San JoseCA1 - 102023$4,000,000
Ema logo
Ema is building the next generation AI technology to empower every employee in the enterprise to be their most creative and productive. Their proprietary tech allows enterprises to delegate most repetitive tasks to Ema, the Universal AI employee. They are
San FranciscoCA10 - 502023$25,000,000
Sensigo logo
Sensigo is an AI-powered vehicle service platform that gives service technicians and OEMs the tools they need to reduce cycle time, enhance customer satisfaction, and mitigate warranty risk by simplifying complex automotive and maintenance data.
San CarlosCA10 - 502023$5,000,000
Safebooks AI logo
Safebooks AI develops a platform for enterprises to automate the quality verification of financial data. It enables enterprises to sign off on 100% of their financial data.
WilmingtonDE10 - 502023$9,100,002
Jabali logo
Jabali mission is to democratize creation and bring innovation to video games. Jabali are building an AI engine to empower visionaries - gamers, game designers and developers.
Los AltosCA2 - 102023$5,000,000
Responsiv logo
Responsiv is an AI assistant for in house legal teams.
ChicagoIL1 - 102023$3,000,000
WorkMagic logo
WorkMagic is a generative AI-driven multi-agent marketing SaaS platform. Its objective is to offer e-commerce companies the automation and self-governance that is required to expand more quickly and stress-free by offering an approachable, AI-powered marke
NewarkCA10 - 502023$2,000,000
Bastion logo
Bastion blends the best of web2 and web3 technologies to broaden opportunities for organizations and their customers.
CampbellCA10 - 502023$25,000,000
Sauz logo
Sauz is a food and beverages company that offers a variety of pasta sauce.
Los AngelesCA2 - 102023$4,709,499
CatX logo
The exchange for trading and transferring risk
DoverDE2 - 102023$3,200,000
Guac logo
Guac is the creator of an artificial intelligence-powered demand forecasting platform that predicts client demand.
DoverDE2 - 102023$2,800,000
UnityAI logo
UnityAI uses AI to enhance the management of hospital beds, optimize resource allocation, and elevate the quality of patient care.
NashvilleTN2 - 102023$4,000,000
Humanaut Health logo
Humanaut Health operates as a company that provides health optimization and longevity.
AustinTX10 - 502023$8,700,000
Maximal Learning logo
Maximum Education utilizing AI to help each student reach their full potential. It collaborates on research with the Stanford Graduate School of Education. a pattern that Microsoft adopted when designing tools and is crucial to ensuring learning outcomes.
BellevueWA2 - 102023$5,700,000
Gloo logo
Gloo is a data search engine that automatically computes multiple embeddings for a single document.
SeattleWA2 - 102023$500,000
Mindy logo
Mindy provides tangible value to your current communication channels. It can communicate with you via email and helps you with tasks ranging from conducting research for a paper to scheduling virtual meetings and planning your next vacation.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102023$6,000,000
MyShell logo
MyShell is a decentralized and comprehensive platform for discovering, creating, and staking AI-native apps.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502023$16,600,000
Sleek logo
Sleek is a Hong Kong-based Web3 social networking platform that revolutionizes authentic human connection in the digital age. Their mission is to power the ownership economy and bring blockchain-powered social media to the masses.
RI10 - 502023$5,000,000
AstroBeam logo
AstroBeam is focused on creating more comfortable, more accessible, and more human ways to hangout and have fun with friends in VR!
AustinTX1 - 1002023$3,000,000
Sahara Labs logo
Sahara AI is a decentralized AI network that enables freely and securely deploying autonomous AI with a high-performance, privacy-first network.
Los AngelesCA10 - 502023$6,000,000
Lore logo
Lore is a Generative AI media and consulting company, most well known for a weekly newsletter about AI read by leading investors, entrepreneurs and executives. was acquired by Nathan Lands in 2019 from, which acquired Lore/Coursekit.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502023$20,123,836
Klaris logo
Klaris designs and manufactures an at-home icemaker that produces ice cubes. The company was founded by Charles Haider and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
MinneapolisMN5 - 102023$1,094,204
TabbyML logo
TabbyML is a software company currently based in San Francisco, California, United States. It has been founded in 2023.
San FranciscoCA1 - 102023$3,200,000
Nominal logo
Nominal empowers the next-generation economy. Nominal modernizes and automates accounting and financial management, providing robust reporting, multi-entity consolidation, workflow automation (including accruals and revenue), lease compliance (ASC 842/IFRS
New YorkNY10 - 502023$9,200,000
Self Bill Pro logo
Self Bill Pro is an Insurance and Employee Benefit firm that makes sure to provide accurate, comprehensive, and timely self-bills.
AmblerPA1 - 102023$1,046,666
Anichess logo
Anichess operates as a community-driven free-to-play chess game with new strategic layers powered by magical spells.
RI10 - 502023$3,300,000
Aether logo
Aether Energy is an AI-powered end-to-end platform for rooftop solar installers
San FranciscoCA2 - 102023$3,000,000
Baselayer logo
Baselayer automates business risk assessment and eliminates B2B fraud in the financial sector. It offers services such as business verification (KYB), fraud detection, business onboarding optimization, risk profiling, portfolio monitoring & alerting, and w
New YorkNY10 - 502023$6,500,000
Pliable logo
Pliable is an AI-powered SaaS platform that improves data without the need of an engineer.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102023$2,500,000
Worth AI logo
Worth AI AI platform help businesses underwrite and onboard activities eliminating manual tasks and provide continuous risk monitoring.
OrlandoFL10 - 502023$12,000,000
Pavewise logo
Pavewise provides management and solution software that assists users in developing successful strategies. Using asphalt paving variables in conjunction with technologies to increase productivity and profits on any paving project.
DoverDE5 - 102023$1,300,000
ShareWillow logo
ShareWillow is a SAAS company that offers a profit sharing software for companies to manage profit sharing plans.
New YorkNY1 - 102023$3,803,255
Exowatt logo
Modular Full-Stack Renewable Energy Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Applications
MiamiFL1 - 102023$20,000,000
Code Metal logo
Code Metal is a software company currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It has been founded in 2023.
BostonMA1 - 102023$3,150,000
Poglin logo
Poglin is a metaverse game IP developer and operator specializes in producing rich and engaging gaming environments.
New YorkNY1 - 1002023$3,000,000
Faradyne Power Systems logo
Faradyne Power Systems is a renewable energy company that provide solutions for complex energy problems.
MiamiFL1 - 2002023$3,265,000
Brain-CA Technologies logo
Brain-CA Technologies provides artificial intelligence services.
SarasotaFL1 - 102023$2,200,000
NEBRA Labs logo
NEBRA Labs is a blockchain services company.
RemoteOR1 - 102023$4,500,000
Automat AI logo
Lasso offers robotic process automation for chrome using ChatGPT and computer vision.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102023$4,250,000
Codified logo
At Codified, we believe that data governance solutions in the market are broken and haven't kept up with the changing landscape. We are solving this problem. Today's solutions require you to use human capital to build policies and then implement them. Thi
SeattleWA2 - 102023$4,000,000
Angel AI Company logo
Angel AI Company is an AI platform that offers kids between the ages of five and twelve an age-appropriate online experience.
NashvilleTN2 - 102023$4,750,000
Norm AI logo
Norm Ai provides solutions for sludge problem by enabling compliance teams to delegate tasks to Regulatory AI via high-level instructions, while at the same time validating the resulting work product.
New YorkNY5 - 202023$11,100,000
Lagrange Labs logo
Seamlessly interact between chains with cryptographically secured state proofs, not opaque intermediaries.
BoulderCO5 - 202023$17,200,000
Yellow3D logo
Yellow is an AI firm that transforms cutting-edge 3D generation technology into powerful creativity tools and products.
Palo AltoCA10 - 502023$5,000,000
Liminal AI logo
Liminal delivers horizontal security for all generative AI. With Liminal, CIOs and CISOs take back complete control over AI data privacy, security, and sovereignty. Simple. Secure. Trusted.
DenverCO5 - 202023$5,000,000
Patlytics logo
Patent discovery, analytics, comparison, and workflow. Simplified via Artificial Intelligence.
1 - 102023$4,500,000
Libretto logo
Libretto builds tools to monitor, test, and optimize LLMs, getting you to the best prompt, fast.
1 - 102023$3,700,000
Hona AI logo
Hona AI is an AI data platform that collects and maintains healthcare history and records of patients.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102023$3,500,000
Guardrails AI logo
Our mission is to empower humanity to harness the unprecedented capabilities of foundation AI models. We are committed to eliminating the uncertainties inherent in AI interactions, providing goal-oriented, contractually bound solutions. We aim to unlock an
Menlo ParkCA5 - 102023$7,500,000
HumanX logo
HumanX focuses on AI serves as a catalyst for enterprises to identify realistic solutions in the rapidly changing AI field.
Las VegasNV10 - 502023$6,000,000
Constant logo
Constant is a private credit investment platform.
New YorkNY1 - 102023$500,000
Diddo logo
Diddo is building next-gen computer vision to empower a paradigm shift and open up new revenue streams for social commerce.
Los AngelesCA5 - 102023$2,800,000
Euno logo
Euno is a frictionless data model governance platform that provides a revolutionary approach to dynamic data that enables data teams to design, regulate, and grow data models alongside the company.
SunnyvaleCA10 - 502023$6,250,000
Layer AI logo
Layer is the number one productivity tool for gaming creators. Whether creating solo or working in a team, creators of any skill level can train the AI using their own art work and create infinite new variations. Layer allows gaming creators ship games fas
San FranciscoCA5 - 102023$1,800,000
Composabl logo
Composabl is a platform that assembles intelligent autonomous agents using building blocks that can be composed together. Composabl serves as a platform to construct intelligent autonomous agents, which enhance automation by incorporating human-like decisi
Walnut CreekCA5 - 102023$4,250,000
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