Most Active Seed & Pre Seed Investors 2022

Updated on November 17, 2023
Connor Leech

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Connor Leech

In this list we showcase the Venture Capital firms and individuals that've participated in the most Seed & Pre Seed funding rounds in the past couple years. Learn about startup financing in this post

Most Active Seed & Pre Seed Investors 2022

Okay pretty excited to share this with you. I've been playing around a bit with data we've harvested from the public internet about tech companies, startups, funding rounds and investors. I was specifically interested in VC firms and individuals that have backed companies during their Seed and Pre Seed rounds. The reason is we've been cooking on Employbl and are soon going to launch a rebuilt frontend using Next.js. That got me thinking that we might be able to raise money for this thing one day. My next thought was "well who are the firms that invest in the pre seed or seed stage?". We have that data at Employbl so I was able to query for it. In this post we'll showcase the firms that have made the most pre seed and seed stage investments since the beginning of 2021. I hope it's helpful for other founders or people interested in working for early stage startups!

In upcoming development we'll launch some more interactive functionality to explore this funding data, but in the meantime head over to the companies page or sign up for our newsletter to be first to know when we launch free tools for exploring startup funding data.

Investors that have made the most Seed and Pre Seed investments since the beginning of 2021

In the following table we have the Venture Capital firm's name, how many Seed and Pre Seed investments they've made since 2021 up to our latest data and all of the companies that the firm invested in at the Seed and Pre Seed stage. Click on a company name to see all of their funding round data including what firms have invested in the company at what round, plus the amounts.

You can also click on the investor name to see all companies the VC firm has invested in at any stage. The full data is available to explore under the Employbl companies search.

This data looks best on desktop...

Investor Name # of Seed & Pre Seed Investments since 2021 Startups invested in
Y Combinator 83 Lendflow, Yummy, Synapticure, Embedded Financial Technologies,, Accord, Shepherd, Authzed, Massdriver, Popl, POWERX, Inversion Space, Openbase, NudgeLabs, Juniper Behavioral Health, Greenwork, Weav, Afriex, Gaiascope, Varos, Odys Aviation, Chums, Zuma, Ivella, Slai, Hapi App, Finnt, Ruth Health, Abacum, Ruth Health, Rootly, Spokn, Legion Health, Fractional, Onebrief, Lovage Labs, Agave, Cambio,, Ivella, Pigeon Loans, Zeta Surgical,, Gridware, KaiPod Learning,, Finley Technologies, Epsilon3, Doola, HonestRobin, Varos, Revery AI, Warrant, Greenwork, Algofi, Spokn, Flow Club, Infracost, Flowly, Dime, Plai, Svix, Odys Aviation, CONTAINIQ, Flowbo, Muse, Genuity, SenpAI.GG, Monet, ContraForce, Cloudthread, Locale, KaiPod Learning, Financial Choice, HyperLinq, Keeper, MarqVision, Akute Health, Rinse, CONTAINIQ, Anakin, Mindstate Design Labs, Liv Labs, Odiggo, Cyble, Legion Health, HomeBreeze, Method Financial, Myria, Airbyte, Aquarium, Alloy Automation, Milk Video, Epsilon3
Alumni Ventures 28, Trading.TV, NoMad Data, Ridepanda, Insiteflow, GoodTrust, Finli, TripleBlind, Funl, Moxie, GamerGains, Proxi, Method Financial, Humanly, Audit Sight, Gooder Foods, Slai, Mesa Cloud, BACH, FanUp, Front Finance, Aiden, Reelivate., Refraction AI, Five to Nine, Hayden AI, Ayraa AI, Virdee, GoodTrust
Techstars 27 PairTree, OneScreen.AI, DocStation, Aquifer Motion, Kriptos, Kintsugi, Ruth Health, Relive, Proxi, Codiga, Urban Sky, AfriBlocks, paerpay,, QuickHire, Omnic Data, Treet, Automotus, Treet, paerpay, Codiga, Pipedream Labs, Gales, OpenLoop, Twelve Labs, Spora Health, Finli, Flourish, Edify, Onward, PairTree
Gaingels 26 Aiden, Teal, Ruth Health, Poolit, Forthem, Binance Exchange, Xendoo, Chef Robotics, GigLabs, Moxie, Allstar, Sanctuary, GoodTrust, Eleos Health, Encore, Mathison, Gregarious, Silvertree, DNABLOCK, EIO Diagnostics, AaDya (A-Day-A) Security, Ruth Health, FlyCoin, Funl, paerpay,, Scout
Soma Capital 21 Slai, Cloudthread, Yummy, Finnt, Alloy Automation, Biodock, Epsilon3, Massdriver, Quo, Legion Health, Fractional, CommandBar, Ivella, Cohere, Albedo, Odys Aviation, Spokn, Ruth Health, Zuma, Gridware, Citadel | Payroll & HRIS API, Odys Aviation
Global Founders Capital 19 Parallel Learning, Commons Clinic, Slope, HeyRenee, Ruth Health, Embedded Financial Technologies, Flowbo, HeyRenee, Ruth Health, Fractional, HonestRobin, Referenceable, Branch Energy, Ness, Frost Giant Studios,, Quo, Boom & Bucket, Cloudthread, Greenwork, GamerGains
Lightspeed Venture Partners 18 Hawku, Hidden Leaf Games, BetDEX, Lost Lake Games, You Go Natural, Sugar, Voltron Data, PropBidder, Soda Health, Kumospace, YourBase, Parallel Finance, Staax, Trust, Archive, Faraway, Yuga Labs, Seashell
BoxGroup 17 CommandBar, Turquoise Health, Maple, Pahdo Labs, Coast, Pace, TrustLayer, Alloy Automation, Fragment, Weav, Chums, Cohere, Hex Technologies Inc., BigBrain, Pickle Robot, Creative Juice, Accrue Savings
Edward Lando 17 Walnut, Voices, Hopscotch, Akute Health, Panther, Un1Feed, ChalkTalk, NUE Life Health, Lifo, Minti, Norby, OnChain Studios, Weav, Epsilon3, Poolit, PropBidder, Vendelux
Pareto 17 Panther, Lifo, ChalkTalk, Epsilon3, Norby, Ellis, Minti, Teal, PropBidder, Walnut, Poolit, Weav, Vendelux, Voices, Goody, NUE Life Health, Famosos
Andreessen Horowitz 16 Turquoise Health, Aloft, Beacons, Mem Protocol, Faraway, Formation, Biodock, Firemaps, Patch, Vantage, Bold, Aptos, Irreverent Labs, OnChain Studios, Element Finance, Zuma
Liquid 2 Ventures 16 Referenceable, Goodbill, Gridware, Zuma, FlyCoin, Dgraph Labs, Reperio Health, Lendflow, Colossal Biosciences, Albedo, Copia Automation, Spokn, Inversion Space, Doorsey, Calixa, Specto Inc.
Bossanova Investimentos 13 Moth + Flame, Deep Discovery, OnPlan, Ridepanda, Walnut, Pahdo Labs, Acryl Data, Unstruk Data, Marco, Spokn, Viable Fit, Sanctuary, Albedo
Craft Ventures 12 Viable Fit, Bbot, Simplified, Juniper Behavioral Health, Mote, Viable Fit, Giggl, CopyAI, Salted, woflow, Roboflow,, Goody, Simplified
MaC Venture Capital 12 Artie, Spora Health, Finli, SOTE, Archie, PredictionStrike, Epsilon3, Epsilon3,, Wonder Dynamics, Finesse, Preveta, Boom & Bucket
Bessemer Venture Partners 12 MicroAcquire, Moxie, Finmark, Chums, Turquoise Health, Emile, MutualMarkets, Crediverso, ForeVR Games, Co-op commerce, Coast, DataDistillr
Plug and Play 12 Clash App, Lifo, Klutch, DeepScribe, Staax, Clash App,, Revioly, Newtrul, Change Foods, Zadar Labs, Hopps, Front Finance
Seven Seven Six 12 QuickNode, Anja Health, Metafy, Yuga Labs, EarlyBird, Topia, Wagr, Earlybird, Batch, Clash App, Lolli, Givingli
SV Angel 12 Resolve, Infracost, Specto Inc., Spruce Systems, Element Finance, Drata, Pace, Yuga Labs, Rupa Health,, Weav, Infracost, SILQ
Founders Fund 12 Traba, Artie, 9AMHEALTH, Quince, Wonder Dynamics, Vest,, Cerby, Fluorine, Hadrian, Balanced, Royal
Greycroft 12 Enkasa, MutualMarkets, Cion Digital, Mapped, Moxie, Wagr, Mayk Inc, Sanctuary, Clovers, Coast, Racket, Danvas
Hack VC 12 Nomad, Zebec Protocol, HonestRobin, Spokn, BetDEX, Method Financial, SILQ, OpenEnvoy, Massdriver, Referenceable, Dgraph Labs, Lendflow
Goodwater Capital 11 Mint Songs, Seek, Fractional, Hapi App, Foody, Locale, Moxie, Captain Experiences, Odiggo, SoundMint, Yummy
Operator Partners 11 Tromzo, Marker Learning, TripleBlind, Weav, Stagger, Biodock, SchoolHouse, Embedded Financial Technologies, Alloy Automation, AtlasOne,
Hustle Fund 11 Staax, Sydecar, Yummy, Flexbase,, Doola, Yummy, Scout, InsurGrid, Equi, Fintor, Stagger
Quiet Capital 10 Goody, Proxifile, TripleBlind, Enter, AutoCloud, HeyRenee, Groundswell, HeyRenee, Boom & Bucket, Bedrock Ocean Exploration, DockWorks
TenOneTen Ventures 10 Urban Sky, Afterparty, FlyCoin, Plai, Vendorflow, HealthTensor, Vested Finance, Fulfilld, Afterparty, Cartwheel, Cartwheel, Selfbook
Khosla Ventures 10 Bold, Gaiascope, DevRev, SageSpot, Finnt, Nabla Bio, GoodTrust, Seashell, Simplified, Remio
Village Global 10 Sardine, Colabra, Aktivate, Spot, Famosos, Personal AI, Marco, Epsilon3, Traba, Credo AI
Alameda Research 10 Sommelier, Lithium Finance, Hedgehog Markets, Spruce Systems, Prysm, Hawku, Burnt Finance, Saddle Finance, Snickerdoodle Labs, Solice
Gradient Ventures 10 Iteratively, Fragment, Norby, Social Chat, Mage, Knapsack, Arrows, Walnut,, Recurate
Animoca Brands 10 DNABLOCK, Yuga Labs, MetaStreet, Calaxy, Vera, Solice, Hawku, Blockade Games, SoundMint, DeHorizon
Sequoia Capital 9 Anrok, Faraway, Fluorine, Clearbrief, Infracost, CopyAI, PropBidder, Stemma, Aquarium
Tribe Capital 9 Snickerdoodle Labs, Panther,, QuickNode, Trading.TV, Racket, Un1Feed, WeMeta, Thetanuts Finance
Index Ventures 9,, Twelve Labs, Anrok, Goody, Sanlo, Gregarious, Copper Banking, Creative Juice
Lux Capital 9 Alife Health, Copia Automation, Formic, Hadrian, System, LatchBio, Epsilon3, Traba, Balanced
Coinbase Ventures 9 Rarible, Data Mynt, Polymer Labs, Seashell, MomentRanks, Aptos, Branch, Mint Songs, Spruce Systems
New Enterprise Associates 8, Wispr AI, Spokn, Kira Learning, CHANGE, Kira Learning, Proof Of Learn, PixieBrix, Glacier
Capital Factory 8 Captain Experiences, Wander, You Go Natural, Unchained Capital, Colossal Biosciences, Wonder Dynamics, Onuu, Phantom Neuro
Scott Belsky 8 Goldcast, Recur, Archie, Mage, Chums, Cyber, Traba, XMTP
Slow Ventures 8 Iron Fish, Formation, Pearpop, Creative Juice, WANTD, Solo Technologies, BreachQuest, Mayk Inc
Kleiner Perkins 8 Chef Robotics, Spot, Inworld AI, Inngest, Fluorine, Greenwork, Inworld AI, Calixa, Emile

That's all for now. You can check out some related articles or explore the Employbl funding rounds dashboard by creating a free account and navigating to "Funding Rounds" tab.

Connor Leech

Connor Leech

Founder at Employbl

Connor is the founder of Employbl. He writes the codes and even some articles like this one. He lives in San Francisco, CA.

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