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Top Tech Companies and Startups in Silicon Valley

Updated on February 20, 2024
Connor Leech

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Connor Leech

This article shows the largest tech employers that are headquartered in Silicon Valley. Additionally it showcases some of the hottest Series A, Series B and Series C startups located in the valley.

Top Tech Companies and Startups in Silicon Valley

In this blog post we're going to look at the top tech companies and startups in Silicon Valley by amount of money raised. We'll then slice and dice to see the top startups for each funding round stage like Series A, Series B etc. We're not going to include companies that have been acquired by other companies or companies that have satellite offices in the Silicon Valley area. The companies on these lists all have their headquarters in Silicon Valley, an area in Northern California.

It's worth noting that "Silicon Valley" isn't a real geographic place; it's more of an ecosystem fueled by disruptive entrepreneurs, growth and venture capital. Despite literally the most heavily traffic'd post on Employbl being "map of silicon valley companies" Silicon Valley is only a geographic term in the loosest sense. The term originates from the microchip days when defense spending poured into the area to make many in San Francisco that siezed the opportunities and benefits very wealthy through equity compensation. This term originated before the internet but especially took off in the 90s. More recently multi-billion dollar companies like Google, Meta, Netflix, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Microsoft all have offices in siliconvalley. For the purposes of this post we're going to define Silicon Valley as existing in the following cities: Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale. Please note this completely excludes San Francisco. If you're interested in learning about the history of Silicon Valley, both the place and the term I recommend reading Margaret O'Mara's book called The Code. Without further ado let's look at the full list of top technology companies headquartered in Silicon Valley..

Largest Tech Companies in Silicon Valley

To start off let's look at the largest companies that are headquartered in Silicon Valley by estimated number of employees. A company with lots of employees often denotes success and large revenue. To learn more about a company you can click on their name to navigate through to their Employbl profile where we'll showcase more info about the business like the founders, funding round and in some cases active job listings. Shout out to Diffbot for scraping the whole public internet to find data about these organizations, including employee count, funding info and even data about the technologies these companies use.

There are 753 companies based in Silicon Valley that are stored in the Employbl database. Log in to explore all the data.

Company Name Estimated # of Employees HQ City Year Founded Company Description
Google 83,995 Mountain View 1998 Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that focuses on search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics.
Apple 55,036 Cupertino 1977 Discover the innovative world of Apple and shop everything iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV, plus explore accessories and entertainment.
Facebook 28,686 Menlo Park 2004 Create an account or log into Facebook. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.
Intel 18,678 Santa Clara 1968 Intel's innovation in cloud computing, data center, Internet of Things, and PC solutions is powering the smart and connected digital world we live in.
Adobe 12,632 San Jose 1982 Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. We help our customers create, deliver and optimize content and applications.
NVIDIA 8,191 Santa Clara 1993 Nvidia is an American technology company that designs graphics processing units for the gaming and professional markets, as well as system on a chip units for the mobile computing and automotive market.
eBay 8,084 San Jose 1995 When it's on your mind, it's on eBay
Intuit 7,194 Mountain View 1983 We exist to help all businesses & freelancers succeed
Electronic Arts 5,792 Redwood City 1982 Inspire the World to Play
Nutanix 4,319 San Jose 2009 The leader in hyperconverged infrastructure.
Udacity 2,900 Mountain View 2011 Advance your career with online courses in programming, data science, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and more. Built with industry leaders.
Chegg 2,385 Santa Clara 2005 A Smarter Way to Student!
Coursera 1,982 Mountain View 2012 World-Wide Online Learning Platform
[24] 1,633 San Jose 2000 We make it simple for consumers to connect with companies to get things done.
Mozilla 1,488 Mountain View 2003 Feel good about your work again.
Elastic 1,426 Mountain View 2012 We're the creators of the Elastic (ELK) Stack -- Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash.
Zscaler 1,389 San Jose 2008 Secure your cloud transformation. Get fast, secure, and direct access to your apps-without appliances.
Box 1,270 Redwood City 2005 Box is changing how you manage content across your business from simple file sharing to building custom apps.
Robinhood 1,225 Menlo Park 2013 Robinhood, a pioneer of commission-free investing, gives you more ways to make your money work harder.
Xoriant 1,212 Sunnyvale 1990 Innovation Engineered through Technology Solutions & Services powered by people, processes & practices
Arista 1,128 Santa Clara 2004 Arista Networks was founded to pioneer and deliver software-driven cloud networking solutions for large data center storage and computing environments.
Roku 1,070 San Jose 2002 Happy Streaming!

These are some of the biggest "can't miss" companies that are headquartered in Silicon Valley. In many ways they're the companies the valley is most known for, especially the top ten. Let's move on to look at top startups in Silicon Valley.

Series A startups in Silicon Valley

These companies most recently raised a "Series A" investment round from Venture Capitalists and wealthy individuals. The average Series A round size in 2022 is about $23 million. To learn what firms or individuals participated in the company's Seed, Pre Seed or Series A rounds click through to each startup's Employbl profile. For this list we're going to order by companies that have raised the most money at the top.

There are 141 Series A companies based in Silicon Valley that are stored in the Employbl database. Log in to explore all the data.

Company Name HQ City Year Founded Latest Funding Round Total Investment Amount Company Description
Aptos Palo Alto 2021 Series A $350,000,000 Aptos is a new, independent project focused on delivering the safest and most production-ready Layer 1 blockchain in the world. The team is comprised of the original creators, researchers, designers, and builders of Diem, the blockchain that was first built to serve this purpose. For more information on Aptos, please visit
Luminous Computing Mountain View 2018 Series A $115,000,000 Build Miracles
Observe San Mateo 2017 Series A $112,000,000 SaaS Observability means fewer incidents, more features & happy customers.
DoiT International Santa Clara 2011 Series A $100,000,000 DoiT International, the strategic partner of Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, provides cloud expertise, proprietary cloud optimization, and governance software. The company tackles complex problems of scale for customers, using expertise in machine learning, algorithms, complexity analysis, and system design.
Inworld AI Mountain View 2021 Series A $69,700,000 Inworld AI is an AI developer platform for immersive realities/metaverse spaces. Its platform creates AI-powered virtual characters to populate immersive realities including the metaverse, VR/AR, games, and virtual worlds.
Exai Bio Palo Alto 2021 Series A $67,500,000 Exai Bio is a next-generation liquid biospy company. Exai bio proprietary RNA and artificial intelligence-based liquid biopsy platform deliver clinical insights into cancer biology to enable the earliest, most accurate diagnosis of cancer.
Inorganic Intelligence San Jose 2020 Series A $63,874,996 Inorganic Intelligence is a Neuromorphic Photonic AI Computing solution that serves as deep learning and machine learning applications.
Dazz Palo Alto 2021 Series A $60,000,000 Dazz is a cloud security repair service that takes a unique approach to cybersecurity.
cognoa Palo Alto 2013 Series A $53,900,000 Cognoa, Inc. provides health care software solutions. The Company offers online application that enables parents, guardians, and other legal caregivers to assess and support children development.
EdgeQ Santa Clara 2018 Series A $51,000,000 EdgeQ is an information technology company that specializes in the fields of 5G chip systems. The company is pioneering converged connectivity and AI that is fully software-customizable and programmable.
Engageli San Mateo 2020 Series A $47,500,000 Engageli is a digital learning platform for higher education. We believe that human connection, interaction and inclusion are critical ingredients for transformative learning in any classroom. This is why Engageli is built from scratch on the fundamentals of inclusivity, accessibility and active engagement.
D-Matrix Santa Clara 2019 Series A $44,000,000 d-Matrix is a computing platform designed to target artificial intelligence inferencing workloads in the data center. Its mission is to build and deploy the world’s first brain-inspired AI compute engine for a broad class of inferencing workloads in the multi-billion dollar cloud and infrastructure edge markets.
Tachyum San Jose 2016 Series A $42,000,000 Committed to transforming the landscape of intelligent data processing.
RIOS Palo Alto 2018 Series A $38,500,000 RIOS provides factory automation-as-a-service, and deploys AI-powered and dexterous robots on factory assembly lines.
Pinecone San Mateo 2019 Series A $38,000,000 Pinecone provides a similarity search as a service. It lets developers search through billions of items for similar matches to any object, in milliseconds. It’s the next generation of search, an API call away.
SetSail San Mateo 2018 Series A $37,000,000 Our Sales Behavior Management platform combines data and behavioral science to motivate team focus on what matters most
Fable Palo Alto 2019 Series A $36,047,572 Stories for everyone.
Superside Palo Alto 2015 Series A $35,120,000 Superside does hassle-free design at scale. Fast turnarounds. Reliable and price-predictable. Top design talent.
Hourly Palo Alto 2018 Series A $34,150,000 Welcome to Hourly! We make payroll and workers comp super-duper simple.
Openprise San Mateo 2014 Series A $33,272,502 Data Orchestration Platform

I look at this data a lot but still some interesting names on there I hadn't heard of. That Aptos raised $150 million then went back and raised $200 million more six months later still blows my mind. They're building a blockchain. After a series a comes a series...

Series B companies headquartered in Silicon Valley

I feel like "Series B" stage companies aren't really startups anymore. The institutional finance is in. There will be leadership changes. Things will get "more legit". It still can definitely be a tech company but personally I think of startups as Series A companies and before. It's all semantics but whatever that's my unsolicited two cents. The average Series B round size in 2022 is about $54 million.

There are 162 Series B companies based in Silicon Valley that are stored in the Employbl database. Log in to explore all the data.

Company Name HQ City Year Founded Latest Funding Round Total Investment Amount Company Description
Reali San Mateo 2016 Series B $292,376,000 Reali is real estate that works for you.
Firework San Mateo 2017 Series B $269,250,752 The Future of Short Video Storytelling |
Karius Menlo Park 2014 Series B $254,000,000 Transforming infectious disease diagnostics with genomics
Vianai Systems Palo Alto 2019 Series B $190,000,000 Building a World Full of Life & Intelligence
Synthekine Menlo Park 2018 Series B $189,500,000 Synthekine is an engineered cytokine therapeutics company developing disease-optimized treatments. The company uses immunological insights to guide targeted protein engineering to generate transformative medicines for cancer and autoimmune disorders. Using the principles of cytokine partial agonism and immunological specificity, Synthekine designs differentiated therapeutics to be both safe and efficacious. Its lead programs have shown promising efficacy and tolerability in preclinical studies, and it is developing additional cytokine partial agonists that selectively modulate key pathways of the immune system.
NAUTO Palo Alto 2015 Series B $173,850,000 NautoⓇ is the only AI-powered Driver and Fleet Safety Platform that predicts, prevents and ends distracted driving.
Kodiak Robotics Mountain View 2018 Series B $165,000,000 Thoughtfully engineering the way your things move.
HashCash Consultants Palo Alto 2015 Series B $150,000,000 HashCash enables enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time using Blockchain technology. HashCash has 100+ enterprises using its products in 26 countries.
Zscaler San Jose 2008 Series B $148,000,000 Secure your cloud transformation. Get fast, secure, and direct access to your apps-without appliances.
Adicet Bio Redwood City 2016 Series B $145,624,992 Adicet Bio, Inc. operates as a clinical-stage bio-pharmaceutical company. The Company designs and develops of off-the-shelf allogeneic gamma delta T cell therapies for cancer and other diseases. Adicet Bio serves customers worldwide. San Jose 2018 Series B $140,000,000 is a machine learning company enabling high performance compute at the lowest power. Initially focused on solutions for computer vision applications at the embedded edge, the company is led by a team of technology experts committed to delivering the industry’s highest frames per second per watt solution to its customers.
Quanergy Sunnyvale 2012 Series B $135,308,960 Pioneering Smart Awareness
Avail Medsystems Palo Alto 2018 Series B $127,932,672 Avail Medsystems is a medical technology company that develops software intended to digitize physical presence in operating rooms. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing medical devices that can be utilized during procedures for video conferencing with other medical professionals. It aims on democratizing access to clinical and procedural expertise by removing physical, economic, and logistical barriers. Avail Medsystems' Procedural Telemedicine solution addresses these challenges by enabling on-the-go collaboration with any remote healthcare professional.
Minio Inc Palo Alto 2014 Series B $126,300,000 High Performance, Kubernetes Native Object Storage
Notable San Mateo 2017 Series B $119,200,000 Notable uses AI, RPA, and beautifully designed user interfaces to put healthcare administration on auto-pilot.
Sandbox VR San Mateo 2016 Series B $119,000,000 Sandbox VR is a virtual reality startup that offers a premium, fully-immersive virtual reality experience. The company combines motion capture in real time with virtual reality technology to create a new medium that is the closest thing to the Star Trek holodeck that exists. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in San Mateo, California.
Hexagon Bio Menlo Park 2016 Series B $116,300,000 Hexagon Bio is a data-driven biotech developing targeted small molecule therapeutics. Our proprietary platform combines data science and synthetic biology to discover and engineer drugs from DNA sequences. We are mining fungal genomes for inspiration for the next generation of targeted therapies for diseases with unmet needs.
Skylo Technologies Palo Alto 2017 Series B $116,000,000 Skylo Technologies is building the most affordable and accessible wireless network to mobilize the world's machine data.
Skylo Technologies Palo Alto 2017 Series B $116,000,000 Skylo Technologies is building the most affordable and accessible wireless network to mobilize the world's machine data.
Bear Robotics. Redwood City 2017 Series B $115,750,000 The world's most advanced serving robots for the restaurant and hospitality sector.

Finally let's round it out with...

Series C companies in Silicon Valley

Fun fact according to our data the largest Series C of 2022 so far has been for The Boring Company at $675 million. They're based in Texas but Craft Ventures was in on that. The average Series C round size in 2022 is about $97 million.

There are 90 Series C companies based in Silicon Valley that are stored in the Employbl database. Log in to explore all the data.

Company Name HQ City Year Founded Latest Funding Round Total Investment Amount Company Description
Course Hero Redwood City 2006 Series C $477,392,992 Master Your Classes™
Docker Palo Alto 2013 Series C $435,855,424 Docker is the company driving the container movement and the only container platform provider to address every application across the hybrid cloud.
Helix San Mateo 2015 Series C $403,000,000 Helix is the leading population genomics company working at the intersection of clinical care, research, and genomics.
Drip Capital Palo Alto 2015 Series C $375,120,000 Trade Finance Simplified
Groq Mountain View 2016 Series C $362,550,560 Machine Learning with Push-button Performance
Fungible Inc Santa Clara 2015 Series C $310,929,984 Fungible, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers infrastructure software application which secures cloud data centers and focuses on micro architecture, verification, logic synthesis, and timing analysis.
Exo Redwood City 2015 Series C $307,595,328 Ultrasound Unconstrained
Moveworks Mountain View 2016 Series C $305,000,000 Advanced AI Built for the Enterprise
Yugabyte Sunnyvale 2016 Series C $291,000,000 The high-performance distributed SQL database for global, internet-scale apps.
InDriver Mountain View 2013 Series C $237,000,000 inDriver International Inc provides Internet based transportation support services. The Company offers passenger transportation, freight management, hauling, and other related services. inDriver International serves customers worldwide.
Sendbird San Mateo 2013 Series C $220,720,000 The No.1 Chat API for Mobile Apps and Websites
Noname Security Palo Alto 2020 Series C $220,000,000 Noname Security is a holistic security platform that allows enterprises to see and to secure managed and unmanaged APIs.
BillionToOne Menlo Park 2016 Series C $212,400,000 BillionToOne, Inc. operates as a diagnostics company. The Company detects genetic disorders in the developing baby from maternal blood, as well as invents the patent-pending molecular counter platform, which increases the resolution of cell-free DNA detection by over a thousandfold.
Twin Mountain View 2018 Series C $198,500,000 Twin is the pioneer of precision health platform, used by doctors to safely reverse diabetes and chronic diseases. The Twin platform uses Artificial Intelligence and Internet-of-Things technologies to holistically and precisely measure and repair the damaged metabolism, which is the root cause of diabetes and chronic diseases.
Moloco Palo Alto 2013 Series C $191,568,752 Your Technology Partner for Sustainable Supergrowth
Step Palo Alto 2018 Series C $191,300,000 Step is the next generation financial services company building the best banking experience to help teens and young adults achieve financial independence and knowledge at an earlier age.
Clumio Santa Clara 2017 Series C $186,000,000 About SaaS Data Protection for an All Cloud World. Clumio unleashes the full power of cloud to deliver secure backup and recovery for your data - wherever it needs to be.
TigerGraph Redwood City 2012 Series C $171,696,272 The World's Fastest Graph Database
Level Home Redwood City 2016 Series C $171,000,000 Welcome Home
BrightInsight San Jose 2017 Series C $166,000,000 BrightInsight provides a digital health platform for bio-pharma and med-tech. Its IoT platform is built under a quality management system to support and optimize regulated drugs, devices, and software through integrated data and actionable insights to enable customers to drive increased patient adherence and engagement.

That's all for now! Go sign in to the Employbl dashboard to explore all the data or check out some of our other blog posts about tech companies and startups in the Bay Area.

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