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In the heart of the Silicon Valley lies San Jose, California, a city synonymous with technological advancement and innovation. Home to an array of iconic tech companies, San Jose has etched its name in the annals of history as a global location of technological progress. From industry giants to cutting-edge startups, the city's tech ecosystem offers a wealth of opportunities, experiences, and the chance to be a part of shaping the digital future. Employers evaluate candidates on a daily basis evaluating their answers, resume, education level and asking them all sorts of questions.

A Landscape of Innovation

San Jose's tech landscape is a testament to human ingenuity and creative thinking. Renowned global giants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle have established their headquarters in the city, creating a powerful nucleus of innovation. These companies are at the forefront of shaping the digital revolution, with each contributing to advancements that have transformed the way we live, work, and interact.

Driving Technological Marvels

In this tech utopia, companies like Tesla, Cisco, and Intel lead the charge in their respective industries. Tesla's electric vehicles have revolutionized transportation, while Cisco's networking solutions connect the world like never before. Intel, with its semiconductor expertise, has powered the digital age. The amalgamation of expertise from diverse fields results in a melting pot of innovation that propels industries forward.

The Creative Canvas: Adobe, Netflix, and More

San Jose is also home to creative powerhouses that shape our digital experiences. Adobe's software suite empowers creators worldwide, while Netflix has redefined how we consume entertainment. These companies offer a unique blend of technology and creativity, fostering an environment where digital content thrives.

From eBay to PayPal: E-Commerce Revolution

Companies like eBay and PayPal have transformed the way we buy and sell goods and services. eBay pioneered online auctions, while PayPal redefined digital payments. These innovations have not only changed industries but also influenced the way we engage in commerce in the digital age.

A Tapestry of Career Opportunities

San Jose's tech scene offers a tapestry of roles and experiences. Whether you're a software developer, data scientist, UX designer, or project manager, the city's tech companies cater to a diverse array of skills. The opportunities span from startups to established giants, offering options for every tech enthusiast looking to make their mark.

The Search for Excellence

Searching for a job in San Jose's tech ecosystem means exploring a range of possibilities. While tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft offer the chance to collaborate on groundbreaking technologies, startups provide a unique experience of being part of a closely-knit team, directly contributing to a company's growth.

Cultivating Company Culture

Company culture is more than just buzzwords—it's a driving force that shapes your experience. San Jose's tech companies take pride in fostering collaborative environments that encourage innovation. Being part of a supportive team elevates job satisfaction and fuels personal growth.

Rewards and Benefits

Salaries and benefits offered by San Jose's tech companies mirror the city's competitive nature. Alongside competitive pay, tech professionals often enjoy perks such as flexible work arrangements, training programs, and healthcare options. There are lots of tech jobs for people across a variety of roles.

The Road Ahead

San Jose's tech landscape isn't just a job market—it's a thriving community of innovation, creativity, and excellence. Whether you're drawn to the global giants like Google and Apple or inspired by the agility of startups, San Jose offers a realm of opportunities. With diverse roles, groundbreaking projects, and a network of professionals, your next tech adventure could unfold amidst the innovation-rich surroundings of San Jose, California.

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Fleak logo
A big data platform for building real-time AI applications. Fleak offers a user-friendly visual orchestrator, allowing users to craft their Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) by seamlessly connecting data sources, AI models, and user defined functions. With a
San JoseCA2 - 102024$1,500,000
PayPal Ventures logo
PayPal Ventures is PayPal's venture capital arm, investing in PayPal's strategic interest fields for return. Leveraging PayPal Venture's expertise and experience, PayPal – and the companies in which it invests – are helping to bring innovative solutions to
San JoseCA10 - 502023
Synqly logo
Synqly is an Integration-as-a-Service Platform that provides seamless and speedy integration of infrastructure and security technologies.
San JoseCA1 - 102023$4,000,000
Sero AI logo
Sero is an AI-powered moderation platform designed for both simple content moderation tasks like profanity detection and for complex investigations like child grooming.
San JoseCA2 - 102023$500,000
Bonsai Robotics logo
Bonsai Robotics provides vision-based automation solutions for off-road vehicles, such as agricultural machines. The company also offers analytics and telematics to help growers improve their performance, efficiency, and safety. The company is based in San
San JoseCA10 - 502022$10,500,000
Merly logo
Merly is a software company currently based in San Jose, California, United States. It has been founded in 2022.
San JoseCA5 - 102022$6,825,998
Field Materials logo
We are a young startup with a bold vision to become the commerce and financial technology backbone of construction - one of the world’s largest industries. Founded by serial entrepreneurs with exits to Fortune 500 companies (including Paypal), Field Materi
San JoseCA5 - 202022$8,150,000
MakerDojo logo
Data analytics platform for Web3, which helps users query blockchain data and draw insights with shareable dashboards
San JoseCA2 - 102022$1,500,000
RedKangaroo logo
RedKangaroo is a marketing platform for organic growth provides food, beverage, cosmetics, and pet food brands with the opportunity to promote word-of-mouth by rewarding clients.
San JoseCA5 - 102021$1,100,000
Coactive AI logo
At Coactive AI, we are empowering data practitioners and data-driven teams to unlock insights in unstructured image and video data. This visual data increasingly captures everyday life from our online experiences on e-commerce sites and social media to gui
San JoseCA20 - 502021$44,000,000
Archy logo
SaaS Practice Management Software for Dental Practices
San JoseCA20 - 502021$10,000,000
Metafoodx logo
Metafoodx is on a mission to solve the challenge of food waste because we believe that it is one of the most critical factors for achieving global sustainability. We have assembled a team that shares a passion for helping foodservice businesses and has gre
San JoseCA20 - 502021$3,000,000
Squint logo
The easiest way to capture, retrieve, and visualize your factory's most important information
San JoseCA5 - 202021$19,000,000
Kosen Labs logo
Kosen Labs was co-founded by ex-DeepMind AI researchers Miljan Martic, Pedro Ortega and Peter Toth at the intersection of AI and web3. Our mission is to bring the benefits of advanced AI to the blockchain space to develop new, groundbreaking products.
San JoseCA10 - 502021
Snickerdoodle Labs logo
Snickerdoodle is using blockchain technology to build a data economy that protects user privacy and distributes value to all stakeholders, including the data owners. We are building the infrastructure to allow people to own their data and monetize it in a
San JoseCA20 - 502021$2,500,000
Upstash logo
Upstash makes data easiest part of your job. They manage everything for you. You focus on more important things. With per-request pricing, you pay only for what you use.
San JoseCA5 - 202021$11,900,000
Exafunction logo
Exafunction optimizes deep learning inference workload, delivering up to a 10x improvement in resource utilization and cost. It connects customers to the company’s managed service or deploys Exafunction’s software in a Kubernetes cluster. The company's tec
San JoseCA10 - 502021$93,000,000
Ferveret logo
Ferveret develops liquid cooling technology for data centers inspired by nuclear power plant cooling. Ferveret patent-pending technology revolutionizes the data center cooling and eliminates the waste of electricity.
San JoseCA5 - 102021$2,225,000
Navicasoft logo
Our mission is to enable our customers to make better and smarter choices about the software that will help them run their businesses. We do this by reviewing software, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each, and then presenting that information
San JoseCA1 - 102021$1,000,000
We are on a developing novel nickel and cobalt extraction from laterites using electrochemistry principles. We have strong relations with the largest nickel cathode manufacturers and have access with largest nickel mine site, such as: indonesia and phillip
San JoseCA5 - 102021$1,600,000
Tabular logo
Tabular Technologies is building an independent data automation platform powered by the open-source standard for huge analytic datasets, Apache Iceberg.
San JoseCA20 - 502021$37,000,000
Align AI logo
Coxwave, founded in 2021, is a leader in analytics for the generative AI industry. Leveraging state-of-the-art data infrastructure and domain expertise, our team operates Align AI, powering analytics for conversational AI products. Coxwave successfully rai
San JoseCA10 - 502021$4,300,000
Monoid logo
Monoid is a software company that provides an open-source toolkit for automating data privacy. The company is based in San Jose, California.
San JoseCA2 - 102021
Ledger Works logo
Ledger Works Data as a Service (LDaaS) delivers the search and analytics and organizations require to leverage distributed ledgers.
San JoseCA20 - 502021$2,875,000
Evident Vascular logo
Evident Vascular offers an advanced IVUS platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence to deliver superior Vascular.
San JoseCA10 - 502021$35,000,000
Criya logo
Criya, a Y Combinator and venture backed AI startup that empowers world class industry experts build their Professional Brand in 1-click. Complete with AI generated websites that demonstrates their entire experience in a comprehensive and attractive format
San JoseCA50 - 2002021
Kognitos logo
Kognitos is an interactive interface to explore the possibilities of their own minds. Users can do things faster than before. It is an AI platform designed to automate business processes. The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in San Jose, C
San JoseCA20 - 502021$28,350,000
Gallery logo
Gallery lets engineers spin up fully-featured cloud environments instantly on their own clouds, regardless of cloud provider or environment architecture. Engineers use Gallery to speed up development and share feature previews with QA and clients without s
San JoseCA10 - 502021$125,000
Nexus logo
Nexus creates banking and investment products with our users' present and future financial well-being in mind. They believe that access to investment should be easy and that financial services should exist to help users grow. The company is based in San Fr
San JoseCA100 - 5002021
Vimmerse logo
Vimmerse is an AI deep tech company that brings photos to life improving audience engagement and customers conversions. It serves customers the state-of-art AI to convert images into captivating videos via our creators platform, Apps, and API. It simplifie
San JoseCA5 - 102021$2,000,000
GT Metabolic Solutions logo
GT Metabolic Solutions develops a minimally-invasive incision-less bypass technology for bariatric, metabolic, and digestive surgery.
San JoseCA5 - 102021$24,109,228
Prometheus Technologies logo
Specializing in the automation and integration industry for both residential and commercial settings.
San JoseCA10 - 502020$3,400,000
StepZen logo
StepZen is a team of API and database nerds dedicated to making it a whole lot easier for app developers to build awesome user experiences. StepZen is on a mission to do for the world of APIs what Google Maps did for directions - reshape it from its curren
San JoseCA20 - 502020$8,000,000
Lucidum logo
Lucidum is the asset discovery company that eliminates blind spots across cloud, security and IT operations. Fortune 500 companies rely on the Lucidum platform and its patent-pending machine learning to discover, triangulate and identify all assets – even
San JoseCA20 - 502020$19,000,000
Leadoptik logo
LEADOPTIK Inc. is a deep-tech startup based in San Jose, California. We are building miniature imaging platform for minimally invasive procedures.
San JoseCA5 - 102020$6,900,000
SpecTrust Inc logo
SpecTrust protects businesses from emerging Identity Abuse & Fraud threats in minutes, not months, using its click-to-deploy platform.
San JoseCA20 - 1002020$29,205,998
Ayraa AI logo
Ayraa AI is headquartered in the Silicon Valley with planned engineering operations in Mumbai & Pune, India. The company is on a mission to simplify and modernize workplace security, compliance, facilities & operations.
San JoseCA20 - 502020$4,000,000
Unity SCM logo
Helping manufacturers streamline supply chain operations
San JoseCA20 - 502020$13,000,000
Aervivo logo
Aervivo’s mission is to disrupt the ISP industry, enabling fiber-grade connectivity at a fraction of the cost. It partners with leading ISPs and new entrants, empowering them to quickly launch new markets, extend presence, and upgrade legacy networks. Its
San JoseCA10 - 502020$9,750,000
Huski logo operates as a trademark infringement compliance software for e-Commerce brands.
San JoseCA10 - 202020$8,250,010
Aniai logo
Aniai develops a robotic kitchen based on its core robot technology to design/control robots. Its robots are further reinforced by its unique cognitive technology with artificial intelligence(AI). With these technologies, Aniai presents a shining solution
San JoseCA10 - 502020
Venu logo
Virtual Reality software platform for true-to-life trade shows, accessible via Windows or Mac computers and VR headsets
San JoseCA5 - 202020
InfinStor logo
Infinstor is a differentiated multi cloud Machine Learning platform focused on reducing the failure rate of ML projects and helping create better ML models at lower cost. InfinStor enables this using our patent-pending storage technologies, InfinSnap and I
San JoseCA5 - 102020$33,333,332 logo
A pioneer in the data privacy automation (DPA) category, LightBeam is on a mission to empower organizations to manage and access their sensitive data securely.
San JoseCA50 - 1002020$22,300,000
Mesh logo
Mesh is a social performance management platform for today's workforce. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in San Jose, California.
San JoseCA50 - 1002020$16,100,000
Fourth Wave Energy logo
Fourth Wave Energy is a climate change solutions company focused on eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment.
San JoseCA2 - 102020$4,300,000
Palifer logo
Palifer utilizes data intelligence to predict maintenance for trains. It uses natural language processing to combine or use data from different sources without human correction, organize, use, or match data with ease, and predicts failures and maintenance
San JoseCA2 - 102020
Dropshyp logo
Dropshyp provides large, medium, and small scale businesses and independent entrepreneurs with the ability to connect with suppliers in East Asia, West Africa, and Arabia. With Dropshyp, businesses can easily establish unseen and undiscovered business lin
San JoseCA20 - 502020$6,200,000
RTCanary logo
The analytics plugin for any video chat platform. Think of us as New Relic for video chat. Users are quick to notice drops in call quality, so we help you pinpoint what went wrong during your calls and why.
San JoseCA1 - 102020
Userfront logo
Userfront is the premier auth & identity platform for growing SaaS companies. Start free, move fast, and scale from freemium to Fortune 500 enterprise customers, all in one place.
San JoseCA5 - 202020$5,300,000
Neuron7 logo
Neuron7 helps service teams diagnose and resolve issues in seconds. Neuron7's AI learns from your data and your people to build a resolution system of record that helps customers, agents, and field service technicians resolve issues faster. Neuron7 envisio
San JoseCA20 - 502020$14,200,000
SupraOracles logo
SupraOracles is a powerful cross-chain oracle that helps businesses bridge real-world data to both public and private chains, enabling interoperable smart contracts to automate, simplify and secure the future of financial markets.
San JoseCA50 - 2002020$47,931,500
Graphiant logo
Graphiant is a venture-funded stealth startup working on next-generation networking technologies. It was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.
San JoseCA100 - 5002020$96,000,000
Testimonial logo
We provide the easiest way to collect and display testimonials ❤️
San JoseCA2 - 102020
Anthro logo
Anthro is reimagining the future of energy storage. We are an advanced materials company developing solutions to some of the biggest problems facing the battery-dependent electrified future. Spun out of Stanford University, we’ve created high-performance b
San JoseCA20 - 502020$27,200,000
FlyFin logo
FlyFin is a consumer startup that focuses on automating financial lives. A.I. scans for all possible tax deductions and simply connects all expense accounts & FlyFin eliminates 98% of the work.
San JoseCA10 - 1002020$8,000,000
Revelstoke logo
Revelstoke SOAR is the first low-code, high-speed Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Platform built on a Unified Data Layer.
San JoseCA50 - 1002020$38,000,000
Switchboard logo
Switchboard is on a mission to make teamwork the best part of work. Bring your team and your tools together in a cloud coworking space designed for remote collaboration.
San JoseCA20 - 502020$38,800,000
Noname Security logo
Noname Security is a holistic security platform that allows enterprises to see and to secure managed and unmanaged APIs.
San JoseCA200 - 5002020$220,000,000
Zadar Labs logo
Zadar Labs is developing next generation imaging radar platforms. Our vision is to empower perception systems with compact, high performance, and low-cost imaging radar. We don't just build black boxes, we collaborate with our partners to build the optimal
San JoseCA5 - 202019$5,600,000
GamerSafer helps multiplayer games and Esports organizations scale safety, positive and fair play experiences to millions of players. With our software platforms can defeat online harms, fraud, and toxicity. Based in San Jose, serving global clients, our g
San JoseCA10 - 502019
StoreCash logo
StoreCash is a mobile payment service that allows users to pay with QR codes at over 200,000 shops while earning cash back.
San JoseCA10 - 502019$6,042,000
Nerbio logo
Creating mobile connected patient monitoring devices that reduce costs and improve patient care
San JoseCA10 - 202019$1,525,000
Rizzle logo
Rizzle is a 60-second video platform focused on talk shows and drama. It is the Top Original Content short videos platform at the moment and is also the only platform to bring creation, distribution, and monetization (via sponsorships) in one place.
San JoseCA100 - 5002019$36,980,000
Launchable Inc logo
Launchable is an intelligence platform layer for all software testing that shortens wait times for testing, speeds up and optimizes CI pipeline efficiency, leading to shipping higher-quality software faster. Through machine learning in Lauchable’s SaaS, d
San JoseCA20 - 502019$12,700,000
Roost logo
Roost makes it possible for developers to collaborate live with their colleagues as they update interdependent services, providing immediate feedback when there is a service fit issue. Identifying problems with upstream and downstream dependencies before t
San JoseCA10 - 502019$3,000,000
FranklinWH logo
FranklinWH is a home energy system that provides whole home energy management system. Their app allows to manages home energy system. They offers customer services through email and phone contact.
San JoseCA200 - 5002019$25,000,000
XL8 logo
XL8 is an AI company that offers NLP services, specialized in the media localization area, including machine translation and ASR.
San JoseCA10 - 502019
Richpanel logo
Richpanel is the new, modern way businesses provide customer support. They're on a mission to create support journeys that engages and inspires customers to use the tech.
San JoseCA20 - 502019
Via logo
We started with helping businesses get found, get chosen and get engagement online through our suite of software tools. Then, we expanded into a conversational commerce platform that helps businesses build relationships with customers on the devices and ne
San JoseCA20 - 1002019$19,210,000
Spectro Cloud logo
Spectro Cloud is an infrastructure company that provides scalable and policy-based cluster management of Kubernetes for enterprises. It uses these cluster profiles to automate deployment and maintenance of clusters across the enterprise. The company automa
San JoseCA100 - 5002019$67,500,000
Edge Impulse logo
Edge Impulse is the platform for developing intelligent devices using embedded machine learning (TinyML).
San JoseCA50 - 1002019$54,400,000
Roviero logo
AI processor inspired by the brain's ability to process only relevant data
San JoseCA20 - 502019$6,600,000
Overflow logo
Overflow is an online donation platform that helps charities accept online donations of publicly-traded stock. Overflow automates the transfer of publicly-traded stocks from donors to nonprofit organizations.
San JoseCA20 - 1002019$30,000,000
Element5 logo
Element5 provides automation-as-a-service solutions to Homecare and Hospice providers. The technology is built on the foundation of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) and delivers end-to-end automations for key workflows.
San JoseCA100 - 5002019$48,500,000
Aviz Networks logo
Aviz Networks is enabling SONiC deployments in Data Center & Edge Networks by delivering platform and ASIC agnostic applications for Network Orchestration, Monitoring, and Enterprise Grade Support. Our vision is to drive open-source networking via disaggre
San JoseCA50 - 2002019$14,000,000
Tangobuilder logo
Tangobuilder platform gives engineers, architects, and contractors the accurate and customized design information they need so they can work better and faster.
San JoseCA10 - 502019$125,000 logo is a cloud Infrastructure that provides fast and secure experiences for all enterprise applications.
San JoseCA10 - 1002019$55,000,000
Nestybox logo
Nestybox creates software that enables Linux containers to act as virtual machines. This increases the use of cases for containers and gives enterprises a less expensive and more flexible alternative to virtual machines in many scenarios.
San JoseCA2 - 102019$125,000
Aarna Networks logo
Aarna Networks is a software company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They create an orchestration, management, and automation platform for Private 5G networks and edge computing applications.
San JoseCA10 - 502018$9,666,000
DuploCloud logo
DuploCloud offers an end-to-end DevSecOps platform that translates high-level application specifications to detailed cloud configurations, incorporating best practices around security, availability, and compliance guidelines.
San JoseCA50 - 1002018$49,500,000
Notify logo
Notify is a free subscription service for content on any platform. Creators, brands and personalities have channels on Notify, you subscribe to them, they send you the content you love. Read more about our story here:
San JoseCA50 - 1002018$1,248,502
Joinwelink logo
About Lightning Fast Internet At A Revolutionary Price.
San JoseCA10 - 5020185087900 EUR
Elisity logo
Redefining enterprise access security with Zero Trust and Software-Defined Perimeter solutions
San JoseCA20 - 1002018$78,500,000
AIStorm Inc logo
AIStorm, Inc. specializes in AI-in-sensor processing solutions. The Company offers sensors which eliminates the latency, power, and cost associated with digital graphics processing unit (GPU) based implementations. AIStorm serves customers worldwide.
San JoseCA10 - 502018$29,200,000
Infiot logo
Infiot is an information technology company that provides a cloud-delivered architecture for the internet of things industry. Its helps companies and businesses in security, optimization, and extension for IOT. The company was founded in 2018 and headquar
San JoseCA10 - 502018$15,000,000
Ethernovia logo
At Ethernovia, we’re inventing the future of automobile’s communication - virtual communication. We are transforming automobiles’ communication network to enable the autonomous driving and electrical vehicle (EV) revolutions. Our breakthrough compute, comm
San JoseCA100 - 5002018$64,000,000
Ventana Micro Systems logo
Ventana Micro Systems is operates in stealth mode.
San JoseCA50 - 1002018$98,249,000
Sibros logo
Sibros is developing a connected vehicle platform. It enables a 360-degree view of vehicle data and improved vehicle life cycle management by providing a secure cloud and on-vehicle system capable of end-to-end OTA software updates and data recording, flee
San JoseCA100 - 2002018$85,500,048
Concentric logo
Concentric was born out of a powerful insight: Enterprises have a data security problem. And the security tools they’re using can’t fix it. Ask any CIO about corporate data and they’ll happily share all the work they’ve done to make their databases secure
San JoseCA100 - 2002018$22,000,000
UVL Robotics logo
UVL Robotics, Inc. is a global provider of cutting-edge drone-based solutions with AI for logistics, has its HQ in US, R&D center in the CIS and sales offices in Europe, Middle East and Turkey. Currently providing the e2e commercial drone-logistics service
San JoseCA20 - 502018$2,000,000
Dnovo Inc logo
Dnovobio is a developer of a direct reprogramming technology intended to create any cell, tissue, or organ on demand. Its company's platform converts skin into functional brain cells. The company is currently operating in Stealth mode.
San JoseCA5 - 102018$2,700,000 logo
PIRI is a global network of vetted and tested engineering talent that works from home or co-working spaces. PIRI Engineers are available to work in your timezone as a dedicated full time remote extension of your team. Our mission is to connect the world’
San JoseCA100 - 5002018
TARA.AI logo
Software should work for you, not the other way around. Yet, most software for product development is difficult to use and needs a lot of time to configure; it was not purpose-built for modern, cross-functional teams building rapidly. At Tara, we’re design
San JoseCA20 - 502018$13,000,000
Singularity.AI logo
Singularity.AI brings artificial intelligence and computer vision from algorithms to real-life diagnostic products that will help doctors to provide more effective and advanced patient care. Leveraging deep domain expertise in artificial intelligence and
San JoseCA10 - 502018$5,000,000
COMMUNITYx is a coalition-building platform that connects likeminded change makers around causes and calls-to-action.
San JoseCA5 - 202018$3,090,000
MachEye logo
MachEye adds a ''play'' button to data! MachEye is the only personal business companion built for every business user and for all their data. We shatter the barriers that prevent organizations of all sizes from unleashing personalized BI for everyone. With
San JoseCA10 - 202018$4,600,000 Inc logo, Inc. provides software security solutions. The Company offers APT detection, fraud detection, artificial intelligence and machine learning, knowledge graph, and threat intelligence solutions. serves customers in the State of Californ
San JoseCA20 - 502018$16,350,000
Hypersonix Inc. logo
Hypersonix is designed to help enterprises drive profitable revenue growth by providing a system of actionable intelligence. Hypersonix acts as the enterprise nervous system that connects to various core systems of business, and brings together first-party
San JoseCA100 - 5002018$50,100,000
Securiti logo
Securiti is the leader in AI Powered Data Privacy and Data Security. It is: - Forrester Wave Leader - Winner of \'Most Innovative Startup\' at RSA - Winner of IAPP's \'Most Innovative Company\' Award - Forbes Top 25 Global Machine Learning Companies Aw
San JoseCA500 - 1,0002018$156,000,000
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