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Andreessen Horowitz, often abbreviated as "a16z," is a prominent venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage and growth-stage investments in technology startups. Founded in 2009 by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, the firm has gained recognition for its unique approach to venture capital and its strategic investments in innovative companies.

Andreessen Horowitz is known for its hands-on and operational approach to investing. The firm's partners have extensive industry experience, and they actively work with startup founders to provide not only capital but also mentorship, strategic guidance, and operational support. This collaborative approach helps startups navigate challenges, develop their products, and accelerate their growth.

The firm's investment philosophy centers on backing founders who are building transformative technologies and solutions that have the potential to reshape industries. Andreessen Horowitz's investment areas span a wide range of sectors, including software, internet, fintech, biotech, and more.

One of the unique features of Andreessen Horowitz is its commitment to providing a comprehensive range of services to its portfolio companies. The firm offers resources and support in areas such as marketing, recruiting, regulatory compliance, and public relations, enabling startups to access valuable expertise and scale more effectively.

In addition to its investments, Andreessen Horowitz is known for its thought leadership and active involvement in shaping discussions around technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The firm's partners frequently share insights through articles, blog posts, podcasts, and public speaking engagements.

Andreessen Horowitz's investments have contributed to the success of numerous startups, including Airbnb, Slack, Coinbase, Lyft, and many more. The firm's focus on building lasting partnerships, fostering innovation, and providing ongoing support has positioned it as a respected and influential player in the venture capital industry.

To gather the most accurate and up-to-date information about Andreessen Horowitz, I recommend visiting the firm's official website or referring to reliable industry sources. Please note that my knowledge is based on information available up until September 2021, and I may not have information on developments that have occurred after that date.

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Prophetic AI logo
Prophetic AI is a non-invasive neurotech company that offers neural devices to help people stabilize and induce lucid dreaming.
New YorkNY1 - 102023$1,100,000
Mistral logo
Mistral AI is a French company selling artificial intelligence (AI) products. It was founded in April 2023 by previous employees of Meta Platforms and Google DeepMind. The company raised €385 million in October 2023, and in December 2023, it was valued at
50 - 1002023544014016 EUR
HumanX logo
HumanX focuses on AI serves as a catalyst for enterprises to identify realistic solutions in the rapidly changing AI field.
Las VegasNV10 - 502023$6,000,000
Fortuna Health logo
Fortuna streamlines Medicaid navigation for consumers, covering eligibility, enrollment, and renewal processes seamlessly.
New YorkNY2 - 102023$4,000,000
Aerodome logo
The company's principal activity is the buying and selling of development property.
New YorkNY5 - 202023$28,000,000
Crux logo
Crux is the ecosystem used by financial institutions, developers, and purchasers of tax credits to manage transferable tax credits. The company was founded in 2023.
DoverDE5 - 102023$27,050,000
Milu Health logo
We believe that everyone should have access to the healthcare they need, at a reasonable and transparent cost. We've built a platform which uses data to help employees save money on great healthcare options, from finding the right doctor, to saving money o
New YorkNY10 - 502023$4,800,000
Distributional logo
Distributional makes AI safe, reliable and secure.
BerkeleyCA2 - 102023$11,000,000
Series.AI logo
Series.AI is a creative company that specializes in the development of games using artificial intelligence.
RocklinCA10 - 502023$7,900,000
Udio logo
Udio is an AI-powered music creation app that offers a platform for instant music creation.
New YorkNY1 - 102023$10,000,000
Yellow3D logo
Yellow is an AI firm that transforms cutting-edge 3D generation technology into powerful creativity tools and products.
Palo AltoCA10 - 502023$5,000,000
Method Security logo
Method Security develops autonomous cyber defenses.
New YorkNY1 - 102023$5,500,000
Civitai logo
Civitai is a community platform dedicated to fine-tuning open-source AI models like Stable Diffusion. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, United States, Civitai was founded in 2023.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502023$5,100,000
Exowatt logo
Modular Full-Stack Renewable Energy Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Applications
MiamiFL1 - 102023$20,000,000
UpSmith logo
UpSmith is significantly enhancing lives by giving people access to training in practical skills and long-lasting careers.
DallasTX5 - 202022$8,300,000
Ideogram logo
Find out if Ideogram is the right fit for your future career! Explore jobs, salary, equity, and funding information. Read about work-life balance, perks, benefits, and the company culture!
2 - 10202275376856 CAD
ModernFi logo
ModernFi specializes in optimizing the deposit market by providing banks with intelligent funding and revenue opportunities.
New YorkNY5 - 202022$23,200,000
TipTop logo
Working on consumer and enterprise systems at the intersection of e-commerce, logistics, and blockchain.
AnaheimCA10 - 502022$23,000,000
Lyso logo
Lyso is an artificial intelligence company that develops personal AI learning assistants which use computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing to create an immersive and engaging learning experience tailored to your needs and prefere
San FranciscoCA2 - 102022$4,200,000
APEX logo
APEX is a global supply chain logistics firm with specific focus in the ancillary cannabis & hemp market sectors. We provide high-level resources from industry standard and innovative hardware and packaging solutions to comprehensive supply chain and distr
Los AngelesCA20 - 1002022$26,000,000
Doppel logo
Protect your brand from NFT counterfeits. Doppel is the next-generation IP protection platform for detecting and delisting NFT counterfeits. We're backed by top VCs and angels (FTX Ventures, SVAngel, OpenSea, Polygon, Solana, Balaji Srinivasan etc.), and t
CovinaCA5 - 202022$23,849,952
Keep Financial logo
Vesting Cash Bonuses from Keep give you the power to attract and hire the best talent available and keep them engaged and motivated for years. With each vesting milestone, your employees feel rewarded for their contribution and longevity at the company.
BostonMA10 - 502022$9,000,000
Zarta logo
Zarta is an ad-free, micro pay-per-view video platform for creator content. We empower video creators to generate revenue on a per-video basis, while fans can support the creators they love and gain access to content that provides real value to them withou
San FranciscoCA2 - 102022$5,700,000
Proof Of Play logo
Proof of Play creates games that are defining for a generation because they essentially give players control and ownership. The company was founded in 2022 and is based in New York, New York, USA.
New YorkNY10 - 202022$33,000,000
Mother Duck logo
Making analytics fun, frictionless and ducking awesome. Building a serverless easy-to-use data analytics platform based on DuckDB in collaboration with the folks at DuckDB Labs.
WarwickNY20 - 502022$100,000,000
Blackbird logo
Blackbird Labs is a web3 hospitality technology platform that should directly connect restaurants and customers.
New YorkNY5 - 202022$35,000,000
Regression Games logo
Regression Games makes competitive gaming based on artificial intelligence available and enjoyable for everyone.
PhiladelphiaPA2 - 102022$4,200,000
Vicinitas Therapeutics logo
Many diseases, including cancer and monogenic diseases, are often caused by specific proteins that are abnormally degraded and lost from the cell. In cancer, protective tumor suppressors are aberrantly destroyed, allowing cancer cells to circumvent cell de
San FranciscoCA20 - 502022$65,000,000
ZeroMark logo
ZeroMark is a defense product company building technology to ensure safety and precision when using kinetic and non lethal weapons.
New YorkNY2 - 102022$7,000,000
Co:Create logo
Co:Create powers dynamic growth for NFT projects and Web3 brands.
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002022$25,000,000
Knownwell logo
knownwell is on metabolic health and obesity medicine. It touts itself as a healthcare provider that serves people of all sizes. It provides primary care, nutritional advice, behavioral health treatments, and services for metabolic health.
NewtonMA5 - 102022$24,500,000
ElevenLabs logo
ElevenLabs is an American startup and technology company, founded by former Google engineer Piotr Dabkowski, and former Palantir strategist Mati Staniszewski. The company specializes in natural-sounding speech synthesis and text-to-speech software, using a
New YorkNY20 - 502022$101,000,000
Klu logo
Klu is a Generative AI app platform that simplifies the design, deployment, and optimization of AI-enabled applications. Klu is fast, easy to use, and scales globally to millions of users.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102022$1,700,000
Resourcely logo
Empowering developers to use the cloud effectively
San FranciscoCA20 - 502022$8,300,000
Castelion logo
Castelion is a venture-backed defense tech company applying modern hardware development and manufacturing processes to critical national security challenges, specifically to solve affordability, scale, and supply chain robustness.
El SegundoCA10 - 502022$19,614,996
Saronic logo
Saronic is building cutting-edge unmanned surface vehicles that enable maritime security and domain awareness by combining best-in-class hardware, software and artificial intelligence into one scalable, fully integrated platform.
AustinTX20 - 502022$70,000,000
Hippocratic AI logo
Hippocratic AI develops safety-focused large language models with a focus on non-diagnostic, patient-facing applications. The majority of language models undergo pre-training using the common crawl of the Internet, which might contain inaccurate and decept
Palo AltoCA10 - 502022$118,000,000
Azra Games logo
Azra Games is a blockchain-based developer of collectable combat role-playing games for core gamers.
SacramentoCA20 - 1002022$25,000,000
Believer logo
The Believer Company is a game development studio dedicated to putting the player at the center of their games. It has game developers from all over the world who have created games ranging from Words With Friends to League of Legends, Destiny to PvZ.
West HollywoodCA20 - 502022$55,000,000
Flow logo
Flow is an American residential real estate company founded by the former CEO of WeWork Adam Neumann and funded by the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. The company hopes to address some aspects of the United States housing shortage through technol
New YorkNY100 - 5002022$350,000,000
Black Ore Technologies logo
Black Ore Technologies is a technology-driven company currently operating in stealth mode. The company's flagship platform, Tax Autopilot, offers end-to-end 1040 tax prep automation for CPAs and tax firms
AustinTX10 - 502022$60,000,000
Idrx logo
IDRx is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to transforming cancer care with intelligently designed precision combination therapies. IDRx is headquartered in Plymouth, Massachusetts and was founded in 2022.
PlymouthMA20 - 502022$122,000,000
Createra logo
Createra is a web3 company that allows users to create infinitely engaging 3D worlds and games. It is based on the fundamental belief that creativity is a talent that everyone possesses.
RI50 - 1002022$10,000,000
Orbital Therapeutics logo
Orbital Therapeutics aims to enhance global health by unleashing the full potential of RNA-based medicines to treat human disease in ways that were not previously possible.
CambridgeMA20 - 502022$270,000,000
Moment logo
Moment is an operator of a fixed-income infrastructure for modern firms. The company's goal is to deliver modern fixed-income solutions to global fintechs, traditional brokerages, and registered investment advisors to make markets more equitable and access
New YorkNY2 - 102022$20,000,000
Co:Create logo
Powering dynamic growth for NFT projects and Web3 brands.
Menlo ParkCA10 - 502022$25,000,000
Method Financial logo
Method Financial is a debt repayment repayment API that facilitates payments for each kind of debt with a debt-agnostic solution. Method makes it easy for developers to embed debt repayment on their apps.
AustinTX20 - 502021$18,500,000
Mysten Labs logo
Mysten Labs creates foundational infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of web3.
Palo AltoCA100 - 2002021$336,011,328 logo is an AI based drug delivery startup, creating a platform for Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) development for oligonucleotide therapies including mRNA-based therapeutics, vaccines and gene therapy.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502021$24,500,000
Battlebound logo
At the intersection of world-class gameplay and play-to-earn. For players to share the value generated by playing video games they love. Our vision is to create top-tier AAA game experiences that give traditional players the ability to opt-in to the world
Los AngelesCA10 - 502021$4,800,000
Tome Biosciences logo
Tome Biosciences is a biotechnology company that develops programmable gene insertion technology. Using CRISPR, its technologies allow them to insert any genetic sequence of any size at any location into any genome.
WatertownMA50 - 1002021$213,000,000
Faraway logo
Faraway makes hyper-social blockchain games with player-driven economies. The company was founded in 2021 and is based in Miami, Florida.
MiamiFL20 - 1002021$29,000,000
Truffle Security Co logo
Truffle Security is a cybersecurity company that offers network management software solutions for private keys and credentials. The company's software scans the system environment for secrets like private keys and credentials, tracks and manages code withi
San FranciscoCA20 - 502021$15,000,000
Gate Bioscience logo
Gate Bioscience specializes in a small molecule modality to treat biology’s intractable diseases.
BrisbaneCA10 - 502021$60,000,000
Sprinter Health logo
Sprinter Health is an on-demand mobile health company that sends full-time nurses and phlebotomists (“Sprinters”) into the home.
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002021$37,600,000
Metatheory logo
Metatheory Inc. is an interactive technology and entertainment company building Web3 games, interactive content, social experiences, and other community-driven adventures. Metatheory’s mission is to inspire imagination by connecting people worldwide throug
AlbanyCA50 - 1002021$25,500,000
Nitra logo
Nitra is changing how traditional businesses access credit and financial services – bringing the transformational and disruptive digital finance of Silicon Valley to the rest of America. We are beginning our first chapter as a mission-driven fintech startu
New YorkNY20 - 502021$61,000,000
Mem Protocol logo
Mem Protocol is a human-centric tool for the social layer of web3.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102021$3,100,000
Captions logo
Captions is the all-in-one AI powered camera and editor for creators everywhere. This app makes the whole process of making videos easier using AI, from scripting and recording, to editing and sharing. The app allows users to add eye-catching dynamic word-
New YorkNY5 - 202021$40,000,000
Marker Learning logo
Marker Learning provides a telepsychology platform that makes learning disability assessments and personalized action plans accessible for schools and families.
New YorkNY20 - 1002021$19,000,000
Luma AI logo
Luma AI is to enables everyone to capture and experience the world in 3D.
Palo AltoCA10 - 502021$67,300,000
Svix logo
Svix is the webhooks-as-a-service platform that empowers companies of all sizes to send webhooks easily and reliably.
San FranciscoCA5 - 102021$15,629,000
TruckSmarter logo
Our mission is to empower truck drivers lives across the US through technology and grit.
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002021$44,000,000
Entropy logo
Entropy provides crypto custody services to keep private keys secure and make assets available on demand. Its services specialize in creating a decentralized network leveraging advanced threshold cryptography and multi-party computation. The company was fo
New YorkNY20 - 502021$26,950,000
Sound logo is a suite of web3-native music and economic tools powering the next generation of artists and their communities, starting with listening parties for new releases. Sound Artists can publish songs, sell NFTs, use splits, and participate in governa
San FranciscoCA5 - 202021$25,000,000
PartyDAO logo
PartyDAO is an Decentralized Software Organization building multiplayer crypto products.
NY10 - 502021$32,822,500
LootRush logo
LootRush is a financial services company currently based in San Francisco, California, United States. It has been founded in 2021.
San FranciscoCA5 - 202021$12,000,000
Upstash logo
Upstash makes data easiest part of your job. They manage everything for you. You focus on more important things. With per-request pricing, you pay only for what you use.
San JoseCA5 - 202021$11,900,000
Everyrealm logo
Republic Realm is a digital real estate vehicle that invests in virtual worlds through NFTs. They invest in, manage, and develop assets including NFTs, virtual real estate, metaverse platforms, gaming, and infrastructure.
New YorkNY50 - 1002021$66,250,000
Logseq logo
Logseq is a privacy-first, open-source knowledge base that works on top of local plain-text Markdown and Org-mode files. Use it to write, organize and share your thoughts, keep your to-do list, and build your own digital garden.
New YorkNY5 - 202021$4,100,000
Pomelo Care logo
Pomelo Care is a HealthCare centre that offers personalized care for pregnant person and newborn.
New YorkNY20 - 502021$40,959,984
PASCAL is a diamond brand that offers handcrafted gemstone jewelry with ethically made and graded lab-grown diamonds.
BroomfieldCO100 - 5002021$10,000,000
Equals logo
Equals is building the 3rd generation spreadsheet: one that works just like those that came before but fit for this era of work. They're starting with live, native, versioned data connections. Every analysis created today in Excel and Sheets is instantly s
PortlandOR20 - 502021$22,600,000
LayerZero Labs logo
LayerZero Labs is an omnichain interoperability protocol that unites decentralized applications (dapps) across disparate blockchains.
10 - 1002021$293,299,968
Mem logo
Mem is the world's only self-organizing workspace.
Los Altos HillsCA20 - 1002021$29,100,000
Runway logo
Runway Financial predates computers and the popularization of negative numbers. The company builds a consumer-grade social product that reinvents how business financials are presented through modern design and engineering. By bringing clarity, power, and s
San FranciscoCA10 - 502021$37,000,000
TENNR logo
Tennr is a chat-based search engine that uses your company knowledge base and CRM to answer complex sales questions, research buyers, and surface relevant case studies. With one-click, Tennr replicates the hours of research your best reps do daily: reading
New YorkNY5 - 202021$23,000,000
Valora logo
Valora is a mobile-first crypto wallet native to the Celo Platform, available on both iOS and Android devices. Valora makes blockchain useful and accessible on even the most basic smartphones, enabling the 6 billion smartphone users worldwide to reliably s
San FranciscoCA20 - 502021$20,000,000
Party Round logo
Party Round is an American financial service and technology company based in Los Angeles, California that allows startup founders to automate their fundraising process. Its service lets founders create a round, set terms and privately invite investors to p
New YorkNY5 - 102021$7,000,000
Waymark logo
Waymark is a Public Benefit Corporation that seeks to improve healthcare access and outcomes among Medicaid beneficiaries.
San FranciscoCA50 - 1002021$107,000,000
Fractal logo
Fractal is an in-game asset and virtual world marketplace where users may find, purchase, and sell gaming NFTs.
Solana BeachCA20 - 502021$35,000,000
Fleek logo
A B2B Marketplace for Wholesale Second Hand Fashion
San FranciscoCA10 - 502021$20,954,258
Inventa logo
Inventa is a wholesale marketplace that connects brands with independent retailers across Latin America.
200 - 5002021
Autograph logo
Autograph is an NFT platform that brings together the most iconic brands and legendary names in sports, entertainment and culture to create unique digital collections and experiences.
Santa MonicaCA50 - 1002021$205,000,000
Irreverent Labs logo
Irreverent Labs creates artificially intelligent hundred-year entertainment experiences on a blockchain. The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming.
SheridanWY20 - 502021$45,500,000
Dynamic logo
Dynamic was founded to help accelerate the adoption of wallet-based authentication. We make it easy for developers to create wallet-based login, onboarding, and authentication flows, allowing them to focus on their core product. Dynamic was started by two
Los AngelesCA10 - 502021$21,000,000
Crosswire logo
Crosswire is building the future of enterprise security and empowers security engineers to manage access at scale. Their product automates this process within minutes and gathers permissions across different enterprise applications, and their provisioning
New YorkNY5 - 202021$6,000,000
Ex-human logo
Ex-human is building a Digital Human Platform that allows anyone to create fully customizable interactive AI Humans. We provide Digital Humans as a Service supporting hyper-realistic open-domain conversations. Our customers are companies in the dating, gam
San FranciscoCA10 - 502021$3,050,000
Loop Crypto logo
Loop Crypto is a platform that enables autopay with crypto.
ChicagoIL5 - 102021$4,000,000
Inngest logo
Inngest is an organization currently based in San Diego, California, United States. It has been founded in 2021 by Tina Zheng and Tony Holdstock-Brown.
San FranciscoCA5 - 102021$10,600,000 logo
Setpoint provides service to the real estate innovators.
AustinTX20 - 1002021$48,500,000
Coactive AI logo
At Coactive AI, we are empowering data practitioners and data-driven teams to unlock insights in unstructured image and video data. This visual data increasingly captures everyday life from our online experiences on e-commerce sites and social media to gui
San JoseCA20 - 502021$44,000,000
Canal logo
Canal is a distributed commerce platform that facilitates retail or purchase of any product online.
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002021$27,000,000
Rollup logo
Rollup is a software company that helps in the rapid development and optimization of complex hardware and systems. The company's platform makes use of model-based systems engineering, which facilitates the integration of engineering analysis, designs, and
BerkeleyCA5 - 102021$10,589,997
Arpeggi Labs logo
Arpeggi Labs develops an online music creation tool that leverages web3 to build an open-source music creation. It allows musicians to compose and mint their songs as fully on-chain NFTs and enables artists to benefit from blockchain technology. The creati
San FranciscoCA10 - 502021$5,100,000
Pahdo Labs logo
Pahdo Labs is a 2D game company building the next-generation MMO centered on game creation. The company's mission is to cultivate a virtual world built by players, an online place where people can have a meaningful role in something bigger than themselves,
New YorkNY20 - 502021$17,560,000
Trunk logo
Trunk is an organization currently based in San Francisco, California, United States. It has been founded in 2021 by Matt Matheson.
San FranciscoCA50 - 1002021$28,525,000
Regrello logo
Regrello enables businesses to drive collaboration and standardize best practices across their supply chain and operations. The company allows creating fine-grained access controls to protect your designs, pricing, and other intellectual property from leak
San FranciscoCA20 - 502021$25,200,000
Omni Creator Products logo
Omni Creator Products empowers every player to fulfill this universal desire by giving players a canvas to create on and a process that matches their natural creative drive.
RaleighNC20 - 502021$20,550,000
Withintrinsic logo
Intrinsic is a robotics software and AI company that focuses on making industrial robotics accessible and usable.
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002021$3,600,000
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