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Employbl is the thoughtful job search platform.

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Discover companies by the tech stack they use.

When hunting for a software engineering job it's likely you want to target companies that use the same tech stack you like to use, but that's hard on traditional job search platforms.

Employbl helps you cut through the noise.

Time-series data

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We operate on a one time membership fee model. No subscription required.

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Time-series data

Find today's hottest startups before the rest of the crowd.

With Employbl you can search through 18,000+ (and counting) active, U.S.A. based private and public tech companies.

Stop chasing what everyone else is. Chart your own path!

Locate company headquarters near you with map view.

Whether you want to work from home or in an office, use the map to find companies by location.

Discover job listings, tech companies, startups, investors, job listings, funding rounds, industries, and tech stacks.

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