101 Early Stage Silicon Valley Startups

Updated on February 20, 2024
Connor Leech

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Connor Leech

This post showcases one hundred and one Silicon Valley startups that have raised Seed or Series A money in the past two years.

101 Early Stage Silicon Valley Startups

Following up on my Silicon Valley map post and the one about early stage startups in San Francisco I wanted to post about all of the early stage startups operating in Silicon Valley today.

🗺 Where is Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is basically from the San Francisco peninsula down to San Jose. For our purposes I'm defining Silicon Valley as these cities:

💸 How do you define "early stage startup"?

There are a few filters I used to determine if a company was an early stage startup. "Early stage" and "startup" can mean a million different things to a million different people but here we go:

  • The company has raised Venture Capital money.
  • The company was founded in 2018 or later.
  • The company has raised a Angel, Pre Seed, Seed or Series A fundraising round since January 1st, 2020.

This leaves out companies that are bootstrapped (talking about you Indiehackers), raised a Series A before 2020, Series B and later companies, companies founded years ago but raised money recently and more. For the purposes of this post it was helpful confines and we still have a ton of data to go off :)

Without further ado, here's the giant list of..

📈 Early Stage Silicon Valley Startups

Without further ado here's the full list. To search, filter and find more info about each company including job listings try logging in to the Employbl dashboard :) It's free to get started.

Company Name Description HQ City Total Amount Raised
Synthekine Synthekine is an engineered cytokine therapeutics company developing disease-optimized treatments. The company uses immunological insights to guide targeted protein engineering to generate transformative medicines for cancer and autoimmune disorders. Using the principles of cytokine partial agonism and immunological specificity, Synthekine designs differentiated therapeutics to be both safe and efficacious. Its lead programs have shown promising efficacy and tolerability in preclinical studies, and it is developing additional cytokine partial agonists that selectively modulate key pathways of the immune system. Menlo Park $189,500,000
Twin Twin is the pioneer of precision health platform, used by doctors to safely reverse diabetes and chronic diseases. The Twin platform uses Artificial Intelligence and Internet-of-Things technologies to holistically and precisely measure and repair the damaged metabolism, which is the root cause of diabetes and chronic diseases. Doctors use Twin to safely reverse diabetes by normalizing sugar, stopping medicines, and revitalizing patients with health and happiness. Twin is headquartered in California, USA and Chennai, India. Mountain View $183,500,000
Snorkel AI Snorkel AI is a technology startup that accelerates enterprise AI application development and deployment through programmatic data labeling. The startup makes AI application development fast and practical by unlocking the power of machine learning without the bottleneck of hand-labeled training data. Their mission is to unlock the true potential of machine learning by removing the bottleneck of hand-labeled training data with Snorkel Flow. The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto $135,250,000
Avail Medsystems Avail Medsystems is a medical technology company that develops software intended to digitize physical presence in operating rooms. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing medical devices that can be utilized during procedures for video conferencing with other medical professionals. It aims on democratizing access to clinical and procedural expertise by removing physical, economic, and logistical barriers. Avail Medsystems' Procedural Telemedicine solution addresses these challenges by enabling on-the-go collaboration with any remote healthcare professional. The company was founded in 2018 and based in Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto $127,932,672
Forum Brands Forum Brands is a provider of a data-driven Amazon business acquisition platform. Forum provides a platform that merges proprietary technology with deep e-commerce and consumer investing knowledge to identify, acquire and scale third-party Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) businesses into household brands. Palo Alto $127,000,000 is a machine learning company enabling high performance compute at the lowest power. Initially focused on solutions for computer vision applications at the embedded edge, the company is led by a team of technology experts committed to delivering the industry’s highest frames per second per watt solution to its customers. San Jose $110,000,000
Axis Security Axis Security enables any organization to quickly deliver tightly managed global access to employees, partners, and other stakeholders through a purpose-built zero-trust cloud security platform. Unlike legacy solutions that create excess access and unnecessary risk, Axis Security’s unique Application Isolation Technology assures access to only the resources required. Their technologies transform open networks and vulnerable applications into fully protected resources that the business can leverage and trust to grow in myriad ways they can’t today. It was incorporated in 2018 and is based in San Mateo, California. San Mateo $99,500,000
Noname Security Noname Security is a holistic security platform that allows enterprises to see and to secure managed and unmanaged APIs. Palo Alto $85,000,000
Neeva Neeva was created to give you a choice in how you search and experience the internet. We built Neeva to feel like your personal corner of the web, designed specifically for you - always ad-free and private. Our mission is to serve our users, and only our users. Sign-up @ and follow us for job postings! Mountain View $77,500,000
Alkira Alkira Network is a developer of a network cloud that allows businesses to build and position multi-cloud network-as-a-service in minutes. The company's Network Cloud reinvents networking for the cloud era with hybrid and multi-cloud network connectivity, integrated network and security services, end-to-end day-2 operational visibility, advanced controls, and governance. Alkira Network Cloud is based on Alkira Cloud Services Exchange™ solution with a global unified network infrastructure delivered as-a-service for easy and simple consumption. Just draw the network across users, sites, and clouds on an intuitive digital design canvas, provision it in one click, and start using it in minutes. Alkira’s solution is used by Fortune-100 enterprises, leading system integrators, and managed service providers. Amir Khan and Atif Khan established the company in San Jose, California in 2018. San Jose $76,000,000 enables companies to hire senior pre-vetted remote software developers who have strong technical & communication skills and work in their timezone. 100+ companies including those backed by Google Ventures, Andreessen, Founders Fund, Kleiner, and Bloomberg have hired Turing developers. Turing Hire: Turing’s hiring process is designed to ensure a high quality/cost ratio and selects the best remote software engineers across the globe. Our rigorous vetting process tests software engineers in three critical areas: technical skill, English skill, and fit for remote work jobs. Companies can hire Turing’s remote developers of Silicon Valley caliber at affordable rates in just a few days. They can screen and hire vetted engineers across 100+ skills such as react, python, golang, angular, node, swift, java, and many more. Turing’s software ensures that companies can do automatic time tracking & daily stand-ups with their remote developers and manage them easily. Turing Jobs: For more than 150,000 developers across 130 countries, Turing Jobs is the preferred platform for finding remote US software engineering jobs. Turing offers a wide range of long term full-time remote jobs for full-stack development, web, mobile, backend, frontend, dev ops, and AI/ML developers. Turing company is backed by well-known investors like Facebook’s first CTO (Adam D’Angelo), executives from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Founders Fund (investors in Facebook, Tesla, Asana, etc). Turing is led by serial A.I. entrepreneurs Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, whose last A.I. firm leveraged remote talent and had a successful acquisition. Palo Alto $63,135,000
MainStreet Founders: You're owed $50K by the IRS. We'll get it back for you in 20 minutes, no paperwork required. Free to qualify. Claim your savings in 20 minutes: San Jose $62,650,000
EdgeQ EdgeQ is an information technology company that specializes in the fields of 5G chip systems. The company is pioneering converged connectivity and AI that is fully software-customizable and programmable. It was founded in 2018 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Santa Clara $51,000,000
Hypersonix Inc. Hypersonix is designed to help enterprises drive profitable revenue growth by providing a system of actionable intelligence. Hypersonix acts as the enterprise nervous system that connects to various core systems of business, and brings together first-party and third-party data into a unified business and data layer, delivering advanced observability, and predictability, with suggested actions. It was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. San Jose $50,100,000
Zeni Zeni is an AI-powered finance concierge for startups, powering high velocity decision making with real-time insights and a full-service bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and CFO services. The company was founded in 2019 by twin brothers Snehal Shinde and Swapnil Shinde and is based in Palo Alto, California, United States. Palo Alto $47,500,000
Engageli Engageli is a digital learning platform for higher education. We believe that human connection, interaction and inclusion are critical ingredients for transformative learning in any classroom. This is why Engageli is built from scratch on the fundamentals of inclusivity, accessibility and active engagement. Our intuitive interface and its suite of features is entirely web-based, requiring no installation for students. Backed by real-time data insights on student participation and focus, professors have the ability to drive engagement through native quizzes and polls as well as content sharing with low computing power requirements. At the core of its engageming features are Engageli’s built-in table groups and break out sessions, during which instructors have the ability to seamlessly circulate and support students. In-class experience at the click of a button. The company is co-founded by serial entrepreneur Dan Avida, Stanford Professor Emeritus Serge Plotkin, Coursera co-founder and adjunct professor at Stanford Daphne Koller, in addition to former senior executives from 2U and Trilogy. Engageli has raised over $14 million in seed funding. Learn more about shaping the future of online education at San Mateo $47,500,000
acceldata Acceldata has created the world's first Data Observability Cloud, helping data-driven enterprises achieve operational excellence, innovation agility, and higher returns on data investment. Modern enterprises increasingly rely on embedded analytics and AI systems to power their business operations and decisions. Building, operating, and optimizing these systems, however, can be overwhelming. Traditional monitoring tools, while effective for web applications and microservices, don’t provide sufficient insight into distributed data, processing and pipelines. Acceldata's data observability tools use purpose-built analytics and monitoring to optimize embedded AI and analytics workloads. Customers like GE Digital, PhonePe (Walmart), Pubmatic, Pratt & Whitney, DBS Bank, and Oracle depend on Acceldata to decrease data pipeline costs by over 20%, while improving reliability by more than 95%. Finance and business teams love the 15+% increase in return on data investments. Acceldata is now building the industry's first Data Observability Cloud for hybrid data lakes and cloud data warehouses. Acceldata's Data Observability Cloud provides on-demand operational intelligence to support embedded AI and analytics data workloads. With Acceldata, enterprises can easily scale pipelines to meet the needs of modern business, regardless of platform or cloud environment. San Jose $45,560,000
acceldata Acceldata has created the world's first Data Observability Cloud, helping data-driven enterprises achieve operational excellence, innovation agility, and higher returns on data investment. Modern enterprises increasingly rely on embedded analytics and AI systems to power their business operations and decisions. Building, operating, and optimizing these systems, however, can be overwhelming. Traditional monitoring tools, while effective for web applications and microservices, don’t provide sufficient insight into distributed data, processing and pipelines. Acceldata's data observability tools use purpose-built analytics and monitoring to optimize embedded AI and analytics workloads. Customers like GE Digital, PhonePe (Walmart), Pubmatic, Pratt & Whitney, DBS Bank, and Oracle depend on Acceldata to decrease data pipeline costs by over 20%, while improving reliability by more than 95%. Finance and business teams love the 15+% increase in return on data investments. Acceldata is now building the industry's first Data Observability Cloud for hybrid data lakes and cloud data warehouses. Acceldata's Data Observability Cloud provides on-demand operational intelligence to support embedded AI and analytics data workloads. With Acceldata, enterprises can easily scale pipelines to meet the needs of modern business, regardless of platform or cloud environment. Palo Alto $45,560,000
Anjuna Anjuna protects applications and data from insiders by seamlessly encrypting everything end to end with Secure Enclaves. Our approach requires no application or operational changes. Enclaves are a hardware-based CPU security technology supported by all major vendors. Enclaves require re-building applications with low level coding. Ajnuna runs applications in enclaves with no changes. When applications run with Anjuna, sysadmins and hackers with root privileges cannot access application data on the network, in memory or in storage. Secure enclaves are positioned to quickly become the ubiquitous standard for securing enterprise applications and data. But until now, implementing them has been both time-consuming and expensive. The need to rewrite applications with vendor-specific SDKs has put the hardened protection of secure enclaves out of reach of most IT organizations. Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves bring a “lift and shift” approach that harnesses the power of secure enclave technology without requiring changes to applications or operations. Anjuna sees five key requirements that must be met to allow for large-scale deployment of secure enclaves within an enterprise or cloud environment: 1. Adoption should be simple and straightforward 2. Full stack coverage 3. Protection for storage and networks-anywhere and everywhere 4. Enterprise-class deployment capabilities 5. The ability to authenticate and confirm the legitimacy of enclaves Palo Alto $42,120,000
Cyral Cyral delivers visibility, control, and security for the Data Cloud. It has developed a lightweight service to intercept all requests from all apps, tools, and users to any structured or semi-structured data store, without impacting performance or scalability. It helps companies with assurance, segmentation, and governance of their data services in the cloud. Benefits for organizations using Cyral include the Identity Federation and Zero Trust - unified data access management for all data repositories using your existing identity provider. Identify users behind shared service credentials from BI tools and apps. Simplify privileged access approvals and break glass procedures; Data Segmentation - enforce the least privilege and segregation of duties across all your users and data repositories. Protect data spillage from one application tenant to another due to logic and configuration errors. Secure data from exfiltration without requiring any changes to applications; and Data Activity Monitoring - provide a complete, real-time activity trail of all accesses to data, by underlying user or tenant, and track who did what. Speed up audits and forensics, troubleshoot performance issues faster, and simplify compliance checks. Redwood City $41,100,000
SetSail SetSail is a first-of-its-kind Sales Behavior Management platform. By tracking deal progress through customer-to-rep communication data, discovering what’s working in the sales process, and motivating reps to follow best practices through an innovative micro-incentive model, SetSail is driving measurable sales productivity gains of over 15% in under 12 weeks for customers like Dropbox, Lyft, and Pendo. San Mateo $37,000,000
InfinStor Infinstor is a differentiated multi cloud Machine Learning platform focused on reducing the failure rate of ML projects and helping create better ML models at lower cost. InfinStor enables this using our patent-pending storage technologies, InfinSnap and InfinSlice, and our proprietary compute technology, InfinStor Transforms. Our storage innovations manage large semi structured and unstructured datasets in cloud object stores along with the ability to snapshot and version the same. On the compute side we can break down the ML algorithms into transforms and can run in the cheapest compute location - AWS, Azure, Google or on-prem rack of GPU servers which is perfect for training and inferencing on unstructured data such as video, images, audio and text. InfinStor is sold as a cloud SaaS offering and scales seamlessly from small to large enterprises. San Jose $33,333,332
AiDash AiDash is an AI-first vertical SaaS company that enables satellite-powered operations and maintenance for utility, energy, and other core industries with geographically distributed assets. The company uses high-resolution, multispectral imagery, and SAR data from satellite constellations that are fed into its proprietary AI models to make timely predictions for O&M activities. Its full-stack applications enable efficient planning, prioritization, execution, review, and audit of O&M activities using satellite analytics and AI. AiDash was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Santa Clara $33,000,000
AiDash AiDash is an AI-first vertical SaaS company that enables satellite-powered operations and maintenance for utility, energy, and other core industries with geographically distributed assets. The company uses high-resolution, multispectral imagery, and SAR data from satellite constellations that are fed into its proprietary AI models to make timely predictions for O&M activities. Its full-stack applications enable efficient planning, prioritization, execution, review, and audit of O&M activities using satellite analytics and AI. AiDash was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. San Jose $33,000,000
Because Intelligence About Because: 'About Us' Banners The Problem 88% of consumers today want to buy from brands that can help them make a difference. Stop hiding your awesome mission on the back of your site somewhere. What is Because? Because helps you add 'About Us' banners to your product pages to share your mission with customers right on their path to purchase. No distracting detours. Your Opportunity Make more money with socially conscious consumers. Because users have seen an increase in the number of site visitors adding to cart as high as 37% and a conversion lift as high as 243%. We'd love to meet new customers, talent, and investors. Reach out to us at 💜 We're making history as the first ever female-founded, female-funded, female-branded, and female-built B2B AI tech startup. 💃👸👊🏻 But don’t worry, we gladly welcome the guys, too. 😋 Redwood City $30,650,000
Confluera Confluera is a cybersecurity startup helping organizations find sophisticated security attacks going on inside of corporate infrastructures. The startup delivers autonomous infrastructure-wide cyber kill chain tracking and response by leveraging the ‘Continuous Attack Graph’ to deterministically stop and remediate cyber threats in real-time. They built to deterministically detect and stop attackers from navigating infrastructure. Confluera technology combines machine comprehended threat detection with accurately tracked activity trails to stop cyberattacks in real-time, allowing companies to radically simplify security operations. It frees up human security personnel to focus on more important work, instead of spending hours trying to join the dots between the thousands of alerts they receive daily many of which are false positives. Palo Alto $29,000,000
EquityBee EquityBee helps startup employees get the money they need to exercise their stock options before they expire. Their platform links employees with investors to provide option-holders the funding they need to exercise their options and unlock the value of their equity. It was founded in 2018 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto $28,300,000
StarTree StarTree is a startup building a platform-as-service version of the Apache Pinot analytics platform. Mountain View $28,000,000
Underdog Pharmaceuticals Underdog Pharmaceuticals is pursuing a mission to treat the underlying causes of age-related disease. The company develops simple and direct interventions targeting toxic forms of cholesterol, using rationally designed molecules, to provide the first true disease-modifying treatments for age-related diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia, heart failure, and macular degeneration. Its products are based on novel derivatives of a well-known, safe compound, and a new way of looking at cardiovascular disease created through a SENS Research Foundation program. Mountain View $27,519,168
Spectro Cloud Spectro Cloud is an infrastructure company that provides scalable and policy-based cluster management of Kubernetes for enterprises. It uses these cluster profiles to automate deployment and maintenance of clusters across the enterprise. The company automatically monitors clusters for compliance, even through version upgrades. Spectro Cloud defines whole Kubernetes infrastructure stacks with declarative models of everything from operating systems to networking frameworks, Kubernetes versions to storage subsystems. The company’s SaaS-based system automates the maintenance and upgrade of clusters, giving operations teams control when they need it and automation for everything else. Spectro Cloud was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, United States. Santa Clara $27,500,000
Ermetic Ermetic enables enterprises to protect cloud infrastructures (IaaS/PaaS) from access-related risks and misconfigurations by maintaining continuous visibility into identities, their entitlements and data usage. By combining analytics with granular, full stack insight, Ermetic makes it possible to enforce least privilege access at scale even in the most complex cloud environments. The company is led by proven technology entrepreneurs whose previous companies have been acquired by Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks and others. Ermetic has received funding from Glilot Capital Partners and Norwest Venture Partners. Palo Alto $27,250,000
theklicker Theklicker is an online tool that connects people to e-commerce in one place. It works to connect people to e-commerce all over the world. On this site, customers can search for products, find out their price from a different website, compares prices of the product, see the latest news and information about the product, and customers can give ratings, reviews, and vote the product directly. It was founded in 2019 and is based in Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto $26,850,000
Valtix Valtix makes network security for public cloud applications shockingly simple. Designed with a cloud-native approach, Valtix automatically discovers apps and enables admins to specify deep inspection policies within minutes. This DevOps-friendly approach empowers security teams to deploy an auto-scaling security service without incurring the costs and complexity of multiple WAF and NGFW vendor appliances. Santa Clara $26,500,000
Gather Make virtual spaces to bring people together and connect authentically. Gather combines video calling with fun features in a custom 2-D world, making it more spontaneous and enjoyable to get together for work, life, or play. San Bruno $26,000,000 is a cloud Infrastructure that provides fast and secure experiences for all enterprise applications. Santa Clara $25,000,000
Skyflow All of us as consumers trust our data with companies to buy medicines, to fly on airplanes, to get loyalty points, to get our salaries and many more. Skyflow is building a secure data privacy platform fronted by an API so all this data is secure and used as promised. Skyflow’s data privacy vault makes it easy to securely manage, store, and use any kind of personally identifiable information. Compliance with PCI, PHI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA and other regulations is built in. Make data privacy a core part of your work, not a bolt-on. Palo Alto $25,000,000
Brightline Brightline is a technology-enabled behavioral health home for children and their families. Brightline delivers integrated care through innovative technology, virtual behavioral health services, and a collaborative care team focused on supporting children across developmental stages and their families. Palo Alto $25,000,000
Ahana Ahana was founded as the first company focused on bringing PrestoDB-based ad hoc analytics offerings to market and working to foster growth and evangelize the Presto community. While Presto is in large-scale production deployment at large internet companies like Facebook, Uber, and Twitter, Ahana’s mission is to simplify ad hoc analytics for organizations of all shapes and sizes. We are an “All Remote” company, from the start. San Mateo $24,800,000
Stairwell We're a cybersecurity company on a mission to empower any team to defend against any attacker. Palo Alto $24,520,000
env0 env0 is a collaborative remote-run workflows management for cloud deployments. Automated provisioning of Terraform workflows and Infrastructure as Code. Sunnyvale $23,800,000
Robust.AI Creating a New Foundation for the Future of Robotics Palo Alto $22,500,000
Latent AI Latent AI accelerates AI implementation and workflows for the enterprise cost-effectively anywhere on the edge continuum with Adaptive AI. Menlo Park $22,500,000
Auditoria.AI Auditoria is a provider of AI-driven automation solutions for Finance teams, based in Santa Clara, California, and backed by Neotribe Ventures, Engineering Capital and Firebolt Ventures. Its flagship offering, Auditoria SmartFlow Skills, leverages natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning to remove friction and repetition, automate finance back office business processes, and deliver cutting-edge real-time predictive analytics to enterprise Finance and Accounting teams. Santa Clara $21,500,000
Edge Impulse Edge Impulse is the platform for developing intelligent devices using embedded machine learning (TinyML). San Jose $20,400,000
Via We started with helping businesses get found, get chosen and get engagement online through our suite of software tools. Then, we expanded into a conversational commerce platform that helps businesses build relationships with customers on the devices and networks they use most often. San Jose $19,810,000
Opsera At Opsera, we share a vision for the future of software delivery. Our vision is to empower software and DevOps engineers to deliver software faster, safer and smarter by providing them with a continuous orchestration platform that enables choice of any CI/CD tools and no-code automation across the entire DevOps life cycle. Opsera’s continuous orchestration platform provides self-service toolchain automation, drag-and-drop declarative pipelines, and unified insights. With Opsera, development teams can increase software velocity while using the tools they want, operations teams gain improved efficiency while reducing risk and complexity, and business leaders have unparalleled visibility. Opsera believes that DevOps has transformed from an aspiration to a practical science, and its platform is purpose-built to help organizations accelerate DevOps adoption and reach peak innovation velocity. Palo Alto $19,300,000
Lucidum Lucidum is the asset discovery company that eliminates blind spots across cloud, security and IT operations. Fortune 500 companies rely on the Lucidum platform and its patent-pending machine learning to discover, triangulate and identify all assets – even previously unknown unknowns – delivering visibility essential to truly secure, manage, and transform your enterprise. Backed by GGV Capital and Silicon Valley CISO Investors (SVCI), Lucidum is based in San Jose, California. San Jose $19,000,000
The @ Company We believe that everyone should own their own data, control who has access to it, and to be able to update it in real-time across any platform and new privacy regulations demand this. We make it very easy for developers to build privacy complaint apps on our open source platform. San Jose $19,000,000
HALO Diagnostics (HALO Dx) HALO Diagnostics is a rapid growth technology company that creates life-changing patient insights and outcomes in radiology. The company also offers unparalleled outcomes and a patient-first experience. They leveraging leading-edge artificial intelligence, mobile, and SaaS technology as well as the latest in genomics-based companion diagnostics and research. HALO Diagnostics bringing together top radiologists, medical professionals, technology experts, and executives from Google, McKinsey, and VMware to become the industry leader in medical imaging diagnostics and set a new standard of care. The company's mission is to improve human health and wellbeing via local and easy access to advanced diagnostics. Menlo Park $19,000,000
theator Theator is a surgical intelligence platform that combines artificial intelligence and computer vision to improve surgeon performance. Introducing Surgical Intelligence, the platform powered by Visual AI that puts defining intraoperative moments in the hands of surgeons so they can continuously perfect their craft. As experts in both surgery and computer-vision technology, Theator is partnering with visionary surgeons and hospitals to help create a more transparent OR, while empowering surgeons to raise their expertise to the highest possible level. Pioneering the Surgical Intelligence revolution, Theator is paving the path for real-time surgery decision-support in the future, while helping to create a stronger healthier world today. Palo Alto $18,500,000
BluBracket BluBracket is an app code scan platform that checks for security and integrity issues. BluBracket secures today’s most valuable and vulnerable enterprise asset—code. Founded by security veterans and backed by leaders in venture capital, BluBracket is the first comprehensive enterprise security solution for code in a software-driven world. Companies using BluBracket will be able to discover and secure their code environments while maintaining the innovation and speed they need to compete. BluBracket delivers security at the speed of code. Palo Alto $18,500,000
Element5 Element5 provides automation-as-a-service solutions to Homecare and Hospice providers. The technology is built on the foundation of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) and delivers end-to-end automations for key workflows. San Jose $17,500,000
SuperAnnotate SuperAnnotate provides a complete set of solutions for image and video annotation, an annotation service with integrated tooling, on-demand narrow expertise in various fields, and custom neural network, automation, and training models powered by AI. Sunnyvale $17,500,000
Truera Inc Truera provides a Model Intelligence platform for enterprises to analyze machine learning, improve model quality, and build trust. Powered by enterprise-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) Explainability technology based on six years of research at Carnegie Mellon University, the platform helps eliminate the black box surrounding widely used AI and ML technologies. The platform is already deployed at and delivering value to a number of early Fortune 100 customers in banking and insurance. Redwood City $17,284,998
Z League Z League is a skill-based Call of Duty Warzone tournament platform. It uses a proprietary ranking algorithm that collects all of the player's warzone stats to sort teams into divisions. Z League Inc was founded in 2020 by Lucas Pellan and Robbie Schneidman. San Mateo $17,233,136
Osmind Osmind builds software for clinics that care for treatment-resistant mental health patients. Our software and insights improve clinical care and streamline provider workflows, while accelerating the development of novel therapeutics, precision diagnostics, and care management programs. Osmind's mission is to maximize patient access to innovative mental health treatments that can help where other therapies fail. The company was founded in 2020 and operates in Mountain View, California. Mountain View $17,175,000
kea Launched in 2018, kea is one of the fastest-growing companies changing the way restaurants operate. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, we are building a team that is excited about our mission: drive the world’s commerce by empowering restaurants to operate more intelligently and own their relationship with customers. We created partnerships with Domino’s Pizza, Five Guys, Primanti Brothers, and we keep on expanding! The first product in our platform, kea Voice, takes orders over the phone at a high level of efficiency and consistency so that restaurants can focus on making delicious food. Core values: One unit, high velocity - be compassionate and care for others - be open and transparent - play to win the long game. Mountain View $17,000,000
Twingate Twingate is a solution for securing remote access to an organization’s private applications, data, and environments, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud. Built to make life easier for DevOps, IT, and infrastructure teams, as well as end users, it replaces outdated and insecure business VPNs which were not built to handle a world in which ''work from anywhere'' and cloud-based assets are now the norm. Twingate’s modern zero trust-based approach to securing remote access focuses on improving security, while not compromising on usability and maintainability. Redwood City $17,000,000
Amply Power AMPLY Power's Charging-as-a-Service model de-risks and accelerates the adoption of electric buses, trucks, and cars. Mountain View $16,400,000 Inc, Inc. provides software security solutions. The Company offers APT detection, fraud detection, artificial intelligence and machine learning, knowledge graph, and threat intelligence solutions. serves customers in the State of California. San Jose $16,300,000
Fable Fable delivers a social experience with stories in the service of mental wellness. The company was founded in 2019 by Padmasree Warrior in Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto $16,047,571
KlearNow KlearNow is the first customs clearance and document management platform built for today’s importers, brokers and transporters. By combining AI technology with a cloud-based platform our partners can now do more business, at a lower cost with full transparency from any smart device 24 hours a day. Santa Clara $16,000,000
Lacuna Technologies Lacuna Technologies helps transportation agencies better manage the public right-of-way. Palo Alto $16,000,000
Sibros Sibros is developing a connected vehicle platform. It enables a 360-degree view of vehicle data and improved vehicle life cycle management by providing a secure cloud and on-vehicle system capable of end-to-end OTA software updates and data recording, fleet management, AI-powered analytics, and work order management. The company connects and manages the end-to-end vehicle software and data lifecycle, from R&D to end-of-life, helping OEMs deliver never-before-available connected vehicle services at scale. Sibros platform helps automakers control easily preventable costs, such as recalls, by offering an all-in-one user interface that connects and manages all of those ECUs, as well as collects data from them for advanced analytics, for example, to predict failures. The company's comprehensive suite gives vehicle manufacturers and fleet owners direct insight into vehicle health, empowering them with the right tools to make informed decisions. San Jose $15,500,050
Around Around provides an AI-based camera framing designed for high-impact video calls. It helps users take video meetings less intrusive and less clunky. Around gives users a clear view of their teammates while making space for work. Redwood City $15,200,000
Pactum increases the value of vendor or employee contracts by negotiating win- win agreements on a massive scale. The AI system uses best practice strategies and tactics to negotiate agreements in a chat like interface. Pactum can hold an unlimited number of parallel sessions to renegotiate all vendor contracts in a matter of minutes, freeing up resources for more complex negotiations and contributing directly to the bottom line. The company is based in Mountain View with engineering and operations in Estonia. Pactum is backed by founders of Skype and TransferWise and built by luminaries from Skype, Starship Technologies and the Government of Estonia’s e-Residency program. Mountain View $15,150,000
Level AI Level AI is redefining how the modern customer contact center works. Leveraging conversational intelligence to provide real-time insights, empowers agents to provide the kind of help customers want at the moment they need it with the utmost efficiency. Level AI is backed by leading investors including Battery Ventures, ENIAC, and Village Global. The company is based in Mountain View, California. Mountain View $15,000,000
Infiot Infiot is an information technology company that provides a cloud-delivered architecture for the internet of things industry. Its helps companies and businesses in security, optimization, and extension for IOT. The company was founded in 2018 and headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Menlo Park $15,000,000
Run The World Run The World is a digital platform that enables people to collaborate with and learn from others. Run The World will help people build their event through simple plug and play templates, enabling them to create an engaging online event for their attendees. Run the World enables professional organizations to organize more frequent meetings and engage more members, with little financial cost and time needed. They offer exciting formats and proprietary technology that enable your attendees to interact with speakers and socialize with each other in a fun and engaging way. Mountain View $14,800,000
Revelation Biosciences Revelation Biosciences develops immunologic therapeutics and diagnostics designed to make the world a healthier place. Menlo Park $14,501,290
Anvilogic Anvilogic is an automated threat detection platform that provides CISOs and SOC teams much-needed automation in their detection use case development process, and not only presents a force-multiplier capability to their operations but also delivers a higher efficacy detection capability in order to find complex and fast-breaking threats faster. Plus, the platform extends the automation to the hunting and triage workflow with an integrated, visual and enriched experience that makes threat resolution easy and accurate, thus resulting in higher rates of last-mile response automation. Security Operations Center’s (SOC) tools are out of date, cause more noise, create silos and have major gaps in the SOC lifecycle, making it impossible to detect and strengthen overall security posture. The Anvilogic detection automation platform solves this by delivering AI-driven insights and recommendations across the SOC lifecycle to measure, develop and improve threat detection coverage that can force-multiply security operations and stop the SOC Chaos. Palo Alto $14,400,000 uses cognitive technologies to map, model, and manage business processes by creating digital twins of human/digital interactions. replaces human interviews and observation, which are not accurate, by cognitive tooling that learns based on observation of human/digital work. Skan does this at scale and learns / reconstructs business processes grounds up. This approach is significantly faster, more accurate, and has much greater depth and coverage. San Jose $14,000,000
Hwy Haul Hwy Haul is a Silicon Valley based technology startup founded by a high caliber ex-Walmart leadership team with a vision of Connecting Enterprises to Truckers - Seamlessly ! They have built a next generation digital freight platform that connects Shippers directly with Carriers, by eliminating intermediary friction and introducing end-to-end digital applications. Santa Clara $13,000,000
Launchable Inc Launchable is an intelligence platform layer for all software testing that shortens wait times for testing, speeds up and optimizes CI pipeline efficiency, leading to shipping higher-quality software faster. Through machine learning in Lauchable’s SaaS, developers and Dev teams can test what matters and find bugs faster, reduce risk, increase commit frequency, and decrease time-to-production, all leading to Continuous Quality. Test what matters at San Jose $12,700,000
BoostUp's Connected Revenue Intelligence & Operations platform is designed to help sales teams achieve forecasting accuracy, efficiency, predictability, and growth across the entire sales process. accelerates revenue performance with a single connected experience across revenue operations and digital revenue intelligence creating complete transparency, automating processes, and identifying risk and opportunity in the pipeline while improving forecasting rigor and accuracy. This drives team efficiency, leads to a high-performing sales team, and boosts sales execution and revenue. Leading companies including Branch, Iterable, ContentSquare, Windstream, Degreed and Udemy trust to drive predictable revenue and growth. Connect with us: - - - Santa Clara $12,250,000
Prodigal Prodigal provides software for lenders to improve how lenders work with borrowers. The company wants to give borrowers the same quality of servicing & support that they received at the time of loan origination. This can be achieved by giving borrowers multiple channels to interact with their lender while providing them options to help them through their life situations. Mountain View $12,120,000
Superb AI Inc. Superb AI is a Machine Learning data platform that creates, manipulates, and manages data without building custom tools. It uses proprietary deep learning AI that assists humans to achieve faster labeling of images and videos by splitting training data into smaller components. Superb AI was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California. San Mateo $11,600,000
Tortoise Tortoise was founded by David Graham and Dmitry Shevelenko. Companies like Lyft, Microsoft and Samsung have brought David in when developing novel technologies and concepts. Meanwhile, Dmitry oversaw the new modality partnership strategy at Uber and led Uber’s first deals with JUMP, Getaround and the public transit ticketing system Masabi. Together, the two have identified some of the biggest pain points in logistics & shared micromobility and are setting out to tackle them together. Mountain View $11,086,577
Viaduct Viaduct is a cloud platform derives actionable insights from connected vehicle data to power applications.such as predictive maintenance, driver identification, and driver safety scores. Deployed in the vehicle, Viaduct’s machine learning solutions intelligently compress and enhance vehicle data to allow the richest data to be transmitted to the cloud in the fewest bytes. Menlo Park $11,000,000
Atriomx Atriomx develops a solution that delivers deep electrophysiology insights via non-invasive clinical hardware. Atriomx is leveraging advanced data science to transform the way cardiac arrhythmias are understood and improve the way patients are treated - before they undergo costly and invasive treatments. Atriomx’s proprietary algorithms provide unparalleled insight into a patient’s disease state, giving doctors and patients the information they need in order to decide with confidence which treatment is right for each individual patient. Menlo Park $11,000,000
Overflow Overflow is an online donation platform that helps charities accept online donations of publicly-traded stock. Overflow automates the transfer of publicly-traded stocks from donors to nonprofit organizations. San Jose $10,000,000
Pinecone Pinecone provides a similarity search as a service. It lets developers search through billions of items for similar matches to any object, in milliseconds. It’s the next generation of search, an API call away. San Mateo $10,000,000
Ono Food Co. Ono Food Co. is building a full-stack food automation platform that’s reimagined the restaurant experience with software and robotics. San Jose $10,000,000
Verta Verta builds software infrastructure to help enterprise data science and machine learning (ML) teams develop and deploy ML models. Verta enables anyone to streamline your data science and ML workflows, and deploy models into production faster while ensuring real-time model health. Palo Alto $10,000,000
Digbi Health Digbi Health is a DNA based Digital Therapeutics Telehealth Care for Obesity and related autoimmune and cardiometabolic comorbidities. We are focused on empowering 100 million Americans who struggle under the misguidance of ineffective one-size-fits-all weight loss programs, fad diets, and stigma of “poor self-control” while fighting obesity and associated inflammatory medical conditions to take greater control of their health destiny. We distill complex genetic and gut microbiome-based data into personalized food and lifestyle recommendations delivered by specialized Care Team Counselors into (Dig)estible (bi)tes. Mountain View $9,300,000
Dasera Dasera helps build trust between consumers & companies by enabling safe internal use of sensitive consumer data in the cloud. Our unique solution can find, flag and rewrite unsafe queries in data warehouses. Dasera is a must-have for companies that give engineers, analysts and contractors broad access to data but lack granular visibility into how the data is used. Sunnyvale $9,000,000
Acryl Data Acryl Data is to empower data teams with extreme productivity, using trusted, compliant data through a next generation metadata platform. Mountain View $9,000,000
TheLoops TheLoops is the first intelligent support operations platform to bring product context to support, optimizing the support experience. It contextualizes data from a variety of sources and provides insights to reps within the tools they are using. Its collaborative capability keeps learning from resolutions across organizations providing managers with real-time visibility into the state of their support operations. TheLoops transforms support organizations from a cost center to a growth driver. San Jose $8,750,000
VComply VComply is a leading Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) SaaS solution trusted by 3400+ users in over 100 countries for their GRC Management. VComply builds a robust internal control framework and establishes a culture of good governance within an organization. The platform can also be used for carrying out internal audits, managing contracts, licenses, accreditations and policies. Additionally, the platform also provides capabilities for digitally managing and storing documents in a secure and encrypted environment on the cloud. Sign up FREE today and experience the magic! | Governance, Risk and Compliance cloud solutions Palo Alto $8,500,000
Celera Incorporated Simply put we are developing and deploying an automated AI software-based platform that delivers custom integrated circuit designs 100X faster than legacy teams and flows. Our focus is on analog/mixed-signal applications which have been historically resistant to automation. We have achieved the 'impossible'. San Jose $8,000,000
StepZen StepZen is a team of API and database nerds dedicated to making it a whole lot easier for app developers to build awesome user experiences. StepZen is on a mission to do for the world of APIs what Google Maps did for directions - reshape it from its current procedural world to a declarative world. StepZen makes it possible to build user experiences powered by data from multiple and diverse backend data sources without running any infrastructure. Avoid writing and maintaining complex procedural logic to orchestrate the data you need to power user experiences. Instead, easily build a GraphQL API that enables you to get the data you need with a single query. Whether from databases, APIs, CMSs, or even mock services, StepZen connects and assembles the right data from the right backends. San Jose $8,000,000
Campfire Campfire is a new startup focused on 3D collaboration for design and engineering workflows. Led by pioneers of today’s most well-known augmented reality platforms, Campfire provides a new generation of devices and applications that enable globally distributed teams to work with 3D models as if sharing a central holographic projector. San Mateo $8,000,000
Pixxel Pixxel is a space technology startup that builds a constellation of advanced earth imaging small satellites. They started as students from BITS Pilani – an Indian university situated in the quaint little town of Pilani in Rajasthan with the vision and goal of operating and contributing to the cutting-edge of space technology. Palo Alto $7,981,000
Inorganic Intelligence Inorganic Intelligence is a Neuromorphic Photonic AI Computing solution that serves as deep learning and machine learning applications. The company was founded in 2020 by David Lazovsky, Michelle Tomasko, and Preet Virk and is based in San Jose, California, United States. San Jose $7,874,997
Findem Findem is a People Intelligence platform that helps companies build more engaged, diverse teams and close talent gaps faster. We're transforming how companies make their people decisions. Backed by AI and all the world’s people data, our People Intelligence platform empowers HR and talent leaders with the data-driven insights they need to architect and develop a best-of-class workforce. With Findem’s platform, companies can uncover the talent attributes that matter most to their business goals, benchmark their talent internally and externally, identify skills and diversity gaps, and fill those gaps through automatic introductions to exceptional, interested candidates-all without bias. Redwood City $7,300,000
Bold Bold is an at-home digital fitness program designed to help older adults live their strongest, happiest, and healthiest lives. As a member, you’ll enjoy instant access to expert trainers, scientific assessments, and personalized workout plans to help you improve your strength, flexibility, and balance — so you can chase the life you want, at any age. San Mateo $7,000,000
Atlas AI Atlas AI's mission is to monitor the drivers of economic development across the emerging markets so that financial capital can advance societal well-being. We bring together world class machine learning talent and deep emerging market domain experience to develop software that allows customers to more effectively allocate plan and monitor high stakes investments and development programs, including infrastructure development initiatives and market expansion programs. Our proprietary models generate reliable socioeconomic estimates including land under cultivation, staple crop productivity, household asset wealth and consumption, and access to reliable power and transportation infrastructure. The company is currently constructing most of these measures for the entirety of Sub-Saharan Africa, but the models we develop are designed to scale globally. Palo Alto $7,000,000
Roviero AI processor inspired by the brain's ability to process only relevant data San Jose $6,600,000
Fylamynt Build, Runa and Analyze cloud automation workflows securely for any cloud with little to no code. Mountain View $6,500,000
Inspirit Building the next generation of STEM education experiences Palo Alto $6,270,923
Sperax Sperax builds trusted infrastructure for decentralized finance. At infrastructure level, Sperax BDLS consensus protocol ensures the highest-level security and performance. On top of it, the Sperax Foundation embedded a financial layer with a native multi-currency stablecoin — — sCOIN — — the first in the public blockchain ecosystem, to bridge Internet users and crypto-native applications. Sperax is supported by Outlier Ventures and FBG Capital. Founded at Menlo Park in Silicon Valley, California in 2019, Sperax team now spreads across the U.S., Singapore, Greece, and China. Menlo Park $6,120,000

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