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Anjuna protects applications and data from insiders by seamlessly encrypting everything end to end with Secure Enclaves. Our approach requires no application or operational changes. Enclaves are a hardware-based CPU security technology supported by all major vendors. Enclaves require re-building applications with low level coding. Ajnuna runs applications in enclaves with no changes. When applications run with Anjuna, sysadmins and hackers with root privileges cannot access application data on the network, in memory or in storage. Secure enclaves are positioned to quickly become the ubiquitous standard for securing enterprise applications and data. But until now, implementing them has been both time-consuming and expensive. The need to rewrite applications with vendor-specific SDKs has put the hardened protection of secure enclaves out of reach of most IT organizations. Anjuna Enterprise Enclaves bring a “lift and shift” approach that harnesses the power of secure enclave technology without requiring changes to applications or operations. Anjuna sees five key requirements that must be met to allow for large-scale deployment of secure enclaves within an enterprise or cloud environment: 1. Adoption should be simple and straightforward 2. Full stack coverage 3. Protection for storage and networks-anywhere and everywhere 4. Enterprise-class deployment capabilities 5. The ability to authenticate and confirm the legitimacy of enclaves

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Between 20 - 50 employees



Headquarters Location

380 Portage Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306-2244






Yan Michalevsky, Ayal Yogev


Ayal Yogev

Funding Rounds


June 2021


June 2020


January 2018


January 2018

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