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UCLA DevX logo
We are a design, technology, and entrepreneurship organization at UCLA focused on solving pressing problems on our campus. We aim to turn the the theory we learn in the classroom into real software products that benefit the UCLA Bruin community. We work in
Los AngelesCA50 - 1002022
Soda Health logo
Soda Health is a healthcare technology company focused on building solutions that eliminate health inequities and create a healthier America.
RemoteOR20 - 502021$31,000,000
Valkyrie logo
Valkyrie is a Bitcoin Investment Management Group that makes investing in alternative assets accessible. Headquartered in Dallas with satellite offices in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, Valkyrie assists clients on and between coasts. We aim to create a
BrentwoodTN20 - 1002020$34,400,000
Spline logo
� Create 3D web experiences without coding. Build and iterate fast with production-ready results.
20 - 502020$15,000,000
StepZen logo
StepZen is a team of API and database nerds dedicated to making it a whole lot easier for app developers to build awesome user experiences. StepZen is on a mission to do for the world of APIs what Google Maps did for directions - reshape it from its curren
San JoseCA10 - 502020$8,000,000
Mate Fertility logo
think fertility treatment is complicated? (so did we!) we’re a group of fertility doctors making the path to parenthood less complicated, less expensive, and a lot more accessible. and we’re doing it with an always-available network of fertility centers ru
Los AngelesCA10 - 502020$8,000,000
Foreword logo
Foreword is a marketplace for live, online workshops for busy startups in high-leverage areas like manager training, DEI, and compliance. The company was founded in 2020 and based in San Francisco, California.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102020
Zeitworks logo
Zeitworks develops a SaaS platform that leverages machine learning to discover, analyze, and improve customers’ business processes without interrupting users or requiring system integrations. All experienced the pain of traditional process improvement proj
SeattleWA5 - 202020$6,500,000
Tomo logo
Tomo is a fintech startup that will improve the homebuying experience, initially as a digital mortgage and transaction company.
StamfordCT100 - 5002020$110,000,000
Persefoni logo
We are building an AI Platform that helps organizations measure and reduce their carbon footprint. Our solutions help turn consumption and emissions data into action, enabling real and significant progress toward a lower organizational footprint. We are b
TempeAZ200 - 5002020$164,200,000
DallasTX1,000 - 2,0002020
Syntellis Performance Solutions logo
Syntellis Performance Solutions, previously Kaufman Hall Software, provides innovative enterprise performance management software, data and analytics solutions for healthcare, higher education and financial institutions. Syntellis’ solutions include Axiom
ChicagoIL200 - 5002020
Sifchain logo
Sifchain is the world's first omni-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) for digital assets, unlocking liquidity in various chains to free people from egregious fees and inefficient trades. To bring this intention to reality, we envision extensive cross-comp
San FranciscoCA10 - 502020$3,500,000
Fluid Truck Share logo
Fluid Market Inc. designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers community sharing application that allows neighbors and peers to rent the things they don't use every day. Fluid Market serves customers in the United States.
DenverCO50 - 1002020$64,700,000
CareerPoint logo
Career Point Ltd. is a food production company based out of India.
HolyokeMA20 - 502020$2,000,000
Cerebral logo
Cerebral is a mental health telemedicine company that provides clients with long-term, comprehensive access to medication management, therapy, and counseling for anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, and more. It offers affordable, convenient, and evidence
San FranciscoCA1,000 - 5,0002020$462,000,000
Kronologic logo
Kronologic Turns Time into Value by eliminating the Last Mile Problem. Revenue teams of all kinds are hindered by their Last Mile Problem: - Sales - is spending too much time chasing the meeting itself - Marketing - is only sending lead lists and follo
AustinTX50 - 2002019$17,500,000
SkyGrid logo
SkyGrid Inc. provides web-scale infrastructure platform. The Company designs social messaging solutions that connects people with musicians, artists, brands, and public figures. SkyGrid serves customers throughout the United States.
AustinTX20 - 502019
Zaraz logo
Sweeps makes any website 40% faster with a single line of code, by optimizing how it loads third-party tools. This results in x2 conversion rates and better SEO rankings. Sweeps' third-party manager enhances web performance metrics across all industries: e
San FranciscoCA5 - 102019$2,000,000
GreenTiger logo
GreenTiger connects investors in emerging and developed markets. The company is founded in 2019 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.
SunnyvaleCA2 - 102019$150,000
Open Raven logo
Open Raven is a developer of data security tools. Open Raven is the modern data security platform that brings visibility and control to an organization’s data protection program.
Los AngelesCA20 - 1002019$39,100,000
Modzy logo
Deploy and scale production machine learning in minutes with Modzy MLOps platform for enterprise and edge. Modzy was built to solve the toughest problems with using AI and machine learning at scale, supported by a growing community of data scientists, deve
ViennaVA20 - 502019$5,001,000
Supermove logo
Supermove powers your entire moving company to make your life easy and software can be customized to be exactly what you need.
San FranciscoCA50 - 1002019$18,000,000
Infinitus Systems logo
Infinitus is a startup company that develops voice robotic process automation tools for the health care industry. The artificial intelligence-enabled platform is designed to automate communication. It handles tedious, time-consuming phone calls with accura
San FranciscoCA100 - 2002019$51,400,000
Roboflow logo
Roboflow's developer tools enable teams to build computer vision models faster and more accurately.We replace ad-hoc code with production infrastructure, enable versioned datasets to be used in any framework, eliminate common errors that reduce model perfo
Des MoinesIA20 - 502019$22,240,000
Paperwork logo
Paperwork is a mobile-first financial readiness and organizational platform focused on maximizing financial health and preparedness for all life stages. With step-by-step guidance on the crucial documents you need to protect your family and be prepared for
OaklandCA10 - 502019$2,500,000
Refinery logo is an all-in-one web-based software platform for software developers, designed to 10x the speed that developers can create, test, and deploy software on the cloud. Software is deployed to AWS Lambda and features seamless integrations with other
SeattleWA1 - 102019$1,650,000
Aglet logo
Aglet is a digital platform that connects sneakerheads, creators, and brands through virtual sneakers. Aglet is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.
5 - 102019$4,500,000
REEF logo
We are entering an era of new challenges as organizations, communities, employees, consumers, and people. With new threats rapidly emerging, yesterday's thinking and outdated approaches will no longer suffice. At REEF, our ability to adapt is unmatched. O
MiamiFL10,000 - 50,0002019$1,501,900,032 logo
Neo.Tax is building the easiest and most accurate tax filing and automation software. Their first product simplifies the complex process of applying for the R&D tax credit, putting up to $250,000 back into each company's pocket that is working on qualifyin
Mountain ViewCA20 - 502019$13,000,000 logo enables companies of all sizes to train state-of-the-art AI models on hundreds of cloud GPUs and TPUs from their laptops. From the creator of the popular framework PyTorch Lightning, Grid is a platform for training models that enables rapid researc
New YorkNY20 - 1002019$58,600,000
Clair logo
Clair is a New York-based fintech startup that provides Instant Pay Access as a service for human capital management platforms and the gig economy. With Clair, employees, and contractors get access to a digital bank account that allows them to get a portio
New YorkNY50 - 1002019$194,550,000
Kalshi logo
Designated Contract Market in United States of America
New YorkNY100 - 5002019$30,150,000
Release logo
Release simplifies development by making the creation of environments easy. Release Environments streamline the development process, with Environments as a Service: fast, shareable, scalable, managed, and easy to reproduce at every step. With Release Envi
San FranciscoCA10 - 502019$22,850,000
Kubecost logo
Kubecost is a developer of a cost monitoring platform to help companies manage their Kubernetes resources and costs. Its platform also provides direct integrations with the Kubernetes API and cloud billing APIs, cost allocations for all key Kubernetes conc
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002019$30,500,000
BuildStream logo
BuildStream helps busy construction projects hire, manage and pay their workforce. We focus on placing teams of workers into projects, which increases site productivity, team cohesion and quality of work.
New YorkNY10 - 502019$2,115,776
Privafy logo
Privafy redefines data-in-motion security and delivers protection in an easy-to-use cloud-native service. Its technology integrates the functionality of traditional point solutions such as encryption, firewall, and DLP technology to provide data protection
BurlingtonMA10 - 1002019$22,000,000
Celona logo
Celona accelerates the adoption LTE and 5G wireless in the enterprise by taking advantage of the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum in the United States. Its solution architecture is designed to automate deployment of cellular wireless by ent
CupertinoCA100 - 2002019$100,000,000
Coco Robotics logo
Coco Robotics is an organization currently based in Santa Monica, California, United States. It has been founded in 2019.
Santa MonicaCA200 - 5002019$41,500,000
Pinecone logo
Pinecone provides a similarity search as a service. It lets developers search through billions of items for similar matches to any object, in milliseconds. It’s the next generation of search, an API call away.
New YorkNY100 - 2002019$138,000,000
Synthesis AI logo
Synthesis AI is a data generation platform for computer vision. Synthesis AI is pioneering synthetic data technology to build more capable AI. The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.
San FranciscoCA20 - 502019$21,668,888
Pathstream logo
Pathstream partners with software companies to build branded digital skills career programs delivered through community college and university partnerships.
San FranciscoCA50 - 1002018$51,771,352
Securiti logo
Securiti is the leader in AI Powered Data Privacy and Data Security. It is: - Forrester Wave Leader - Winner of \'Most Innovative Startup\' at RSA - Winner of IAPP's \'Most Innovative Company\' Award - Forbes Top 25 Global Machine Learning Companies Aw
San JoseCA500 - 1,0002018$156,000,000
Panther Labs logo
Panther is a serverless, security analytics platform built for cloud-focused security teams. We are a security and engineering-first company led by Airbnb and AWS alumni. Our roots come from building tools at some of the largest companies in the world to s
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002018$140,500,000
NHN Global logo
NHN Global is a technology company that focuses on cultivating valuable platforms and experiences with solutions, services, and tools that connect people and ideas to progress industries forward. Founded in 2018, NHN Global owns and manages different platf
Los AngelesCA100 - 5002018
Streamlit logo
Streamlit is an open-source app framework for creating and deploying data science applications. Streamlit helps data scientists and machine learning engineers to develop performant applications in a few hours, thereby enabling businesses to create custom a
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002018$62,000,000
Level logo
Level is a technology company that makes financial products for employers. With Level, everyone benefits: employers offer bigger benefits for less, members get more freedom and choice, and providers are paid instantly. Level makes paying with benefits as s
New YorkNY200 - 5002018$27,000,000
TechConnexion logo
TechConnexion is an end-to-end, collaborative, boutique-style recruiting firm supporting organizations from stealth startups up to household public-company names.
MoorparkCA5 - 102018
Verta logo
Verta builds software infrastructure to help enterprise data science and machine learning (ML) teams develop and deploy ML models. Verta enables anyone to streamline your data science and ML workflows, and deploy models into production faster while ensur
Palo AltoCA10 - 502018$970,000
GreenPark Sports logo
GreenPark Sports provides digital experiences and games for sports and esports fans. Its flagship product is a native, free-to-play mobile game played over the top of sporting events, where fans battle to become the undisputed “Best Fans” of their league a
BurlingameCA50 - 1002018$53,500,000
Census logo
Census is a data automation platform that synchronizes customer's data warehouses with business systems and tools such as Salesforce and Marketo. The solution syncs the data warehouse with CRM and go-to-market tools and puts customer success, sales, and ma
San FranciscoCA100 - 2002018$80,300,000
DeepSource logo
DeepSource continuously analyzes source code changes, finds and fixes issues categorized as security, performance, anti-patterns and bug-risks. DeepSource integrates with GitHub/GitLab and runs analysis on every commit and pull request, discovers and fixes
San FranciscoCA10 - 1002018$7,750,000
SecureSky Inc logo
SecureSky, Inc. operates as a cloud security management company. The Company offers cloud security services and business relevant metrics that enables users to secure cloud workloads, data, applications, and infrastructure. SecureSky serves customers in th
OmahaNE10 - 502018$7,250,000
Loon logo
Loon LLC provides connectivity solutions. The Company offers Internet access through stratospheric balloons to rural and remote areas. Loon serves customers in the State of California.
Mountain ViewCA100 - 5002018$125,000,000
CodeNotary logo
CodeNotary brings trust to DevOps. It delivers blockchain-protected identity and integrity at every stage of the development process. Users can know with certainty if a digital asset (code | dependencies | containers) is authentic and who signed it. By und
BellaireTX20 - 502018$24,000,000
Netdata logo
About Monitor everything in real time Company Overview Netdata provides unparallel real-time health monitoring and performance troubleshooting for systems and applications. Our solution is fast and efficient, design ... ed to run on all systems without dis
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002018$34,700,000
Route logo
Route elevates the online customer journey by providing a simple way to protect and track all of the user's orders. Route App automatically connects to everything ordered from all retailers while allowing the user to visually track its packages, anytime, a
LehiUT200 - 5002018$248,529,840
Freedom Robotics logo
Freedom Robotics is a software company that creates powerful control and monitoring software for modern robotics companies. It also creates mission-critical software infrastructure to enable the next generation of robotics companies to build, operate, supp
San FranciscoCA10 - 502018$6,600,000
Particle Health logo
Particle Health is on a mission to solve the biggest problem facing the American healthcare system - data sharing. We believe patients have the right to control their data, but shouldn’t bear the responsibility of collecting, managing and transporting it;
New YorkNY20 - 502018$39,343,920
Validity, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops data integrity platform that enables assessment and toolset to correct data issues. Validity serves customers worldwide.
BostonMA200 - 1,0002018
Harmony logo
Harmony is a fast and open blockchain for decentralized applications. Our protocol has achieved secure and random state sharding. Harmony Mainnet supports thousands of nodes in multiple shards, producing blocks in a few seconds with instant finality. Our s
Mountain ViewCA50 - 2002018$18,000,000
acceldata logo
Acceldata has created the world's first Data Observability Cloud, helping data-driven enterprises achieve operational excellence, innovation agility, and higher returns on data investment. Modern enterprises increasingly rely on embedded analytics and AI
Palo AltoCA200 - 5002018$105,560,000
Ejento logo
Talent acquisition for the startup era. NeoHire South, RockIT Recruiting, TS2 and have come together as Ejento.
El SegundoCA50 - 2002018
Digital Diagnostics Inc. designs and develops health care software. The Company offers an artificial intelligence diagnostic system that detects diseases in medical images. Digital Diagnostics serves patients and healthcare professionals in the United Stat
CoralvilleIA100 - 2002018$173,398,464
Render logo
Render is the easiest way for developers to run applications in production.
San FranciscoCA50 - 1002018$76,800,000
PlanetScale logo
PlanetScale, Inc. designs and develops software products. The Company offers database sharding solutions. PlanetScale serves customers in the State of California.
Mountain ViewCA50 - 2002018$105,000,000
Clear Street logo
Clear Street is a new prime broker founded by industry veterans. We understand firsthand the challenges facing today’s most active market participants and are taking a technology-first approach to modernizing, and improving, the brokerage experience. Launc
New YorkNY200 - 5002018$605,000,000
The Routing Company logo
The Routing Company is an organization currently based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. It has been founded in 2018.
CambridgeMA20 - 1002018$20,000,000
Hourly logo
Everything you need to pay your people, your payroll taxes and your workers' comp insurance made easy as pie.
Palo AltoCA50 - 1002018$39,150,000
Openfit logo
Openfit is the digital streaming platform that integrates fitness, nutrition, and wellness together in one place. We take what’s so powerful about boutique, small-group fitness classes and make it as convenient as your smartphone in the palm of your hand.
El SegundoCA50 - 1002018
Odeko logo
Mobile ordering and supply chain software for cafés, bakeries and coffee shops.
New YorkNY200 - 5002018$227,022,752
Tetrate logo
Tetrate partners with enterprises in their journey to app modernization. The company is an enterprise-ready service mesh for any workload in any environment. Tetrate's service mesh platform makes it easy for DevOps, security, and network administrators to
MilpitasCA100 - 5002018$52,500,000
Basilica logo
Basilica is an API that embeds high-dimensional data like images and text.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502018
Hedera Hashgraph logo
Hedera Hashgraph, LLC provides software solutions. The Company offers public distributed ledger platform and network which enables users to develop globally decentralized applications. Hedera Hashgraph serves customers in the United States.
RichardsonTX100 - 2002018$125,500,000
Bungalo logo
Bungalo is completely transforming the home buying experience by bringing every step of the process under one roof. Owning a home is the American Dream. But the process of buying a home, filled with endless uncertainties and steps, is more like a nightmare
AustinTX10 - 502018$250,000,000
Atlan logo
Atlan is a home for data teams. 200 teams in 50 countries - ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies rely on Atlan to truly democratize their data. Our customers include Unilever, Milkbasket, Barbeque Nation, WPP and GroupM, Mahindra Group, and InMob
100 - 5002018$69,000,000
Coil logo
Coil was founded in 2018 to build a better business model for the Web. Coil makes it easy for creators, publishers and platforms to monetize their content across the internet, and provides an alternative to advertising and site-by-site subscription models.
San FranciscoCA20 - 502018$269,000,000 logo is a provider of an artificial intelligence advanced analytics platform designed to provide solutions for Intelligence and U.S. National Security. The company's products offer geo-correlated multi-source intelligence using computer vision to
Santa ClaraCA50 - 1002017$87,200,000
Devoted Health logo
Devoted Health, Inc. provides health care services. The Company offers health care plan and navigates health care systems with personal guides. Devoted Health operates in the State of Massachusetts.
WalthamMA1,000 - 2,0002017$1,968,999,936
Microverse logo
Microverse is a global school for remote software developers where students learn through remote pair programming and don't pay anything until they get a job. Our mission is to educate and connect one million people with remote opportunities by 2030.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502017$19,700,000
Arris Composites logo
ARRIS is an industrial engineering company that specializes in the fields of machinery manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace. It provides next-gen composites for mass-market applications including aerospace, automotive, sports, and consumer products. T
BerkeleyCA50 - 2002017$182,683,984
Hitch logo
Hitch is a cloud-based skills intelligence and internal talent mobility platform that helps companies become more inclusive, adaptive, and innovative by connecting the right talent with the right tasks based on skills, experiences and career aspirations. I
SeattleWA10 - 502017
Uber Freight logo
Uber Freight is a logistics and supply chain management firm that provides a mobile application that helps truck drivers connect with shipping companies. Uber Freight empowers drivers and shippers to connect in a transparent, fair, and sustainable way to c
San FranciscoCA10,000 - 20,0002017$1,050,000,000
BloXroute logo
bloXroute Labs, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers a platform which resolves the information propagation bottleneck to maintain the consensus over the state of the blockchain. bloxRoute Labs serves clients in the State of Illinois.
EvanstonIL20 - 502017$90,590,000
PullRequest logo
Pullrequest, Inc. provides internet based services. The Company provides static analysis to an on-demand network of code review experts, as well as helps in the development teams ship code faster. Pullrequest serves customers in the State of Texas.
AustinTX20 - 502017$12,674,993
Trust Wallet logo
About Trust - Secure Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet for All your Crypto Assets Products Crypto Wallet
Mountain ViewCA100 - 5002017
Pensando logo
Pensando Systems is advancing distributed computing designed for the New Edge, powering software-defined cloud, compute, networking, storage and security services to transform existing architectures into secure, ultra-fast environments demanded by next-gen
MilpitasCA200 - 5002017$313,000,000
Molecula logo
Molecula is an enterprise feature store that simplifies, accelerates, and controls big data access to power machine-scale analytics and AI. Continuously extracting features, reducing the dimensionality of data at the source, and routing real-time feature c
AustinTX50 - 1002017$23,623,876
Oqton logo
Oqton is a global startup solving today’s manufacturing challenges with an AI-powered factory operating system. Oqton FactoryOS is a cloud-based platform that links data across the manufacturing ecosystem - from design to production to logistics - and us
San FranciscoCA50 - 2002017$40,000,000
Bird logo
Bird is a micromobility company based in Santa Monica, California. Founded in September 2017 Bird operated shared electric scooters in over 100 cities in Europe, the Middle East, and North America with 10 million rides in its first year of operation.
Santa MonicaCA500 - 1,0002017$916,000,000
LambdaTest logo
LambdaTest Inc. operates as a platform as a service company. The Company provides a cloud-based testing platform which enables users to log a bug and can push into these tools. LambdaTest serves customers in the United States and India.
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002017$70,000,000
Avenue logo
Avenue provide access to investing in the US market for all investors, without minimums, without barriers, without high costs, with security, with advice, controls and a lot of information.
MiamiFL200 - 5002017150000000 BRL
Avenda Health logo
Tens of thousands of men each year with prostate cancer seek treatments that impact their quality of life with significant risks of urinary or sexual dysfunction. At Avenda Health, we believe patients should not have to choose between treating their prosta
Santa MonicaCA20 - 502017$19,325,000
Citizen logo
Citizen notifies users with instant safety alerts and real-time incident updates, along with live video broadcasts directly from the scene of the situation. With open access to information, Citizen users are provided with the knowledge required to make saf
New YorkNY100 - 5002017$133,000,000
Wasabi Technologies, Inc provides software solutions. The Company offers cloud based storage solutions which protects data against accidents, hackers, snoops, sabotage, and buggy applications. Wasabi Technologies serves customers in the State of Massachuse
BostonMA200 - 5002017$549,136,640
Upbound logo
Upbound Inc designs and develops software. The Company offers a multi-cloud platform based on Kubernetes that enables organizations to treat multiple disparate environments as one. Upbound serves customers in the United States.
SeattleWA50 - 2002017$69,000,000
Flourish Software logo
Flourish Software is a supply chain management “seed to sale tracking” platform built for cannabis and hemp. The platform is used by cannabis and hemp cultivators, manufacturers, processors, and retailers to track products from seed to sale, manage operati
AtlantaGA20 - 502017$2,100,000
Elevate Brands logo
Elevate Brands buys consumers Amazon FBA brands and elevates them to their full potential. It has a lucrative referral program for introductions that lead to the successful acquisition of an Amazon FBA business. Elevate is always on the lookout for except
AustinTX100 - 5002017$372,500,000
CertiK logo
CertiK leads blockchain security by pioneering the use of cutting-edge Formal Verification technology on smart contracts and blockchains. Unlike traditional security audits, Formal Verification mathematically proves program correctness and hacker-resistanc
New YorkNY5,000 - 10,0002017$300,200,000
Moonlight logo
Moonlight is a professional network of remote software developers. Companies join the membership to get access to vetted engineers and designers, and hire them as contractors or full-time employees. Developers apply to find remote work opportunities and en
San FranciscoCA5 - 102017
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