132 Early Stage Startups Headquartered in San Francisco

Updated on November 20, 2023
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Connor Leech

This post showcases 132 early stage startups that have raised "Pre Seed", "Seed" or "Series A" fundraising rounds in 2021, sorted by the largest fundraising rounds at the top.

132 Early Stage Startups Headquartered in San Francisco

At Employbl we've built a database of over ten thousand tech companies and startups. I recently moved to San Francisco and like to keep up with what's happening in the startup scene. The below table is of 132 early stage startups that have raised "Pre Seed", "Seed" or "Series A" fundraising rounds in 2021. These "rounds" refers to when the founders of a company sells partial ownership of the business to Venture Capitalists. The founder can raise more money at a later date, sell the company or take it to public capital markets in the form of an IPO. Some of the earliest fundraising rounds are Seed and Series A so that's what I'm focusing on here. Many of these companies are smaller (less than one hundred people) and founded within the past few years, or even this year! All of them are or at least were headquartered in the city of San Francisco.

Employbl members can login to the dashboard to further filter this list by job listing type, Venture Capital investors, company founded year and more. Just use the "Early Stage Startups in San Francisco - 2021" company collection to quickly access the data in the Employbl dashboard.

Without further ado here's the list of early stage San Francisco startups ordered by the largest fundraising rounds at the top:

Company Name Company Description Funding Round Round Date Round Amount
Forte Forte Labs operates as a blockchain technology company. The Company offers platform that helps developers to apply blockchain technology to their game economies, supporting deeper monetization, and engagement with their players. Series A 2021-05-11 $185 million
Enveda Biosciences Enveda Biosciences is a biotechnology company building new medicines from plants. It harnesses the complexity of the natural world to tackle today’s biggest healthcare challenges. Series A 2021-06-21 $51 million
Varda Varda is a space manufacturing startup that focuses on creating products in space for terrestrial applications. They aim to manufacture things in space that benefit from low gravity. Series A 2021-07-20 $42 million
Bay1 BAY1 connects merchants and businesses to the most advanced virtual payments platform. Series A 2021-04-26 $39.5 million
Synctera Synctera is a banking company that offers secure and scalable partnership banking solutions for startups and fintech. Series A 2021-06-01 $33 million
Alt Alt is an alternative asset platform that allows people to buy, sell, and store sports cards. Its mission is to increase the transparency and liquidity of alternative assets. Series A 2021-03-10 $31 million
Span.IO Span.IO develops products to enable the rapid adoption of renewable energy and deliver an intuitive interface for the home. They are a group of engineers with a passion for building products that can deliver a positive impact on the environment while enhancing the consumer experience. Series A 2021-01-25 $30 million
Crosschq Crosschq is pioneering Human Intelligence Hiring™ by harnessing the power of people to help companies better screen, onboard, and source the best talent. Series A 2021-03-29 $30 million
Eco Eco’s “Smart Money” digital wallet rewards you every time you save, spend or send your money, consolidating your entire financial life into one simple balance. Plus, you earn Eco Points with everything you do—an experiment in the future of a rewards economy. Eco isn’t a bank. It’s something better. Series A 2021-03-04 $26 million
Airbyte Airbyte is an open-source data integration platform that syncs data from applications, APIs, and databases to warehouses. Airbyte is an open-source data integration engine that helps users consolidate their data in their warehouses. Series A 2021-05-24 $26 million
Orum Orum operates as an AI-sales platform that enables users to dial multiple numbers in parallel and identify humans when they answer. Series A 2021-07-26 $25 million
Infinitus Systems Infinitus is a startup company that develops voice robotic process automation tools for the health care industry. Series A 2021-02-04 $21.4 million
Robocorp Robocorp is a cloud platform for robotic process automation (RPA) and open source RPA tools. Robocorp’s RPA approach provides developers the cloud native, open-source tools to bring RPA into their organizations without the burdensome constraints of existing offerings Series A 2021-06-21 $21 million
RudderStack RudderStack is an open-source, enterprise-ready platform for collecting, storing and routing customer event data to your data warehouse and dozens of other tools. It provides a powerful transformation framework to process your event data on the fly. Series A 2021-06-09 $21 million
Cloud Metal AI for infrastructure optimization. AI that manages your infrastructure 24 hours for 100% uptime and ultimate performance. You can optimize for performance, or cost, or a compromise of both...every second. Series A 2021-05-19
Ketch Ketch is a new way for businesses to automate data privacy and security helps businesses build trust with consumers while controlling and harnessing data to fuel core operations and top-line growth. Series A 2021-09-16 $20 million
Shef Shef is a homemade food marketplace that helps local cooks to make a meaningful income from home by selling authentic, homemade dishes to their neighbors. Series A 2021-06-01 $20 million
Collective Collective, Inc. provides multi-screen advertising solutions that help brands to connect with their audiences. The Company offers media and data management platform that simplifies displays, videos, and mobile advertisement. Collective serves customers worldwide. Series A 2021-05-11 $20 million brings engineering practices to data science and machine learning. It maintains a code repository with data files, machine learning model files, and model metrics. It keeps track of machine learning experiments to share knowledge about ideas. Series A 2021-06-01 $20 million
Transform Transform empowers teams to establish and rely upon a single source of truth for metric definitions. Series A 2021-01-18 $20 million
Voiceflow The Voiceflow platform makes it easy for any individual or business to build powerful voice applications without needing to code. Series A 2021-07-26 $20 million
ElectroNeek ElectroNeek is a robotic process automation platform that comes with an unlimited number of free bot licenses and a built-in orchestrator. Series A 2021-05-31 $20 million
Dover Dover partners with you to find the best people for your team. Series A 2021-07-18 $20 million
Rewatch Rewatch offers a private and secure video channel for teams. Rewatch transcribes your videos and unlocks your team’s spoken knowledge, making it searchable and organized—all in one place. Series A 2021-05-25 $20 million
Fei Protocol Fei Protocol is a direct incentive stable coin which is undercollateralized and fully decentralized. It uses a new kind of stablecoin mechanism called direct incentives. It is more capital-efficient, has a fair distribution, and is fully decentralized. Series A 2021-03-07 $19 million
Mutiny Mutiny help companies personalize their website and landing pages. The Company offers comprehensive visitor data, personalize anything, testing, easy to start, and other related products. Mutiny serves software as a service (SaaS) companies. Series A 2021-09-14 $18.5 million
Secureframe Secureframe is a provider of SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance automation software used for compliant security. It provides automated compliance audits and ongoing compliance monitoring that ensures the service providers securely manage the data to protect the interests of an organization and the privacy of its clients and enables companies globally to obtain and maintain SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification. Series A 2021-03-16 $18 million
Bigeye Toro gives anyone on your team an easy way to see whether your data is clean, and alerts you when it isn’t. Series A 2021-04-14 $17 million
Verifiable Verifiable is developing an API that will enable healthcare providers to simplify license authentication by connecting with state and federal databases. Verifiable allows users to reach hundreds of primary sources in one location, as well as next-generation tracking that automates compliance, reduces risk, and keeps patients safe. Series A 2021-08-05 $17 million
Census Census is a data automation platform that synchronizes customer's data warehouses with business systems and tools such as Salesforce and Marketo. The solution syncs the data warehouse with CRM and go-to-market tools and puts customer success, sales, and marketing teams on the same page by sharing the same customer data, enabling client companies to leverage and distribute product data to where it's needed. Series A 2021-02-17 $16 million
Middesk Middesk helps businesses conduct background checks on other businesses. It centralizes the information necessary to conduct risk and compliance assessments on each of your customers. Companies that manage regulatory requirements use Middesk for verifying and screening their customers. B2B companies use its data to set and manage credit limits and define payment terms for new and existing customers. Series A 2021-03-23 $16 million
Camus Energy Camus Energy is building an open source Grid Management Software as a Service (GMaaS) platform to enable the future DSO. Providing grid operators and load serving entities with advanced situational awareness, insight, and control, Camus’s platform empowers industry leaders to safely and strategically manage a rapidly changing grid environment. Series A 2021-07-19 $16 million
Vendia Vendia is a multi-cloud serverless development platform that enables customers to share data and code in real-time across multiple clouds and companies. Vendia’s cloud and serverless native platform make that possible by delivering instant scalability and secure data sharing across multiple clouds at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Series A 2021-02-02
Pequity Compensate with confidence. Pequity automates HR workflows from offers to promotions & transfers - so companies save time, money and talent. Series A 2021-06-22 $15.5 million
TrustLayer TrustLayer is an insurtech solutions company that automates insurance verification with machine learning & AI and provides real-time updates on the R3 Corda distributed ledger ecosystem. TrustLayer helps companies eliminate error-prone, manual processes and streamline existing workflows to increase insurance compliance and decrease organizational risk. Series A 2021-08-16 $15.1 million
Settle Settle is a fintech platform that automates B2B payments and provides working-capital solutions for businesses. Series A 2021-05-17 $15 million
PollyEx PollyEx is a loan trading platform that improves loan sale execution for efficient trading. It offers a cloud-based platform that connects buyers and sellers of mortgage loans through API integration, increasing liquidity, and automating capital market functions. Series A 2021-03-24 $15 million
Pachama Pachama is an organization focused on developing technology solutions to accelerate the growth of the Forest Carbon Credits market. Series A 2021-04-29 $15 million
BlueOcean Know the answer. BlueOcean is a SaaS platform that uses ML and NLP to deliver real time actionable insights. Series A 2021-07-20 $15 million
Orbit Orbit is the community experience platform that helps you build and grow your community, no matter where it happens. Manage relationships, not spreadsheets. Series A 2021-05-26 $15 million
TerraTrue TerraTrue is the first privacy platform designed to seamlessly work with product development. The company was founded by former ex-Snap execs who built that company's privacy and security programs from scratch. They joined forces to seamlessly integrate privacy-by-design into the software development lifecycle. Series A 2021-04-28 $15 million
Meroxa Meroxa is a data streaming platform designed to create a real-time data infrastructure. Series A 2021-04-12 $15 million
Puzzle Financial Puzzle Financial is a SaaS Startup that increases trust and confidence from the daily to the most important financial decisions. Series A 2021-06-20 $15 million
Pngme At Pngme, we believe everyone deserves equal access to finance. Our platform enables this by making the process of collecting, analyzing, and using financial data by financial institutions frictionless and simple. Series A 2021-08-16 $15 million
Sitka Sitka is a customizable video software platform that connects primary care providers to the virtual specialty provider network. Series A 2021-01-18 $14 million
Sora Automate and personalize employee onboarding, offboarding, and key moments in between. Series A 2021-08-23 $14 million
Avenue 8 Avenue 8 is a digital and mobile-first residential real estate brokerage for modern agents, helping them to be more entrepreneurial, to close from anywhere, and to keep substantially more of their income. Series A 2021-05-02 $14 million
Treelab Treelab combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the power of a database to enable any organization to create their own workflow. Series A 2021-03-02 $13.2 million
Oliver Space Oliver Space is a home furnishing company that makes living spaces easy and affordable. The company offers a flexible payment structure where customers can try before they buy at 0% interest. Series A 2021-05-25 $13 million
Zomentum Zomentum enables MSPs to ace their sales process by providing tools to close more deals and also generate more revenue from existing customers Series A 2021-02-15 $13 million
Scratchpad Scratchpad is a workspace built for sales to update Salesforce and take sales notes and daily todos. The software can be installed as a Google Chrome plugin or as a web application.. Series A 2021-02-02 $13 million
Found Found is a business bank for self-employed people that makes self-employed taxes easy. With built-in expense tracking and a tax savings account, we’re on a mission to help millions of self-employed people make their business dreams a reality. Series A 2021-05-19 $12.7 million
Doorstead Doorstead is a full-service property management brokerage that provides cash-flow certainty to rental property owners. Series A 2021-04-14 $12.5 million
Vectorized Vectorized Inc., the Intelligent Data API company, created Redpanda to deliver enterprises with a modern data-streaming platform for mission-critical applications. Series A 2021-01-25 $12.5 million
Rapid Robotics Rapid Robotics provides box automation for manufacturers. Its Rapid Machine Operator (RMO) enables manufacturers to easily deploy a pre-trained cobot in just a few hours. Series A 2021-04-05 $12 million
Blocknative Corporation Real-time blockchain transaction management and monitoring. Series A 2021-07-13 $12 million
Callin Callin operates as a social podcasting app that lets you create, discover, and enjoy live and recorded content all in one place. Series A 2021-09-01 $12 million
TryNow TryNow is a try-before-you-buy software for shoppers and Shopify brands. Series A 2021-03-21 $12 million
Teamflow Feel like a team again with your own virtual office. Series A 2021-03-22 $11 million
Baton Baton is a technology platform that eliminates detention and dwell for truck drivers. Series A 2021-03-23 $10.5 million
Club Feast Club Feast is a subscription-based restaurant delivery application that provides pre-scheduled food delivery. Seed 2021-05-24 $10.2 million
Torre Torre Technologies is a recruitment platform, matching talent from unconventional careers with fulfilling professional opportunities. Seed 2021-04-11 $10 million
Gentem Gentem develops a medical platform intended to help physicians with instant reimbursements. Series A 2021-02-08 $10 million
Copysmith Copysmith uses state of the art machine learning to help you write high-performing copy in seconds, not hours. Seed 2021-04-20 $10 million
Alife Health Alife develops artificial intelligence tools to assist physicians in increasing a patient's chances of pregnancy success. Seed 2021-05-02 $9.5 million
Hadrian Hadrian manufactures precision components for cutting-edge technology companies. Seed 2021-04-14 $9.5 million
LottieFiles About LottieFiles is the largest community of animators, designers and engineers in the world. It’s a platform for testing, collaborating and discovering animations. Series A 2021-01-26 $9 million
Kyte Kyte is a technology platform connecting professional fleet owners with rental customers. Seed 2021-01-04 $9 million
Trace Trace is the first Budget-to-Pay platform for modern financial operations. We deliver simple and high-quality products for people to make purchases and manage their budgets. Seed 2021-03-22 $8.3 million
Swell Swell operates as a mobile application for music that tracks and recognizes information on listener preferences and behavior. The Company conducts business operations in the State of California. Series A 2021-03-16 $8 million
Chef Robotics Chef Robotics is a robotics and artificial intelligence company serving the food industry. Seed 2021-05-12 $7.7 million
Figure Figure is a compensation platform that helps companies figure out how to pay their employees by making data driven decisions. Seed 2021-05-05 $7.5 million
Lowkey Lowkey enables players to automatically save their best gaming moments as video clips and share them effortlessly with friends & communities. Series A 2021-01-14 $7 million
Abacum Abacum is a SaaS that helps finance teams deliver business insights. Abacum is the first collaborative workflow and planning platform for SMB's finance teams to boost productivity and strategic impact. Seed 2021-04-07 $7 million
Quince Quince is a new e-commerce company that focuses on leveraging an M2C supply chain to deliver premium essentials at the lowest market price. Seed 2021-01-21 $6 million
Hex Technologies Inc. A platform for collaborative data analytics Seed 2021-03-30 $5.5 million
Firemaps Firemaps operates a wildfire management platform that offers home defense plans. Seed 2021-08-25 $5.5 million is a revenue acceleration platform built on a co-dynamic lead scoring and routing engine that collects a variety of data points to helps companies in rating and scoring current and potential customers. Seed 2021-05-09 $5.4 million
Vori Health Vori Health is an all-inclusive medical and health provider practicing a holistic, integrated approach starting with musculoskeletal care. Series A 2021-07-06 $5 million
PayZen PayZen is a health care fintech startup that aims to tackle the growing patient payment responsibility problem. The mission-driven company together with its superior technology and a new approach that enables patients to pay their out-of-pocket medical bills over time with convenience and transparency. Seed 2021-02-10 $5 million's mission is to help you find and fix your attack vectors before criminals exploit them. Series A 2021-02-01 $5 million
Spot Spot is a mobile and browser-based platform for voice conference calls. Seed 2021-05-19 $5 million
Frizata Frizata is the first digitally native, vertical brand in the flexitarian frozen food space. Series A 2021-07-20 $5 million
Alloy Automation Alloy is a no-code tool for creating automated workflows. It is a YC-backed e-commerce automation platform to help in reclaiming time and focus on growth. Seed 2021-02-01 $5 million
Office Hours Office Hours is a knowledge-sharing platform that helps people get paid to share their unique professional experiences. Seed 2021-01-31 $5 million
Sardine Sardine provides fraud prevention as a service solution for the digital economy. Seed 2021-03-23 $4.6 million
POISED Poised is an AI-powered communication coach that provides personalized feedback and lessons by observing online meetings. Seed 2021-06-08 $4.5 million
Merge One API to integrate with all HR, payroll, recruiting, and accounting platforms. Seed 2021-05-16 $4.5 million
Patch Patch develops a carbon removal platform that allows businesses to both calculate their carbon footprint and find corresponding carbon removal projects to address unavoidable carbon emissions. Seed 2021-02-23 $4.5 million
Upswot About API-enabled plug & play alternative data solution designed to get the insights into SMB real-time needs and risks Company Overview Upswot provides ongoing tracking of all crucial, positive, and negative events SMB face in real-time based on alternative data sources. Seed 2021-03-14 $4.3 million
Anrok Anrok is the modern sales tax solution for the Internet era. Built specifically for SaaS businesses, Anrok unifies sales tax monitoring, calculation and remittance across your financial stack. Seed 2021-06-13 $4.3 million
Saddle Finance Saddle Finance is an automated market maker (AMM) optimized for pegged value crypto assets. Seed 2021-01-18 $4.3 million
Co-op commerce Co-op commerce is a network of the world's best brands partnering together to grow." Seed 2021-06-28 $4.2 million
Calixa Calixa unifies customer data and customer tooling into one, easy-to-use product. It connects with 3rd party services (eg Stripe, Zendesk, Intercom, Sendgrid, etc) to provide a single interface for teams to view, search and act on everything related to customers. Seed 2021-03-08 $4.2 million
Little Otter Little Otter is a children's mental health company that developed an app that focuses on the mental health of children and their families. Little Otter is a family-focused mental health service for children. Pre Seed 2021-05-03 $4.2 million
Frequencz Frequencz, is an emerging leader of shared virtual private networks for Enterprises. We brings cloud economics to radio and disrupt the way private networks are built, operated and managed. Seed 2021-05-03 $4.1 million
Ready Ready makes it easy for local ISPs to acquire, retain, and monetize subscribers. Ready helps local internet service providers to solve the digital divide through powerful tools to operate, grow, and finance their networks. Seed 2021-05-30 $4 million
Formation Formation is a remote fellowship for ambitious software engineers who seek impactful roles at the most innovative companies in the world. Seed 2021-04-07 $4 million
Ridepanda Ridepanda is an online e-ride shop that offers electric vehicles with maintenance support and theft protection. Seed 2021-06-29 $3.7 million
Skiff Skiff is a privacy-first collaboration platform with expiring links, secure workspaces, and password protection. Seed 2021-05-25 $3.7 million
Openbase Openbase is the first platform to offer user reviews for packages, powerful insights, and categorization for open-source packages - so developers can choose the right package every time. Seed 2021-01-12 $3.6 million
Trunk Trunk is an organization currently based in San Francisco. It has been founded in 2021 by Matt Matheson. Seed 2021-01-21 $3.5 million
Sommelier Sommelier consists of the Cosmos Stargate SDK, its Tendermint-based consensus layer and a decentralized, bi-directional Ethereum bridge, managed by a global network of validators. Seed 2021-03-09 $3.5 million
Sanlo We exist because we believe that finance should not be mysterious and every gaming company with great products should have access to advice and money that they need to grow. Seed 2021-05-11 $3.5 million
Risk Harbor Risk Harbor is a risk management marketplace for decentralized finance (DeFi) that utilizes a completely automated, transparent, and impartial claims process to protect liquidity providers and stakers against smart contract hacks and attacks. Seed 2021-04-27 $3.5 million
Maple Maple is a family tech app. Using AI and machine-learning technology. Maple builds daily and weekly personalized plans for parents, and over time, provides smarter recommendations based on their needs. Seed 2021-02-21 $3.5 million
Citadel | Payroll & HRIS API With Citadel's software and APIs, companies and their users can instantly verify employment, income, and identity." Seed 2021-02-15 $3.5 million
Atom Atom is a leading modern technology services company providing the most innovative cloud and digital transformation solutions Series A 2021-01-05 $3.4 million
Specto Inc. Specto is a mobile application performance monitoring platform that collects vital metrics and profiles with just a few lines of code. Seed 2021-06-10 $3.2 million
Finary Finary is a social investing platform building group chats for Gen Z and Millennials. Finary allows users to chat with friends about their investments, share their portfolio, and make trades. Seed 2021-04-08 $3.2 million
Beam Beam offers software and a network of professionals to help clients with the design and plan of home renovation projects. Seed 2021-04-26 $3.2 million
Flyp Flyp is a mobile app that allows users to cash in on their used stuff by partnering with professional resellers. Seed 2021-07-18 $3.1 million
Cutback Coach Inc Cutback Coach is a developer of an alcohol tracking app to help people build healthier habits around their drinking. Seed 2021-01-27 $3.1 million
Centered Centered lets you blaze through your tasks 30% faster by combining mindfulness techniques with simple task management. Seed 2021-02-09 $3 million
Medallion Medallion provides a network management platform for the healthcare industry. Its all-in-one licensing, credentialing, and payer enrollment platform gets rid of the logistical headaches that all too often eat up valuable time and energy. Seed 2021-06-06 $3 million
Spora Health Spora Health is a primary care provider designed for people of color. Seed 2021-03-11 $3 million
Finley Technologies Finley simplifies debt capital raise and management. Finley's software helps growing companies automate due diligence, ensure compliance, and streamline ongoing reporting with their capital providers. Seed 2021-06-13 $3 million
Accrue Helping B2B rep driven SaaS companies engineer high growth pricing. Seed 2021-04-14 $2.8 million
Aquarium Aquarium Learning is an ML data management platform that helps to improve models by improving datasets. Seed 2021-02-24 $2.6 million
Flexbase Flexbase is a construction tech company focused on helping SMB general contractors better manage billing-related processes. Pre Seed 2021-05-17 $2.5 million
Clerk Developer tools for simple and beautiful user management. More than authentication. Seed 2021-02-28 $2.5 million
Sosivio Sosivio is a next generation observability and AI company, built from the ground up for Cloud Native environments. Seed 2021-05-12 $2.3 million
Scope Scope is an Implementation-as-a-Service platform that scales and reduces the cost of implementations. Seed 2021-02-08 $2.2 million
Simplified Simplified is the all-in-one design platform where freelancers and entrepreneurs can collaborate, scale, and grow their content— effortlessly and beautifully. Seed 2021-06-02 $2.2 million Accelerate your writing time by 40% with AI-powered autocompletion Seed 2021-06-07 $2.1 million
Moov Moov is a software company that features a software platform for buying and selling preowned manufacturing equipment. Its platform integrates offerings such as payments, logistics, asset management, and other add-ons services. Seed 2021-03-02 $2 million
Torpago Torpago is a financial technology company that provides corporate cards equipped with spend management software. Seed 2021-08-04 $2 million
Mote Mote is an Education Technology company with a mission to make feedback fast and friendly. Seed 2021-03-21 $1.7 million
Trash Warrior Trash Warrior is an early-stage urban tech startup in San Francisco, developing an on-demand platform of waste management for business clients, including America's biggest companies such as Amazon, Holiday Inn. Seed 2021-05-31 $1.5 million
Vizion Vizion integrates and estimates data and observes tracking and monitoring for ocean freight, logistics, and supply chain industry. Seed 2021-02-16 $1.5 million
Accord Accord is a customer collaboration platform built for high-growth sales leaders who need to hit scaling rev targets & build a repeatable process. Seed 2021-08-17 $1 million

Average Startup Financing Round Size in San Francisco

After putting this list together it got me wondering about the high level numbers. Below are the average round calculations. If you're curious about another calculation or another city hmu on twitter.

  • 148 fundraising rounds. This means that some companies raised multiple rounds this year, like raising a Seed and a Series A. We're not even looking at Series B rounds and beyond. For example Forte Labs tops the list with a $185 million Series A round, then six months later raised a $725 million Series B round! 👀 🤯
  • Average round size: $12.1 million dollars
  • There were 3 "Pre Seed" rounds with average size of $2.9 million.
  • There were 71 "Seed" rounds with average size of $4.3 million.
  • There were 74 "Series A" rounds with average size of $20 million.

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