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Axis Security

Axis Security enables any organization to quickly deliver tightly managed global access to employees, partners, and other stakeholders through a purpose-built zero-trust cloud security platform. Unlike legacy solutions that create excess access and unnecessary risk, Axis Security’s unique Application Isolation Technology assures access to only the resources required. Their technologies transform open networks and vulnerable applications into fully protected resources that the business can leverage and trust to grow in myriad ways they can’t today. It was incorporated in 2018 and is based in San Mateo, California.




Between 50 - 100 employees



Headquarters Location

San Mateo, San Mateo, CA 94401






Dor Knafo
Dor Knafo
Gil Azrielant
Gil Azrielant


Dor Knafo

Funding Rounds


March 2021


  • Canaan Partners
  • Ten Eleven Ventures
  • Cyberstarts

September 2020


  • Ten Eleven Ventures
  • Dan Amiga
  • Cyberstarts
  • Michael Fey

March 2020


  • Cyberstarts

March 2020

Investors in Axis Security

Axis Security Industries

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