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Atlas AI

Atlas AI's mission is to monitor the drivers of economic development across the emerging markets so that financial capital can advance societal well-being.  We bring together world class machine learning talent and deep emerging market domain experience to develop software that allows customers to more effectively allocate plan and monitor high stakes investments and development programs, including infrastructure development initiatives and market expansion programs. Our proprietary models generate reliable socioeconomic estimates including land under cultivation, staple crop productivity, household asset wealth and consumption, and access to reliable power and transportation infrastructure.  The company is currently constructing most of these measures for the entirety of Sub-Saharan Africa, but the models we develop are designed to scale globally.

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Between 20 - 50 employees



Headquarters Location

Palo Alto, CA






Sean ZHOU, Marshall Burke, David Lobell, Stefano Ermon


Abraham Tarapani

Funding Rounds


December 2020


April 2020


June 2019

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