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Confluera is a cybersecurity startup helping organizations find sophisticated security attacks going on inside of corporate infrastructures. The startup delivers autonomous infrastructure-wide cyber kill chain tracking and response by leveraging the ‘Continuous Attack Graph’ to deterministically stop and remediate cyber threats in real-time. They built to deterministically detect and stop attackers from navigating infrastructure. Confluera technology combines machine comprehended threat detection with accurately tracked activity trails to stop cyberattacks in real-time, allowing companies to radically simplify security operations. It frees up human security personnel to focus on more important work, instead of spending hours trying to join the dots between the thousands of alerts they receive daily many of which are false positives.

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Between 20 - 50 employees



Headquarters Location

195 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94306-2030






Abhijit Ghosh, Niloy Mukherjee


John Morgan

Funding Rounds


May 2020


July 2019

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