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Cyral delivers visibility, control, and security for the Data Cloud. It has developed a lightweight service to intercept all requests from all apps, tools, and users to any structured or semi-structured data store, without impacting performance or scalability. It helps companies with assurance, segmentation, and governance of their data services in the cloud. Benefits for organizations using Cyral include the Identity Federation and Zero Trust - unified data access management for all data repositories using your existing identity provider. Identify users behind shared service credentials from BI tools and apps. Simplify privileged access approvals and break glass procedures; Data Segmentation - enforce the least privilege and segregation of duties across all your users and data repositories. Protect data spillage from one application tenant to another due to logic and configuration errors. Secure data from exfiltration without requiring any changes to applications; and Data Activity Monitoring - provide a complete, real-time activity trail of all accesses to data, by underlying user or tenant, and track who did what. Speed up audits and forensics, troubleshoot performance issues faster, and simplify compliance checks.

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Between 20 - 100 employees



Headquarters Location

2421 Broadway Street Suite 100, Redwood City, CA 94063






Manav Mital


Manav Mital

Funding Rounds


May 2021


January 2020


December 2018

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