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Anvilogic is an automated threat detection platform that provides CISOs and SOC teams much-needed automation in their detection use case development process, and not only presents a force-multiplier capability to their operations but also delivers a higher efficacy detection capability in order to find complex and fast-breaking threats faster. Plus, the platform extends the automation to the hunting and triage workflow with an integrated, visual and enriched experience that makes threat resolution easy and accurate, thus resulting in higher rates of last-mile response automation. Security Operations Center’s (SOC) tools are out of date, cause more noise, create silos and have major gaps in the SOC lifecycle, making it impossible to detect and strengthen overall security posture. The Anvilogic detection automation platform solves this by delivering AI-driven insights and recommendations across the SOC lifecycle to measure, develop and improve threat detection coverage that can force-multiply security operations and stop the SOC Chaos.

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Between 20 - 50 employees



Headquarters Location

Palo Alto, CA






Karthik Kannan, Deb Banerjee


Karthik Kannan

Funding Rounds


May 2021


September 2020

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