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Launched in 2018, kea is one of the fastest-growing companies changing the way restaurants operate. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, we are building a team that is excited about our mission: drive the world’s commerce by empowering restaurants to operate more intelligently and own their relationship with customers. We created partnerships with Domino’s Pizza, Five Guys, Primanti Brothers, and we keep on expanding! The first product in our platform, kea Voice, takes orders over the phone at a high level of efficiency and consistency so that restaurants can focus on making delicious food. Core values: One unit, high velocity - be compassionate and care for others - be open and transparent - play to win the long game.

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Between 20 - 100 employees



Headquarters Location

Mountain View, CA






Adam Ahmad, Arjun Vasan, Diwank Singh Tomer


Adam Ahmad

Funding Rounds


November 2020


May 2019


September 2017

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