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Infinstor is a differentiated multi cloud Machine Learning platform focused on reducing the failure rate of ML projects and helping create better ML models at lower cost. InfinStor enables this using our patent-pending storage technologies, InfinSnap and InfinSlice, and our proprietary compute technology, InfinStor Transforms.  Our storage innovations manage large semi structured and unstructured datasets in cloud object stores along with the ability to snapshot and version the same.  On the compute side we can break down the ML algorithms into transforms and can run in the cheapest compute location - AWS, Azure, Google or on-prem rack of GPU servers which is perfect for training and inferencing on unstructured data such as video, images, audio and text. InfinStor is sold as a cloud SaaS offering and scales seamlessly from small to large enterprises.




Between 5 - 10 employees



Headquarters Location

690 Saratoga Av #100, San Jose, CA 95129-2330






Jitendra Pandey
Jitendra Pandey
Jagane Sundar
Jagane Sundar
Paddy Sreenivasan
Paddy Sreenivasan


Jagane Sundar

Funding Rounds


  • N/A .

August 2020

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