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Open Campus logo
Open Campus is a community-led Web3 education protocol aiming to tokenize the world’s educational content by enabling educators and creators to monetize their content. $EDU will play a critical role in the Open Campus ecosystem to power the tokenization of
Saratoga SpringsNY10 - 502023$3,150,000
Maximal Learning logo
Maximum Education utilizing AI to help each student reach their full potential. It collaborates on research with the Stanford Graduate School of Education. a pattern that Microsoft adopted when designing tools and is crucial to ensuring learning outcomes.
BellevueWA2 - 102023$5,700,000
Synqly logo
Synqly is an Integration-as-a-Service Platform that provides seamless and speedy integration of infrastructure and security technologies.
San JoseCA1 - 102023$4,000,000
The Endowment Project logo
The Endowment Project is a purpose-driven for-profit education technology company building philanthropic infrastructure for public schools. Its technology- and the human resource-enabled platform is designed to help public high schools build communities fr
RichmondVA2 - 102022$4,500,000
Alpaca logo
Alpaca gives parents easy ways to support their teachers. Alpaca makes sure that every teacher in the school gets a pack, every month. Plus, every pack delivers $2 of goods for every $1 of subscription.
OmahaNE2 - 102022$1,250,000
Emerge Career logo
Emerge sells to the government online job training that lifts low-income people out of poverty. For example, Connecticut allocated $840K for us to train incarcerated people to become truck drivers.
New YorkNY2 - 102022$3,200,000
Augment logo
Augment is a non-traditional MBA program taught by the creators of Wikipedia, YouTube, Shazam, Waze, and many other companies.
New YorkNY10 - 5020225500000 EUR
ElevenLabs logo
ElevenLabs is an American startup and technology company, founded by former Google engineer Piotr Dabkowski, and former Palantir strategist Mati Staniszewski. The company specializes in natural-sounding speech synthesis and text-to-speech software, using a
New YorkNY20 - 502022$101,000,000
Astound Research logo
Astound is the Research Funding Marketplace. We are first digital marketplace for industry-funded academic research.
BirminghamAL2 - 102022$1,000,000
Kyron Learning logo
Kyron Learning is an EdTech company that provides equitable access to one-on-one education.
Los AltosCA10 - 502022$15,450,000
Cartwheel logo
Cartwheel offers mental health support to students in order to help schools regain balance in the midst of the student mental health crisis. It works hand in hand to empower school staff, reduce family stress, and improve all students' mental health outcom
CambridgeMA5 - 202022$20,000,000
Web3 Working Group logo
Web3 Working Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its purpose is to educate about web3 infrastructure and cryptocurrency industry.
San Luis ObispoCA5 - 102022$2,000,000
IFO logo
The IFO Experience: Elevating Life through Design IFO Corporation creates various brands that captivate the senses and transcend expectations creating exhilarating experiences. The existing and more ‘coming soon’ flagship brands ensure and will continue to
WilmingtonDE10 - 502022
Sphere logo
Sphere's institutions can showcase their research, participate in discussions about it, and work with other institutions thanks to the company's selection of vetted leading experts who teach live, cohort-based courses for professionals around the globe. Sp
San FranciscoCA20 - 502021$4,300,000
Pragmatic Leaders logo
Pragmatic Leaders is an ecosystem solving real-world case-based product management courses for pragmatic tips, tools, events, and jobs. The ecosystem is built on 3 pillars of Educate, Engage, and Employ. The Educate provides pragmatic training and a struct
San FranciscoCA10 - 502021
Pressto logo
Pressto is an educational platform that develops strong writing skills and media literacy in students by making writing playful and fun. We help students to develop a healthy relationship with what they create and consume. Our ethos is to be accessible to
New YorkNY10 - 502021$1,500,000
Clayful logo
Preventative mental health support for the TikTok generation.
DavieFL10 - 502021$7,150,000
Marker Learning logo
Marker Learning provides a telepsychology platform that makes learning disability assessments and personalized action plans accessible for schools and families.
New YorkNY20 - 1002021$19,000,000
Kalam Labs logo
Kalam Labs is a live game streaming platform at the intersection of K-12 learning and multiplayer gaming. The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, United States.
WilmingtonDE5 - 202021$450,000
Klas logo
Klas is building the next-gen online teaching platform. We make it easy for creators to schedule, monetize, and host live classes. Our mission is to unlock the power of knowledge sharing.
RemoteOR10 - 502021$1,250,000
CoRise logo
CoRise is changing the way the world learns. We partner with industry leaders to transform the way professionals and companies build technical, high-demand skills at scale.
San FranciscoCA5 - 102021$8,500,000
Mello logo
Primary school in Mello in the province of Sondrio (Italy) [school id: SOEE81202Q]
San FranciscoCA1 - 102021
KaiPod Learning logo
KaiPod Learning delivers a deeply personal education for each child with an experiential curriculum tailored to their interests, a learning platform that allows them to move at their own pace, and 1:1 support from an on-site Coach. The company was founded
BostonMA5 - 202021$1,625,000
Village logo
At VILLAGE, we believe in learning through curiosity. We promote curiosity-driven learning by restoring the local community as a classroom that puts every child first. Our Program helps cities develop their market for education outside of the K-12 school d
Eau ClaireWI5 - 102021
Modal logo
The world's leading employee education platform that’s purpose-built for your company’s learning environment with cohort-based, hands-on, and expert guidance for critical skills.
San FranciscoCA50 - 2002021$6,700,000
Kira Learning logo
Kira Learning, is an AI-powered K-12 education publisher built for 21st century learners.
Palo AltoCA5 - 202021$22,500,000
MegaCampus logo
MegaCampus is a social media application and web platform for educators and students.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502021
RockED logo
The RockED Company is an online learning platform that provides micro-learning, sales training, and coaching services via a mobile app.
Fort LauderdaleFL10 - 502021$9,080,069
Tapouts logo
tapouts is a mental health edutainment platform for children. Founded in 2020, the company develops proprietary, science backed programs that teach children how to be better at stress. The tapouts method utilizes a preventive intervention strategy which ma
CA5 - 202021$1,600,000
Anthropic logo
Anthropic is an AI safety and research company that’s working to build reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems.
San FranciscoCA100 - 2002021$7,553,999,872
Immigo logo
1.5B English learners around the world struggle to find effective yet affordable ways to practice and improve their English. One-on-one classes are expensive, one-to-many classes don’t give you enough time to speak and self-learning apps like Duolingo don
San FranciscoCA2 - 102021$1,370,000
Meazure Learning logo
Meazure Learning is a full-service testing solutions company for academic, professional, and lifelong learners. It is the world's most secure testing network and platform as the first end-to-end testing provider – incorporating psychometrics, test developm
HooverAL200 - 5002020
Spokn logo
Spokn is a podcasting platform for work. We help companies improve their internal communications, training and employee engagement through a format their employees love: audio.
New YorkNY20 - 502020$4,075,000
Lumist logo
Lumist is an integrated study app where learning starts with asking questions. With the snap of a picture, students can receive detailed step-by-step solutions for any academic question they have. The app also features a variety of livestream and pre-recor
New YorkNY50 - 1002020$10,000,000
Emile logo
Building the MasterClass for high school education. Members can access on-demand premium courses across multiple subjects for actual high school and college credits, and join a global community.
Los AngelesCA50 - 1002020$34,700,000
Digital Health and Discovery Platform (DHDP) logo
The new Digital Health and Discovery Platform will help us to transform cancer research and care in Canada by enabling the new Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres network to analyze enormous amounts of genomic and clinical data to find new and better ways to t
New YorkNY5 - 202020
Gable logo
Gable connects companies and their employees to flexible, scalable, and cost-effective hybrid offices.
San FranciscoCA5 - 202020$16,320,000
HedgeHog Health. logo
Revolutionizing wellness care for families with children diagnosed with autism through unique services, software, and products.
Royal OakMI2 - 102020$1,200,000
HOKALI is a marketplace that helps individual sport enthusiast find and book lessons from local coaching academies.
San FranciscoCA5 - 202020$240,000
Parallel Learning logo
Parallel is the first tech-forward provider of learning assessments and treatment solutions for students with learning differences. The company specializes in virtual neurodevelopmental assessments and support services for conditions such as dyslexia, dysg
New YorkNY5 - 202020$28,925,000
Expressable logo
Expressable is an online speech therapy practice for everyone with a communication disorder. It has pioneered a parent-focused care model that uses technology and education to integrate speech therapy techniques into children's daily lives, improving outco
AustinTX20 - 502020$19,500,000
AnalyticaX logo
AnalyticaX is an online, subscription-based educational company teaching proper diversification of physical and digit assets.
Los AngelesCA10 - 502020$3,492,550
Beereaders logo
Beereaders is a digital platform that promotes literacy skills among Spanish-speaking students presenting personalized learning and using original Spanish content in a game-like experience.
AustinTX50 - 2002020$7,695,000
Alltruists logo
Kid-friendly, at-home volunteer projects in a box, delivered bimonthly
Los AngelesCA5 - 102020
Unicycle logo
We’re on a mission to reimagine the classroom. Today’s educators and students need tomorrow’s tools to teach and learn more effectively—from anywhere, in any form. Legacy 'Learning Management Systems' reflect a disappointing status quo: bloated, obsolete,
PortlandOR5 - 102020
Engageli logo
Engageli is a digital learning platform for higher education. We believe that human connection, interaction and inclusion are critical ingredients for transformative learning in any classroom. This is why Engageli is built from scratch on the fundamentals
San MateoCA50 - 2002020$47,500,000
BoldVoice logo
BoldVoice is a communication coaching app that helps non-native speakers improve their communication and confidence. The company's application helps foreign-born professionals and students in the US to improve their English accents via hyper-personalized c
New YorkNY5 - 102020$5,625,000
Edge Pathways logo
Edge Pathways brings together high schools, universities, and employers to offer a transformative educational experience.
New YorkNY2 - 102020$8,000,000
Metafy logo
Metafy is a platform that enables online players in the world to monetize their talent through one on one coaching and courses. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Los AngelesCA100 - 2002020$33,749,992
TRACT logo
For kids, by kids online community and content marketplace for student-directed learning
San FranciscoCA20 - 502020$9,000,000
Colabra logo
Colabra makes scientific teams more efficient with real-time collaboration, integration of all data, and agile project management.
San FranciscoCA5 - 202020$1,650,000
OpenMind logo
Openmind is an online training and education platform designed to connect with mentors and develop skills. Its platform connects users from various fields and domains seeking specific skill sets with mentors online who guide them through text messaging, en
San FranciscoCA5 - 102020$4,249,999
Ilk logo
ilk is a holistic center for child care with early learning, child care programs, recruiting educators, and connecting families benefits. The company’s service matches parents with caregivers.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102020$125,000
Campfire logo
Campfire is building the future of live-learning. We're getting started by helping companies to develop critical human skills with their employees. We intend to make this type of learning experience accessible to everyone.
LehiUT20 - 502020$2,050,000
BookClub logo
BookClub is a virtual book club platform that provides an new way for readers and writers to connect and discuss books.
Salt Lake CityUT50 - 1002020$26,000,000
Maven logo
Maven is a developer of an online cohort-based leadership program designed to create a community where anyone can start their own course.
AustinTX20 - 1002020$25,072,476 logo operates as an online climate school. collaborates with experts from the field to offer learners an overview of the entire climate landscape.
StanfordCA50 - 5002020$8,387,278
Learn In logo
Learn In provides a comprehensive upskilling-as-a-service platform, which enables companies to offer employees sabbaticals, during which time they can acquire the new skills that are essential within an evolving workplace. It delivers companies and their e
San FranciscoCA20 - 502020$23,500,000
Hello Genius Inc logo
Hello Genius is an app-based learning system that connects parents and children through personalized learning experiences. It is designed to reveal the unique skills, passions, and capabilities of every child and to bring value to parents and guardians thr
San FranciscoCA5 - 202020$5,000,000
Epihub logo
Epihub develops a computer platform designed to automate assessments from students. The platform gathers data for students, has backward design and one-on-one instruction scale, enabling teachers to to teach in more effective and convenient ways.
New YorkNY2 - 102020$125,000
SchoolHouse logo
SchoolHouse helps families set up at-home, in-person Learning Pods--groups of 4-8 students of same or similar-aged students learning, socializing, and developing together. The company was co-founded by Brian Tobal and Joseph Connor in 2020 and is headquart
New YorkNY10 - 502020$8,100,000
ZOE logo
Zoe is a remote learning network that allows students and teachers to interact, develop, and learn 21st century skills from any place.
BaltimoreMD2 - 102020
Otter logo
Otter is on a mission to create a world of care and opportunity by connecting parents who need childcare with stay-at-home parents who can care for their kids.
San FranciscoCA20 - 502020$30,799,992
Koala logo
Re-inventing how we teach on the internet
San FranciscoCA5 - 202020$1,500,000
InStride logo
As the premier global provider of strategic enterprise education, InStride enables employers to provide career-boosting education to their employees, through leading global academic institutions across the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Australia. Named as one o
Los AngelesCA100 - 5002019
Meemo logo
Meemo is a FinTech company providing an app used to send and receive money to friends and family, and delighting users with automatic personal rewards based on their recent activity. This includes personalized offers and shopping deals, Weekly Review stori
Blue BellPA10 - 502019
GiantLeap logo
GiantLeap is a science-backed platform designed in partnership with the Texas Medical Center where parents can evaluate their children’s brain, language, motor, and social development from home, without having to depend on external support. The platform re
Santa MonicaCA5 - 202019$900,000
GetSetUp logo
GetSetUp is an online platform and community that helps older adults enjoy more fulfilling, independent, and socially connected lives through learning. GetSetUp offers on-demand, engaging learning experiences that range from teaching everyday technical ski
St. GeorgeUT50 - 2002019$20,000,000
Sales Impact Academy logo
Sales Impact Academy is an educational organization currently based in London, Ohio, United States. It has been founded in 2019.
SeattleWA100 - 2002019
Box Media logo
Box Media is a British organization currently based in London, Greater London, United Kingdom. It has been founded by Alasdair Munn, Michelle Czarnik, and Elisabetta Zucchi.
20 - 502019
ZipSchool logo
ZipSchool offers live online classes on various topics for kids aged between 4 and 9.
Miami BeachFL10 - 502019$125,000
Braintrust Tutors logo
Braintrust is an education marketplace that supports vulnerable learners. Dosage tutoring programmers are tailored to individual requirements. They are certified educators working with struggling learners for a more personalized tutoring experience. Braint
New YorkNY5 - 202019$2,500,000
MeetMonk logo
MeetMonk is a browser-based and device-agnostic video conferencing platform that offers Group Meetings, Webinars, and Learning Management System. MeetMonk offers seamless Virtual UrgentCare solutions to doctors and patients. The company was founded in 201
DenverCO10 - 502019
ChalkTalk logo
Using results from a student placement test, ChalkTalk’s machine-learning software generates standards-aligned curriculum customized to fit within the existing class schedule. Lesson plans, instructional materials, and small group activities are adaptively
New YorkNY20 - 502019$3,000,000
Codon Learning logo
Codon Learning is a STEM courseware company that promotes evidence-based teaching. The company was established in 2019 and is headquartered in Golden, Colorado.
GoldenCO5 - 202019$1,674,684
Pipeline logo
The leading educational platform and community for content creators.
AustinTX10 - 502019$2,000,000
LegUP logo
LegUp is building the universal waitlist, enrollment and payment platform for the child care industry.
SeattleWA5 - 202019$1,135,000
Point Of Beginning logo
Point of Beginning provides young people with broad exposure to the world of learning and with database of postsecondary opportunities.
CA10 - 502019$3,550,000
The Skills logo
The Skills is the premier online sports education platform - where the world's top athletes teach online courses in their field of expertise
Manhattan BeachCA5 - 102019$4,942,354
The @ Company logo
We believe that everyone should own their own data, control who has access to it, and to be able to update it in real-time across any platform and new privacy regulations demand this. We make it very easy for developers to build privacy complaint apps on o
10 - 502019
Ello logo
The world’s first AI reading coach that works with real books.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502019$15,450,000
iPondr logo
iPondr is a NEW essential in digital news and information media. iPondr offers an opportunity to experience Life Outside Your Bubble in empathetic human-centered storytelling, while inviting rich feedback that forms the basis of a new type of data; Social
MinneapolisMN5 - 202019$4,000,000
Edlyft logo
Edlyft is a paid support platform that helps college students and adult learners through CS courses, by pairing them with inclusive mentors, online group tutoring, and tools for navigating complex subjects.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502019$1,550,000
Mentorcam logo
Mentorcam gives people access to renowned experts and public figures for 1-on-1 mentorship and advice.
Los AngelesCA10 - 502019$5,500,000
Lightup Data logo
Stay on top of data quality. Detect data drift and data outages before they hurt product experience and business decisions. Get started in minutes with a free trial. Continuously monitor all your data assets across the enterprise.
San MateoCA10 - 502019$22,230,728
Virtually logo
Virtually is an online school that helps in bridging live conferencing, payment-processing, and student management in one place.
SeattleWA5 - 202019$1,875,000
Bezos Academy logo
Bezos Academy is a non-profit organization whose mission is to launch and operate a network of tuition-free Montessori-inspired preschools in underserved communities.
SeattleWA200 - 5002019
Outtalent logo
Outtalent helps top software engineers from emerging markets get jobs abroad at companies like Google, Airbnb, and Stripe. Outtalent was founded in 2019 by Tilek Mamutov and Meder Mamutov.
San FranciscoCA5 - 202019$150,000
Rex Academy logo
The best in class and world leader in peer to peer platform to acquire knowledge or teach computer science to anyone, anywhere and anytime.
MilwaukeeWI20 - 502019$200,000
Careerist logo
Careerist is a career management platform for global knowledge workers empowering its users with a proprietary career score, customizable career action plan, and resources to move careers forward at every stage.
MiamiFL200 - 1,0002019$9,250,000
Prisms Of Reality logo
Prisms of Reality is a STEM education platform that utilizes virtual reality.
San FranciscoCA20 - 502019$19,144,506
Qwasar Silicon valley logo
Qwasar is a learning platform used to facilitate training programs that develop technical skills for the digital economy. Our model is an iteration of previous product experience. As the economy and labor demands shift, jobs require increasing levels of c
OaklandCA20 - 1002019$100,000
Hellosaurus logo
Hellosaurus is reinventing children’s programming for touchscreen audiences, initially focusing on kids between the ages of 2 and 8. Rooted in early childhood education principles of engagement, with a belief that children’s content should leverage mobile
New YorkNY10 - 502019$3,625,000
Cotter logo
Cotter is a passwordless authentication service that allows users to add a one-tap login on the website and apps in less than 15 minutes. The company is based in San Francisco, California.
San FranciscoCA5 - 102019
Listle logo
Listle allows people to listen to audio articles on the Internet. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California and founded in 2019.
Mountain ViewCA1 - 102019$150,000
Neolth logo
At Neolth, we’re on a mission to help students stress less and become part of our compassionate community. Neolth is used by schools, youth and health organizations, who provide our solution to students as self-guided stress and mental health support. The
Walnut CreekCA10 - 1002018$855,000
Lightship logo
Lightship is the premier provider of enterprise level, direct-to-patient clinical research solutions. We engage patients at home, making participation in clinical research more accessible to everyone. Redefining trials. Providing hope for all.
Menlo ParkCA50 - 1002018$60,000,000
FabuLingua logo
FabuLingua is a 1st-of-its-kind, subscription-based mobile game where kids “Play to Learn” new languages. The game is centered around our story-based learning system IP that makes it easy for kids to understand games and stories in a new language. We empow
AustinTX10 - 502018$2,730,000
Amira Learning logo
The first Intelligent Reading Assistant that listens, assesses & coaches, Amira accelerates reading mastery. Proven in field tests conducted by leading universities, Amira helps K-3 students become motivated, masterful readers.
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002018$40,341,112
Key2Enable Assistive Technology logo
Key2Enable is an EdTech company providing assistive technology for people with severe mental, intellectual and physical disabilities.
St. LouisMO5 - 202018$150,000
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