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Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
SambaNova SambaNova 2017 $1,141,254,656 Palo Alto, CA Corporation founded in 2017 200 500
Dataminr Dataminr 2009 $1,052,012,608 New York City, NY The Leading AI Platform for Real-Time Event and Risk Detection 500 1,000
DataRobot DataRobot 2012 $1,000,598,016 Boston, MA Enabling the AI-driven enterprise. 1,000 5,000
Scale AI Scale AI 2016 $602,620,032 San Francisco, CA The Data Platform for AI: High quality training and validation data for AI applications. 200 500
DMAI DMAI 2017 500000000 CNY Los Angeles, CA Lift humanity with cognitive AI platforms 200 500
Evolv Technology Evolv Technology 2013 $398,319,104 Waltham, MA The Human Security Company 100 200
Eightfold Eightfold 2016 $396,750,016 Mountain View, CA The most effective way to identify promising candidates, reach diversity hiring goals, and retain top performers. 200 500
WorkFusion WorkFusion 2010 $341,300,000 New York City, NY WorkFusion’s #IntelligentAutomation deploys at speed & scale, to reduce costs, up-skill workforces and unlock growth. 200 500
Fractal Fractal 2000 $325,000,000 New York City, NY We are anAsset Management and Equipment Reliability consulting company committed to working closely with our clients. 500 5,000
Verbit Verbit 2017 $319,000,000 New York City, NY Corporation founded in 2017 200 500
Komodo Health Komodo Health 2014 $314,000,000 San Francisco, CA In our mission to reduce the burden of disease, our Healthcare Map™ answers healthcare's most complicated questions. 200 500
Globality Globality 2015 $310,550,016 Menlo Park, CA Revolutionize the way your company buys and sells services with Smart Sourcing™ powered by AI. 200 500
Moveworks Moveworks 2016 $305,000,000 Mountain View, CA Advanced AI Built for the Enterprise 200 500
Tempo Tempo 2015 $298,800,000 San Francisco, CA The game-changing home gym that tracks your motion and improves your form. 100 500
Stafory (Robot Vera) Stafory (Robot Vera) 2015 293100000 RUB San Francisco, CA Empowers your HR routine: screening interviews, assessments, employee onboarding, exit-interviews 50 100
K Health K Health 2016 $271,344,992 New York City, NY Digital primary care for less. We use smart technology to bring you top-notch medical care at a fraction of the price. 200 500
Clari Clari 2012 $271,000,000 Sunnyvale, CA Transforming your Revenue Operations to be more connected, efficient and predictable. We're hiring! 200 500
Zest AI Zest AI 2009 $250,000,000 Burbank, CA Zest AI makes the power of machine learning safe to use in credit underwriting. 50 200
MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab 2017 $240,000,000 Cambridge, MA Educational organization founded in 2017 10 20
C3 C3 2009 $228,478,592 Redwood City, CA Business 500 1,000
Uniphore Uniphore 2008 $220,875,008 Chennai, India Transforming the customer service industry combining AI, automation and RPA capabilities. 200 500
Paige Paige 2018 $220,000,000 New York City, NY Bridging Vision & Precision 100 500
SoundHound Inc. SoundHound Inc. 2005 $215,000,000 Santa Clara, CA Pioneering solutions for a voice-enabled world. We help the world's top brands build custom voice assistants. 200 500
Wave Computing Wave Computing 2010 $203,310,000 Campbell, CA Helping companies accelerate artificial intelligence from the data center to the edge. 100 500 2016 $200,000,992 San Francisco, CA Corporation founded in 2016 200 1,000
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