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Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
Argo AI Argo AI 2016 $3,600,000,000 Pittsburgh, PA We’re building self-driving technology you can trust. 1,000 5,000
Magic Leap Magic Leap 2010 $2,978,500,096 Plantation, FL Pioneering a wearable augmented reality platform to amplify enterprise productivity. 1,000 5,000
SambaNova SambaNova 2017 $1,141,254,656 Palo Alto, CA Corporation founded in 2017 200 500
Zoox Zoox 2014 $1,005,000,000 Foster City, CA We’re reinventing personal transportation - making the future safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable for everyone. 1,000 5,000
Olive Olive 2012 $856,322,176 Columbus, OH Olive’s AI workforce makes healthcare more efficient, more affordable, and more human - improving your bottom line today 500 1,000
Anduril Industries Anduril Industries 2017 $691,000,000 Irvine, CA Tomorrow's Defense Today 200 500
Scale AI Scale AI 2016 $602,620,032 San Francisco, CA The Data Platform for AI: High quality training and validation data for AI applications. 200 500
Plus Plus 2016 $520,000,000 Cupertino, CA Enabling safer and more fuel-efficient commercial transport through automated trucks 100 500
DMAI DMAI 2017 500000000 CNY Los Angeles, CA Lift humanity with cognitive AI platforms 200 500
Tonal Tonal 2015 $450,000,000 San Francisco, CA Meet the Ultimate Strength Studio. Tonal's expert coaching and advanced digital weight allow you to #BeYourStrongest. 200 500
Evolv Technology Evolv Technology 2013 $398,319,104 Waltham, MA The Human Security Company 100 200
Eightfold Eightfold 2016 $396,750,016 Mountain View, CA The most effective way to identify promising candidates, reach diversity hiring goals, and retain top performers. 200 500
ASAPP ASAPP 2014 $380,000,000 New York City, NY AI-Native Products Built to Make Customer Experiences Radically More Productive. 200 500
Groq Groq 2016 $362,275,552 Mountain View, CA Machine Learning with Push-button Performance 100 500
Shield AI Shield AI 2015 $348,144,992 San Diego, CA Shield AI’s mission is to protect service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems. 100 500
Skydio Skydio 2014 $340,000,000 Redwood City, CA World leader in autonomous flight. We use AI to create intelligent flying machines. 100 500
Verbit Verbit 2017 $319,000,000 New York City, NY Corporation founded in 2017 200 500 2017 $310,000,000 Guangzhou, People's Republic of China Corporation founded in 2017 200 500
Moveworks Moveworks 2016 $305,000,000 Mountain View, CA Advanced AI Built for the Enterprise 200 500
Tempo Tempo 2015 $298,800,000 San Francisco, CA The game-changing home gym that tracks your motion and improves your form. 100 500
Stafory (Robot Vera) Stafory (Robot Vera) 2015 293100000 RUB San Francisco, CA Empowers your HR routine: screening interviews, assessments, employee onboarding, exit-interviews 50 100
K Health K Health 2016 $271,344,992 New York City, NY Digital primary care for less. We use smart technology to bring you top-notch medical care at a fraction of the price. 200 500
Berkshire Grey Berkshire Grey 2013 $263,000,000 Bedford, MA Robotic Automation to Pick, Pack, & Sort for Omnichannel Fulfillment 200 500
Deep Instinct Deep Instinct 2015 $259,100,000 New York City, NY WE PREVENT WHAT OTHERS CAN'T FIND! 100 500
MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab 2017 $240,000,000 Cambridge, MA Educational organization founded in 2017 10 20
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