USA Startup Funding Report 2022

Updated on November 20, 2023
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Connor Leech

This report will look at startup funding rounds that have gone down so far in 2022 for companies HQ'd out of the U.S. We'll look at the largest rounds and early stage rounds.

USA Startup Funding Report 2022

For the past few months in March, April and May I've published posts on companies that have raised Venture Capital funding from financiers. These are financing rounds for private companies and span across the spectrum from Pre Seed, Seed and Series A rounds all the way up through mega rounds that captains of industry are raising in private markets. In this post we're going to reflect back on the year so far to review some of the most notable corporate investment rounds.

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Though you can access all the data through the Employbl dashboard we'll present some findings on 2022 corporate financing here. We'll start with the largest rounds and then move on to financing rounds more traditionally associated with "startups".

Largest Funding Rounds 2022

Depending on who you ask "startup" means different things to different people. I'm going to start with the broadest definition and look at funding rounds for companies that are still funded in private markets. This is funding rounds for companies that are still private meaning they haven't "gone public" through an Initial Public Offering, SPAC or Initial Coin Offering.

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Without further ado here are the largest financing rounds of 2022 so far. These companies are "startups" pretty much in the loosest possible definition of the word. I removed "Debt Financing" rounds because I learned that's pretty much just when companies take out a loan. So I'm not a finance person but I guess these are "equity rounds" meaning when companies sell part of the company to financiers in exchange for cash to grow their businesses.

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Company Name HQ Location Founded Year Round Date Round Name Amount Raised
Epic Games Cary, NC 1991 2022-04-10 Series Unknown $2,000,000,000
SpaceX Hawthorne, CA 2002 2022-05-23 Series Unknown $1,500,000,000
Flexport San Francisco, CA 2013 2022-02-06 Series E $935,000,000
The Boring Company Hawthorne, CA 2016 2022-04-19 Series C $675,000,000
Cross River Fort Lee, NJ 2008 2022-03-29 Series D $620,000,000
Anthropic San Francisco, CA 2021 2022-04-28 Series B $580,000,000
AvantStay West Hollywood, CA 2017 2022-02-15 Private Equity $500,000,000
Wisk Mountain View, CA 2019 2022-01-23 Corporate Round $450,000,000
Yuga Labs Miami, FL 2021 2022-03-21 Seed $450,000,000
ConsenSys New York, NY 2014 2022-02-13 Series D $450,000,000
ConsenSys New York, NY 2014 2022-02-13 Series D $450,000,000
Weee! Fremont, CA 2015 2022-02-27 Series E $425,000,000
project44 Chicago, IL 2014 2022-01-10 Private Equity $420,000,000
Group14 Technologies Woodinville, WA 2015 2022-05-03 Series C $400,000,000
Miro San Francisco, CA 2011 2022-01-04 Series C $400,000,000
Memphis Meats Berkeley, CA 2015 2022-04-20 Series C $400,000,000
Circle Boston, MA 2013 2022-04-11 Private Equity $400,000,000
8minute Solar Energy Los Angeles, CA 2009 2022-01-18 Private Equity $400,000,000
Fractal 2000 2022-01-04 Private Equity $360,000,000
Bolt San Francisco, CA 2014 2022-01-13 Series E $355,000,000

I had to double check that Anthropic round. Company founded in 2021 raised $580 million? Yup. It'd be interesting to see how these companies are doing in a few months. I'm sure the valutations were super high with all this money raised and now that crypto is crashing and the economy is going into recession these companies might have lots of cash but could be in trouble long term.

And ya Yuga Labs isn't a typo either. $450 million "Seed" round for some crypto idea dudes in Miami thought of last year. Their website says they're shaping Web3 through storytelling. You can't make this shit up.

Largest Early Stage Funding Rounds

So now for what is pretty universally accepted as startups. Most people think of startups as Series A or earlier. Some people think that companies that raise Series A are no longer startups but whatever we're including them. These are the largest Pre Seed, Seed and Series A early stage startup funding rounds of 2022 so far.

Yup not a typo Yuga Labs and Binance Exchange raised hundreds of millions of dollars to roll up the crypto space before it can even get started. I'm sure their investors will make plenty of tomorrow but I won't be suprised to see these companies are Web3 is Going Great. Okay I'm done being salty here's the list :)

Company Name HQ Location Founded Year Round Date Round Name Amount Raised
Yuga Labs Miami, FL 2021 2022-03-21 Seed $450,000,000
Binance Exchange San Francisco, CA 2019 2022-04-05 Seed $200,000,000
ITrustCapital Los Angeles, CA 2018 2022-01-18 Series A $125,000,000
Luminous Computing Palo Alto, CA 2018 2022-03-02 Series A $105,000,000
CoinTracker San Francisco, CA 2017 2022-01-26 Series A $100,000,000
Island Dallas, TX 2020 2022-01-31 Series A $100,000,000
Hadrian Hawthorne, CA 2020 2022-03-30 Series A $90,000,000
Voltron Data Mountain View, CA 2021 2022-02-15 Series A $88,000,000
MoonPay Miami, FL 2018 2022-04-12 Series A $87,000,000
AmbAgon Therapeutics San Francisco, CA 2020 2022-01-05 Series A $85,000,000
Mojo New York, NY 2021 2022-03-08 Series A $75,000,000
Observe San Mateo, CA 2017 2022-05-10 Series A $70,000,000
ArriVent Biopharma Pennsylvania Furnace, PA 2021 2022-02-14 Series A $69,000,000
Ansa Biotechnologies Emeryville, CA 2018 2022-04-10 Series A $68,000,000
Our Next Energy Novi, MI 2020 2022-02-28 Series A $65,000,000
Eyebiotech New York, NY 2021 2022-02-21 Series A $65,000,000
Alterome Therapeutics San Diego, CA 2021 2022-01-18 Series A $64,000,000
Colossal Biosciences Dallas, TX 2021 2022-03-08 Series A $60,000,000
Everyrealm New York, NY 2021 2022-02-09 Series A $60,000,000
AndHealth Columbus, OH 2021 2022-02-09 Seed $57,000,000

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Connor Leech

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