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As a product focused company we mainly leverage our resources for product enfacements and ongoing profitable revenue generation. Our flagship product is the 'Efficient Frontier' lead generator which provides high net worth individuals as leads to organizations who service them. For your our business, data can be your an incredibly useful indicator if used correctly. There is a way to not only gain mastery over your data, but let it guide you towards more profitable insights and large cost saving initiatives. Our use of data science techniques have saved (and made) millions of dollars for our clients. Products like DataBricks have made it easy by allowing you to leverage your SQL skills and made is easy to create a data warehouse with all of your information to and gain insights into your operations. It provides a data science platform for building models that can have a tremendous impact on your organization and be a single source of truth for profound APIs that your development team can leverage. For a great introduction to these concepts see:

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