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Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
Acutus Medical Acutus Medical 2011 $308,176,448 Carlsbad, CA Manufacturing company founded in 2011 100 500
Ostendo Technologies Ostendo Technologies 2005 $192,139,952 Carlsbad, CA Organization founded in 2005 50 200
CommonGrounds CommonGrounds 2016 $140,000,000 Carlsbad, CA Construction company founded in 2016 50 100
Medsphere Systems Medsphere Systems 2002 $134,211,576 Carlsbad, CA Comprehensive EHR and RCM solutions for inpatient and ambulatory facilities with outsourced managed IT services and SCM. 50 200
SeaSpine SeaSpine 2002 $87,800,000 Carlsbad, CA Manufacturing company founded in 2002 200 500
Bank Of Southern California Bank Of Southern California 2001 $86,000,000 Carlsbad, CA Making a difference in our clients'‚Äč businesses by providing superior financial solutions in Southern California 100 500
ChromaCode ChromaCode 2012 $56,000,000 Carlsbad, CA REDEFINING MOLECULAR TESTING THROUGH DATA SCIENCE 20 50
Pardes Biosciences Pardes Biosciences 2020 $51,614,996 Carlsbad, CA Corporation founded in 2020 2 10
Ezoic Ezoic 2010 $38,600,000 Carlsbad, CA Machine learning for publishers. Improve revenue, UX, and decision-making using A.I. Google Certified Publishing Partner 100 500
Raken Raken 2012 $12,000,000 Carlsbad, CA Construction management software offering solutions for daily reporting, production tracking, safety, and more. 50 200
Nalu Medical Nalu Medical 2014 $11,915,367 Carlsbad, CA Organization founded in 2014 10 50
Redemption Games Redemption Games 2015 $5,000,000 Carlsbad, CA We make well crafted mobile games. We are an independent studio based in San Diego, funded by Supercell. 20 50
Sentry Residential Sentry Residential 2018 Carlsbad, CA Our mission is to honor and serve those who have served by making their home ownership dreams our first priority. 100 500
Atrium Atrium 2018 Carlsbad, CA Unlock the power of your data. 50 200
Advanced Diabetes Supply Advanced Diabetes Supply 2002 Carlsbad, CA Our philosophy is to encourage and promote active disease management, resulting in optimum glucose control. 100 500
KnowledgeCity KnowledgeCity 2007 Carlsbad, CA Educational institution founded in 2007 100 500
C Squared Social C Squared Social 2012 Carlsbad, CA We specialize in targeted digital advertising that delivers results. 50 200
High Moon Studios High Moon Studios 2001 Carlsbad, CA Video game developer 50 200
Numera Inc Numera Inc 1998 Seattle, WA Take charge of your health. 500 1,000
Airspace Technologies Airspace Technologies 2017 Carlsbad, CA LOGISTICS REINVENTED 50 200
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