Companies with Offices in Pasadena

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Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals 1989 $449,882,880 Pasadena, CA Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals develops medicines that treat intractable diseases by silencing the genes that cause them. 200 500
Rockley Photonics Rockley Photonics 2013 $357,000,000 Pasadena, CA Company in Pasadena, United States 100 500
Embodied Inc Embodied Inc 2016 $58,132,204 Pasadena, CA Revolutionizing robotics 20 100
Kitchen United Kitchen United 2017 $50,000,000 Pasadena, CA Kitchen United provides restaurant operators a turnkey way to accelerate growth and reach the off-premise diner. 50 200
Virtualitics Virtualitics 2015 $30,591,000 Pasadena, CA Organization founded in 2015 50 200
ObEN Inc ObEN Inc 2014 $23,700,000 Pasadena, CA We create Personal AI (PAI), an intelligent avatar that looks, talks and behaves like you. 20 50
Deep 6 AI Deep 6 AI 2015 $17,120,000 Pasadena, TX Find More Patients in Minutes, Not Months 20 50
GuRu GuRu 2017 $15,000,000 Pasadena, CA Creating an Ecosystem of Wireless Power 20 50
POWER.GLOBAL POWER.GLOBAL 2019 $5,050,000 Pasadena, CA Motor vehicle manufacturer founded in 2019 10 50
Goalswell Goalswell 2021 $1,500,000 Pasadena, CA Medical organization founded in 2021 10 50
TvScientific TvScientific 2020 $1,500,000 Pasadena, CA Organization founded in 2020 20 50
Imperial Health Plan Of California Imperial Health Plan Of California Pasadena, CA Deliver valuable care so that our members are healthy in body, mind, and spirit to achieve their inherent potential. 200 500
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