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CreatorDAO logo
CreatorDAO is a decentralized community that invests in creators by providing capital, technology, and operational support. It was founded in 2022 and is based in Los Angeles, CA.
Los AngelesCA5 - 202022$20,000,000
Vibe Bio logo
Vibe Bio is a community of patients, scientists, and partners committed to identifying, funding and developing promising treatments to rare diseases and empowering patient communities with unprecedented ownership over the process.Join us
BostonMA5 - 202022$12,000,000
TigerEye logo
TigerEye is a chemical company currently based in San Francisco, California, United States. It has been founded in 2022.
San FranciscoCA5 - 202022$35,000,000
Pin logo
PIN provides the back office, legal framework, and handles yearly taxes to enable groups to raise investment clubs from communities of people. We're structured to allow communities to raise from accredited & unaccredited investors.
New YorkNY5 - 202022$5,600,000
Cofertility logo
Cofertility is a human-first fertility ecosystem rewriting the egg freezing and egg donation experience. Our Freeze by Co platform enables women to freeze their eggs for free when they donate half of the eggs to a family that otherwise can’t conceive. For
Los AngelesCA5 - 202022$5,000,000
AstroForge logo
At AstroForge, our mission is to expand humanity’s capabilities to utilize the untapped resources in space.
Huntington BeachCA20 - 502021$13,000,000
Eqtble logo
eqtble is a next-generation people analytics and HR data platform that works to increase your HR efficiency through intuitive goals and metrics tracking. eqtble is changing the way companies approach diversity and inclusion with innovative analytics meant
New YorkNY5 - 102021$2,825,000
Stellar Sleep logo
Stellar Sleep is a mobile app that helps you get better sleep using psychology. Stellar Sleep uses a combination of behavioral therapy, habit building social accountability, and gamification to create an enjoyable, yet clinically effective way for people t
BostonMA10 - 502021$6,000,000
Trunk logo
Trunk is an organization currently based in San Francisco, California, United States. It has been founded in 2021 by Matt Matheson.
Los AngelesCA10 - 502021
Runway logo
Runway Financial predates computers and the popularization of negative numbers. The company builds a consumer-grade social product that reinvents how business financials are presented through modern design and engineering. By bringing clarity, power, and s
San FranciscoCA20 - 502021$39,000,000
Mindstate Design Labs logo
Mindstate Design Labs is a preclinical-stage biotechnology company developing the next generation of psychedelic-inspired therapeutics for intractable mental health conditions. The company maps the biological basis of the varieties of psychedelic experienc
PittsburghPA5 - 202021$11,625,000
Albedo logo
Albedo designs and operates satellites that capture imagery at a resolution 9x higher than what's available today. We're modernizing how satellite imagery is used by providing transparent, near real-time access to our ultra-high resolution datasets.
DenverCO20 - 502020$58,000,000
Jupe logo
Jupe (YC S21) is building a universal autonomous housing platform for 1.5 billion humans.
Los AngelesCA5 - 202020$9,500,000
Cohere logo
Cohere is an online portal that offers solutions like real-time guidance, live streams, multiple interactions, and monitoring user issues.
New YorkNY10 - 502020$3,250,000
Cron logo
Cron Calendar. Schedule meetings and control your time like never before. Time zone conversions. Multiple accounts. A cleaner, faster interface, and — did we mention it comes with dark mode? Get early access at
San FranciscoCA5 - 102020$3,500,000
Parcha AI logo
Parcha is an AI-powered enterprise software that enables businesses to automate their scale compliance and operations.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102020$5,000,000
Formic logo
At Formic, we want to increase the collective output of humanity by making automation deployments trivial and easy. Every factory should have access to unlimited 'labor' through robotics and automation rentals. We are building technology, financing, operat
ChicagoIL20 - 1002020$31,900,000
ByNext logo
By Next is an all in one cleaning service. Our services range from house cleaning to dry cleaning and are all eco-friendly.
New YorkNY100 - 5002020$27,800,000
Coordinate logo
Coordinate is a collaborative customer portal that helps customer facing teams consistently deliver value to their customers at scale.
Redwood CityCA5 - 102020$5,500,000
Bristle logo
Bristle analyzes oral microbiome to measure oral health status - including risk factors for cavities, gum disease, and bad breath - then provides personalized insights to optimize and maintain oral health.
San FranciscoCA5 - 202020$3,000,000
Resolve logo
Resolve at its core improves traditional and cumbersome b2b payments. They facilitate deferred payments between businesses, but in a way that benefits both businesses. Resolve currently works with US-based manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. Defe
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002019$85,000,000
Datasaur logo
Humans evolved through the creation of tools. Come use the best tools for your data labeling needs.
SunnyvaleCA10 - 1002019$5,050,000
Pano logo
Pano AI (Pano) is the leader in early wildfire detection and intelligence, providing government, utilities, insurers, and private landowners with advanced tools and up-to-the-minute intelligence to quickly mitigate wildfire threats while protecting lives,
San FranciscoCA50 - 1002019$45,000,000
Kayhan Space logo
For operators of small or large constellations of satellites who need to have a complete situational awareness of their fleet with utmost reliability, Kayhan provides a fully scalable cloud-based collision avoidance service. Unlike other services, Kayhan’s
SchaumburgIL20 - 502019$4,270,000
Jinx logo
Jinx, stylized as J!NX, was a San Diego, California-based clothing line started by Sean Gailey and Tim Norris in 1999 that creates video game-themed apparel.
Los AngelesCA50 - 1002019$51,450,000
Eclipse Foods logo
Eclipse Foods is plant-based dairy products that are indistinguishable from animal dairy products. Using a novel plant-processing technology, Eclipse gives amazing dairy flavor, texture, and functionality without the health, environmental, and welfare issu
OaklandCA20 - 502019$55,650,000
Landed logo
Landed is a corporation headquartered in San Francisco. They are backed by top investors in Silicon Valley. Landed helps you find your next job, ASAP. Applying for a customer-facing role shouldn't require you to write resumes and cover letters. They just n
San FranciscoCA50 - 1002019$61,520,000
Curri logo
A single platform for your hotshot, scheduled, daily route, and LTL/FTL deliveries. With Curri integrated into your workflow, you’ll get 150 to 400 hours of your time back every year. Costly supply runs affect your bottom line. The more time spent mainta
OmahaNE100 - 2002018$48,150,000
Docucharm logo
Docucharm turns documents into structured data a computer can understand to accurately automate document processing workflows and to take away the need for human data entry. Docucharm’s API can understand various forms of documents (like paystubs, for exam
Mountain ViewCA1 - 102018$1,973,000
Berbix logo
Berbix is a developer of an identity verification software to verify photo IDs online. The company's instant ID checks provide platforms with reliable ways to verify age, fight chargebacks, enhance KYC, and deter marketplace fraud. Its platform includes fe
San FranciscoCA20 - 502018$11,620,000
Silo logo
Silo is a cloud-based online platform that enables customers to buy and sell wholesale produce, protein, dairy, and shelf-stable food in minutes. Its platform features automatic inventory, accounting, routing and logistics, and analytics on purchases, sale
San FranciscoCA100 - 2002018$169,000,000
Culdesac logo
Culdesac reimagines cities for people, not cars. Our first neighborhood is in Tempe, Arizona, and will be the first car-free neighborhood built from scratch in the United States. Culdesac has raised $17m in venture funding from Khosla Ventures, Zigg Capita
TempeAZ50 - 1002018$40,015,000
Around logo
Around provides an AI-based camera framing designed for high-impact video calls. It helps users take video meetings less intrusive and less clunky. Around gives users a clear view of their teammates while making space for work.
Redwood CityCA10 - 502018$15,200,000
Freedom Robotics logo
Freedom Robotics is a software company that creates powerful control and monitoring software for modern robotics companies. It also creates mission-critical software infrastructure to enable the next generation of robotics companies to build, operate, supp
San FranciscoCA10 - 502018$6,600,000
Kinside logo
Kinside gives parents everything they need to make work work: from securing a spot for your child, to paying for care online, and accessing tax savings and contributions from your employer.
OaklandCA20 - 502018$16,620,000 logo
Adyton is a veteran owned, venture backed, American public benefit corporation building world class mobile software products for people that serve.
DallasTX20 - 502018$14,164,000
SPATE logo
Spate is your machine intelligence solution for finding the next big trend. We use consumer behavior signals from across the web to identify new trends and understand why they're trending. We provide the data-backed insights needed for consumer brands to c
New YorkNY5 - 202018$1,800,000
Sentropy Technologies logo
Machine learning-powered tools to protect digital communities from hate and harassment
Palo AltoCA20 - 502018$13,000,000
Esper logo
Esper is empowering a new era of public administration with a platform that helps government evaluate and manage public policy.They partner with government to integrate and transform their data into actionable insights for more transparent, data-driven dec
AustinTX20 - 502018$10,716,406
Clockwork logo
Clockwork is building AI-powered robots to deliver express beauty services for people on the go.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502018$35,190,604
AVA Labs logo
AVA Labs makes it simple to launch finance applications using blockchain technology–with highly scalable and efficient networks, customizable public and private blockchains, the capability to create any digital asset, and more. We are empowering people to
New YorkNY200 - 5002018$640,000,000
Culdesac logo
Culdesac's mission is to build cities for people, not cars. We're the first post-car real estate developer, and our goal is to build the first car-free city in the US. We're starting with the first car-free neighborhood built from scratch - that's Culdesac
ArlingtonVA1 - 102018
Talos logo
Talos Trading is an institutional technology infrastructure provider that connects all crypto ecosystem participants to support a full trading lifecycle. Talos Trading is based in New York, NY and was co-founded by Anton Katz and Ethan Feldman in 2018.
New YorkNY50 - 2002018$145,000,000
JetFuel logo
JetFuel helps you win in the App Store. Fire up your mobile growth with direct-response influencer marketing.
San FranciscoCA20 - 502018
Routefusion logo
Routefusion is the standard for international bank-to-bank payments. Their industry-leading API enables their fintech, marketplace, financial institution, cross-border payments app, e-commerce platform, and others to make bank-to-bank international payouts
AustinTX20 - 502018$14,150,000
Career Karma logo
We help people that want to become software engineers by matching them with the right coding bootcamp and supporting them throughout their careers
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002018$51,937,500 logo
Our mission is to build an open, decentralized asset management industry. Hummingbot is an open source high-frequency (HFT) software client that allows anyone to run automated, algorithmic trading strategies that were previously available only to Wall Str
Mountain ViewCA20 - 1002017$14,818,300
Papa logo
Papa Technologies, LLC designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers airport transportation, doctor appointments, housing needs, grocery shopping, technology lessons, and companionship solutions for college students and senior citizens. Papa
MiamiFL500 - 1,0002017$241,204,992
Simple HealthKit logo
Simple HealthKit is a diverse, social impact diagnostic team of scientists, engineers, and physicians. We strive to provide the best healthcare for people in all communities through our commitment to developing highly affordable, accurate, full-service rap
FremontCA20 - 1002017$12,000,000
Torch Leadership Labs logo
Torch is a leadership development platform with integrated coaching, software, and feedback to raise high performers to the next level. It was founded by a team of executive coaches and experienced psychologists who are passionate about helping senior lead
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002017$87,823,480
Flock Safety logo
Flock Safety is a public safety-as-a-service company that builds ethically-designed crime-solving technology for neighborhoods, law enforcement, and cities who want the whole community to work together in eliminating crime. If a crime occurs, give the pol
AtlantaGA500 - 1,0002017$380,584,128
TRM Labs logo
TRM Labs, Inc. provides blockchain-based financial solutions. The Company delivers crypto asset compliance and risk management solutions. TRM Labs serves customers worldwide.
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002017$149,900,000
Terminal49 logo
Track all your containers with a single dashboard and a modern API that alerts you of any changes. Terminal 49 data covers 97% of global container traffic.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502017$8,700,000
CoinTracker logo
Nino Finance, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers platform which syncs balances, transactions, and ERC20 tokens from your local wallets and exchange accounts. Nino Finance serves customers in the State of California.
ClaymontDE50 - 2002017$101,620,000
Narrator logo
Narrator is an enterprise-grade data platform that allows anyone on your team to answer their own data questions, connect siloed data sources together, and sync any table to BI and SaaS tools without needing to be a SQL expert.
New YorkNY20 - 502017$13,603,213
Standard Cognition logo
Improving the retail checkout experience, by removing it entirely.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002017$239,379,200
Ro logo
Roman Health Medical LLC, doing business as Ro, operates as a healthcare technology company. The Company offers a platform created to help adults with health treatments, smoking cessation, pharmacy, and weight management, as well as enables users to track
New YorkNY200 - 1,0002017$1,026,099,968
Tundra logo
Join the zero-fee marketplace and shop the best brands at the best prices
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002017$38,000,000
Atrium LTS logo
Atrium is a full-service corporate law firm that uses modern technology to give startups a legal experience that is fast, transparent, and price-predictable.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002017$75,500,000
Fly logo offers an Application Delivery Network (ADN) intended to help website owners get connected with their customers easily. The company's application delivery network uses a global network of servers to accept visitor traffic, run middleware on requests
ChicagoIL10 - 502017$110,500,000
Chargehound logo
Fight chargeback fraud. Save time and money. Chargebacks are tedious to rebut yet costly to ignore. Revenue lost from chargebacks can be won back, but the dispute process is time-consuming and inefficient. With one simple integration, Chargehound automate
OaklandCA10 - 502016$120,000
HelloOffice logo
About HelloOffice is a technology-powered commercial real estate brokerage making the search for office space seamless and intelligent. HelloOffice is a technology-powered brokerage helping companies search for office space in a smarter and faster way. Hel
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002016$26,500,000
Upcall logo
Upcall is the human-powered engagement platform & API. Upcall provides U.S sales professionals on demand, enabling businesses to trigger human phone calls within seconds. Upcall is fast, scalable and cost a friction of a full-time sales rep. Upcall engages
San FranciscoCA20 - 502016$2,200,000
Medivis logo
Medivis is a New York City-based medical technology company harnessing augmented reality and artificial intelligence to advance medical imaging and surgical navigation.
New YorkNY10 - 502016$25,000,000
Rippling logo
Rippling is the first way for businesses to manage their HR & IT - from payroll and benefits, to employee devices and apps - all in one, modern system. In 90-seconds, a company can onboard a new employee and set up their payroll, health insurance, work co
San FranciscoCA2,000 - 5,0002016$1,196,999,936
Truepill logo
Truepill is a B2B pharmacy fulfillment service. They provide a pharmacy API and fulfillment of medications to 50 states from their own facilities. They work directly with D2C consumer brands (e.g. Hims, Nurx), digital health companies, and other healthcare
San MateoCA200 - 1,0002016$255,400,000
RankScience logo
Rank Science Inc. provides software solutions. The Company develops an A/B testing platform for search engine optimization (SEO). Rank Science serves customers in the United States.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502016$1,925,000
Athelas logo
At Athelas, we're bringing simple, life-changing health care products to people around the globe. The future of healthcare is at the home - we are a team of technologists building the next generation of medical products at the intersection of hardware and
Mountain ViewCA20 - 1002016$150,131,616
Empower logo
Empower Finance, Inc. provides financial services. The Company offers savings, mobile banking, and debit card services. Empower Finance serves customers in the United States.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002016$174,500,000
Apollo GraphQL logo
Learn about the Apollo platform: Client, Engine, GraphQL servers, GraphQL support, and more.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002016$183,200,000
Clipboard Health logo
Clipboard Health is a marketplace where nurses can search for jobs based on what they're qualified for and what they care about, and apply with one click.
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002016$94,120,000
Orderful logo
Orderful is a complete cloud EDI platform for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and technology companies. Forward-thinking companies are using Orderful to replace their existing EDI infrastructure. Our product is an API that enables companies to conn
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002016$29,000,000
Time by Ping logo
Awarded 2017’s LegalTech Startup of the Year by the American Bar Association, Time by Ping is an enterprise SaaS company that automates timekeeping for lawyers and provides analytics on time and billing data for law firms. If you're interested in joining
San FranciscoCA50 - 1002016$55,700,000 logo
Zenleads Inc., doing business as Apollo, designs and develops software. The Company provides a lead generation and sales communication platform for businesses. Apollo serves customers in the United States.
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002015$434,520,000
Vetcove logo
Vetcove is is an eCommerce platform that enables veterinary hospitals to research products, compare prices and what's in stock among vendors, and buy from one central location. It's like Trivago for veterinary hospitals to buy their pharmaceuticals, biolog
MiamiFL50 - 2002015$3,025,000
Color logo
Color is a population health technology company which provides genetic tests and analysis directly to patients as well as through employers. The product focuses on genes that indicate risk for heart disease, cancer, and that affect medication response.
BurlingameCA200 - 1,0002015$482,000,000
Landed logo
Landed, Inc. provides mortgage financing services. The Company offers debt-free financing that allows homebuyers to accept funds in exchange for part of the home's value when they refinance. Landed serves customers in the State of California.
San FranciscoCA50 - 1002015$61,520,000
Shelf Engine logo
Shelf Engine uses machine learning to help grocery stores dial in their orders to minimize waste and maximize profits. We're hiring across all functions! We're looking for stellar engineers, operators, and marketers. Are you interested in joining a tight-
SeattleWA50 - 1002015$58,220,000
WorkRamp logo
WorkRamp, Inc. develops employee training software. The Company offers software that enables managers, mentors, and buddies to collaborate in real-time, and used to implement, track, and manage the training program. WorkRamp serves customers in the United
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002015$67,200,000
DeferPanic, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers unikernel IaaS infrastructure platform for training, service integration, custom development, and other unikernel services. DeferPanic serves customers in the State of California.
San FranciscoCA5 - 202015$1,767,548
LTSE logo
The Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE) is an SEC-registered national securities exchange built to serve companies and investors who share a long-term vision.
San FranciscoCA50 - 1002015$169,356,000
The Mom Project logo
The Mom Project is a digital talent marketplace that helps women remain active in the workforce. With a community of over 500,000 talented professionals and more than 5,000 companies, The Mom Project is committed to building a better workplace for mothers
ChicagoIL200 - 5002015$115,600,000
Shogun logo
Shogun Labs, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers cloud-based page building software tools to drag and drop page builder for e-Commerce websites. Shogun Labs serves customers worldwide.
WalnutCA200 - 5002015$114,600,000
Goat Group logo
GOAT Group is the marketplace for authentic sneakers available under the GOAT and Flight Club brands. Its brands offer a selection of sneakers available through company-operated retail stores, e-commerce sites, and mobile apps under the GOAT and Flight Clu
Los AngelesCA500 - 2,0002015$492,600,000
Drip Capital logo
Drip Capital offers trade financing product targeted towards SMEs in developing markets. Its automated risk assessment model allows rapidly growing SMEs quick and easy access to finance. With a focus on technology, Drip aims to eliminate the hassle of pape
Palo AltoCA200 - 5002015$415,120,000
Returnbase logo
Returnbase offers reverse logistics as a service to help retailers sell returned and excess inventory.
Redwood CityCA2 - 102015
Triplebyte logo
TAKE OUR CODING QUIZ. Get offers from top tech companies
San FranciscoCA50 - 2002015$48,120,000
Eero logo
eero replaces your router and blankets your whole home in fast, reliable WiFi.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002015$92,000,000
LogDNA logo
Answerbook, Inc., doing business as LogDNA, designs and develops software. The Company provides cloud-based log management system that allows engineering to aggregate all system and application logs into one efficient platform. LogDNA serves clients in the
Mountain ViewCA100 - 5002015$108,420,000
Open Listings logo
Open Listings was an online real estate brokerage, focused exclusively on representing buyers. One of the stated goals of the company is to make homeownership more affordable for everyone by refunding 50% of their commission to the buyer at close. As of Se
Los AngelesCA45 - 1002014$7,620,000
Ava logo
Ava want to radically improve how they humans communicate with each other. Their first step at Ava is to empower 466M deaf and hard-of-hearing people to live in a fully accessible world. Every day, millions of people are excluded from conversations because
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002014$16,345,000
Clara Labs logo
Clara Labs is the company behind Clara, a scheduling service that coordinates when, where, and how candidates meet with recruiters and interviewers. Clara delivers unprecedented efficiency and accuracy by combining the precision of machine intelligence and
San FranciscoCA20 - 502014$11,420,000
Kimono Labs logo
Kimono Labs, Inc. designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers internet based applications. Kimono Labs serves customers in the United States.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502014$5,000,000
Paperspace logo
Paperspace Co. develops a virtual cloud based desktop. The Company offers desktop that can be accessed through any browser. Paperspace serves customers in the United States.
New YorkNY10 - 502014
Opendoor logo
Get an offer on your home with the press of a button.
NodePrime logo
NodePrime is infrastructure without limits. We are helping some of the largest service providers, SaaS players and online gaming companies reliably operate massive IT infrastructures.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502013$8,575,000
Cruise Automation logo
Cruise Automation is a self-driving car company that develops an autopilot system for existing cars.
San FranciscoCA1,800 - 5,0002013$15,118,798,848
Envoy logo
Collect guest information, capture their photos and have them sign legal documents—all on the iPad.
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002013$170,150,000
Flexport logo
Flexport moves freight globally by air, ocean, rail, and truck for the world's leading brands. We combine powerful software and dedicated experts to give you accountability, peace of mind, and control over your supply chain.
San FranciscoCA2,000 - 5,0002013$2,439,000,064
Lob logo
Lob is a SaaS platform that transforms direct mail into intelligent mail by automating workflows, localizing and personalizing campaigns, and measuring ROI
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002013$82,264,512
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