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Arena Renewables logo
Arena Renewables is a community and distributed solar and storage developer. We deliver lower power bills and clean energy to customers and communities across the United States. Our agile, policy-led approach to developing valuable projects draws on the le
El SegundoCA5 - 102023$3,080,000
Apricus Generation logo
Apricus Generation is developing a platform that will allow developers to move their pipelines to generation.
Boca RatonFL1 - 102023$28,000,000
Texture logo
Texture provides the infrastructure to build, manage and monetize your ideas on the grid, with the scale, velocity and intelligence you need.
New YorkNY1 - 102023$7,230,078
Vaulted Deep logo
Vaulted Deep provides proven technology solutions for permanent carbon removal to promote local environmental and community health. It is a spin-off of Advantek Waste Management Services.
HoustonTX1 - 102023$8,000,000
Faradyne Power Systems logo
Faradyne Power Systems is a renewable energy company that provide solutions for complex energy problems.
MiamiFL1 - 2002023$3,265,000
Peak Energy logo
Peak Energy is on a mission to speed grid decarbonization by substantially cutting the cost of energy storage and establishing the United States as a global leader in the sodium-ion sector.
DenverCO2 - 102023$10,000,000
Panasol logo
Panasol is a manufacturing company that offers solar panels.
Las VegasNV1 - 102023$13,157,807
Peregrine Hydrogen logo
Peregrine Hydrogen operates as a climate technology company pioneering a dual production method for green hydrogen and valuable chemicals.
Santa CruzCA2 - 102023$7,800,000
Vespene Energy logo
Vespene Energy aim to repurpose otherwise wasted energy from landfills. It envision a fully renewable energy future.
BerkeleyCA5 - 102022$4,300,000
Banyu Carbon logo
Banyu Carbon focuses on developing a novel photocatalytic approach to marine carbon dioxide removal. It was founded in 2022 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.
SeattleWA2 - 102022$8,375,000
Return Protocol logo
Return is an innovative climate technology company that provides consumers, businesses and communities with verifiable and incentivized social climate action. The protocol is built on blockchain technology to drive funding towards existing or future climat
San FranciscoCA5 - 102022$2,500,000
ADAR Technologies logo
Waste to revenue technology servicing the Agriculture, Food Processing, and Environmental Waste Remediation industries.
PhoenixAZ10 - 502022$20,000,000
Trillium H2 Power logo
Trillium H2 Power uses hydrogen energy for producing Ammonia and Silicon.
ColumbusTX2 - 102022$6,340,000
Solarcycle logo
SolarCycle is an appropriate technology startup developing a low-cost reflective material for use in the developing world.
OaklandCA10 - 502022$36,600,000
Aether Fuels logo
Aether Fuels is a cutting-edge climate technology firm that seeks to use ground-breaking methods for creating scalable, affordable, and sustainable fuels to decarbonize ''hard-to-abate'' sectors including aviation and ocean shipping.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502022$8,500,000
Bluestar Energy Capital logo
Bluestar Energy Capital focused on investing in early-stage greenfield projects companies by addressing the scarcity.
ChicagoIL20 - 50202299819128 EUR
Oka The Carbon Insurance Company logo
Oka's objective is to establish a more secure and open market for carbon credits, which will lead to higher-caliber offset projects with real climate change effects.
UT10 - 502022$17,000,000
Noriware logo
Noriware created a seaweed-based packaging film that is entirely composed of natural materials. The raw material seaweed's growth has a negative carbon footprint, with the final product being home-compostable in a revolutionary time frame and thus leaving
SwedenSC2 - 1020221116135 CHF
Cultivate Power logo
Cultivate Power is a developer of distributed solar and storage projects dedicated to improving communities, the grid, and climate stability.
ChicagoIL10 - 502022$10,000,000
Fuse Energy logo
Fuse is an energy supplier that offers the UK's cheapest electricity tarif. Also active in the US.
Greenwood VillageCO10 - 50202278684104 EUR
Elevate Renewable Energy logo
Elevate Renewables is initially focused on developing battery storage projects. It will also focus more broadly on projects in electricity markets where the rapid growth of intermittent renewable energy has created a need for flexible, dispatchable zero-ca
BostonMA10 - 202022$150,000,000
MagDrive Technologies logo
MagDrive Technologies is a magnetically actuated valve drive capable of producing torque. The company was founded in 2022 and is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, United States.
BozemanMT5 - 102022
Invasive Species logo
The ISC was started by experience, successful entrepreneurs dedicated to the discovery, development & deployment of sustainable biological solutions to control invasive species, increase biodiversity and address climate change. Invasive species have caused
DavisCA2 - 102022$2,500,000
Pathway Power logo
Pathway Power is a utility-scale solar and battery storage developer building renewables energy value chain.
San DiegoCA5 - 102022$61,000,000
Bayou Energy logo
Bayou Energy’s software platform provides clean energy startups with electricity billing and usage data via API or CSV files while ensuring a smooth customer onboarding experience. Receive the best utility data while freeing up your team to focus on your c
SeattleWA1 - 102022$1,200,000
Paladin Power logo
Paladin Power provides an innovative energy solution for residential and commercial properties. Its ESS Solution features a stacking system and scalable inverters that require no wiring for adding additional capacity.
PerrisCA5 - 202022$7,329,873
Adena Power logo
Adena Power is a new business from Nexceris, and is dedicated to the commercialization of our new sodium solid-state battery. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of new technologies that provide safer, longer duration and lower-cost energy storage.
Lewis CenterOH5 - 102022$3,100,000
Trebellar logo
Trebellar specializes in helping firms optimize building operations and space decisions to reduce carbon emissions. It also helps in providing advice to better outcomes for more efficient use of office space, engaged workforces, less energy waste, or lower
San FranciscoCA5 - 102022$3,500,000
Active Surfaces logo
Active Surfaces is commercializing MIT-developed ultra-thin-film solar technology.
SalemMA2 - 102022$13,250,000
Haven Energy logo
Haven Energy is a climate technology company that is accelerating home energy storage adoption. Haven walks homeowners through the process of selecting, quoting, and financing a home battery system, and then connects them with vetted, qualified electrician
Los AngelesCA5 - 202022$11,200,000
Data Company One logo
Data Company One revolutionizes the supply chain, waste management, and circular economy sectors with its pioneering data platform. Our cutting-edge solution facilitates thorough monitoring of items, including information on materials, carbon emissions, an
DoverDE10 - 502022
Sunrock Distributed Generation logo
Sunrock Distributed Generation partners with solar developers and installers to acquire, originate, and finance commercial solar and storage assets at various stages of development. Sunrock Distributed Generation develops and owns distributed generation as
BaltimoreMD10 - 502022$10,000,000
Clairity Technology logo
Clairity Technology is a climate startup that creates low-cost, scalable technology to harvest carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Los AngelesCA2 - 102022$6,750,000
Sonocharge Energy logo
Sonocharge Energy is developing a platform technology that enable a battery to have high power density and high energy density across the range of markets and applications.
San DiegoCA10 - 502022$6,600,000
Alta Resource Technologies logo
Alta Resource Technologies is a climate technology company.
BoulderCO1 - 1002022$4,474,999
Viridi Energy logo
Viridi Energy provides renewable natural gas services that produce assets that turn organic feedstocks, landfill emissions, animal waste, municipal waste, and food waste into valuable energy. They provide environmental benefits for their community.
New YorkNY2 - 102022$320,000,000
WATS logo
WATS is a digital platform for business waste management to enable cost savings and emissions reductions through operational efficiency.
New YorkNY5 - 202022$6,996,795
DeliverZero logo
DeliverZero is a sustainability company that offers returnable and reusable food containers to restaurants to reduce wastage and emissions. The company specializes in providing reusable eco-friendly containers for home delivery of foods that must be return
New YorkNY5 - 202022$4,267,164
Lun logo
Lun decarbonises homes faster by building the operating system for heat pump installers.
LancasterPA50 - 200202211159662 EUR
Fineart logo
Fineart LLC is a Dunedin, Florida-based company on a mission to revolutionize energy management and resource utilization. They firmly believe that all waste is a waste of energy, and they are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses make more effici
DunedinFL1 - 102022$7,500,000
Mantel logo
Mantel is developing the first molten-salt based carbon capture technology. Our molten borates are designed to operate at the high temperatures found inside boilers, kilns, and furnaces – enabling highly efficient carbon capture that has not been possible
CambridgeMA5 - 202022$2,000,000
Mona Lee logo
Powered by AI, Mona Lee is the fastest, most efficient way for homeowners to go solar. Through a direct-to-consumer approach, Mona Lee’s AI-powered self-serve platform transforms the solar buying experience by eliminating non-stop solicitation calls, lengt
BostonMA50 - 1002022$3,250,000
MN8 Energy logo
MN8 Energy is an energy company that provides renewable energy and services to enterprise customers.
New YorkNY100 - 5002022$325,000,000
Anode Labs logo
Anode Labs is a technology company committed to building a more stable, sustainable, and abundant energy system for humanity.
Baton RougeLA2 - 102022$4,200,000
Granite Source Power logo
Granite Source Power (GSP) develops battery energy storage and renewable energy projects.
New HampshireOH1 - 102022$40,000,000
Acculon Energy logo
Acculon Energy is a Columbus, Ohio systems engineering firm specializing in energy storage and cloud-connected solutions. We leverage our expertise and experience in energy storage, artificial intelligence, and Internet-of-Things to accelerate and de-risk
ColumbusOH20 - 502022$21,000,000
Nightpeak Energy logo
Nightpeak Energy develops, owns and operates energy projects that meet the growing capacity needs of a decarbonized grid. Nightpeak comprises seasoned industry veterans with experience creating and building innovative energy infrastructure projects. For mo
OaklandCA2 - 102022$200,000,000
Verse logo
Verse's software platform, Aria, makes it easy for organizations to buy and manage clean power.
San FranciscoCA5 - 202022$26,250,000
Monarch Energy logo
Monarch Energy operates a green hydrogen project development platform. They convert abundant renewable power supplies into clean fuels to decarbonize segments of the economy that are difficult to electrify.
San DiegoCA5 - 102022$25,449,404
Realta Fusion logo
Realta Fusion develops fusion energy technology for the production of industrial heat and power. It applies advances in super-conducting materials, plasma physics, and computing power to a simple linear fusion reactor configuration. It utilizes abundant fu
MadisonWI5 - 102022$12,000,000
Earth Force Technologies logo
Earth Force is a Vegetation Management System platform.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502022$8,600,000
DeepPower logo
DeepPower is developing a breakthrough geothermal drilling technology to access the Earth’s unlimited source of clean energy.
LehiUT2 - 102022$2,000,000
Anovion Battery Materials logo
Anovion Battery Materials produces synthetic graphite materials.
ChicagoIL10 - 502022$117,000,000
Thea Energy logo
Thea Energy is taking a faster approach to commercialize fusion energy. The company’s fusion systems will create a limitless source of zero emission energy for a sustainable future. Thea Energy is leveraging recent breakthroughs in stellarator physics and
PrincetonNJ500 - 1,0002022$20,000,000
Vecino Energy Partners logo
Vecino Energy Partners is a growth-oriented energy infrastructure company.
San AntonioTX5 - 102022$200,000,000
Factorial Energy logo
Factorial Energy (''Factorial'') has pioneered a new solid-state electrolyte material battery technology, FEST™ (Factorial Electrolyte System Technology™). Factorial will bring a more powerful battery product with longer range and higher degree of safety t
WoburnMA100 - 5002021$240,000,000
Greenwork logo
Greenwork helps workforce training programs connect students with jobs It supports employers in solar, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, logistics, and the trades. Its software helps students manage their training, prepare their resumes, and connect wi
San FranciscoCA10 - 502021$2,375,000
Verde Technologies logo
Verde Technologies specializes in the production of perovskite solar cells that offers thin film and flexible solar panels.
BurlingtonVT2 - 102021$1,250,000
Industrial Sun logo
Industrial Sun is a renewable energy and storage developer, purpose-built to serve industrial and high energy demand customers, including refineries, pumping and compression stations, manufacturing and/or processing plants, terminals, and data centers. Our
AustinTX10 - 502021$90,000,000
Solara logo
Solara is a fintech company dedicated to accelerating the promise of clean technology in emerging economies. Focus on developing cutting-edge, customer-friendly financial products that are savings-oriented for clean-tech assets so as to help demand drive t
WalnutCA1 - 102021$4,885,000
Wisewell logo
Wisewell is a sustainability-driven clean water technology company developing high-quality, easily accessible drinking water solutions.
NY5 - 202021$2,000,000
CleanJoule logo
We are the world's leading innovators of full performance SAF. Our highly innovative technology allows us to harness existing energy from biomass and convert it to superior performance aviation fuel as well as carbon negative, bio-rubber that can be used i
West Valley CityUT5 - 202021$50,000,000
Aspen Creek Digital logo
Aspen Creek Digital is a developer of a renewable Bitcoin mining operator used to catalyze the decarbonization of power generation.
El SegundoCA10 - 502021$16,625,000
Capture6 logo
We help businesses, governments, and communities mitigate the risks of climate change through direct air capture. We are the first in market to offer permanent million-ton direct air capture installations – solutions that are safe, permanent, to benefit pe
BerkeleyCA20 - 502021$6,255,000
KlimaDAO logo
Klima DAO provides real-time carbon offset technology & carbon-backed cryptocurrency to assist the world achieve climate positive. Klima DAO sells bonds and distributes rewards to KLIMA holders. Every bond we sell adds to an ever-growing green treasury, or
San FranciscoCA20 - 502021$17,000,000
Cache Energy logo
Cache Energy is developing energy storage technology that is non-toxic, non-flammable, and a fire retardant for easy transportation.
ChampaignIL5 - 102021$4,500,000
Sapphire Technologies logo
Sapphire Technologies develops, manufactures, and sells energy recovery systems for both natural gas and hydrogen industrial and commercial applications.
CerritosCA20 - 502021$10,000,000
Verdagy logo
Verdagy is innovating water electrolysis technology for the large-scale production of green hydrogen. Verdagy's industry-leading solution achieves both the lowest upfront capital costs and the lowest unit economics for production. Verdagy operates laborato
Moss LandingCA100 - 5002021$156,599,968
Clean Hydrogen Works logo
Clean Hydrogen Works mainly engages in developing an integrated clean hydrogen value chain. It aims to fulfill the world’s urgent need for clean, affordable, and scalable energy solutions to transition to Net Zero in collaboration with strategic partners a
Grand PrairieTX10 - 502021$30,000,000
Niocycle logo
Niocycle Technologies is an ambitious company, that started research in 2019 and was founded in 2021 in the Technology Development Zone in Türkiye. In 2022 the Company incorporated in the United States while becoming part of the PlugNPlay Network. Niocycle
SacramentoCA10 - 502021$1,620,000
PolyGone Systems logo
PolyGone Systems is a cleantech company that removes microplastic pollutants from waterways. PolyGone Systems was founded in 2021.
PrincetonNJ5 - 102021$2,274,990
Funga logo
Funga uses the forest fungal microbiome to improve forestry outcomes and address the climate crisis while enhancing beneficial microbial biodiversity. They combine modern DNA sequencing and machine learning technology with breakthrough research on the fore
AustinTX10 - 502021$4,038,267
Enspired Solutions logo
Enspired Solutions commercializes patented technology to address Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), one of the most pressing environmental issues worldwide. The company's solution benefits human health and the environment by transforming toxic PF
East LansingMI5 - 102021$1,235,011
VeriWatt logo
VeriWatt is a solar energy installation company that maximizes the grid’s performance, cuts costs, and saves energy. Their mission is to provide transparency and increase confidence throughout the solar industry.
SpringfieldMO2 - 102021$1,175,000
Syrcuit Energy Solutions logo
Syrcuit Energy Solutions engages in providing energy solutions to commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential properties. The company leverages relationships with land developers, builders, commercial and municipal properties, suppliers, and others
DenverCO5 - 102021$6,000,000
Fourth Power logo
Fourth Power is an energy storage startup that uses thermal batteries. Through utility-scale thermal storage, the technique transforms renewable energy into an on-demand energy source.
CambridgeMA2 - 102021$19,000,000
CubicPV logo
CubicPV is a solar industry that relies on legacy technologies with inherent limitations. Conventional solar modules convert sunlight to electricity using a single light-absorbing material and are nearing an efficiency threshold.
BedfordMA50 - 1002021$58,000,000
SUN METALON aims to create a world where metal products can be produced from local ores. The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Redondo Beach, California.
Redondo BeachCA10 - 502021$9,607,700
Ebb Carbon logo
Ebb Carbon is working on a reverse electrochemical ocean deacidification process that will capture CO2 from the atmosphere. The company was established in 2021 and is based in San Carlos, California.
San CarlosCA20 - 502021$23,000,000
NativState logo
NativState is a carbon firm dedicated to helping its clients leave a lasting mark on their land. They offer services to work with landowners to generate revenue by conserving their forests and create the scale necessary to participate in a carbon offset pr
ConwayAR10 - 502021$2,562,345
Shasta Power logo
Shasta Power is an investment platform that allows investors to invest in high-return renewable energy return projects.
BendOR2 - 102021$6,118,000
Blip Energy logo
Blip is making energy equity accessible to accelerate the clean energy transition by building a new category of smart, affordable energy storage to add millions of homes to the smart grid network. A hybrid hardware/software solution for energy management t
ChicagoIL5 - 102021$1,445,000
Mitra Chem logo
Mitra Chem is the lithium-ion battery materials manufacturing company.
Mountain ViewCA20 - 1002021$87,050,008
Hgen logo
Hgen is on a mission to decarbonize the 25% of global carbon emissions that can be best addressed by affordable green hydrogen.
Los AngelesCA5 - 102021$2,000,000
AgriCapture logo
AgriCapture utilizes technology and data to offer agricultural solutions addressing the challenges of climate change. AgriCapture is committed to unlocking the full potential of sustainable land and regenerative farm management. Their objective is to provi
NashvilleTN10 - 502021$7,746,500
NovoHydrogen logo
NovoHydrogen is experienced at deploying and commercializing successful innovative energy transition technologies. its extensive learnings from across the energy sector include developing solar, wind, and battery storage assets and oil & gas operations.
CentennialCO5 - 102021$20,000,000
Alaska Renewables logo
Alaska Renewables is a renewable energy development company. The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Fairbanks, Alaska, United States.
FairbanksAK2 - 102021$1,025,000
Captura logo
Captura mission is globally scalable carbon capture to support a sustainable future for the climate.
PasadenaCA10 - 502021$34,500,000
Terraform Industries logo
Terraform Industries is a bet on cheap solar, synthetic hydrocarbon supremacy, and hyperscale. The overarching goal is to zero out the net transport of carbon from the crust to the atmosphere and oceans as quickly as possible by displacing drilled natural
Los AngelesCA10 - 502021$11,000,000
TeraWulf promises a new paradigm for crypto mining in the future, producing domestic bitcoin using over 90% zero-carbon energy.
EastonMD100 - 2002021
Principle Power logo
Principle Power is focused on the deep-water offshore wind energy market. Deep-water (depth greater than 50 meters) offshore wind installations have neither been viable nor feasible due to economic and technological limitations.
EmeryvilleCA100 - 2002021$27,900,000
HEQ Deepwater logo
HEQ Deepwater is an energy company that focused on the acquisition of the deepwater gulf. The Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, where HEQ Deepwater is focused, offers one of the lowest carbon-intensive sources of petroleum available to fuel the earth’s needs durin
HoustonTX1 - 102021$400,000,000
American Battery Factory logo
American Battery Factory manufactures prismatic lithium iron phosphate batteries. The company aims to provide renewable, independent, efficient, and affordable energy for everyone. Its prismatic LFP cells provide higher power density, lower weight for batt
American ForkUT100 - 5002021
Tangible logo
Tangible is a climate technology company focused on building sustainable materials that are not harmful to the environment. Tangible is a unified software platform that catalyzes the adoption of sustainable building materials by allowing real estate develo
San FranciscoCA5 - 102021$3,000,000
Adden Energy logo
The problems posed by climate change need no introduction – it is one of the most pressing challenges of our era. Rapid development of clean energy storage technology is critical to combating this plague. In fact, electrification of the world’s vehicle fle
WalthamMA5 - 102021$5,150,000
Sustaera logo
Sustaera offers a direct air capture solution that works ranging from open grasslands to arid deserts to tropical savannas.
CaryNC10 - 502021$11,000,000
Hydrogen Innovations Co logo
The HHI vision is to provide a swappable multipurpose energy token with full, built-in accountability. The Hydrogen Innovation Token or HHO is an Ethereum based ERC20 token created by iBBT in partnership with Sustainability Creative Co. The token creates
ClearwaterFL10 - 502021
Focused Energy logo
Focused Energy is a laser fusion startup dedicated to developing fusion as a means of generating clean alternative energy.
DenverCO50 - 1002021$79,000,000
Avnos logo
Avnos is commercializing technology to capture CO2 without consuming water, producing water for every ton. The company uses water to capture CO2, eliminating heat consumption and reducing costs.
Santa MonicaCA5 - 102021$116,000,000
Metafoodx logo
Metafoodx is on a mission to solve the challenge of food waste because we believe that it is one of the most critical factors for achieving global sustainability. We have assembled a team that shares a passion for helping foodservice businesses and has gre
San JoseCA20 - 502021$3,000,000
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