Companies with Offices in Long Beach

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Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
Relativity Space Relativity Space 2015 $1,335,719,936 Long Beach, CA Building humanity’s multiplanetary future. 200 500
Zwift Zwift 2014 $619,500,032 Long Beach, CA Corporation founded in 2014 200 500
Connected Cannabis Co. Connected Cannabis Co. 2009 $55,000,000 Long Beach, CA A vertically integrated cannabis company on a mission to take risks and create a new wave of #designerweed. 200 500
Coverance Insurance Solutions Coverance Insurance Solutions 2017 $20,300,000 Long Beach, CA Better Coverage, Planned Together 10 50
Dray Alliance Dray Alliance 2018 $15,060,000 Long Beach, CA Drayage, Simplified. 10 50
Funraise Funraise 2015 $12,700,000 Long Beach, CA Your all-in-one nonprofit CRM 50 200
Momentum IoT LLC Momentum IoT LLC 2017 $3,100,000 Long Beach, CA Insight in Motion. 10 50
Human-I-T Human-I-T 2012 Dayton, OH “Providing superior solutions to tackle our client’s biggest IT challenges.” 50 200
AI Fire AI Fire 2009 Long Beach, CA Construction company founded in 2009 500 1,000
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