Companies with Offices in Los Gatos

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Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
Roku Roku 2002 $208,608,992 Los Gatos, CA Happy Streaming! 1,000 5,000
Tigo Energy Tigo Energy 2007 $148,271,408 Los Gatos, CA Energy company founded in 2007 100 500
Infogain Infogain 1990 $63,000,000 Los Gatos, CA Engineering Business Outcomes 1,000 5,000
Tascent Tascent 2014 $38,000,000 Los Gatos, CA Corporation founded in 2015 10 50
Aginity Aginity 2020 $27,500,000 Los Gatos, CA Corporation founded in 2020 20 50
IMerit Technology IMerit Technology 2012 $23,500,000 Los Gatos, CA We label and enrich the data that powers your algorithms in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. 1,000 5,000
Full Speed Automation Full Speed Automation 2020 $3,200,000 Los Gatos, CA Organization founded in 2020 10 50
280 Group 280 Group 1998 $1,500,000 Los Gatos, CA The world's leading Product Management training and consulting company. 20 50
SVG Ventures SVG Ventures 2010 Los Gatos, CA Advancing the Future of Agriculture and Food Through Innovation 10 50
MST MST Los Gatos, CA Organization based in United States 1 100
Sterling Communications Sterling Communications 1989 Los Gatos, CA Sterling is Silicon Valley’s creative PR agency. We use public relations, visual media, and content marketing to build. 20 50
Netflix Netflix 1997 Los Gatos, CA Where you come to do the best work of your life. Follow @WeAreNetflix on Twitter, IG, Facebook, & Youtube for more 9,400 9,400
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