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Denver, Colorado, is more than just breathtaking mountain vistas and a vibrant cultural scene—it's also home to a burgeoning tech ecosystem that's making waves in the world of technology. From global tech giants to innovative startups, the Mile High City is becoming a hotspot for tech companies, offering employees a unique blend of opportunities, benefits, and growth prospects.

A Growing List of Tech Companies

Denver's tech landscape is a dynamic tapestry of companies that are shaping the future of technology. Among them, Google stands as a towering presence. With offices in Boulder and the Denver area, Google has woven its technology expertise into the fabric of Colorado, creating a hub of innovation that's changing the way people access information and communicate across the world.

But Google is just one company in the constellation of Denver's tech stars. Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, and IBM also have a significant presence here, contributing to the city's reputation as a technology hub. These tech giants offer a plethora of opportunities for professionals across various fields, from software development to project management.

Innovation at its Core

Denver's tech companies don't just offer cutting-edge products and services; they also foster a culture of innovation. From building software solutions that streamline business processes to creating technologies that enhance user experiences, these companies are at the forefront of industry excellence.

In the heart of Denver's tech landscape is Ibotta, a tech company that specializes in intelligence and data analysis. With its commitment to innovation, Ibotta has created an environment where professionals collaborate to develop tools that empower retailers and businesses, making a significant impact on the economy of the state.

Opportunities Abound

Denver's tech ecosystem is more than just the sum of its parts. It's a network of professionals, teams, and technologies that collaborate to create a thriving industry. This vibrant tech scene is a testament to the city's commitment to offering opportunities that cater to a diverse range of skills and expertise.

From software development to data analysis, the opportunities in Denver's tech companies are as varied as the technologies they create. The presence of these technology companies extends beyond Denver's city limits, with many having offices in surrounding areas like Westminster and Boulder. This presence contributes to the state's economy and job market, providing professionals with a plethora of choices for their careers.

Benefits Beyond the Basics

Working for Denver's tech companies comes with a host of benefits beyond competitive salaries. Many companies offer training programs that enhance employees' skills, ensuring they stay at the forefront of technology trends. Additionally, these companies provide a collaborative work environment, where teams come together to solve complex challenges and drive innovation.

From the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains to the city's vibrant cultural scene, Denver offers an exceptional quality of life for tech professionals. With a balance between work and leisure, Denver provides a unique setting for those seeking both professional growth and personal fulfillment.

A View to the Future

Denver's tech companies are not just shaping the present; they're also building the future. Their portfolio of applications, services, and technologies transcends industries and crosses borders, impacting users in countries around the world. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and growth, Denver's tech scene is poised to continue its ascent, solidifying its status as a dynamic technology hub that rivals even the tech giants of San Francisco.

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Peak Energy logo
Peak Energy is on a mission to speed grid decarbonization by substantially cutting the cost of energy storage and establishing the United States as a global leader in the sodium-ion sector.
DenverCO2 - 102023$10,000,000
Sindri logo
Sindri develops solutions for difficult issues confronting the crypto industry. The company is based in Denver, Colorado.
DenverCO5 - 102022$5,000,000
Aoto Coin is on a mission to revolutionize finance for digital assets through AI and blockchain technology, unlocking securitized digital asset markets and integrating crypto and Web3 businesses using Embedded Payments.
DenverCO10 - 502022$30,000,000
Fluint logo
90% of B2B buying happens during a buyer's internal meetings — not sales meetings. When champions pitch and teams debate your product's value, without sales reps around. But most champions wing their message, or create their own materials, because they won
DenverCO2 - 102022$1,595,000
Tune Outdoor logo
Getting out and getting after it is what it’s all about. And we believe your gear should keep up. That said, it doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself up with a “most-discomfort-wins” attitude for extreme outdoor play. Go hard. Play long. And then recharge
DenverCO10 - 502022$2,000,000
Spore logo
Spore develops platform for creators designed to improve their web experience.
DenverCO1 - 102021$1,000,000
PangoBooks logo
PangoBooks is a bookstore built by the people. All books are being sold off someone's bookshelf. Shop or sell books today with the Android or iOS app.
DenverCO5 - 102021$2,090,000
Focused Energy logo
Focused Energy is a laser fusion startup dedicated to developing fusion as a means of generating clean alternative energy.
DenverCO50 - 1002021$79,000,000
Syrcuit Energy Solutions logo
Syrcuit Energy Solutions engages in providing energy solutions to commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential properties. The company leverages relationships with land developers, builders, commercial and municipal properties, suppliers, and others
DenverCO5 - 102021$6,000,000
Credo logo
Credo provides instant access to medical records for providers, payers and patients. Patients, providers, and medicine have all evolved over the years, yet somehow fax machines are still the primary method of transferring health records today. Credo is her
DenverCO5 - 202021$8,250,000
Bunkyr logo
Zero‑Knowledge security without seed phrases or backup codes
DenverCO2 - 102021$1,000,000
Govly logo
Govly is building a market network for government contracting, like AngelList for government procurement. Govly connects OEMs, VARs, and prime contract holders in a single network, with real-time opportunities from non-public contract feeds and a suite of
DenverCO5 - 202021$13,100,000
Intraloop logo
We harness the power of collaboration to deliver better outcomes.
DenverCO10 - 502021
Roll logo
Roll offers users access to their favourite content creators’ camera rolls.
DenverCO10 - 502021$500,000
Maybell Quantum Industries logo
Maybell Quantum Industries is building the hardware to enable the quantum revolution. Quantum computing will help cure diseases, reverse the clock on climate change, and create millions of new jobs.
DenverCO10 - 502021$25,500,000 logo is a vertically integrated farmers’ market in the app + local-first online supermarket. They enable every farmer to deliver the same day. CEO is Alexey Lee, serial e-commerce entrepreneur who built 3 market leaders with 3 exits. They went liv
DenverCO20 - 1002021
Cosmic Aerospace logo
Cosmic Aerospace is a pioneering aerospace technology company dedicated to advancing the boundaries of propulsion systems and enabling innovative solutions for space exploration. The company collaborates with leading space agencies, research institutions,
DenverCO2 - 102021$4,500,000
Sploot Veterinary Care logo
Sploot is redesigning the veterinary experience. We make pet parenting easy and great pet care more accessible and seamless than ever. We’re there for you, whenever you need us, 365 days a year. Pet care, on your terms.
DenverCO50 - 2002021$40,000,000
Long Play logo
Long Play is a cannabis portfolio company that serves consumers in adult-use, medical, and wellness markets. The company also offers consumers cannabinoid choices in every channel from coast to coast and is driven to build relationships and create memorabl
DenverCO200 - 5002021$115,050,000
BookOutdoors logo
We believe nature is a healer and that our future is brighter when people spend time outdoors, connected with each other and the world around us. So at BookOutdoors, we’re reimagining the outdoor travel experience to make planning and booking the perfect g
DenverCO10 - 202021$4,000,000
UP logo
Up is the parent company that created StartUp Networx, StartUp Rebates and StartUp Blogpost. UP Holding Corp. came together from a team of investors and founders who were fed up with inefficiencies in the current entrepreneurial ecosystem.
DenverCO10 - 502021
Elevate logo
Elevate mission to revolutionized employee benefits. Elevate makes life easier for employers and employees by bringing innovation, simplicity, and security to consumer-directed benefits.
DenverCO20 - 502020$43,000,000
Day Three Labs logo
Day Three Labs has a portfolio of proprietary advanced technologies, with the objective of greatly enhancing CPG products.
DenverCO5 - 202020
Demoflow logo
Demoflow provides the first live buyer enablement platform that enables buyers and sellers to collaborate in real-time from live demo through the sales process and beyond. We help B2B SaaS companies remove obstacles in the sales process so they can quickly
DenverCO20 - 502020$4,000,000
Fluid Truck Share logo
Fluid Market Inc. designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers community sharing application that allows neighbors and peers to rent the things they don't use every day. Fluid Market serves customers in the United States.
DenverCO50 - 1002020$64,700,000
Finch Insights logo
Finch decodes products' environmental impacts to help consumers and businesses make better decisions
DenverCO5 - 202020$1,200,000
Keys logo
Keys is building the architecture of anticipatory communication. Texting is the biggest communication channel in the world and everyone has trouble communicating. AI is disrupting communication as we know it. Keys is a new way to think about writing—levera
DenverCO10 - 502020$700,000
Pluto Biosciences logo
Pluto is a B2B SaaS platform that empowers researchers to explore their data and make high-quality, meaningful discoveries in a fraction of the time. For biology labs, Pluto is the single source of truth, a secure home for organizing all of their experimen
DenverCO10 - 502020$4,700,000
Best Shot logo
Founded on the belief that we are stronger together than we are alone, Rescripted is committed to improving the fertility patient experience with a tech-enabled holistic care platform, which includes a vibrant & supportive community, trusted content, medic
DenverCO10 - 502020$120,000
Aequus Ads logo
Aequus Ads is a SaaS-based in-app bidding and mediation platform used to assist app developers and publishers. Its platform drives efficiency and increases revenue from yield optimization and has no hidden costs or blind revenue shares cutting ad revenue t
DenverCO5 - 102020
Backflip logo
Backflip is a proptech + fintech company that empowers real estate entrepreneurs to improve local communities by rejuvenating housing.
DenverCO20 - 1002020$53,265,000
Soar Autism Center logo
Soar Autism Center builds a network of interdisciplinary clinics that provide therapy plus diagnostic services for young kids with autism. It provides in-center naturalistic ABA therapy, ESDM, speech therapy, occupational therapy, mental health support, an
DenverCO100 - 2002020$18,180,220
Mentor Spaces logo
Mentor Spaces is a community-driven mentorship platform designed to make it easier for companies to attract, hire and retain underrepresented talent. As the largest mentorship community for underrepresented professionals, the platform facilitates conversat
DenverCO10 - 202020$4,120,000
GH Labs logo
GH Labs builds tools and technologies to address unmet needs in primary healthcare centers and last-mile service delivery.
DenverCO50 - 2002020
Onward logo
A digital freight marketplace that connects retailers who struggle to ship heavy goods with underutilized trucks already on the road.
DenverCO10 - 502020$4,820,000
Humble Midstream logo
Humble Midstream is an energy company focused on the development of oil and gas products
DenverCO5 - 102020$300,000,000
Start9 Labs logo
Start9 Labs develops EmbassyOS, a graphical operating system for running self-hosted software. The plug-and-play personal server offers one-click installation and a simple configuration of open source software services that run over Tor V3. Aaron Greenspan
DenverCO5 - 202020$1,200,000
Hound logo
Veterinary HR Software - Job Search, Hiring, Employee Experience, Culture
DenverCO10 - 502020$4,500,000
DarkOwl logo
DarkOwl is a Denver-based company that empowers organizations to continually improve their cybersecurity defenses. The DarkOwl Vision platform provides the world’s largest index of DARKINT™ content and the tools and services to efficiently find leaked or o
DenverCO20 - 502020$8,000,000
Brisk Health logo
Brisk Health offers affordable home healthcare; they come to you when you need urgent medical care. They even call in your prescriptions and deliver them to you.
DenverCO10 - 502020$28,080,000
Nomad logo
Nomad is the perfect tenant for owners of residential real estate. We offer guaranteed rent, long-term leases, and residents who care.
DenverCO50 - 2002020$23,755,000
InterviewIA logo
We have developed an interview platform that empowers interviewers to deliver a more equitable, ethical, and effective candidate experience, with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Post-pandemic and in the midst of social change, companies cannot afford to
DenverCO5 - 202020$4,460,348
Murmur logo
Check-ins, star ratings and reviews from strangers weren’t working for us. When in a new city, or just wanting to try a new restaurant, we found ourselves searching through old texts and blog posts. And we thought: Word of mouth is still king, but it cou
DenverCO5 - 202020$9,800,000
Flock Homes logo
Flock Homes converts the individual rental property into fully passive, diversified shares in a pool of houses. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, United States.
DenverCO50 - 1002020$26,000,000
Fulfilld logo is an Intelligent Warehouse Management System powered by machine learning, natural language digital assistant, configurable alerting, and proactive system recommendations. With embedded analytics and pre-built ERP integration, Fulfilld sets a
DenverCO10 - 502020$4,503,000
Faction logo
Faction develops driverless electric vehicles that have the speed and performance of cars, but at the cost of a motorcycle. We do driverless combined with remote human supervision, so we’re not gated by waiting for 100% autonomous technology. Initially we
DenverCO100 - 5002020$49,000,000
Range Ventures logo
Range Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund in Denver focused on making pre-seed and seed investments in Denver, Boulder and the entire Colorado ecosystem. We commit early (often the first institutional check) and as former operators we know the
DenverCO5 - 102020
Halfdays logo
Halfdays is a female-inspired ski wear company that creates design-driven, technical gear.
DenverCO10 - 502019$2,350,000
MeetMonk logo
MeetMonk is a browser-based and device-agnostic video conferencing platform that offers Group Meetings, Webinars, and Learning Management System. MeetMonk offers seamless Virtual UrgentCare solutions to doctors and patients. The company was founded in 201
DenverCO10 - 502019
ClassEngine logo
ClassEngine is the most powerful and user-friendly studio management platform.
DenverCO1 - 102019$15,000
Urban Sky logo
Urban Sky's novel invention, the high-altitude Microballoon™, leverages advances in component miniaturization and first-of-its-kind material re-usability to drastically reduce the cost of high-resolution remote sensing over broad, targeted areas, leading t
DenverCO5 - 202019$15,963,834
Serenity logo
Serenity Engage is a HIPAA-compliant communication platform that drives revenue, increases retention, and improves online reputation - while helping older adults live more independently. Founded in 2020 by Katherine Wells, Serenity is based in Denver, Colo
DenverCO2 - 102019$2,420,000
Brand Brain Media logo
Brand Brain Media is a vertically integrated media company, holding company, and technology development firm.
DenverCO5 - 102019
StackHawk logo
StackHawk is a computer software company that specializes in website and software maintenance and detecting bugs. The company provides documentation, and automate the pipeline to prevent future bugs from hitting prod. StackHawk was founded in 2019 and head
DenverCO20 - 1002019$35,325,000
Privy logo
Privy is the premier subscription-based SaaS platform and community that real estate agents and investors leverage during their real estate investment property journey. Privy curates and analyzes massive amounts of property, mortgage, rental, and Multiple
DenverCO10 - 502019$4,000,000
Voyager Space Holdings logo
Voyager Space Holding is an aviation and aerospace company that specializes in the space exploration industry. The company is driven by its mission is to create a vertically integrated publicly traded NewSpace company capable of delivering any mission huma
DenverCO500 - 1,0002019$171,205,216
BlueSuit logo
BlueSuit extracts information from several kinds of real estate documents. Its ExtractAPI platform uses real estate-specific algorithms and machine learning technology to produce structured output data from input documents. BlueSuit was founded in 2019 and
DenverCO5 - 202019$2,501,329
Plume logo
Plume is a health tech company for the transgender community. The company focuses on radically increasing access to care, medication, and products for the trans community, supporting a bold, authentic and healthy lifestyle. Its vision is to make gender-aff
DenverCO50 - 1002019$38,000,000
Clear Cannabis logo
Clear Cannabis is a cannabis company that specializes in manufacturing, retailing, and distribution of cannabis products. Its services provide hardware, packaging, training, standard operating procedures, quality control methodology, agency sales, marketin
DenverCO20 - 502019
Encoord logo
encoord is a software company specialized in modeling of energy networks and markets. encoord's mission is to enable global energy transitions by providing decision makers with solutions to decarbonize energy systems. encoord’s main product is the Scenario
DenverCO20 - 502019$2,410,400
Puro Lighting logo
Puro was founded by a group of industry veterans in the commercial lighting and controls market. Our vision is to create an organization with a focus on protecting people’s health and promoting wellness with specialized lighting technologies. Utilizing ex
DenverCO50 - 2002019
STACK provides digital infrastructure to scale the world’s most innovative companies. With a client-first approach, the Company delivers a comprehensive suite of wholesale build-to suit, colocation, and powered shell solutions in eight markets today: Atlan
DenverCO200 - 5002019
Codiga logo
Codiga is a coding assistant that helps you find the right code snippets within your IDE.
DenverCO5 - 202019$2,220,000
CometChat logo
CometChat empowers developers to quickly add text chat & voice and video calling/conferencing to their websites and apps across industries ranging from virtual events and telehealth to social communities, online education, marketplaces and more. Our dedica
DenverCO100 - 5002019
Hyperia logo
Hyperia is an AI meeting assistant that turns conversations into insight and action. It transcribes and analyzes calls and meetings, transforming them into searchable knowledge.
DenverCO5 - 202019$2,500,000 logo
Exer Labs uses AI on mobile and tablet devices as well as computer vision to help fitness users experience a more interactive and affordable at-home workout.
DenverCO10 - 502019$11,000,000
XMentium logo
xMentium is an information technology company that specializes in an online marketplace for online buyers and sellers. The company is currently on a discrete mode, working with a few sophisticated sellers and buyers to do Proofs of Concept of dramatically
DenverCO20 - 502019$7,155,182
CLMBR logo
CLMBR offers a vertical climbing machine, featuring a large-format touch display with on-demand classes. It aims to revolutionize the climbing machine segment with technology and design. Every detail of the CLMBR was designed and engineered with the end-u
DenverCO20 - 502019$26,902,748
Blissway is a tolling technology that replaces the current hardware-heavy, software-lite Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) architecture—windshield transponders and gantries—with the smartphone in everyone’s pocket and miniaturized road-level license plate r
DenverCO5 - 202019
Konvoy logo
Konvoy is a thesis-driven venture capital firm. We invest in the platforms and technologies at the frontier of gaming.
DenverCO5 - 202019
Crusoe Energy Systems logo
Crusoe is on a mission to help the oil industry eliminate routine flaring of natural gas and reduce the cost of cloud computing. We are passionate about our goals to help the oil industry operate more efficiently, achieve better relationships with communit
DenverCO200 - 5002018$747,499,968
TermScout logo
We reduce friction in the contracting process by providing contract transparency, which powers trust and builds healthy relationships between buyers and their vendors. Who is TermScout? A team of lawyers, engineers, and business people who believe that kn
DenverCO10 - 502018$7,270,000
Atomos Space logo
Atomos solves the last-mile problem in space by providing an in-space transportation service that lowers launch costs for satellite operators.
DenverCO20 - 502018$21,897,040
Smartwyre logo
Smartwyre is a software designed for the agricultural supply industry. It was built by crop protection and software industry veterans to eliminate the financial uncertainty caused by commercial complexity. The company was founded in 2018 and is headquarter
DenverCO50 - 1002018$13,500,000
Spekit logo
Spekit is the leading in-app digital adoption and enablement platform that helps employees learn their tools and navigate process changes by accessing answers and enablement resources in real-time, everywhere they work. Built by sales ops professionals for
DenverCO100 - 5002018$60,614,996
Highwing logo
Highwing is an insurance technology company that develops an open-data platform for commercial insurance brokers and carriers to automate workflows. The InsurTech software is an offering for brokers and carriers to connect, access, and leverage insurance d
DenverCO20 - 502018$4,000,000
soona logo
bring your product, service or idea to soona. we have the crew. the equipment. the props. and the know how to help you create beautiful photo and video that you can use tomorrow! Get started with fast casual content!
DenverCO100 - 5002018$54,878,744
Strive Health logo
Strive Health, LLC provides health care services. The Company focuses on early engagement, comprehensive coordinated care, and expanded treatment for kidney disease patients. Strive Health serves patients in the State of Delaware.
DenverCO200 - 1,0002018$386,000,000
Icon Source logo
Historically, affinity marketing through celebrity endorsements was an exclusive arena only accessible to big brands and big names. This doesn’t make sense in a world where social media and online platforms have transformed our ability to access and intera
DenverCO10 - 502018$6,440,500
Parsyl logo
Parsyl is an IoT supply chain data platform that delivers pioneering cargo insurance solutions for shippers of perishable goods. Parsyl’s combined hardware and software solution helps shippers understand, mitigate and insure risks to goods as they move thr
DenverCO50 - 2002018$44,300,000
AgentSync logo
AgentSync is where Producer Management and Compliance meet smart technology and automation. AgentSync is a powerful, easy-to-use Compliance as a Service solution. It directly integrates regulatory database sources of truth (i.e. NIPR, FINRA) with core bus
DenverCO200 - 5002018$161,100,000
Flatfile logo
Flatfile provides software products that focus specifically on solving the problem of data onboarding, the process businesses use to accept data from other organizations. Flatfile automatically learns how imported data should be structured and cleaned, ena
DenverCO50 - 1002018$94,665,000
RADAR logo
Skip the waiting and trade tokens directly from Your wallet. Built on the 0x protocol, Radar Relay operates an order book and relays orders between peers while never taking custody of assets. Trade with confidence knowing your assets are always under your
DenverCO20 - 502017$23,400,000
Splash Sports logo
Splash Sports is a platform for real-money gaming that allows friends and groups to play in skill-based activities and modernizes the sports pool industry. Splash Sports, which is now in private beta, offers a much-needed substitute to conventional betting
DenverCO1 - 1002017
HarperDB logo
HarperDB Inc. is a software company focused on making data management easy. The HarperDB software runs on anything with an operating system, and allows clients to collect, process and distribute data across their enterprise, from edge devices to on premise
DenverCO20 - 502017$5,322,540
Valyant AI logo
We have built the world’s first customer service AI designed for existing retail hardware, in order to break down barriers between humans and computers through natural communication. Our mission is to speed up customer ordering, reduce overhead and increas
DenverCO20 - 502017$100,000
Shotzr logo
Shotzr, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops digital marketing platform which helps to access unlimited photos to be used in social channels, websites, emails, and ads. Shotzr serves customers in the United States.
DenverCO5 - 202017$3,729,054
Ordermark logo
Ordermark, Inc. designs and develops software. The Company offers a software platform that provides online ordering services. Ordermark serves customers in the State of California.
DenverCO100 - 5002017$150,870,000
Whimsical logo
Whimsical is the unified workspace for shaping ideas – Flowcharts, Wireframes, Mind Maps, Sticky Notes and Docs. Whimsical is trusted by teams at thousands of world's leading organizations.
DenverCO20 - 1002017$30,000,000
Crowheart Energy logo
Crowheart Energy LLC is a mining company currently based in Denver, Colorado, United States. It has been founded in 2017.
DenverCO50 - 1002017
Pie Insurance logo
Pie Insurance Holdings, Inc. operates as a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, provides insurance services for contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters, roofers, and other small businesses. Pie Insurance Holdings serves customers i
DenverCO200 - 5002017$621,000,000
Nodin Inc logo
Nodin, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops software-as-a-service platform that provides automated business insights about what is happening in a business, why it is happening, and what to do next. Nodin serves customers in th
DenverCO5 - 202017$5,000,000
Backed by Techstars, Nikola Power is building a software infrastructure which seamlessly integrates and manages millions of distributed energy resources. We combine our technology with extensive experience in renewable energy development and project finan
DenverCO10 - 502017$4,046,382
Proof logo
The proof is revolutionizing the service of the process. The proof is a legal technology company that has created a powerful web-based platform to instantly connect law firms with independent process servers nationwide.
DenverCO50 - 1002017$39,999,988
True Sync Media logo
True Sync Media provides the best videos from the internet as TV style entertainment.
DenverCO5 - 102017$1,547,000
EverCommerce logo
EverCommerce Solutions Inc. is a software as a service company. The Company offers technology platform providing business management, payment acceptance, marketing technology, and customer engagement solutions helps in service-based businesses accelerate g
DenverCO2,000 - 5,0002017
RefiJet logo
Refijet is a financial service company that provides auto refinance solutions such as loans, extended service contracts & asset protection.
DenverCO100 - 5002016
HeartHero logo
HeartHero builds highest-quality and least-expensive automated external defibrillator on the market.
DenverCO10 - 502016
SpringTime Ventures logo
SpringTime Ventures LLC operates as a venture capital firm. The Company invests in early-stage and start up technology companies. SpringTime Ventures serves clients in the State of Colorado.
DenverCO5 - 102016
Skupos logo
Skupos is the market leader in data analytics for the convenience retail industry. Our data powers business decisions for c-stores, distributors, and brands.
DenverCO100 - 5002016$64,365,000
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