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Urban Sky's novel invention, the high-altitude Microballoon™, leverages advances in component miniaturization and first-of-its-kind material re-usability to drastically reduce the cost of high-resolution remote sensing over broad, targeted areas, leading to more impactful data over more areas than ever before. The Microballoon™ is the first ever reusable stratospheric balloon. It's also the first ever precisely placeable remote sensing balloon. The Microballoon™ has a unique ability to image specific areas at desired times, never before possible with stratospheric balloons. This capability is made possible by coupling advanced balloon design with a very small form factor, enabling launch from virtually anywhere at any time with minimal personnel and equipment required. The Microballoon is also zero-emission, making it the most sustainable way to image Planet Earth. Remote sensing from the stratosphere combines many of the benefits of both space-based assets and lower altitude airborne vehicles. That means remote sensing data can be collected from the Stratosphere over vast areas, with aerial quality-resolution, at the lowest possible cost. This unique combination of advantages will finally unlock the full commercial usefulness of the Stratosphere.


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