Companies with Offices in Durham

7 companies in this collection.

Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
CloudFactory CloudFactory 2010 $78,000,000 Durham, NC Global leader in workforce solutions for machine learning and business process optimization 1,000 5,000
ArchiveSocial ArchiveSocial 2011 $55,195,968 Durham, NC Helping public entities empower and protect open dialogue 50 200
ServiceTrade ServiceTrade 2012 $34,811,784 Durham, NC We're a growing SaaS company in Durham, NC that makes software for commercial service contractors. We're hiring! 50 200
Higharc Higharc 2018 $25,700,000 Durham, NC We're changing the way new homes are designed and built. 10 50
Restor3d Restor3d 2017 $18,968,570 Durham, NC Corporation founded in 2017 10 50
Infinia ML Infinia ML 2017 $10,000,000 Durham, NC Machine-learning technology company based in Durham, NC, USA 20 50
BIOMILQ BIOMILQ 2020 $3,500,000 Durham, NC We’re on a mission to provide the next generation every opportunity to thrive through better infant nutrition 2 10
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