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List of a16z crypto Portfolio Companies

Company NameDescriptionYear FoundedTotal Amount Raised
Adim is a community of storytellers, fans and friends working together to create and own a new generation of characters and stories.
Alongside is a financial services company currently based in San Francisco, California, United States. It has been founded in 2021.
Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. Our mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions of prosperity-for everyone. We are a decentralized community of creators -- developers, d
Clockwork Labs is creating virtual worlds through precision engineering.
CreatorDAO is a decentralized community that invests in creators by providing capital, technology, and operational support. It was founded in 2022 and is based in Los Angeles, CA.
dYdX is the most powerful open trading platform for crypto assets. dYdX offers decentralized derivatives, margin, and spot trading. Our mission is simple: To build open, secure, and powerful financial products that are equally available to everyone, every
Dynamic was founded to help accelerate the adoption of wallet-based authentication. We make it easy for developers to create wallet-based login, onboarding, and authentication flows, allowing them to focus on their core product. Dynamic was started by two
Eco’s “Smart Money” digital wallet rewards you every time you save, spend or send your money, consolidating your entire financial life into one simple balance. Plus, you earn Eco Points with everything you do—an experiment in the future of a rewards econom
Entropy provides crypto custody services to keep private keys secure and make assets available on demand. Its services specialize in creating a decentralized network leveraging advanced threshold cryptography and multi-party computation. The company was fo
Flowcarbon is a pioneering climate technology company that brings carbon credits onto the blockchain. Its mission is to make carbon markets accessible and transparent, enabling billions of dollars to be invested directly into projects that combat climate c
Focus is a private, venture-funded company located in San Francisco founded in August 2005 by a team committed to making world class business expertise available to everyone. Today, Focus is the world's fastest-growing business research and media company
FORMLESS is a Boston, Massachusetts headquartered music technology company with the mission of creating virtual and physical experiences that enable people to live more fulfilling lives. Formless was founded in 2018 by Brandon Tory, a signed artist, former
Forte Labs, Inc. operates as a blockchain technology company. The Company offers platform that helps developers to apply blockchain technology to their game economies, supporting deeper monetization, and engagement with their players. Forte Labs serves cus
Goldfinch is a credit platform that offers crypto loans without collateral. It also offers capital in a digital currency by expanding access to capital in emerging markets and offers a stable yield to the lenders, enabling the empowerment of financial incl
Halliday is offered Buy gaming and metaverse NFTs and start using them right away.
Handshake is the #1 way college students find jobs.
Here Not There Labs develops a fully decentralized chat protocol for online communities. The company is composed of a team of web3 creators led by CEO Ben Rubin. Here Not There Labs is the developer of Towns, a protocol and a web-based chat app designed to
LayerZero Labs is an omnichain interoperability protocol that unites decentralized applications (dapps) across disparate blockchains.
Levels develops a health and wellness platform designed to monitor metabolic fitness. The platform tracks blood glucose in real-time, enabling users to optimize their diet and exercise. The company was founded in 2019 and is a remote-first company.
Linera is a fast and scalable multi-chain protocol for the next generation of web3 applications. Learn more: and
Mysten Labs creates foundational infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of web3.
NEAR Protocol is a scalable blockchain designed to provide the performance and user experience necessary to bridge the gap to mainstream adoption of decentralized applications. Unlike other next generation blockchains, this network has been built from the
Oasis Labs is delivering a cloud computing platform on blockchain built for superior privacy, security and performance. Oasis’s integrated hardware-software technologies aim to enable computationally-intensive processes, like artificial intelligence, for t
Plai Labs is building the next generation of social platforms.
Royal is a platform where you can buy ownership in songs directly from your favorite artists and earn royalties with them.
Shibuya is a web3 platform for users to fund and become producers of content.
Stelo Lab's mission is to make web3 more secure and usable. The Stelo extension interprets and enriches transactions to keep you safe from crypto phishing, fraud and scams. Remote first with a priority on in person interactions.
We’re building web3 technology to revolutionize how narrative universes are created. Our mission is to unleash an entirely new way to create, govern, and license IP on-chain, ultimately forming an ecosystem of “story legos” that can be remixed and composed
Headquartered in Germany, Tools for Humanity is a global software and hardware development company building the tools to bring blockchain and digital identity technologies and products to billions of people, including by contributing to the development and
Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange (or DEX) operating on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users anywhere in the world to trade crypto without an intermediary.
XMTP is an open, crypto-native communication protocol that connects communities, applications, and users. It was founded in 2021 and is based in Austin, Texas.
Yuga Labs is a blockchain technology company that develops NFTs and digital collectibles. It specializes in the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital media. Yuga Labs was founded in 2021 by Wylie Aronow and Greg Solano and headquartered in Miam

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