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WoodHouse logo
WoodHouse is a development and advisory firm that offers entertainment and hospitality experience with a lifetime of real estate investing.
DallasTX10 - 502023$1,616,399
Monument logo
Monument is a software platform for the self-storage industry that manages large portfolios of facilities. The company's cloud-based platform allows users to manage facilities and customers remotely.
DallasTX2 - 102023$12,000,000
UpSmith logo
UpSmith is significantly enhancing lives by giving people access to training in practical skills and long-lasting careers.
DallasTX5 - 202022$8,300,000
BreachQuest logo
BreachQuest is reimagining incident response with the goal of minimizing downtime and driving down breach cost.
DallasTX10 - 502021$4,400,000
Space Auto logo
1st Fully Integrated Software and Marketing Solution for Car Dealers Space Auto is reimagining the car buying journey by streamlining automotive retail tech and elevating the customer experience. From first click to close, Space Auto gives dealerships the
DallasTX20 - 502021
Puttery logo
Puttery is a social entertainment and mini-golf experience with curated cuisine and crafted cocktails. The company is combining competitive socializing and innovative auto-scoring technology within an immersive experience as they move from one course to th
DallasTX1,000 - 5,0002021$10,000,000
Applied Blockchain logo
Applied Blockchain seeks to scale Ethereum and altcoin mining operations through strategic partnerships. The company seeks to enhance shareholder value through business practices and operational performance, strong governance, responsible reporting, and ef
DallasTX20 - 1002021
Sportsbook2022 logo
SportsBook 2022 is a technology company with a mission to disrupt the sports betting industry with software solutions that steer the industry into the future of betting.
DallasTX50 - 1002021
Recuro Health logo
Recuro Health delivers value throughout the healthcare ecosystem with an integrated digital health solution that transitions the U.S. healthcare system from a reactive, disease focused model to a population health, outcomes approach.
DallasTX100 - 5002021$62,000,000
Otto logo
At Otto, we see the world differently. We’re driven by a fundamental belief that everyone has a right to financial inclusion, and we fight for Americans excluded by the current financial system. We unlock the value of your car by providing sustainable acce
DallasTX20 - 502021$32,500,000
Worldspark Studios logo
Workdspark Studios is a new, fully-funded, remote game development studio with a vision of players having real ownership, meaningful voices, and deep connections to both each other and our universe. We believe in “Play AND Earn”, not “Play TO Earn”, with o
DallasTX10 - 502021$3,001,250
AlgoPear logo
AlgoPear is a AI trading marketplace where retail traders can connect their portfolio to AI investment strategies.
DallasTX5 - 102021$1,240,000
Galaxy Vets logo
Galaxy Vets is a veterinary healthcare system co-owned by its employees. With a mission to give veterinary medicine back to veterinarians, Galaxy Vets allocates equity in the organization to its employees — veterinarians, specialists, technicians, administ
DallasTX50 - 1002021
Amenities logo
Amenities is the healthcare industry's leading Digital Front Door and patient loyalty platform.
DallasTX10 - 502021$9,250,000
BlockMetrix logo
Blockmetrix is a Bitcoin mining company that coveted direct relationships with mining equipment manufacturers. The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States.
DallasTX5 - 102021$25,000,000
Stadeo logo
Stadeo is the global football (soccer) bar of the metaverse, a highly interactive real-time audio/video environment where fans can socialize, banter and play among themselves and pundits, both in public spaces and NFT-gated VIP areas (sitting at the inters
DallasTX10 - 502021
HALL Structured Finance logo
HALL Structured Finance is an entrepreneurial,value-add, direct private lender in the real estate industry. They provide capital for ground-up construction, adaptive reuse and major asset repositioning for commercial real estate projects throughout the U.
DallasTX5 - 202021
TYME Bank logo
TYME Bank customize and personalize financial solutions with you at the center.We do banking the way it was always meant to be done: with personal relationships at the center of everything we do and your goals at the top of our mind.
DallasTX1 - 102020$6,235,000
Censius logo
Censius is an AI Observability Platform that assists enterprises in continuously monitoring, analyzing, and explaining their production models. Our platform completes the AI stack, allowing businesses to get the most out of their AI models long after they'
DallasTX20 - 502020
Virus Geeks logo
Virus Geeks is a data-driven BioHealth technology company that develops health-centric initiatives to improve the quality of life through strategic partnerships across healthcare & biotechnology sectors. We help large populations gain access to molecular d
DallasTX200 - 5002020$5,200,000
You Go Natural logo
You Go Natural sells natural hair accessories, including pre-tied natural hair wraps in awesome prints and styles. It was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
DallasTX10 - 502020$2,000,000
Taysha Gene Therapies Inc logo
Taysha Gene Therapies is a developer of treatments to eradicate severe & life-threatening monogenic diseases of the central nervous system. Taysha Gene Therapies is on a mission to eradicate monogenic CNS disease. With a singular focus on developing curati
DallasTX65 - 5002020$465,000,000
Covered Care logo
Covered Care’s programs enable our provider partners to serve patients that are declined by other financing solutions, helping to grow their business through these challenging economic times.
DallasTX10 - 502020$108,000,000
Island logo
We are excited to announce the founding of a new Enterprise Software Company, Zero Abstraction. Each year the cost and complexity of cyber security increases disproportionately to security posture. It’s time to rethink our design -- this is our mission. We
DallasTX200 - 5002020$385,000,000
ARKH logo
ARKH is an AR platform that enables users to interact with their AR environment. The company was founded in 2020 by Landon Nickerson and is based in Dallas, Texas, United States.
DallasTX20 - 1002020$5,700,000
Access Physicians logo
Access Physicians is a multispecialty physician group that provides inpatient telemedicine. Each day, countless Americans go without the care they need due to an inability to access a physician. Access Physicians seeks to systematically improve and regiona
DallasTX50 - 2002020$9,300,000
ReturnSafe logo
ReturnSafe is helping businesses prevent and contain infectious disease outbreaks by providing Human Resource professionals with a 360-degree view of their workplace and the tools to manage employee health safety. The HIPAA compliant solution includes dai
DallasTX20 - 502020
Sentiero Ventures logo
Sentiero is a thesis-driven, high conviction early seed venture capital fund investing in transformational, early software innovators who are delivering artificial intelligence driven solutions that will shape the next era of business, harmonizing machine
DallasTX10 - 502020
Kind Mobile Corporation logo
Kind Mobile Corporation invests at the pre-seed, seed, and early stage in companies with a great story, accomplished founders, and a clear go to market strategy.
DallasTX50 - 2002020
Aspen Power logo
Aspen Power Partners is a distributed generation platform with the dual mission of accelerating and democratizing decarbonization.
DallasTX100 - 5002020$801,000,000
Credit Mountain logo
Fintech SaaS solution that allows lenders to offer rejected borrowers a ''Path to Approval''
DallasTX10 - 502020$5,150,000
DallasTX1,000 - 2,0002020
LF Bioenergy logo
As a portfolio company of Cresta Fund Management, LF is a leader in creating renewable energy with integrity, innovation and operational excellence. We partner with farmers to improve profitability while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
DallasTX20 - 502020$50,000,000
Surgical Automations logo
Surgical Automations develops surgical robots for surgical procedures. They also provide an AI-based autonomous robotic navigation system for endoscopic diagnostic and interventional procedures.
DallasTX5 - 102020
Worlds logo
Worlds is completely re-inventing how organizations see and understand their worlds. Through live, AI-powered models, the company’s clients can remotely see, learn and analyze their worlds in ways that were never possible before.
DallasTX20 - 502020$31,225,194
Imprint logo
Imprint is a financial service company building the future of payments, rewards, and loyalty services. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in New York, USA.
DallasTX10 - 502020$1,265,000
Covaxx logo
COVAXX, a division of United Biomedical, is responding to the COVID-19 breakout in a manner that is consistent with our values by following the science and putting diagnostics and solutions-thinking at the center of our approach. Our priority is to stay on
DallasTX10 - 502020$32,864,966
PlantSwitch manufactures plant-based and biodegradable day-to-day products.
DallasTX10 - 502020$18,940,000 logo revolutionizes the roofing industry through its digitally-native, on-demand approach, utilizing drones and AI to unlock proprietary roofing data for homeowners and enterprise operators. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, drives do
DallasTX20 - 502020$7,500,000
Safer Management logo
Safer Management is a software company that sells AI attendance tracking software to public and private schools, colleges, and universities to track students' attendance data.
DallasTX2 - 102019$125,000
Leadr logo
Our people development software helps you engage and grow every person on your team.
DallasTX50 - 2002019$14,655,000
Prolucent logo
Prolucent Health provides technology and services that empower modern workforce management.
DallasTX20 - 1002019$15,500,000
Nada logo
Nada is on a mission to unlock a piece of real estate for everyone. A Dallas-based digital banking and real estate startup, Nada is transforming the complicated and disconnected real estate transactional model into a long-term user-based platform model.
DallasTX50 - 1,0002019$13,930,000
LENUS BIOSCIENCE SPAC targets to acquire a conglomerate of companies in the area of medical cannabis (R&D, pharmaceutical production, distribution of pharmaceutical products) that create synergies and bring new technologies and a new approach in their busi
DallasTX1 - 102019
Kanarys™ logo
Kanarys ( is a technology company focused solely on providing the tools organizations need to create systemic change around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) challenges. Kanarys uses a data-based approach to pinpoint D
DallasTX20 - 502018$9,575,000
CloudRadial logo
CloudRadial is the account management solution for MSPs and Microsoft CSPs.
DallasTX5 - 202018$3,000,000
Alto logo
Alto Experience Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops mobile application which manages and operates fleet of sports utility vehicles. Alto Experience serves customers in the United States.
DallasTX100 - 5002018$59,500,000
CheckSammy logo
CheckSammy is the next generation sustainability & bulk junk service solution for the global waste industry.
DallasTX200 - 5002018$65,750,000
EnergyBot logo
Energy.Bot is a simple and transparent energy marketplace that enables businesses to shop for an energy plan for their business.
DallasTX10 - 502018 logo
Adyton is a veteran owned, venture backed, American public benefit corporation building world class mobile software products for people that serve.
DallasTX20 - 502018$14,164,000
Work Shield logo
WorkShield is dedicated to protecting people, organizations, and cultures - all at the same time. As an unbiased third-party, Work Shield is the only comprehensive misconduct solution that helps employees #BeHeard, protect cultures, and effectively mitigat
DallasTX20 - 502018$10,110,000
Spark Biomedical logo
Spark Biomedical, Inc. is a medical device company developing non-invasive neurostimulation solutions for opioid withdrawal and addiction. The Spark team is dedicated to bringing novel solutions to alleviate the opioid epidemic and helping individuals thro
DallasTX10 - 502018$17,434,160 logo is a Logistics Orchestration® platform as a service revolutionizing multi-party interaction, automation, and collaboration. Slync’s API-driven platform combines visibility, exception management, workflows, and intelligent automation into one colla
DallasTX50 - 2002017$95,579,168
NVenue logo
nVenue’s unmatched technology leverages the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
DallasTX10 - 202017$8,350,000
Vendo logo
Vendo is a digital growth agency that specializes in Amazon and online marketplaces.
DallasTX200 - 5002017
Fura logo
Fura is consolidating and growing freight brokerage businesses by integrating them into our technology platform. Our mission is to build the future of logistics.
DallasTX10 - 502017$7,630,000
Bestow logo
Bestow Inc. offers financial services. The Company provides comprehensive digital life insurance solutions. Bestow offers simple products, algorithmic underwriting, online application, and data driven financial solutions. Bestow serves customers in the Uni
DallasTX200 - 5002016$137,500,000
Sunfinity Solar logo
Sunfinity Solar is the residential solar company that is just as passionate about saving you money as we are about saving our planet.
DallasTX50 - 1002016
Cien logo
Cien, Inc. designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers artificial intelligence, forecasting, and analytical solutions. Cien serves customers in the United States and Spain.
DallasTX20 - 502016$3,500,000
Momentum Technologies logo
Momentum is a lithium-ion battery recycling company that has developed a patented modular, scalable battery recycling technology.
DallasTX10 - 502016$20,000,000
Goldcrest Capital logo
Goldcrest is a venture capital fund that invests in private technology companies
DallasTX5 - 102016
ReCode Therapeutics logo
ReCode Therapeutics is an integrated genetic medicines company developing targeted, disease-modifying therapies for patients with life-limiting respiratory diseases.
DallasTX50 - 2002015$521,799,392
FieldPulse logo
FieldPulse is an all-in-one application to run your mobile service business - available on iOS, Android, and computer WebApp.
DallasTX50 - 1002015$29,200,000
StackPath logo
StackPath, LLC provides cyber security solution. The Company offers security platform services to protect systems from cyber threats, viruses, and other threats. StackPath serves customers worldwide.
DallasTX200 - 5002015$396,000,000
Primer logo
We believe kids are remarkable - but our education system is underestimating them. We’re building the home for ambitious kids.
DallasTX2 - 102015 logo
About is the efficient, technology-driven solution to the typically-stressful home selling experience. We make selling your home easier and faster without sacrificing quality service & expertise, all for half the commission of traditional agent.
DallasTX50 - 1002015$20,660,000
SeaLights logo
SeaLights - The Software Quality Governance Platform. DevOps is changing the way that software is delivered. With dozens of builds a day and countless tools used by multiple personas to support the delivery pipelines, Software Quality Risks are increasing
DallasTX50 - 1002015$49,600,000
Take Command Health logo
Take Command Health is an innovative health insurance software provider for small businesses and independent professionals. Take Command Health enables small employers to reimburse employees tax-free for health insurance using a small business HRA (QSEHRA)
DallasTX100 - 2002014$46,200,000
Care Continuity logo
Care Continuity is a provider of care coordination solutions that collaborates with hospital systems and physician-led accountable care organizations to help eliminate care gaps that cause unnecessary suffering for patients.
DallasTX50 - 1002014$19,680,000
GridLiance Western Holdings logo
GridLiance Western Holdings LLC (BBB/Stable) is the parent holding company of GridLiance West LLC (A¡/Stable) and an intermediate holding subsidiary of GridLiance Holdco., LP (not rated), a limited partnership owned by Blackstone Power & Natural Resources
DallasTX10 - 502014$80,000,000
Subeca logo
Subeca is an end-to-end water management platform that leverages dual network technology to provide 24-7 utility control. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
DallasTX10 - 502014$3,500,002
Osteal Therapeutics logo
Osteal Therapeutics, Inc. is a privately held company located in Solana Beach, CA. Founded in 2013, JPS is dedicated to providing novel drug and device combination products for treating musculoskeletal infection.
DallasTX5 - 202013$62,800,000
Inventus logo
Inventus Solutions, Inc. provides information technology services. The Company offers data analytics, digital forensics, document review, managed, and consulting services. Inventus Solutions serves clients worldwide.
DallasTX500 - 1,0002013
ROBO Global logo
ROBO Global is a robotics, artificial intelligence and healthcare technology company.
DallasTX20 - 502013
Lantern Pharma logo
Lantern Pharma Inc. operates as a biotechnology company. The Company develops drugs for the treatment of cancer. Lantern Pharma serves cancer patients in the United States.
DallasTX20 - 502013$94,980,000
Roam Analytics logo
Roam is building the natural language processing infrastructure for modern healthcare systems. Our mission is to empower healthcare companies to derive structured meaning from language data to improve healthcare for all. Solving healthcare’s most complex
DallasTX10 - 502013$185,000
Apex Clearing Corporation logo
Firm that provides clearing and execution solutions to the financial services industry
DallasTX200 - 5002012
Hari Mari logo
Hari Mari Hari Mari gives $3 for every pair purchased to help fight pediatric cancer.
DallasTX20 - 502012$14,403,242
MVP logo
MVPindex Inc. operates as a social media index and measurement platform for the sports and entertainment industry. The Company develops an objective index and client-access platform that tracks the overall impact and value of brand ambassador activations f
DallasTX100 - 2002012$27,000,000
Supreme Golf logo
Supreme Golf, in association with CBS Sports Digital, offers the world’s largest inventory of golf tee times, providing golfers the ability to search and book over 16 million tee times at more than 12,000 golf courses in 41 countries. Supreme Golf owned bo
DallasTX50 - 1002011$24,450,000
Cyber Defense Labs logo
Cyber Defense Labs is a full life-cycle information security service provider helping companies manage, detect and respond to today’s cyber risks. We provide trusted, cost-effective cyber risk management services to help companies reduce business risk befo
DallasTX50 - 2002011
SignEasy logo
SignEasy is a cloud-based solution to sign and fill documents or get documents signed from phone, tablet or computer. Signatures done with SignEasy are compliant with the ESIGN Act as well as the eIDAS and the European Directive (EC/1999/93).
DallasTX50 - 1002010
CycleWood Solutions logo
use a patented technology to create biodegradable and compostable thermoplastic. develops “XyloBag”, a cheap plastic bag alternative designed for everyday-use which breaks down into humus in 150 days. The technology can be applied to a variety of commerci
DallasTX1 - 102010$2,736,793
ParkHub logo
ParkHub is a Dallas-based technology company that provides software and hardware services for the global parking industry. The company's products provide multiple payment options, real-time reporting of parking revenue, support for dynamic pricing, and inv
DallasTX50 - 1002010$118,060,000
Dialexa logo
Dialexa is a digital product development consultancy focused on making every company a great technology company. We are made up of designers, engineers, and strategists who build unique tech products and experiences for our clients to write the future of t
DallasTX200 - 5002010$2,000,000
O9 Solutions logo
O9 Solutions is a cloud-based business management platform powering digital transformations of integrated planning and operations. It is a provider of digital management platforms for visibility, analytics, planning, collaboration, and continuous improveme
DallasTX2,000 - 5,0002009$511,000,000
Theragun logo
Therabody is a developer of medical devices for targeted vibration therapy and pain relief.
DallasTX500 - 1,0002008$165,000,000
Future Payment Technologies logo
Future Payment Technologies (''Future Paytech''), located in Dallas, Texas, and founded in 2006, provides electronic payment processing services to over 100,000 merchant accounts from coast to coast. As an industry leading payments provider, Future Payme
DallasTX500 - 1,0002006
Integrity Marketing Group logo
Integrity Marketing Group, LLC provides marketing services. The Company develops and distributes life and health insurance products with insurance carrier partners, as well as markets these products through its distribution network. Integrity Marketing Gro
DallasTX5,000 - 20,0002006$2,144,999,936
Appspace logo
Appspace is the leading software platform that delivers content to workplace devices and digital signage. With offices in the US, UK, UAE, and Malaysia, plus remote experts in a dozen other countries, they provide global support to thousands of customers t
DallasTX200 - 5002002
ISN logo
ISN Software Corporation provides online contracting and supplier management services. The Company collects self-reported information from contractors and maintains it in a centralized database with various items, including management system questionnaire,
DallasTX100 - 5002001
SWK Holdings logo
SWK Holdings Corporation is a publicly traded, specialized finance company focusing on the global healthcare sector. The Company aims to provide capital to a broad range of life science companies, institutions and inventors. SWK Holdings would also be enga
DallasTX20 - 501996$185,000,000
AECOM logo
AECOM provides professional technical services to the United States government, state, local, and non-U.S. governments and agencies, and commercial customers. The Company's services include consulting, planning, architecture, engineering, construction mana
Braya Renewable Fuels logo
Braya Renewable Fuels operates as a oil & energy company.
DallasTX500 - 1,0001986$300,000,000
Chase Paymentech logo
Chase Paymentech is a payment processing and merchant acquiring business of JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM). Paymentech payment platforms supports businesses to process payments. Paymentech authorises payment transactions in more than 130 currencies. In additio
DallasTX5,000 - 10,0001985
Harbor logo
Harbor is an infant care technology company that focuses on transforming the way to take care of young children and their families.
DallasTX1 - 10$3,700,000
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