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Tradesy logo
Tradesy is an online peer-to-peer resale marketplace for buying and selling women's fashion. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.
Santa MonicaCA100 - 5002021$187,728,832
Doola logo
doola helps US and Non-US founders turn their dream idea into their dream business. We're a “Business-in-a-Box” for online SMBs. We take care of everything online SMBs need to form an LLC, set up their bank account, accept payments, and manage ongoing comp
New YorkNY20 - 502021$11,000,000
Conduktor logo
Conduktor is an Apache Kafka enterprise platform, most famous for its Kafka desktop application
New YorkNY50 - 1002020$22,000,000
DallasTX1,000 - 2,0002020
Aginity logo
Aginity transforms the way companies compete on analytics through software that enables companies to create, catalog, and manage analytics. Our tools compliment leading analytic platforms including Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Microsoft Synapse, Hive, IBM
Los GatosCA50 - 2002020$31,500,000
Beyond Identity logo
Beyond Identity's mission is to empower the next generation of secure digital business by replacing passwords with fundamentally secure X.509-based certificates. This patent-pending approach creates an extended Chain of Trust that includes user and device
New YorkNY100 - 5002020$205,000,000
Torre logo
Torre Technologies is a recruitment platform, matching talent from unconventional careers with fulfilling professional opportunities.
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002019$16,000,000
Uplight logo
Uplight is the leading provider of end-to-end customer-centric technology solutions dedicated solely to serving the energy ecosystem. Uplight provides software and services to more than 75 of the world’s leading electric and gas utilities, with the mission
BoulderCO200 - 1,0002019 logo represents a new category of people-first automation solutions in the wake of frustration with the widespread failure of AI-powered productivity projects to deliver value. We’ve created the world’s first Knowledge Process Automation (KPA) platfo
Salt Lake CityUT20 - 1002019$22,600,000
CloudTrucks logo
CloudTrucks develops a virtual trucking carrier application designed to reduce operating costs for truck drivers. The platform helps to manage and book loads from brokers and shippers, offer instant payments after load delivery, and access to cheap insuran
San FranciscoCA50 - 2002019$141,600,000
Instaleap logo
We are a SaaS Platform built from scratch to power high performing on-demand operations for supermarkets. Our technology has been built out of real world operational experience of running a leading on-demand 1-hour delivery operation across 3 countries wit
100 - 5002019$11,820,000 logo
Orum is building the infrastructure for a frictionless financial system. The company enables enterprises in any industry to embed Orum’s infrastructure to offer smart, automated, and real-time money movement powered by proprietary intelligence. Through sin
New YorkNY20 - 1002019$82,200,000
Strateos logo
Strateos is a SaaS-based biotechnology company that provides robotic solutions for biology labs.
Menlo ParkCA100 - 5002019$105,770,000
Ejento logo
Talent acquisition for the startup era. NeoHire South, RockIT Recruiting, TS2 and have come together as Ejento.
El SegundoCA50 - 2002018
Validity, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops data integrity platform that enables assessment and toolset to correct data issues. Validity serves customers worldwide.
BostonMA500 - 1,0002018
SIMON Markets logo
SIMON develops an online distribution platform for financial professionals that focuses on structured investments. It began operation in December 2018, with its headquarters in New York City.
New YorkNY50 - 1002018$100,000,000
dotData logo
About The First & Only End-to-End Data Science Automation Platform. Automate your entire data science process and go live in days, not months. Impressum Ryohei Fujimaki is the Founder & CEO of dotData. Prior to founding dotData, he was the youngest rese
San MateoCA50 - 2002018$43,000,000
Zomentum logo
Zomentum enables MSPs to ace their sales process by providing tools to close more deals and also generate more revenue from existing customers
San FranciscoCA100 - 2002018$17,100,000
Danaher Digital logo
Danaher Digital is an information technology company that specializes in computer software development.
CasperLabs logo
Building a decentralized, secure, scalable layer 1 crypto platform that implementes cbc-Casper Proof of Stake consensus.
CheyenneWY50 - 2002018$48,600,000
Hunters logo
Hunters’ autonomous threat hunting solution detects cyberattacks that bypass existing controls in every IT environment. Hunters.AI extends threat detection and response across every attack surface – a capability is increasingly known as ‘XDR.’ It ingests r
100 - 5002018$118,400,000
Taloflow logo
Find the best dev and cloud tools for your use case 10x faster Taloflow provides expert buying advice and tailored analysis to match your requirements with the best solution every time, for free
Santa MonicaCA5 - 102018$2,394,380
Chief logo
Chief is a private network designed specifically for women leaders — rising VP level through CEO — to strengthen their experience in the C-suite, cross-pollinate power across industries, and change the face of leadership. Co-founders Carolyn Childers and L
New YorkNY500 - 10,0002018$140,000,000
Vowel logo
Vowel aims to make meetings and post-meeting actions better than ever before. Our vision: build a meeting OS and make meetings more productive, efficient and valuable. Plan, host, transcribe, search, and share your video meetings all in one browser window.
New YorkNY20 - 1002018$17,800,000
Verta logo
Verta builds software infrastructure to help enterprise data science and machine learning (ML) teams develop and deploy ML models. Verta enables anyone to streamline your data science and ML workflows, and deploy models into production faster while ensur
Palo AltoCA20 - 502018$970,000
ConcertAI logo
ConcertAI is a developer of medical research tool suite intended to design and deliver care-based oncology research and data analytics. It is an integrated real-world data and AI-driven solutions to transform how insights are generated and accelerate thera
CambridgeMA1,000 - 5,0002018$300,000,000
Atlan logo
Atlan is a home for data teams. 200 teams in 50 countries - ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies rely on Atlan to truly democratize their data. Our customers include Unilever, Milkbasket, Barbeque Nation, WPP and GroupM, Mahindra Group, and InMob
200 - 5002018$96,500,000
CognitOps logo
We believe supply chains can be faster. We’re on a mission to create software to help people and systems make more productive decisions. CognitOps empowers DC leadership with connected visibility, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and AI-powered deci
AustinTX20 - 502018$14,505,000
Attunely logo
Attunely produces a machine learning model for debt collection, decreasing waste, and improving recovery yield. The company has developed behavioral and economic models trained and tested on over 100 million interactions and decades of collection history.
SeattleWA20 - 502018$12,700,000
Metropolis logo
Metropolis is an AI and computer vision start-up built to modernize parking and empower the future of mobility. It was founded in 2017 and is based in Los Angeles, California.
Los AngelesCA500 - 1,0002017$1,928,000,000
Retina.AI logo
Retina uses next-gen algorithms and the data you already collect to pinpoint your highest-value customers — and deliver the insights you need to reach more just like them.
Santa MonicaCA20 - 1002017$10,500,000
Bitwise logo
Bitwise Asset Management, Inc. provides investment management services. The Company offers portfolio construction, financial planning, and asset allocation services, as well as develops funds, indexes, and other ancillary services. Bitwise Asset Management
SchaumburgIL1,000 - 5,0002017
UNION logo
UNION Bars are unique unto themselves. And like every other tool in your kit, your point of sale should be tailored specifically to your needs. UNION is the first POS built exclusively for high volume high touch venues and their unique operating requiremen
New YorkNY10 - 502017 logo, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops an artificial intelligence platform that allows healthcare providers to integrate health data from different sources, analyze persistence, and adherence behaviors. ClosedLoop
AustinTX50 - 1002017$49,073,136
Tundra logo
Join the zero-fee marketplace and shop the best brands at the best prices
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002017$38,000,000
Arris Composites logo
ARRIS is an industrial engineering company that specializes in the fields of machinery manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace. It provides next-gen composites for mass-market applications including aerospace, automotive, sports, and consumer products. T
BerkeleyCA50 - 1002017$216,683,984
AIEnterprise logo
AIEnterprise is helping businesses redefine engaging customer experiences and delivering frictionless commercial and consumer commerce solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. We specialize in automation of business processes and I
FriscoTX100 - 2002017
Casebook PBC logo
Casebook PBC are the developer of the patent-pending, award-winning Casebook platform. The Casebook platform also makes several modules including Intake, Case Management, Investigation, Placement, and many more to provide an end-to-end CCWIS-ready system i
New YorkNY20 - 1002017$3,000,000
AvantStay logo
AvantStay, Inc. provides hospitality services. The Company specializes in lodging, accommodations, event planning, transportation, and traveling services. AvantStay serves customers worldwide.
West HollywoodCA500 - 1,0002017$686,000,000
AI Foundation logo
By making it possible for everyone to have their own AI, we're putting control back in the hands of individuals and unlocking the limits of humanity.
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002017$27,500,000
Chaossearch, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers cloud-based log management and analytic services. Chaossearch serves customers in the United States.
BostonMA20 - 502017$50,000,000
Change Healthcare logo
Change Healthcare is a provider of revenue and payment cycle management and clinical information exchange solutions, connecting payers, providers, and patients in the U.S. healthcare system.
BlueVoyant logo
BlueVoyant is a cybersecurity company that enables cybersecurity defense and protection through technology and tailored services. The company provides advanced cyber threat intelligence managed security services and proactive professional services with for
New YorkNY500 - 1,0002017$665,500,032
Aquabyte logo
Aquabyte, Inc. operates as a software development company. The Company develops farm monitoring products with machine learning platform and camera systems for aquaculture farms. Aquabyte serves customers in the United States and Norway.
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002017$48,800,000
Zoolatech logo
Zoolatech is a boutique service provider specializing in high end software development and creating a harmonious,collaborative environment.
Palo AltoCA200 - 5002017
Moesif logo
Moesif, Inc. operates as a software company. The Company offers API analytics, monitoring, debugging, enterprise scale, platform, and support services. Moesif serves clients in the State of California.
San FranciscoCA20 - 502017$15,500,000
Lucidity logo
Lucidity is a digital advertising blockchain protocol bringing transparency and trust to digital advertising. We are the only ad verification company that uses blockchain technology for digital advertisers and publishers to mitigate fraud, transact with tr
Los AngelesCA10 - 502017$16,233,567
Strive Talent logo
Strive is the fastest and fairest way to get the sales jobs you desire and deserve
ParamusNJ10 - 502017
Joveo logo
Joveo Inc. operates an advertising technology platform. The Company allows users to buy ad space on websites, mobile apps, video players, and other devices. Joveo serves customers worldwide.
Menlo ParkCA200 - 5002017$17,500,000
StockX logo
StockX is an online marketplace and clothing reseller, primarily of sneakers. Since November 2020, it has also opened up to electronic products such as game consoles, smartphones and computer hardware. The Detroit-based company was founded by Dan Gilbert,
DetroitMI1,000 - 2,0002016$690,000,000
Merit logo
Merit’s verified identity platform brings visibility, liquidity, and trust to people-data, giving organizations the clarity to make better-informed decisions, engage with individuals effectively, and pursue their mission efficiently. Merit works with trust
MillbraeCA100 - 5002016$78,925,000
Cerebri AI logo
Cerebri AI enables enterprises to dynamically measure individual brand commitment then take personalized actions at scale that raise revenue and reduce costs, across all channels, in real time. Deployed on a SaaS basis, the Cerebri CX 2.0 product uses rein
AustinTX20 - 502016$19,000,000
CloudKnox Security Inc logo
Cloudknox Security Inc. designs and develops software solutions.
SunnyvaleCA50 - 1002016$22,750,000
EasyKnock logo
Your Home. Your Life. A home is the most cherished asset most of us will ever own. Itâ??s a place where your family grows and memories are created. We believe it should also be a life accelerator, giving you the means to seize new opportunities, achieve fi
New YorkNY100 - 5002016$429,700,000 logo is a customer experience automation platform enabling enterprises to leverage its NLP engine to build chat and voice bots. The platform is trusted across 50+ countries by 700+ enterprises, including Domino’s, Sephora, Hyundai, Biogen Internationa
San MateoCA1,000 - 5,0002016$102,150,000
Tellius logo
Tellius, Inc. designs and develops enterprise software. The Company builds business artificial intelligence and analytics platform powered by machine learning that combines natural language search, automated discovery of insights, predictive analytics, int
RestonVA100 - 2002016$31,500,000
Reali logo
Reali is the first company to leverage first-in-kind technology to serve homebuyers and sellers in a single, integrated platform. The company’s wide range of alternative financing solutions make a complicated process like buying and selling at the same tim
San MateoCA200 - 5002016$292,376,000
Clearcover logo
Clearcover, Inc. operates as a software development company. The Company provides an online platform for insurance users with different products and services. Clearcover serves customers in the United States.
ChicagoIL200 - 5002016$362,000,000
Transmit logo
Transmit is the first and only live streaming video marketplace that connects the best of live sports, esports, music and entertainment with the world’s most recognizable brands. Transmit’s live video syndication platform enables content creators and righ
New YorkNY20 - 1002016$7,823,881 logo
Noodle Analytics, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers enterprise artificial intelligence systems to manage complex business operations. Noodle Analytics serves customers in the State of California.
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002016$76,000,000
Kyligence logo
Kyligence Inc. is a data intelligence company that offers big data analytics products powered by Apache Kylin, an open source OLAP engine built for interactive analytics of petabyte-scale data on Hadoop. Founded in 2016 by creators of Apache Kylin, Kyligen
San JoseCA200 - 5002016$118,000,000
Merlon logo
Merlon uses AI to hyperautomate adverse media screening so analysts can focusing on faster, more accurate, real-time decisioning. Only Merlon allows analysts to operate at the risk level vs. article level. This is done by reviewing alerts to AI-generated R
New YorkNY10 - 502016
Viome logo
Viome provides nutritional genomics testing and analysis services, especially of the gut flora and various health and wellness factors, and provides dietary advice.
BellevueWA200 - 5002016$273,004,480
Parsley Software logo
Parsley Software is a Developer of a SaaS-based restaurant management application designed to manage back end operations of restaurants. The company's application handles restaurant operations such as placing orders, managing ingredients, storing and analy
Santa MonicaCA10 - 502016$300,000
Datatron logo
Datatron Technologies Inc. develops software. The Company allows businesses to merge real-time and historical data. Datatron Technologies serves customers in the State of California.
San FranciscoCA10 - 202016
Spectrum Labs logo
Spectrum Labs provides contextual AI, automation, and services to help consumer brands recognize and respond to toxic behavior. The platform identifies 40+ behaviors across all languages enabling Trust & Safety teams to deal with harmful issues in real tim
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002016$45,000,000
3Cloud logo
3Cloud is a “born in the cloud” Gold-Certified Microsoft Azure technology consulting firm and Azure Expert Managed Services Provider that provides cloud strategy, design, implementation, acquisition and ongoing managed services to its clients across variou
GroveIL500 - 1,0002016
App Samurai logo
App Samurai Inc operates as a software company. The Company offers platform with AI- optimization and real-time fraud detection solutions. App Samurai serves clients in the United States.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002016
AgShift logo
AgShift is an AI based food technology start-up working on designing world's most advanced autonomous food inspection system. AgShift's software blends patented Deep Learning models with Computer vision to make food inspections autonomous, consistent and s
Santa ClaraCA5 - 202016$5,100,000
Crowdbotics logo
Crowdbotics uses a combination of machine learning and expert developers to help both technical and non-technical teams build complex software applications faster. Crowdbotics is a remote-first company with a small headquarters in Berkeley, CA.
BerkeleyCA200 - 5002016$53,446,244
Fevo logo
With powerful technology and a smart approach, Fevo is revolutionizing how groups attend live events
New YorkNY50 - 1002016$72,151,488
Radar logo
Radar is the location context platform. Our mission is to make every app on every device contextually aware. Learn more:
New YorkNY100 - 2002016$85,500,000
Carpe Data logo
Using proprietary algorithms and proven AI, Carpe Data harnesses the power of emerging and alternative data for insurance carriers around the globe. Utilizing Carpe Data’s data, insurers gain deeper insight into risks and significantly enhance many aspects
Santa BarbaraCA100 - 5002016$13,700,000
Aware logo
About Aware empowers organizations to safely grow their enterprise social networks and workstream collaboration tools. Additional Information Aware offers advanced controls, governance & insights for Workplace from Facebook, Slack, Yammer and Microsoft Tea
ColumbusOH50 - 2002016$86,950,000
Flo Health logo
Flo Health, Inc. provides women's health mobile application services. The Company offers AI-powered women's health platform that encompasses accurate cycle predictions, personalized daily health insights, and secure community of experts and peers. Flo Heal
200 - 1,0002016$75,500,000 logo
Founded in 2016, democratized the home-financing ecosystem, replacing it with a digitized process that eliminates commissions, fees, unnecessary steps, and time-wasting branch appointments. In addition to providing mortgage rates in seconds, Bet
New YorkNY1,000 - 5,0002016$1,469,999,872 logo, Inc. provides sales management platform. The Company, through its platform, automates sales rep ramp, coaching, activity analytics, and customer relationship management data entry using machine learning. serves customers in the State o
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002016$200,000,992
Compliance Solutions Strategies logo
Compliance Solutions Strategies (CSS) is a trusted global RegTech partner that combines innovative technology-driven solutions to support financial services firms in navigating a clear and strategic path through the complex and fragmented global regulatory
New YorkNY10 - 502016
BondLink logo
Bondlink Inc is a software provider for municipal bond issuers.
BostonMA20 - 502016$12,000,000
Chili Piper logo
About Chili Piper is helping sales, marketing, and customer success teams perfect their customer journey, beginning with scheduling automation. Additional Information We’re providing the intelligent calendar of the future to help companies stay engaged wit
New YorkNY200 - 5002016$54,350,000
Idelic logo
Idelic Inc provides software solutions. The Company offers safety box, a tool that helps in managing trends and prevent accidents before it happen. Idelic serves customers in the United States.
PittsburghPA50 - 1002016$31,000,000
SafeGraph logo
SafeGraph, Inc. designs and develops software. The Company offers geospatial data platform that gives users including urban planners, retailers, academic researchers, marketers, and investors to access dataset. SafeGraph serves customers globally.
San FranciscoCA50 - 1002016$61,000,000
Sigma Ratings Inc., operates as a risk rating agency. The Company offers non-credit risk ratings, as well as counterparty risk management, self-assessment and industry benchmarking, board and executive reporting, and alternative data services. Sigma Rating
New YorkNY20 - 502016$9,100,000
Phosphorus logo
Phosphorus, Inc. designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers healthcare decision supporting software products. Phosphorus serves the healthcare sector in the United States.
New YorkNY20 - 502016$17,993,984
TempoIQ logo
TempoIQ is a real-time, scalable Internet-of-Things analytics platform. We provide tools to store, analyze, and monitor the time-series data that powers connected applications. Our service is offered as a private, dedicated instance of the full platform an
San FranciscoCA10 - 502016$4,068,000
Caffeine logo
Caffeine is a new way for you and your friends to enjoy and create live gaming, entertainment, and creative arts broadcasts. Simplicity is at the core of what we do: from our clean design to our simple-to-use tools, we make it incredibly easy for anyone to
Palo AltoCA100 - 5002016$294,000,000
Spatial logo
Spatial is a venture-backed Augmented Reality startup software company. We are building the foundational apps for AR as the next computing platform. The founding team has deep backgrounds in 3D user interfaces. Co-Founder Anand Agarawala sold his previo
BroomfieldCO100 - 5002016$6,900,000
ShiftLeft Inc logo
Shiftleft, Inc. operates as a software development company. The Company provides cloud security solution specific to each version of each application. Shiftleft offers an application that detects threats without impacting continuous deliver, as well as pre
San JoseCA50 - 1002016$58,300,000
LeadIQ logo
LeadIQ, Inc. operates as an enterprise Saas company. The Company focuses on lead management and sales prospecting processes solutions. LeadIQ serves clients in the United States.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002015$40,000,000
Guild Education logo
Guild Education, Inc. offers online classes, programs, and accredited college degrees for working adults. The Company provides classes on various topics, including managing difficult conversations, giving and receiving feedback, business statistics, accoun
DenverCO1,000 - 2,0002015$643,174,912
GE Digital logo
GE Digital is the leading software company for the Industrial Internet, reimagining industry's infrastructure by connecting software, apps and analytics to industrial businesses.
San RamonCA5,000 - 10,0002015
Element Analytics logo
Element Analytics, Inc. designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers analytical software products. Element Analytics serves customers in the State of California.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102015 logo
Grey Matter or, is an intelligent mesh platform for enterprise microservice, container, and hybrid cloud operations and management. Our focus on enabling enterprise governance, risk and compliance by leveraging the service mesh technologies f
AlexandriaVA50 - 2002015$7,100,000
Guideline Technologies logo
Guideline Technologies, Inc. operates an online platform. The Company, through its platform provides 401(k) planning that incorporates a participant's entire financial ecosystem making recommendations and adjustments on an ongoing basis to optimize one's r
San MateoCA200 - 5002015$339,000,000
OM1 Inc logo
OM1, Inc provides health care software solutions. The Company offers outcomes measurement and predictive analytics for value-based and personalized healthcare. OM1 serves customers in the State of Massachusetts.
BostonMA100 - 5002015$171,000,000
Troops logo
Troops, Inc. designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers enterprise software solutions. Troops serves customers in the State of New York.
New YorkNY20 - 502015$19,350,000
Carbon Health logo
Carbon Health is a modern, tech-enabled healthcare company transforming the primary care, urgent care, and virtual care experience. With a team of expert physicians, engineers, and designers, Carbon Health pushes the boundaries of medicine to deliver per
San FranciscoCA2,000 - 5,0002015$622,499,968
Inpher logo
Inpher, Inc. designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers data management and computing software products. Inpher serves customers in the United States and Switzerland.
New YorkNY20 - 502015$14,000,000
Qordoba logo
Qordoba, Inc. operates as a software as a service company. The Company offers a platform that provides e-commerce solutions, software development, and mobile application services. Qordoba serves clients worldwide.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502015$21,500,000
Roofstock logo
Earn passive income by purchasing rental homes with tenants from Roofstock. Our certified properties are inspected and come with a 30-day money back
OaklandCA205 - 1,0002015$359,000,000
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