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Atlanta is a thriving hub for entrepreneurs, startup companies and small businesses, with a diverse and growing startup culture. The city is home to a number of tech startups, as well as startups in other industries, such as healthcare, logistics, and food and beverage.

The Atlanta startup ecosystem is supported by a strong community of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and investors. The city is home to a number of accelerators and incubators, as well as a network of angel investors and venture capitalists.

Some of the factors that make Atlanta a good place for startups include:

  • A strong economy: Atlanta is home to a diverse economy, with a strong focus on technology and healthcare.
  • A skilled workforce: Atlanta is home to a large and skilled talent pool, with a focus on STEM fields.
  • A supportive ecosystem: Atlanta has a strong startup ecosystem, with a number of accelerators, incubators, and investors.
  • A low cost of living: Atlanta has a lower cost of living than many other major cities.

If you are thinking about starting a business in Atlanta, here are a few resources that can help you:

  • Atlanta Tech Village: A coworking space and startup community good for startup jobs and startup business
  • Invest Atlanta: The city's economic development agency that helps with startup funding
  • Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute: A business incubator and accelerator
  • The Startup Runway: A startup accelerator for women and minority entrepreneurs

Atlanta is a great place to start a business or launch a startup idea. With its strong economy, skilled workforce, and supportive ecosystem, Atlanta is the perfect place to launch your startup.

Here are some specific examples of startups in Atlanta:

  • Mailchimp: A leading email marketing software platform founded in Atlanta in 2001.
  • Goodr: A food waste reduction analytics platform founded in Atlanta in 2017.
  • SalesLoft: A sales engagement SaaS platform for teams, founded in Atlanta in 2011.
  • Kabbage: A small business lending platform founded in Atlanta in 2009.
  • Calendly: An industry leading scheduling platform founded in Atlanta in 2013.
  • Instacart: A grocery delivery platform founded in San Francisco in 2012, but has a large operations presence in Atlanta.

Atlanta is also home to a number of startup events and resources, such as:

  • Startup Weekend Atlanta: A weekend-long startup event where entrepreneurs can learn how to launch a startup.
  • Startup Nation Atlanta: A podcast that features interviews with Atlanta entrepreneurs.
  • Startup School Atlanta: A four-week online course that teaches the basics of entrepreneurship.
  • Startup Book Club Atlanta: A group that meets monthly to discuss books about entrepreneurship.
  • Startup News Atlanta: A startup blog that covers the latest news about startups in Atlanta.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner in Atlanta, there are many people, organizations and services available to help you succeed and gain customers. The city has a strong startup ecosystem and a supportive community of entrepreneurs to help launch a new company. With hard work, data, a solutions oriented team and a commitment to communities startups can make a lot of money in Atlanta, hire employees, gain users and be a success.


1. Atlanta is the third most popular city in the US for startups, with over 4,000 startups located in the city.
2. Atlanta is home to the world's largest technology incubator, TechSquare Labs, which has helped over 100 startups launch since its founding in 2012.
3. Atlanta is the fastest-growing tech hub in the US, with the number of tech jobs in the city increasing by over 40% since 2010.
4. Atlanta is home to the world's largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies, with over 20 headquartered in the city.
5. Atlanta is home to the world's largest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which serves over 100 million passengers annually.
6. Atlanta is home to the world's largest concentration of venture capital firms, with over 40 venture capital firms located in the city.
7. Atlanta is home to the world's largest concentration of corporate headquarters, with over 30 corporate headquarters located in the city.


1. Atlanta ranks 3rd in the U.S. for venture capital investment in startups, with $2.2 billion invested in 2019.
2. In 2019, Atlanta startups raised $1.7 billion in venture capital funding, a 10% increase from 2018.
3. Atlanta is home to over 3,000 startups, making it the 8th largest startup ecosystem in the U.S.
4. In 2019, Atlanta startups created over 7,000 new jobs, a 12% increase from 2018.
5. The median salary for tech jobs in Atlanta is $90,000.
6. The median salary for non-tech jobs in Atlanta is $60,000.
7. Atlanta is home to over 60 incubators and accelerators, providing resources and support to startups.
8. Over 50% of Atlanta startups are in the software and IT sectors.
9. Over 40% of Atlanta startups are in the healthcare and biotech sectors.

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Z-Score Health logo
Z-Score Health is a forward-thinking healthcare company leveraging technology to offer personalized preventive care. Their approach integrates comprehensive health risk assessments using a sophisticated SaaS platform and mobile applications, focusing on ar
AtlantaGA1 - 102024$2,000,000
Glui logo
Glui is an integrated adtech platform that offers interactive advertisements on social media post or website banner.
AtlantaGA10 - 502024$1,874,851
Mach5 Therapeutics logo
Mach5 Therapeutics is a biotechnology company.
AtlantaGA1 - 1002023$2,674,996
Syntax Health logo
Syntax Health is a SaaS-based enterprise solution for health plans and providers that provides analytics, infrastructure, and a collaborative Virtual Workspace to facilitate best-fit payment model design and promote transparency and consistency in contract
AtlantaGA5 - 202023$7,500,000
Invoke AI logo
InvokeAI is the Generative AI tool for professional creatives. The company is a creative engine for Stable Diffusion models that empowers professionals, artists, and enthusiasts to generate and create visual media using AI technologies.
AtlantaGA50 - 1002023$3,750,000
Danti logo
Danti is a search engine that focuses on allowing both novice and expert users to ask basic inquiries and discover the vast amount of information being generated throughout the world.
AtlantaGA20 - 502023$7,825,000
HackQuest logo
HackQuest is an educational organization currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It has been founded in 2023.
AtlantaGA10 - 502023$1,100,000
Tabor.AI logo
Tabor AI has developed a groundbreaking ChatGPT Plugin, specifically designed for the senior housing and care sector. This plugin, utilizing the GPT-4 model and Microsoft Azure, allows users to access real-time competitive market intelligence through a con
AtlantaGA1 - 102023$5,500,000
Keyspace Studio logo
Keyspace's vision is to empower companies to enter the Web3 space and provide strategic guidance to brands moving fast into the world of NFTs and the Metaverse. Our proprietary enterprise SaaS platform offers self-service management of NFT campaigns design
AtlantaGA5 - 102022
Piezo Therapeutics logo
Piezo Therapeutics develops a uniquely engineered platform that uses electric pulses and microneedles to deliver therapeutics to the body. The company was founded in 2022 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
AtlantaGA2 - 102022$2,000,000
Axle logo
Axle is an open platform for consumer-permissioned insurance data. With Axle, companies can instantly verify insurance and monitor ongoing coverage, helping them create a frictionless experience for their customers and reduce operational risk through bette
AtlantaGA5 - 202022$4,500,000
Coginiti, the collaborative intelligence company, empowers everyone to get consistent answers fast to any business question. Our Collaborative Intelligence platform provides a unique workspace that empowers the entire organization to build, share and reus
AtlantaGA20 - 502022$4,000,000
Nimbus Health logo
Our mission is to redefine the standard of care in pulmonary medicine and deliver the best lung care in America. We’re rebuilding the pulmonary clinic around a technology platform and a set of virtual and physical interventions calibrated to keep lung cond
AtlantaGA5 - 102022$4,775,000
Pocketbook logo
Pocketbook creates payment processing platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company provides a variety of services, including customizable digital wallets.
AtlantaGA2 - 102022$1,899,872
Audit Sight logo
Audit Sight uses APIs to access the client’s records, eliminating the tedious process of asking for them and waiting for a recordkeeper to compile and send them.
AtlantaGA5 - 202021$6,500,000
Impiricus logo
Impiricus is an engine that builds tools for HCPs to support their patients and clinical practice. For our partners, our platform provides unique HCP engagement.
AtlantaGA10 - 502021$3,485,000
Sundayapp logo
Sundayapp is a fully integrated solution built for restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés, and hotels customers to pay for their food via a QR code. It is built by restaurateurs for restaurateurs to connect the front and back-of-house operations and to deliver the
AtlantaGA100 - 5002021$124,000,000
Switchboard logo
Switchboard is the first error monitoring and incident response platform for Zapier and Make (formerly Integromat). its goal is to become the operating system for non-technical teams building dashboards, systems, and processes.
AtlantaGA5 - 202021$7,500,000
Momnt logo
Momnt is a provider of modern lending solutions for businesses to offer affordable, low-friction finance at the moment of need.
AtlantaGA100 - 5002021$33,000,000
Volato logo
Volato is the modern way to buy and own a private jet, creating a more accessible category of private aviation ownership through an innovative business model that reduces the cost and hassle of ownership. Volato focuses on 1-4 passenger regional flights, a
AtlantaGA200 - 5002021$24,218,408 logo is reimagining remote meetings and workflows, helping teams be more effective than they ever were at the office
AtlantaGA10 - 502021$6,220,000
Andson Biotech logo
Andson Biotech built, from the ground up, process analytical technologies (PATs) to fill the void of existing sensor technologies for advanced biomanufacturing.
AtlantaGA5 - 102021$3,600,000
Universe Software logo
Universe Software helps software companies reach their full potential.
AtlantaGA5 - 102021$19,509,946
Falcomm logo
Falcomm is a fabless semiconductor chip startup developing ultra-efficient front-end modules and power amplifiers for the 5G mmWave market.
AtlantaGA2 - 102021$4,000,000
Knightley logo
Knightley is a financial services company currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It has been founded in 2021 by Robert Bunch and Graham Gintz.
AtlantaGA5 - 102021
Saleo logo
Saleo is the #1 sales demo experience platform helping software companies create incredible demos, that are data complete, directly within their live SaaS product. We help revenue teams shorten their sales cycle, increase win rates and close more deals by
AtlantaGA20 - 502021$14,500,000
CapiTrade Ventures logo
Capitrade Launchpad is a decentralized cross-chain fundraising platform that allows early blockchain projects to raise funds. Capitrade empowers blockchain startups projects to raise liquidity in a fair and decentralized manner.
AtlantaGA5 - 102021$20,000,000
The Contract Network logo
Contract Network is a developer of a digital collaborative platform for clinical trials. Its platform focuses on radically accelerating contract negotiations, simplifying contract compliance, and accelerating the negotiation of clinical trial agreements.
AtlantaGA20 - 502021$8,000,000
Carpool Logistics logo
Carpool Logistics is a transport company currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It has been founded in 2021 by TerrenceJ, Joe Norton, and Michael Malakhov.
AtlantaGA20 - 502021$2,000,000
Managr logo
The traditional pipeline management process is completely outdated, therefore inefficient and time consuming. Managr streamlines it by automating all the tedious, time-consuming tasks that come managing a sales pipeline.
AtlantaGA5 - 202021$1,500,000
MomentRanks logo
MomentRanks is the premier nonfungible token (NFT) resource platform, offering analytics and tracking tools for NBA Top Shot collectors. MomentRanks is committed to providing an unmatched user experience, with educational tools that allow even the most ine
AtlantaGA10 - 502021$5,900,000
Infinite Giving logo
Infinite Giving is a modern asset management platform for nonprofits. We help organizations invest reserve funds, create and manage endowments, and easily receive stock, crypto, and DAF donations all in one easy to use platform. Investing isn’t easy, we ju
AtlantaGA5 - 102021$1,600,000
H2cryptO logo
H2cryptO is the Next Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange which will finally solve the number one problem preventing more broad or mass adoption into Cryptocurrencies. Over and over investors and traders have cited reluctance to the space for the main reason
AtlantaGA10 - 502021$1,050,000
Amplio logo
Sourcing electronic components should be easy and predictable. Amplio helps you take back control of your supply chain by making sourcing cost-efficient and stress-free. Predict future component shortages, automate risk purchases, and access exclusive sour
AtlantaGA5 - 102021$6,000,000
Circadian Ventures logo
Circadian Ventures is a capital firm investing in early-stage tech and tech-enabled businesses. They actively partner with exceptional entrepreneurs to build enduring businesses. Circadian Ventures has investments in various sectors across the United State
AtlantaGA5 - 202020
Rialtic logo
Rialtic develops an open marketplace platform that equips and enables accurate payments in healthcare. It offers a reference source repository, curated content, and payment accuracy technology, enabling users to reduce costs across the total cost for payme
AtlantaGA50 - 1002020$43,000,000
JTEC Energy logo
JTEC is a cutting-edge technology that converts a heat difference into useable power through electrochemical reactions.
AtlantaGA10 - 502020
Quipli logo
Quipli is an online rental software platform. It also provides rental e-commerce functionality, inventory management, data-driven dynamic pricing recommendations, order summaries, and other related features, as well as allowing business customers to order,
AtlantaGA20 - 502020$3,500,000
SB Opportunity Fund logo
Open Opportunity Fund is a technology venture capital fund focused on investing in and partnering with outstanding Black and Latino founders. Opportunity Fund was founded in June 2020 with a $100 million Fund 1 and successfully invested in over 70 companie
AtlantaGA10 - 502020
Panoramic Ventures logo
Panoramic Ventures is a venture capital firm that places a focus on diverse founders and university startups.
AtlantaGA20 - 502020
Greenwood logo
Greenwood is a Black- and Brown-owned financial technology institution that specifically targets Black and Latino people and businesses. It is not FDIC insured; however, its banking services will be provided by FDIC-member banks. Upon opening account appli
AtlantaGA50 - 2002020
4Earth logo
4earth, Inc. was founded in 2010. The company's line of business includes providing facilities support management and consulting services.
AtlantaGA5 - 202020
Artis Technologies logo
Artis Technologies powers modern lending solutions for businesses to provide low-friction, affordable financing to their customers at the point of need. Our API-based platforms creatively leverage alternative data sources and ML/AI-informed decisioning to
AtlantaGA100 - 5002020$33,000,000
LUV NFT logo
LUV NFT is a social media marketplace that allows creators and brands the ability to easily mint NFTs. We replaced the like button with the LUV button and receiving LUV earns you crypto $LUV. Spreading LUV is the call to action to ending hate and greed. Us
AtlantaGA5 - 102020
Pollen Technologies logo
Pollen is an orchestration platform that brings together retail, rideshare, and 3PL’s to revolutionize the process of returns, faster recovery with pickups. Next day time agnostic pickups create stability for rideshare, consolidated freight improves profit
AtlantaGA5 - 202020$3,499,996
ClearGen logo
ClearGen is empowering the transition to a more sustainable energy future. ClearGen works with partners to deliver efficient and reliable energy infrastructure to consumers. Our consultative approach is focused on reducing development risk by streamlining
AtlantaGA50 - 1002020$250,000,000
Overline logo
Overline is a founder/operator-led seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in exceptional founders primarily in Atlanta and the Southeast. We are generalists that invest between $250K and $1.5M and lead or co-lead seed rounds.
AtlantaGA5 - 202020
Pipekit logo
Pipekit scales data pipelines for enterprises by managing Argo Workflows for data teams. The company provides tools such as data pipeline management, Kubernetes management, resource cost controlling, built-in loggings, multi-cluster workflows management, a
AtlantaGA10 - 502020$125,000
Reflective logo
Reflective is an app that guides and automates work.
AtlantaGA10 - 202020$1,300,000
Garden City Companies logo
Garden City is a buy & hold, purpose-driven holding company building the service companies of tomorrow. Think the next-generation Service Master focused on building the most caring & innovative service companies in the world. We've raised $30M of permanen
AtlantaGA500 - 1,0002020$50,000,000
Speedscale logo
Speedscale finds and prevents production incidents with realistic test labs that behave and perform like production. Its SaaS offering allows dev teams to understand what a code build will do by replaying traffic during CI. The technology will auto-generat
AtlantaGA5 - 202020$11,975,000
Loupe logo
Loupe is a live eCommerce streaming platform developing a mobile application used to collect sports cards. Its application offers exciting new ways to buy, sell, invest, and collect sports cards that enable users to reinvent sports card games at a whole ne
AtlantaGA10 - 502020$5,928,782
Carputty logo
Carputty is a consumer automotive startup that provides car loan services to its clients.
AtlantaGA50 - 1002020$99,500,000
Canza Finance logo
Canza is building the world's largest non-institutional-based financial system.
AtlantaGA10 - 502020$5,780,000
IoTFlows logo
Industrial IoT Data Pipeline for Artificial Intelligence
AtlantaGA2 - 102019$710,000
Disclo logo
Disclo is a HIPAA compliant platform enabling employers to collect, verify, and manage employee health disclosures and accommodation requests. Disclo helps employees secure the enhancements and protections they need to succeed in their careers without havi
AtlantaGA5 - 202019$6,625,000
WasteWizer logo
WasteWizer develops weight monitoring technology to provide waste and scrap hauling companies with a smarter pickup management technique. The company offers roll-off container weight-monitoring solutions to increase turnover, prevent overweight loads, impr
AtlantaGA5 - 102019$3,070,767
Tourial logo
Tourial creates a virtual product marketing, product training, and support platform to deliver product marketing content in the form of virtual product tours. The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.
AtlantaGA20 - 502019$7,250,000
Silicon Road Ventures logo
Silicon Road Ventures (SRV) is an Atlanta-based, venture capital firm focused on building the future of commerce. SRV empowers retailers to take charge of their own future through investment in transformational innovation. Silicon Road’s ecosystem approach
AtlantaGA5 - 202019
Ladder logo
Ladder is a platform for career management that connects the candidates and construction companies with job offers and vacancies. We made it extremely easy to get started with Ladder instead of submitting the same information over and over again to 10 diff
AtlantaGA2 - 102019$125,000
Tractian logo
Tractian builds streamlined hardware-software solutions to give maintenance technicians and industrial decision-makers comprehensive oversight of their operations. Tractian is democratizing access to sophisticated real-time monitoring and asset operations
AtlantaGA100 - 5002019$63,700,000
Arcspring logo
Founded in 2019, Arcspring is a private equity firm headquartered in Westport, Connecticut. They combine capital, technology, value analysis, and design-thinking to unlock exponential growth across a wide-range of portfolio companies. Through a focused mic
AtlantaGA5 - 202019$7,075,000
Huxley Medical logo
Huxley Medical is a private company that specializes in medical devices. The platform of the company collaborates with thought-leading clinicians and basic science researchers to develop and market devices and algorithms, giving users greater access to mul
AtlantaGA10 - 502019$15,280,818
Charityvest logo
Charityvest is a personal charitable giving fund that allows individuals to donate to US nonprofits from one tax-deductible account. The charitable giving platform enables anyone to create a Donor-Advised Fund or charitable giving account. The platform hel
AtlantaGA10 - 502019$5,700,000
Slip Robotics logo
Slip Robotics provides solutions that increase operating efficiency in warehousing, logistics, and supply chain.
AtlantaGA20 - 502019$16,388,243
Office Hours logo
Office Hours is a knowledge-sharing platform that helps people get paid to share their unique professional experiences.Advisors join our marketplace to get paid for hosting their own virtual office hours. Clients can book advisors directly for conversation
AtlantaGA10 - 502019
Illuminarium Experiences logo
Illuminarium is a digital entertainment brand that produces entertainment spectacles using traditional motion pictures and virtual reality. The company was founded by Alan Greenberg in 2019 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
AtlantaGA20 - 502019$103,924,376
Sora Schools logo
Sora is a private online middle and high school. Sora’s world-class faculty leads one-of-a-kind live classes, transforming today's students into tomorrow’s changemakers. Students truly have a say in their education in terms of what they study, how they lea
AtlantaGA50 - 1002019$26,004,988
Eastside Golf logo
Eastside Golf is a lifestyle golf brand designed to enhance golf awareness among young people and non-golfers. We wish to inspire the culture, foster diversity, and maintain our authenticity.
AtlantaGA5 - 102019$3,400,000
Drum logo
Drum is a new gig economy platform that aims to improve the lives of millions. Set to launch in the third quarter of 2019, Drum allows any business to stand up a sales force faster and easier than it is to launch an AdWords campaign.
AtlantaGA50 - 1002019$11,000,000
Collab Capital logo
Collab Capital is an investment fund that provides social and financial resources to Black-owned companies. The firm is creating a growth solution for Black founders seeking capital, who value profitability, ownership, and optionality. They leveraging fina
AtlantaGA5 - 202019
Ware2Go logo
Ware2Go is the intelligent logistics network that enables their customers to extend and scale their business.
AtlantaGA100 - 5002018
Queues logo
Queues is a cloud based queue management system that offers tools and features to help businesses manage customer traffic. Their system offers businesses to set up virtual queues, manage walk ins, and send text or email notifications to customers when it i
AtlantaGA5 - 102018$1,156,000
KetteQ logo
ketteQ is an integrated sales and operations planning platform.
AtlantaGA50 - 5002018$9,000,000 logo brings engineering practices to data science and machine learning. It maintains a code repository with data files, machine learning model files, and model metrics. It keeps track of machine learning experiments to share knowledge about ideas.
AtlantaGA10 - 502018
Mona Labs logo
Mona provides intelligent and flexible AI monitoring for AI-first companies and teams who need to continuously adapt and optimize their production environments for fast business growth. Our platform enables machine learning teams to track data and model pe
AtlantaGA10 - 502018$6,950,000
InpharmD logo
Clinical pharmacists working at different hospitals are looking up the same answers to the same clinical questions every day. InpharmD is a centralized service that eliminates this redundant work.We’ve been bootstrapping since 2018, and in the past month,
AtlantaGA5 - 202018$6,050,000
Voxie logo
Voxie is the conversational AI text marketing leader that helps retail, service, and restaurant passion brands connect with and learn from their customers to drive significantly more revenue. Voxie’s proprietary Conversational Intelligence combines the per
AtlantaGA20 - 502018$6,700,000
Shadow Ventures logo
Shadow Ventures, LLC operates as a venture capital firm. The Company invests in seed stage companies. Shadow Ventures serves clients in the State of Georgia.
AtlantaGA20 - 502018
Knoll Ventures logo
Founded in 2018 and based in Atlanta, GA, Knoll Ventures invests in Pre-Series A tech-enabled B2B companies. We partner with founders at the earliest stages of the growth process, where we help drive value creation and increase the odds of success.
AtlantaGA2 - 102018
Cloverly logo
Cloverly, an API for carbon offsets uses technology to help businesses, organizations, and individuals become carbon neutral or even carbon negative.
AtlantaGA20 - 502018$21,075,000
Talus Solutions logo
Talus Solutions, Inc. provides sophisticated software and services that enable companies to achieve growth by winning new customers and increasing revenue and profit from existing customers. Focused on improving revenues and profits for its customers, Tal
AtlantaGA10 - 202018$25,000,000
Flashtract logo
Flashtract is software for construction billing automation.
AtlantaGA20 - 502018$15,000,000
Smart Eye Technology logo
Smart Eye Technology is a document privacy company that uses biometrics such as your iris, face, voice, and fingerprint to open documents! When an unauthorized person looks at the document inside the Smart Eye app while you are viewing the document, Smart
AtlantaGA10 - 502018
Query.AI logo
Query.AI provides the market’s only security investigations control plane for modern enterprises. Our patented browser-based platform delivers real-time access and centralized insights to data across your on- premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS environments, w
AtlantaGA20 - 502018$19,600,000
Fanbase logo
Fanbase Subscription Social Media. Follow, Subscribe, Like, Love and Make Money. Monetize Your Content on Fanbase!
AtlantaGA10 - 502018$13,755,282
Covered By SAGE logo
About A brokerage built for the agents of tomorrow. Company Overview We’ve built the first modern insurance platform, pairing top talent with technology and support to make the risk management experience intelligent and seamless
AtlantaGA100 - 5002018$6,000,000
Atomic-6 logo
Atomic-6 is a manufacturing startup bringing next-generation composite products.
AtlantaGA5 - 202018$12,350,000
Ubuntoo logo
Ubuntoo is a global collaboration platform for accelerating the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
AtlantaGA20 - 502018$3,835,000
Goodr logo
Goodr is a sustainable food waste management company leveraging technology to fight waste and with a goal of ending hunger. Our mission is simple: Feed More, Waste Less.
AtlantaGA10 - 202017$12,271,556
Vital logo
Vital is modern cloud-based emergency department software. We use artificial intelligence to predict admits hours in advance, reduce length-of-stay, and save millions with an improved flow.
AtlantaGA100 - 5002017$45,900,000
TendoNova logo
TendoNova is a medical technology company providing systems for office-based orthopedic procedures to address tendon injury and pain.
AtlantaGA10 - 502017$3,075,493
GigLabs logo
Founded in 2017, GigLabs is on a mission to empower brands, creators and collectors to create defining and memorable NFT experiences. The company partners with brands, agencies and creators to provide easy-to-use products for generating, minting, and selli
AtlantaGA20 - 502017$4,500,000
Buckle logo
Buckle is the inclusive, digital financial services platform serving the emerging middle class and providers to the gig economy. #buckleup
AtlantaGA50 - 2002017$116,000,000
SteelSky Ventures logo
SteelSky Ventures is an early stage Women's Health Tech Venture Capital Fund.
AtlantaGA20 - 502017
Covetool logo
Cove.tool has developed a game-changing machine learning technology that helps users discover smarter ways to make their buildings energy efficient while saving on construction cost. The software builds smart, accurate models in a tenth of the time to help
AtlantaGA50 - 2002017$36,750,000
SalesVista logo
SalesVista sales compensation software intended to makes it easy to turn sales achieved into compensation owed.
AtlantaGA50 - 2002017
Bottle logo
Bottle Labs takes orders, communicates with customers, and keeps homes stocked with the local goods.
AtlantaGA2 - 102017$1,422,000
Mile Auto logo
Mile Auto is an auto insurance technology provider and MGA providing mileage-based solutions for insurance carriers, automakers and drivers.
AtlantaGA20 - 502017$20,997,332
Userlist logo
Userlist is a customer messaging tool that helps you onboard and engage your SaaS users after they sign up for your product. It’s much more efficient than building an in-house solution, and way less complex than Intercom and other enterprise tools.
AtlantaGA5 - 102017
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