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Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
Uber Uber 2009 $25,212,452,864 San Francisco, CA We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion. 26,900 26,900
Via Transportation Via Transportation 2012 $647,064,128 New York City, NY Via is the world’s leading provider and developer of on-demand public mobility. 1,000 5,000
LendUp LendUp 2012 $361,500,000 San Francisco, CA Path to the Financial Health 100 500
Omada Health Omada Health 2011 $256,520,000 San Francisco, CA A digital care provider that empowers people to achieve their health goals through sustainable lifestyle change 200 500
Honor Honor 2014 $255,000,000 Middletown, NY Let's care together. 500 1,000 2010 $220,700,000 San Francisco, CA An on-demand mental health company 200 500
Newsela Newsela $172,156,176 New York City, NY Our mission is to unlock the written word for everyone. 200 500
Citizen Citizen 2017 $133,000,000 New York City, NY Building a global safety network to inform and protect the world. 100 500
uBiome uBiome 2012 $109,851,192 San Francisco, CA We’ve developed the first sequencing-based, clinical microbiome tests with citizen science. 200 500
EdCast EdCast 2014 $101,219,944 Mountain View, CA Work Smarter 200 500
Bitwise Industries Bitwise Industries 2013 $78,350,000 Fresno, CA Bitwise is a tech ecosystem, activating human potential to elevate underdog cities around the country. 100 500
BlocPower BlocPower 2014 $75,923,152 Brooklyn, NY Making buildings greener, healthier & smarter 50 100
High Fidelity High Fidelity 2013 $72,900,000 San Francisco, CA Online audio spaces that mimic real-life gatherings. Try our beta free! 50 200
Good Eggs Good Eggs 2011 $65,000,000 San Francisco, CA Absurdly fresh groceries, delivered. 200 500
Elation Health Elation Health 2010 $58,500,000 San Francisco, CA Deeply committed to strengthening the physician-patient relationship. Learn more about our EHR: 100 500
NoRedInk NoRedInk 2012 $58,000,000 San Francisco, CA Financial services company founded in 2012 50 200
Ethic Ethic 2015 $48,800,000 New York City, NY We are powering the future of sustainable investing. 20 50
Clever Clever 2012 $43,320,000 San Francisco, CA The most widely used single sign-on platform for K-12 education. 100 500
Hustle Hustle 2014 $41,000,000 San Francisco, CA The trusted leader in peer to peer text messaging, powering authentic conversations at scale. [email protected] 100 500
Compology Compology 2013 $37,769,180 San Francisco, CA Moving the world's raw materials, finished goods and waste with the smallest footprint possible. 50 200
AngelList AngelList 2010 $26,200,000 San Francisco, CA We're the world’s largest startup community. We help startups change the world. 200 500
Swing Education Swing Education 2015 $22,840,000 San Mateo, CA Easier Way to Sub. Swing Education connects nationwide schools with a community of qualified substitute teachers. 100 200
Bloomlife Bloomlife 2014 $14,414,035 San Francisco, CA Empowering expectant moms. Revolutionizing maternal health. Developing data-driven solutions with remote prenatal care. 20 50
Welcome Welcome 2019 $12,000,000 Denver, CO Host jaw-dropping virtual events. Jobs at 20 50
Career Karma Career Karma 2018 $11,937,500 San Francisco, CA Accelerate Your Career In Technology 50 100
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