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Company NameDescriptionYear FoundedTotal Amount Raised
Sunrock Distributed Generation partners with solar developers and installers to acquire, originate, and finance commercial solar and storage assets at various stages of development. Sunrock Distributed Generation develops and owns distributed generation as
Technology-enabled solar loan finance platform for businesses
For every employee-the healthy and the hurting-Forte is the mental wellness employee platform that provides Content and Connections so they can uniquely and meaningfully contribute at work, home, and in their community. Learn more at
Zoe is a remote learning network that allows students and teachers to interact, develop, and learn 21st century skills from any place.
Supir is an online platform that is changing how bus operators and transportation companies work together. connects transportation providers with on-demand contractual bus operators.
Astek Diagnostics is building a platform (Eugris) that guides physicians in prescribing appropriate antibiotics for patients with bacterial sepsis in one hour. It is done by detecting the oxygen consumption of the bacteria
Complete Omics is incorporated by a vibrant team of excellent scientists. With decades of expertises in molecular diagnostics and Omics-based technologies, our scientists and directors are building something fantastic for the human population. We are hikin
Tradeswell is the operating system for real-time commerce. We’re on a mission to empower growth by making e-commerce actions more informed, more coordinated, faster, and more profitable — for everyone. Tradeswell does this through our quantitative trading
Relavo is a medical device company that is revolutionizing the way kidney failure patients are treated. Relavo's PeritoneX technology aims to make home dialysis more accessible by lowering the risk of infection. The PeritoneX® is an in-line connection devi
Perfect Tense is an intelligent grammar correction tool that understands the context and meaning of text to accurately identify and fix errors. With a powerful API, Perfect Tense lets you easily add grammar correction to your product or workflow.
NextStep Robotics is developing the first effective treatment option for foot drop to help stroke survivors.
$3,400,000 is digital engagement security platform that helps businesses retain revenue and build stronger customer relationships by controlling the third party code that executes on their websites. The company's products include cleanAD, which protects digi
THE BEST MONEY IN THE WORLD Bitcoin Cash brings sound money to the world, fulfilling the original promise of Bitcoin as \'Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash\'​. Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. The future shines bright
Cerebro Capital is the premier web-based software solution to ease the process of sourcing and managing corporate loans.
Sonavi Labs is a medical device and software company dedicated to developing advanced telehealth technologies that will revolutionize the healthcare industry. Using AI technology to evolve traditional medical devices, their aim is to make the work of physi
A Couple Cents (“ACC”) is a start-up news, media, social media, and education company that focuses on investing and financial content. The company leverages Justin Oh’s background as a New York City-based investment banking analyst, hedge fund analyst, and
Facet Wealth is one of the fastest-growing financial services companies. By providing each client with their own CFP® professional to integrate unbiased financial advice into every facet of their life, at an affordable subscription price, we’re creating fi
Galen is developing a single-platform solution to aid surgeons across several disciplines with minimal disturbance to existing workflows.
READY Robotics Corporation opeates as a robots-as-a-service company. The Company manufactures industrial robotics automation solutions. READY Robotics serves customers in the States of Maryland and Ohio.
B.Well Connected Health Inc. manufactures healthcare software. The Company offers digital and virtual applications. B.Well Connected Health serves customers in the State of Maryland.
Novel Microdevices is a medical device startup that develops a handheld point-of-care medical device to facilitate molecular diagnostics. Its device uses microfluidics to analyze a raw biological sample directly at the point of care and takes only 30 minut
Protenus, Inc. designs and develops health care software. The Company offers platform that integrates an array of data sources, applies AI-powered analytics to isolate potential threats, and provides a reporting suite to demonstrate each institution's comp
US Wind is an offshore wind energy development company that involved in one of the largest offshore wind farm projects in the US.
Akpudo LLC operates as a device assurance company. The Company tests mobile devices on use cases and activities to discover bugs and refine the user interface and experience. Akpudo markets to device manufacturers throughout the United States.
Graybug Vision, Inc. operates as a pharmaceutical company. The Company develops drug delivery therapies and sustained-release compounds for the treatment of eye diseases. GrayBug Vision serves patients in the United States.
AsclepiX Therapeutics is revolutionizing the treatment of retinal diseases and cancer with a singular focus on the design, development, and delivery of novel peptides with the power to inhibit proven key disease pathways. Their peptide drug candidates tap
Pegged Software, Inc. designs and develops software. The Company provides analytics as a service-based big data mining, predictive modeling, and fit talent identification solutions and services.
How ClearOne Advantage Works For YouIf you are struggling with your credit cards, medical bills or other unsecured debt obligations, the ClearOne Advantage Program may be the best option for you. With most programs, our goal is to negotiate our clients' de
Audacious Inquiry (Ai) is an American company founded in 2004 and with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. The company provides health information technology services and cloud-based software.
Catalyte is a software engineering services company that uses data science and AI to build technology workforces for forward-looking companies. Its Odyssey workforce development platform delivers exceptional and sustainable tech talent and powers transform

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