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Skry logo
With our a first-of-it’s-kind grading system, Skry makes it simple for anyone to incorporate the quality of an NFT into their buying decision. Skry insights combine crowd-sourced reviews with technical data to analyze as many factors as possible to determi
BoulderCO5 - 102022$1,000,000
Mad Capital logo
Mad Capital provides finance for agricultural sector for building regenerative organic farmers.
BoulderCO5 - 102022$4,000,000
LicenseLead logo
LicenseLead is an IP business intelligence platform that helps companies monetize IP.
BoulderCO1 - 102022$1,544,345
Aria+ logo
Aria+ is a mass media, entertainment and technology company that was founded by Radhesh Aria in 2023
BoulderCO2 - 102022
Approximate Labs logo
Approximate Labs is a research lab that works at the intersection of artificial intelligence and tabular data. The company was founded in 2022 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, United States.
BoulderCO1 - 102022$5,350,000
Afference logo
Afference is an electronics manufacturing company that offers wearables that enable the digital dexterity of 3D digital content.
BoulderCO5 - 102022$1,500,000
Freeplay logo
Freeplay is an end-to-end platform that gives product teams the power to prototype faster, test with confidence, and optimize features for customers.
BoulderCO5 - 202022$3,250,000
Travertine logo
Travertine process accelerates the Earth’s natural carbon cycle to precipitate carbonate minerals from carbon dioxide in the air, permanently storing carbon in the solid phase.
BoulderCO5 - 202022$3,000,000
Dylibso logo
Dylibso provides software, devtools, and applications to help take WebAssembly to production. It was founded in 2022 and is based in Boulder, Colorado.
BoulderCO5 - 102022$6,640,000
Fortius Metals logo
Fortius Metals is an innovative metal 3D printing company. Fortius Metals provides patented high performance wire consumables for advanced manufacturing including welding, joining and 3D printing
BoulderCO5 - 202021$3,650,000
Hakkoda logo
Hakkoda is a next-generation services company focused on engineering data and analytic systems on the Snowflake Data Cloud. Hakkoda provides consulting and managed services in data architecture, data engineering, analytics, and data science.
BoulderCO100 - 5002021$5,600,000
Elephant Energy logo
Elephant Energy makes it simple to upgrade the home's heating and cooling systems, as well as appliances, to modern, all-electric technologies, allowing homes to be gas-free. It provides Heat Pumps, Water Heaters, EV Charging, and other services. Josh Lake
BoulderCO5 - 202021$3,500,000
Suite Studios logo
Suite is an intelligent platform making cloud-based post-production easy and accessible to all post-production studios.
BoulderCO5 - 202021$8,014,994
Roo logo
Roo, Incorporated was founded in 1972. The company's line of business includes the wholesale distribution of motor vehicle supplies, accessories, tools, and equipment.
BoulderCO1 - 102021
RADICL Defense logo
We secure small and medium sized businesses from nation state level cyberthreats.
BoulderCO5 - 202021$12,000,000
TIFIN Give logo
Sprung from the confluence of wealth management and philanthropy, TIFIN Give empowers advisors to grow their practices by engaging clients in a digital charitable giving platform. TIFIN Give engages the whole family to support causes they care about, while
BoulderCO200 - 5002020$210,300,000
Massive logo
Access to the experience and insight of seasoned founders and executives is one of the most valuable resources a founder can have when growing a business. Using deal-by-deal investments, Massive connects startup founders with a curated syndicate who knows
BoulderCO5 - 202020
LightTwist logo
LightTwist is a visual effects lab for developers and creatives on the iPhone. It enables the user to create high-resolution video and picture assets that combine reality with immersive 3D environments. LightTwist was founded in December 31, 2020 by Vikas
BoulderCO5 - 202020
Tangram Vision logo
Tangram Vision is building the infrastructure layer for vision-enabled products like robots, drones and industrial automation. Tangram makes it simple to integrate sensors, build apps with their data, and optimize their stability and performance over the e
BoulderCO5 - 102020$1,500,000
Tynt Technologies logo
Tynt Technologies is a developer of a smart window to prevent glare while maintaining views and save energy. It offers ideal visual and thermal occupant comfort while minimizing building energy consumption from lighting and HVAC use. The company was founde
BoulderCO20 - 502020$17,067,980
Rebalance Health logo
ReBalance Health is an optimum health and performance lifestyle company. When they set out to create Rebalance, they had a great idea, but realized that they were not endocrinologists, and they were pretty bummed. So, in pursuit of their dream, they recrui
BoulderCO10 - 502020$25,950,652
Electra logo
Electra is decarbonizing iron and steelmaking to eliminate 3.7 gigatons or 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Leveraging proven industrial-scale electrochemical and hydrometallurgical processes, and backed by leading sustainability-focused venture cap
BoulderCO50 - 1002020$113,506,000
Jot logo
Jot produces a concentrated form of liquid coffee to transform any liquid into a latte, americano, or espresso. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.
BoulderCO20 - 502020$5,999,976
Watchmaker Genomics logo
Watchmaker Genomics is a biotechnology company that focuses on breakthrough applications for reading, writing, and editing DNA. It combines deep domain expertise in protein engineering with enzyme manufacturing to address the demanding quality, performance
BoulderCO100 - 2002019$48,272,984
Neat Loans logo
Neat Loans specializes in home loans, purchase loans, mortgage lending and refinancing services.
BoulderCO200 - 5002019
Enveda Biosciences logo
Enveda Biosciences is a biotechnology company building new medicines from plants. It harnesses the complexity of the natural world to tackle today’s biggest healthcare challenges. With the help of the advancements in knowledge graphs, machine learning, and
BoulderCO200 - 5002019$174,900,000
Positivly logo
The world's first financial personality test, matching people to investments and advice.
BoulderCO10 - 502019$3,400,000
SaaSWorks logo
Working with small cohorts, our team of outcome-driven and experienced SaaS Founders, Investors, and Operators deliver both a personalized Customer Success assistant and a tailored Revenue Operations solution to support your Customer Success team. This com
BoulderCO1 - 102019
Uplight logo
Uplight is the leading provider of end-to-end customer-centric technology solutions dedicated solely to serving the energy ecosystem. Uplight provides software and services to more than 75 of the world’s leading electric and gas utilities, with the mission
BoulderCO200 - 5002019
BioLoomics logo
BioLoomics, Inc. is a synthetic biology company building the next generation of high-throughput drug screening tools.
BoulderCO5 - 202019$8,700,000
Strata Identity logo
With Strata, your enterprise can manage all identities and access policies through one distributed identity control plane. We’re on a mission to make it easy to run your apps on the clouds you want, using the identity system you choose. Why? Because identi
BoulderCO50 - 2002019$37,500,000
Figure logo
Figure was founded by a team of software engineers, roboticists and product managers formerly from Google Robotics, Savioke, and Bot & Dolly who deeply understand the problems of building, deploying, and scaling robots. Our mission is to provide secure and
BoulderCO5 - 102018$1,195,000
Cloud Agronomics logo
Cloud Agronomics applies remote sensing to power the next wave of actionable, real-time farm management insights. Cloud Agronomics' product detects crop disease outbreaks, enabling farmers to surgically remove or treat the disease before it spreads.
BoulderCO20 - 502018$24,502,392
Hemp Plastic logo
The Hemp Plastic Company is a provider of bio plastics made of from hemp.
BoulderCO2 - 102018$1,520,000
Tilled logo
Tilled is a PayFac-as-a-Service platform that allows B2B ISVs to monetize payments that pass through their platforms. Through Modern APIs and SDKs, Tilled's turnkey system allows software companies to be set up and running in a matter of weeks, with no u
BoulderCO20 - 1002018$24,150,000
Sunday logo
Sunday is a subscription lawn care service startup that provides nutrient and soil health plans for garden and lawn care. It incorporates the use of customized planning using climate, soil, and satellite data to deliver gardening and lawn maintenance-relat
BoulderCO100 - 2002018$78,000,000
Stedi logo
Stedi is a global network for exchanging B2B transactions in a standard format. It provides companies with a free digital mailbox on the Stedi network, giving any company the ability to quickly connect and transact with its trading partners without having
BoulderCO20 - 1002017$74,977,504
Hygge Power logo
We are Hygge Power. OPO, our revolutionary new power outlet, will transform how you use, save, and manage your electricity. Backup power. Energy storage. Smart outlet control. Energy reporting and analytics. All with the push of a button. Hygge Power is ch
BoulderCO5 - 202017$2,455,000
RCAM Technologies logo
RCAM Technologies provides disruptive long-duration energy storage technology that integrates with offshore renewables to support high levels of renewable energy generation. Their M-PHES uses multiple large hollow concrete spheres on the seafloor to store
BoulderCO5 - 102017$2,456,000
Open Assembly logo
Open Assembly is an online platform that provides courses and content for educators.
BoulderCO5 - 202017
Alchemy Cloud, Inc. logo
Alchemy is an enterprise SaaS company helping to modernize the $1 trillion global specialty chemicals industry. Alchemy helps specialty chemicals companies accelerate their formula development and commercialization processes, be more responsive to customer
BoulderCO5 - 202017$4,364,300
Cloud Campaign logo
Cloud Campaign is the easiest way for agencies to manage multiple brands on social media at scale. Simplified scheduling, in-depth analytics, 1-click client reports, team workspaces, and many other features make the product the perfect solution for marke
BoulderCO20 - 502017$6,695,000
New Iridium logo
New Iridium helps to decarbonize the chemical industry by utilizing CO2 to create value-added products and reducing carbon emissions through highly efficient chemical manufacturing. They efficiently upcycles CO2 to produce green and lower-cost products. By
BoulderCO5 - 102017$3,480,999
Catalyze logo
About Catalyze is an intelligent renewable energy infrastructure investment and development platform
BoulderCO100 - 5002017$4,600,000
NR Consulting logo
NR Consulting is one of the fastest-growing Global IT & Workforce Solutions Company with a growth of 100% YoY for last consecutive 3 years. Our specialization keeps our focus strong, knowledge sharp and fastest solutions speed in the industry. Our unique &
BoulderCO10 - 5002017
Beamer logo
Beamer is a changelog and notification center tool that lets users announce new features, product updates, fixes, and special offers. Users can send announcements with text, images, GIFs, and videos to create instant updates. Bring offline users back to th
BoulderCO20 - 50201720226472 EUR
Misty Robotics logo
Misty Robotics, Inc. manufactures robotics machinery equipment. The Company offers personal robots for home and offices. Misty Robotics serves customers in the State of Colorado.
BoulderCO20 - 502017$24,698,328
Unsupervised logo
Unsupervised helps your team find hidden insights in your complex data. We have built the first AI based on unsupervised learning, which automatically discovers the most important patterns in your data without requiring human guidance or supervision.
BoulderCO50 - 1002017$35,000,000
Pocket Outdoor Media logo
Pocket Outdoor Media brands influence and engage more athletes than any other through a combined print, online, and social audience of millions of runners, cyclists, triathletes, and swimmers. It features bike racing media brand triathlete and Women’s Runn
BoulderCO200 - 1,0002017$169,050,000
Proov logo
Proov tests are the only FDA cleared at-home ovulation confirmation kit. Current in-home, fertility tests measure hormones in the first half of the menstrual cycle that are predictive of ovulation - LH, FSH, and Estrogen. But Proov tests enable a more comp
BoulderCO10 - 202016$9,956,000
Blackhorn Ventures logo
Blackhorn Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in companies using breakthroughs in engineering and science, coupled with the infrastructure of the Information Revolution, to redefine resource productivity. Billions of people are m
BoulderCO20 - 502016
Meati logo
Meati Foods is a consumer goods company that provides fungi-based meat alternatives to everyone. It focuses on using proprietary, clean technologies to provide nutrient-dense, plant-based meat alternatives that everyone can enjoy and feel good about eating
BoulderCO200 - 5002016$274,471,168
Veho logo
Veho is an end-to-end parcel delivery carrier for e-commerce companies. It is powered by next-generation technology and final mile crowdsourcing. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.
BoulderCO500 - 1,0002016$299,162,656
Copper Labs logo
Copper’s patented data solution provides utilities with real-time grid intelligence without the need for extensive (and expensive) overhauls.
BoulderCO20 - 502016$10,450,000
Automox logo
Automox Inc. develops software. The Company provides cloud-based patch management solutions. Automox develops a platform that offers automated remediation, 3rd party software patching, compliance, and reporting services. Automox serves customers in the Sta
BoulderCO200 - 5002015$152,600,000
Smarter Sorting logo
Smarter Sorting is a VC funded, Austin-based startup that uses machine learning to build the world's first smart chemical database (and save the world). By helping North America's largest retailers and biggest cities identify items in their regulated waste
BoulderCO50 - 1002015$59,600,000
Zavvie logo
Super local smart solutions for real estate professionals. Get zavvie. We provide turnkey, cost-effective real estate marketing and business development.
BoulderCO20 - 502015$5,400,000
Redeam logo
Redeam, Inc. designs and develops software. The Company offers a software platform that automates the way tours and attractions process tickets sold by third-party distributors, as well as delivers a view of all tickets and vouchers accepted. Redeam serves
BoulderCO20 - 502015$7,700,000
PickNik logo
PickNik develops and integrates robotic applications with particular expertise in motion planning, complex inverse kinematics, and robotics simulation.
BoulderCO20 - 1002015$2,000,000
Matador logo
About We make high performance equipment for fast, efficient travel pursuits. Designed and tested in Boulder, CO. Matador makes weatherproof gear designed for adventure travel. Ultralight without compromise, our gear is designed to accompany you through yo
BoulderCO5 - 202014
Wunder Capital logo
The Wunder Company provides investment management services. The Company offers portfolio management, financial planning, and investment advisory services. The Wunder serves clients in the United States.
BoulderCO20 - 1002014$266,007,088
Kickfurther logo
Kickfurther connects growing product businesses to a community of individuals that can help them raise funds to enable larger, more cost-effective inventory production runs with their manufacturers. Businesses can raise cash by accessing their existing com
BoulderCO20 - 502014$8,495,000
Jetti Resources logo
Jetti Resources operates as a technology company. The Company develops hydrometallurgical application to extract metals from mineral ores, as well as extracts copper from low grade primary sulfides. Jetti Resources serves mining industries worldwide.
BoulderCO20 - 1002014
Sovrn logo
Sovrn Holdings Inc. develops advertising platforms. The Company operates in Boulder, Colorado.
BoulderCO200 - 5002014$121,487,000
Bonusly logo
Bonusly is the fun and easy way to engage all of your employees and improve retention and productivity at every level of your organization. Bonusly helps you celebrate everyday contributions and key milestones, automate time-consuming HR admin processes,
BoulderCO60 - 2002012$31,400,000
Jumpcloud logo
JumpCloud is an American enterprise software company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company was formally launched in 2013 at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield with its announcement of an automated server management tool. JumpCloud’s cloud based direct
BoulderCO200 - 1,0002012$416,817,504
TextUs logo
TextUs is the world's leading real-time communication platform reinventing how businesses communicate with their leads, candidates, and customers. Now you can use their business-class text messaging™ software combined with cloud-voice features to connect w
BoulderCO50 - 2002012$32,250,000
Anonos logo
Anonos simplifies data privacy and security by embedding controls that flow with the data to protect it at the time of use to simultaneously achieve both universal data protection and unrivaled data utility = Data Liquidity. Anonos enables maximum lawful
BoulderCO50 - 1002012$62,000,000
Virridy logo
Sweetsense Inc provides process control instruments. The Company offers electronic inspection and monitoring instruments.
BoulderCO10 - 502012$9,897,428
Clean Chemistry logo
Clean Chemistry is a developer of oxidant formulations for water treatment uses.
BoulderCO10 - 502012$2,500,000
OnKure logo
OnKure is committed to the discovery and development of best-in-class precision medicines that target biologically validated drivers of cancer.
BoulderCO20 - 502011$117,649,184
Waste To Energy Partners logo
Waste to Energy Partners LLC (WEP) provides waste management services. The Company offers landfilling, recycling facilities, and distributing services. WEP serves clients in the United States.
BoulderCO20 - 1002011$80,000,000
Quinn Snacks logo
Quinn Snacks is a developer of an online food ordering platform used to give people the choice to snack mindfully. Its platform offers a variety of flavored popcorn choosing real ingredients from trusted farmers and suppliers so the environmental impact ca
BoulderCO5 - 102010$10,000,000
Sphero logo
Sphero, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company develops an application which users fingers to turn color into sound. Sphero serves clients in Colorado.
BoulderCO50 - 1002010$148,504,080
Gravity Renewables logo
Gravity Renewables designs and develops small hydroelectric power plants.
BoulderCO10 - 502010
Techstars Ventures logo
TechStars Central LLC operates as a venture capital firm. The Company invests in early stage technology companies includes cloud infrastructure, healthcare, cybersecuirty, and communication sectors. TechStars Central serves clients worldwide.
BoulderCO1,000 - 5,0002009
AES Distributed Energy logo
The AES Corporation (AES), a Fortune 200 global power company, provides affordable, sustainable energy to 18 countries through a diverse portfolio of distribution businesses and 36 GW of generation capacity, including over 8 GW of renewables. Enabled by th
BoulderCO100 - 2002009$341,000,000
Respondology logo
Respondology protects brands and individuals from the trolls and their toxicity on social media by removing hateful, ugly and spammy comments. We do this 24/7/365 using AI keyword filtering + over 1k U.S. based human moderators. #hiring.
BoulderCO20 - 1002008$11,000,000
Modular Robotics logo
Modular Robotics LLC designs and develops robot construction kits for kids. The Company produces and markets programmable robotic cubelets which combines modular blocks with sensors and logic for kids to create their own robots. Modular Robotics offers its
BoulderCO20 - 502008$11,750,322
ColdQuanta logo
Coldquanta, Inc. was founded in 2007. The company's line of business includes performing commercial business, marketing, opinion, and other economic research.
BoulderCO200 - 5002007$184,483,424
Foundry Group logo
Foundry Group LLC of Delaware operates as a venture capital firm. The Company invests in early stage technology companies. Foundry Group serves customers in the State of Colorado.
BoulderCO20 - 1002007
Boba logo
Boba is a manufacturing company that makes innovative products for active parents.
BoulderCO10 - 202007
Optera logo
Optera platfrom tracks emissions upstream and downstream in a company’s supply chain.
BoulderCO50 - 5002006$27,489,380
Indevr logo
Indevr, Inc was founded in 2002. The company's line of business includes providing noncommercial research.
BoulderCO20 - 502003$19,000,000
Flux logo
Flux is a software company that develops and licenses software products targeted for workflow, job scheduling, and managed file transfer. Headquartered in Boulder, Flux also has offices in Houston and Memphis.
BoulderCO10 - 1002000
NVoq Inc logo
nVoq Incorporated provides a HIPAA and PHI-compliant, cloud-based speech recognition and workflow automations platform for customer care, healthcare, and veterinary industries. nVoq’s SayIt dictation solution converts speech to text in seconds, while its
BoulderCO20 - 1002000$142,916,624
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