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Crossed logo
Crossed provides and offers geolocation to connect individuals who have recently crossed paths. Whether you're looking for romance, professional networking, or simply expanding your social circle, this app offers an exceptional platform to meet like-minded
TampaFL10 - 502023$5,900,000
Vu Technologies logo
Vū builds technologies for creatives to transform the economics of film and video through virtual production. Vū's mission is to transform the economics of film and video by building the world's first Virtual Studio Network.
TampaFL50 - 1002021$21,257,536
TampaBay.Ventures logo
Tampa Bay Ventures is committed to the creation of a vibrant and internationally recognized startup ecosystem in the Tampa Bay region
TampaFL5 - 202021
Slide logo
Slide is a full-stack insurtech that makes it easy for modern consumers to choose the right coverage for their unique needs and budgets. Slide's cutting-edge technology leverages artificial intelligence and Big Data to hyper-personalize, optimize, streamli
TampaFL100 - 5002021$160,000,000
Certus Group logo
Certus Core is a software business that constructs ontology-driven knowledge graphs utilizing sKG to provide creative data solutions for the government and commercial industry.
TampaFL2 - 102021$1,625,000
Rewst logo
Rewst is a company currently operating in stealth mode. They are a based automation platform for managed service providers.
TampaFL20 - 1002020$90,000,000
Veuu logo
Veuu is an inclusive and sustainable FinTech ecosystem for healthcare. An integrated solution in Cerner and Epic, Veuu is solving problems in healthcare claims and long A/R days through advanced AI technology in language and voice that has been developed s
TampaFL10 - 502020$5,575,000
Panther logo
Panther Inc is a global employment platform that makes it possible for companies to employ and grow first-class remote teams wherever they are. Founded by Matt & Vasil, two friends from Florida and Macedonia, and backed by some of the planet's best investo
TampaFL20 - 502020$2,500,000
Benefytt logo
Benefytt Technologies, Inc. provides software and insurance solutions. The Company specializes in cloud-based technology platform and distributes innovative health insurance products, as well as assists in the development of insurance products through our
TampaFL200 - 5002020
Payzli logo
Payzli is your end-to-end payment technology partner. A single source for business essentials such as payment services, business management software, web enablement and mobile solutions. Trust Payzli to solve complicated daily problems, help you run your b
TampaFL50 - 1002019$6,000,000
Lazarillo logo
Lazarillo is dedicated to increasing the autonomy of people with disabilities. Though its free mobile app, Lazarillo enables people with limited or no vision to navigate urban spaces autonomously, without having to ask for assistance from others.
TampaFL20 - 502019$1,050,838
Remote Care Partners logo
Remote Care Partners provides a cloud-based platform that offers population and remote care program management. The company's services offered Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic Care Management, Telemedicine, and a Virtual Medical Office enabling the medic
TampaFL20 - 502019
Chattr logo
Chattr’s AI-powered digital assistant manages the retail hiring experience from engagement to offer.
TampaFL20 - 502018$4,000,000
deepwatch logo
deepwatch, Inc. provides intelligence-driven managed cyber security services to minimize, detect, and rapidly respond to perpetually evolving cyber-attacks and threats against organizations. Its cloud SecOps platform powers highly tailored, highly automat
TampaFL200 - 5002018$256,000,000
Aspen RxHealth logo
Aspen RxHealth LLC provides healthcare software. The Company offers a platform that connects pharmacists with health plan members in need of pharmacological consultations. Aspen RxHealth serves customers in the State of Florida.
TampaFL200 - 1,0002018$32,000,000
Professional Credentials Exchange logo
Professional Credentials Exchange is a digital marketplace for verified professional credentials. It is a digital marketplace for organizations to both acquire and sell verified professional credentials across regulated industries. Their initial focus is o
TampaFL10 - 202018$8,400,000
Immertec is a live surgical training platform that allows physicians to observe, communicate, and collaborate on unique devices and procedures remotely in virtual reality. Using Immertec’s VR platform, surgeons in remote locations are transported into an o
TampaFL20 - 1002017$12,350,007
CoLabs Holdings LLC logo
CoLabs Holdings, LLC operates as a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, develops software products using machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize and simplify business processes in major industries. CoLabs Holding serves
TampaFL20 - 502017$9,538,529
Genesis Systems logo
Genesis Systems operates as an industrial technology research and design company. It specializes in developing and marketing technologies that aid in sustainable water resource generation and environmental transformation and enhancement. The company suppor
TampaFL20 - 502017$20,750,000
Iink logo
Iink believes homeowners and business owners can get their lives back faster after an insured property loss.
TampaFL20 - 1002017$17,800,000
TogetherHealth logo
TogetherHealth, part of the Benefytt Technologies family of companies, provides comparison-shopping solutions to Medicare customers through our digital platforms and network of licensed insurance agents. We also support agents with the training and tools n
TampaFL500 - 1,0002017
SOMA Global logo
SOMA Global is a cloud-based CAD solution that delivers secure, mission-critical, real-time data to first responders.
TampaFL50 - 1002017$22,500,000
BlockSpaces logo
BlockSpaces® is an end-to-end tech company that connects blockchains to existing business applications through a seamless API-based B2B integration platform, BlockSpaces Connect.
TampaFL20 - 502017$7,010,000
Pocket Network logo
Pocket Network is decentralized infrastructure for developers who want to build peer-to-peer applications. Pocket Network was founded to make the exponential growth of cryptocurrencies coming into existence easier to use and more accessible for people worl
TampaFL20 - 1002017$28,150,000
MIQroTech logo
mIQroTech provides AI and IoT technology to predict oil and gas pipeline leaks.
TampaFL10 - 502016$11,414,145
Dabble Lab logo
Dabble Lab is a startup studio that helps individuals and businesses prototype, validate and launch technology products and services.
TampaFL10 - 502015
Crofton & Sons Inc - Uncle John's Pride logo
Uncle John's Pride is a food company that offers smoked sausages and meats.
TampaFL58 - 5002015$44,000,000
Lumina Analytics logo
Their technology transforms publicly available data into actionable intelligence, helping you to find the needle in the haystack, the blind spot in the boardroom and the insider threat.
TampaFL50 - 1002015$5,000,000
Telepathy Labs logo
Telepathy Labs develops and delivers chatbots and interactive voice technology to industrial and enterprise markets.
TampaFL50 - 1002015$53,527,500
Abacode logo
Abacode is fundamentally different from most Cybersecurity providers. They address company risk from a business strategy first and cyber-technologies second. This methodology ensures your technical and non-technical leadership are able to make unbiased str
TampaFL50 - 1002014$4,850,000
Gr8code logo
gr8code teaches computer coding skills in nine intensive weeks and connects graduates with employers looking to hire. Through a nine-week intensive course on front-end development, gr8code teaches HTML, CSS, JavaScript and associated server-side tech.
TampaFL1 - 102014$5,400,000
Viralstyle logo
Viralstyle is a print-on-demand eCommerce platform that allows anyone to create, sell, and distribute custom products worldwide with no upfront cost or risk. We have simplified the process of inventory, printing, fulfillment, and customer service for entre
TampaFL20 - 502014
Venuetize logo
Venuetize, Inc. designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers technology and connected payments platform that integrates with existing venue infrastructure to deliver mobile wallets, contextual advertising, information, and other applications
TampaFL20 - 502014
Florida Funders logo
Florida Funders is a hybrid of a venture capital fund and angel investor syndication platform.
TampaFL20 - 502013
SiteZeus logo
SiteZeus is a predictive modeling platform that helps multi-unit brands with location-based decisions. The location intelligence platform is powered by A.I. to create fast and accurate predictive models. Brands leverage the platform to make confident, da
TampaFL20 - 1002013$3,700,000
OnMed logo
OnMed provides quality, affordable healthcare solutions, utilizing innovation and technology.
TampaFL50 - 2002013$6,100,412
VXchnge logo
Vxchnge Holdings, LLC operates as a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, provides data center, power and space, infrastructure, carrier connectivity, and remote hands services. Vxchnge Holdings offers services to service, content, and ne
TampaFL100 - 5002013
CaseGlide logo
CaseGlide was built for claims litigation professionals who seek to simplify complex processes and make informed, data-driven decisions that increase efficiencies and lower costs. CaseGlide is the industry’s only unified solution that drives collaboration
TampaFL20 - 502013
ComplianceQuest logo
Our unified Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) Solution built on Salesforce technologies helps organizations across industries, and of all sizes who want to deliver quality products and services in the safest and most sustainable way by mitiga
TampaFL200 - 5002013$36,000,000
Greenway Health logo
Greenway Health, LLC is a privately-owned vendor of health information technology (HIT) including integrated electronic health record (EHR), practice management, and revenue cycle management solutions. Intergy, Greenway’s cloud-based EHR and practice manag
TampaFL1,293 - 10,0002013
Peerfit logo
peerFit, Inc. operates as a health-technology company. The Company offers application which helps people discover the best fitness classes and motivates them to attend and share. peerFit serves customers in the State of Florida.
TampaFL50 - 1002011$48,606,164
KiteDesk logo
KiteDesk helps sales teams create predictable pipeline. We do this through smart software--a single screen with all the leads, email, phone, calendar and scheduling reps need to focus on the right activities, daily. We also track everything automatically t
TampaFL10 - 502011$6,000,000
Sourcetoad logo
Sourcetoad is an award-winning application development firm specializing in cruise industry solutions. We build innovative passenger-facing software that makes operations easier for the staff, solves complex functionality issues, and brings convenience and
TampaFL20 - 502008
Tampa Bay Wave logo
Tampa Bay Wave is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps tech entrepreneurs build, launch, and grow their startups into breakout businesses. Wave’s nationally-recognized Accelerator programs provide tech entrepreneurs with the resources they need to
TampaFL20 - 502008$2,846,000
ReliaQuest logo
ReliaQuest, LLC provides information technology security services. The Company offers security optimization, integration, network access control, log management, and other services. ReliaQuest conducts its business in the United States.
TampaFL1,000 - 2,0002007$330,000,000
SiteWit logo
SiteWit is a platform for small business owners to market their website on Google, Bing, and Yahoo and generate leads. SiteWit offers Do-It-Yourself (DIY) search engine marketing for SMBs. SiteWit provides a step-by-step setup process to get small business
TampaFL10 - 502007$7,584,615
Healthmap Solutions logo
Helping align the fragmented healthcare delivery system to realize value based care initiatives through population health, data analytics and coordinated care.
TampaFL500 - 1,0002007$220,000,000
Global Safety Management logo
Global Safety Management (GSM) is a SaaS-based compliance company that is fundamentally changing the way companies handle chemical and product safety information. GSM is a leader in providing solutions for safety data sheet (SDS) authoring, management and
TampaFL50 - 1002004$7,770,069
Dynamic Communities logo
As the leading organization focused solely on supporting technology-centric user groups, Dynamic Communities has established a successful ‘community as a service’ model. We bring users to the forefront of technology problem solving and product development.
TampaFL20 - 502004$11,000,000
Digital Hands logo
Digitalhands is a company based out of 21 Kattemstraat, Roosdaal, Belgium.
TampaFL50 - 1002001$15,000,000
Skyway Software logo
Skyway Software Inc develops solutions for business to gain more from their investments in technology.
TampaFL20 - 502001$4,000,000
2nd Century logo
2nd Century Communications, an open network application service provider.
TampaFL1 - 1001999$75,000,000
Bond-Pro logo
Bond-Pro, LLC designs and develops surety automation software. The Company offers a platform that enables surety professionals to streamline and automate the life cycle of commercial, bid, and contract bonds. Bond-Pro serves customers in the United States.
TampaFL20 - 501991$10,000,000
B2Digital, Incorporated operates as a event company. The Company offers services in sports, television, entertainment, digital distribution and banking transaction industries. B2Digital serves customers worldwide.
TampaFL50 - 1001983$3,180,600
HealthAxis Group logo
The HealthAxis Group seeks to reboot healthcare as a completely efficient, information-driven, and cooperative institution. In order to do this effectively, the HealthAxis Group interacts with stakeholders throughout the healthcare industry and considers e
TampaFL200 - 5001965$57,000,000
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