Companies with Offices in Jersey City

6 companies in this collection.

Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
Opera Solutions Opera Solutions 2004 $192,200,000 Jersey City, NJ Organization founded in 2004 500 1,000 2014 $142,000,000 Jersey City, NJ Organization founded in 2014 100 500
LogiNext LogiNext 2014 $49,600,000 Jersey City, NJ Globally leading and fastest-growing AI and ML-based transportation automation platform. 100 500
CROSSTOWER INC. CROSSTOWER INC. 2020 $6,000,000 Jersey City, NJ A digital asset trading platform founded by capital markets veterans on a mission to mainstream digital asset trading. 10 50
Certificial Certificial 2019 $5,800,000 Jersey City, NJ Bringing real-time insurance coverage information on your Suppliers and Vendors to a single screen (not paper!) 2 10
DigiFi DigiFi 2017 $4,100,000 Jersey City, NJ Financial services company founded in 2017 10 50
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