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Elicit logo
Elicit is an artificial intelligence research assistant that uses language models to help users automate research workflows. This research assistant finds relevant papers without a perfect keyword match, summarizes takeaways from the papers, and extracts k
OaklandCA2 - 102023$9,000,000
Movement Labs logo
Movement Labs is the creator of the Movement SDK, a modular framework to build and deploy Move-based infrastructure, applications, and blockchains in any distributed environment. The team is building a suite of products and services that empower non-Move p
OaklandCA20 - 1002023$41,400,000
Qpoint logo
Qpoint develops and provides software and online tools that analyzes website traffic in real time. It helps identify errors and outages of various digital upgrades.
OaklandCA2 - 102022$2,090,000
OfOne logo
OfOne is an AI-powered drive-thru system that helps restaurant operators reduce labor costs and deliver better customer experiences.
OaklandCA2 - 102022$500,000
Maverick Bioworks logo
Maverick Bioworks is developing a biological process to efficiently extract lithium from hard rock deposits. We hope to do for lithium and battery metals what shale did for oil.
OaklandCA2 - 102022
Magic Circle Studio logo
Magic Circle Studio creates games that help people bond through cooperation, creativity, and silliness. Magic Circle is a new venture-backed game studio on a mission to create more intimate games that nourish relationships.
OaklandCA2 - 102022$1,000,000
Solarcycle logo
SolarCycle is an appropriate technology startup developing a low-cost reflective material for use in the developing world.
OaklandCA10 - 502022$36,600,000
Nightpeak Energy logo
Nightpeak Energy develops, owns and operates energy projects that meet the growing capacity needs of a decarbonized grid. Nightpeak comprises seasoned industry veterans with experience creating and building innovative energy infrastructure projects. For mo
OaklandCA2 - 102022$200,000,000
Seed To Harvest Ventures logo
Seed to Harvest Ventures is a US-based pre-seed/seed stage fund that invests in women of color building software-enabled companies. It was founded in 2022 by Victoria Kennedy and Isabelle Seale, and is located in Oakland, California.
OaklandCA2 - 102022
Voyage Foods logo
Voyage Foods has made sustainable and scalable alternatives to foods that have current obstacles –environmental, social, and health alike. Our breakthrough technology provides endless opportunities to make delicious, nearly identical, versions of beloved f
OaklandCA20 - 1002021$117,283,984
Forum Mobility logo
Zero-emission fleet and infrastructure provider
OaklandCA10 - 502021$27,000,000
Dopt logo
Dopt combines a visual flow builder with SDKs & APIs that enable you to build and launch amazing user onboarding and engagement flows in hours, not months.
OaklandCA5 - 202021$5,100,000
Data Mynt logo
Banking is needed. Banks are not. Data Mynt helps businesses reach their potential with web3 based financial tools.
OaklandCA20 - 502021$2,700,000
Charge Robotics logo
Charge Robotics is building robots that automate the most labor-intensive parts of solar construction. Solar has rapidly become the cheapest form of power generation in many regions. Demand has skyrocketed, and now the primary barrier to getting it install
OaklandCA5 - 102021
Encultured AI logo
At Encultured, we believe advanced AI technology could be used to make the world a safer, happier, and healthier place to live. However, we also realize that AI poses an existential risk to humanity if not developed with adequate safety precautions. Given
OaklandCA5 - 102021
Sawa Credit logo
Sawa is building a technology platform that uses behavioral science and machine learning to create a community support system for borrowers. Founded in 2021, the company is based in Castro Valley, California, United States.
OaklandCA10 - 502021$3,000,000
Nyckel logo
Nyckel makes it easy to auto-label images and text using AI. We say ‘easy’ because trying to do classification through complex “we-do-it-all” AI/ML tools is hard. Especially if you’re not a machine learning expert. That’s why Nyckel built a platform that m
OaklandCA5 - 102021$500,000
Joon App logo
Motivate your kids to do chores & learn good habits, using a kid-friendly game that teaches valuable life skills through a blend of real-life and digital activities. In Joon, you assign “Quests” to your kids. When your kids complete their quests, they get
OaklandCA5 - 102021
Bezi logo
Bezel is a collaborative 3D design tool. That means no more wasting time sharing huge files to a teammate-just send them a link to join you in real-time. It also means that you can be on any device, anywhere, and have access to all your 3D designs. Spatial
OaklandCA10 - 502021$13,000,000
Manifold Markets logo
Manifold Markets lets anyone create a prediction market on any topic. Win virtual money betting on what you know, from chess tournaments to lunar collisions to newsletter subscriber rates or learn about the future by creating your own market!
OaklandCA5 - 102021$1,000,000
Urban Machine logo
Salvaging the past to build the future- Stealth Startup
OaklandCA5 - 202021$7,185,000
Versanis Bio logo
Versanis Bio is advancing bimagrumab, a human monoclonal antibody to the activin type II receptors that blocks the binding of ligands including activin A and myostatin. Bimagrumab has been studied by Novartis in more than a dozen controlled clinical trials
OaklandCA10 - 502021$70,000,000
Nectar Vet logo
Nectar Vet is an organization currently based in Oakland, California, United States. It has been founded in 2021 by Adrienne Lin and Joanna Chung.
OaklandCA5 - 102021$1,000,000
Dutch logo
At Dutch, we know chronic pet conditions are medically treatable. We also know that, sadly, the current veterinary model isn’t on their side. We’re committed to remedying this situation, so that our best friends can live their best lives. Leveraging the po
OaklandCA20 - 502021$43,000,000
MosaicVoice logo
MosaicVoice makes it easy for call centers to automate their Quality Assurance function. Our software listens to customer conversations in real-time and identifies and alerts agents and managers to any compliance violations as they happen.
OaklandCA5 - 102020$500,000
Pyroscope logo
Pyroscope is an open-source tool for continuous profiling. It will help debug performance problems and identify bottlenecks in a code. Pyroscope was founded in 2020 and is located in Oakland, California.
OaklandCA5 - 102020
Rondo Energy logo
Rondo is delivering the world's lowest-cost zero-carbon industrial heat. The Rondo Heat Battery powers industrial processes with renewable electricity, cutting energy costs and eliminating emissions.
OaklandCA50 - 2002020$82,000,000
Proxifile logo
Our mission is to use technology and design to level the playing field for small businesses and the common person in a world where typically on the wealthiest people and large corporations can afford expensive counsel.
OaklandCA10 - 502020$2,300,000
OpenEnvoy logo
Invoice reconciliation for overworked finance teams. OpenEnvoy audits every invoice for duplicate billings, excess charges, and supplier fraud and has audited over $2 billion in spend to-date through automation.
OaklandCA50 - 2002020$21,500,000
Black Operator Ventures logo
Black Ops Ventures, LLC (Black Ops), founded in 2020, is the first venture capital fund of its kind, managed and led by an all-Black team of founders. Black Ops leads seed-stage investments in Black-led tech companies and may also co-invest in Series A rou
OaklandCA2 - 102020
Core Loop Games logo
Core Loop Games engages in building the next generation of MMOs. Gameplay and social cooperation are the core of its mission. They want to reimagine how players cooperate on a large scale together. The company was founded by veterans from MachineZone, GREE
OaklandCA1 - 102020$14,400,001
Breakr logo
Breakr connects artists and influencers to break new music through the culture. Music influencers can set up profiles, update their music preferences, and create digital campaigns available across all platforms.It was founded in 2020 and is headquartered i
OaklandCA20 - 502020$6,900,000
MeliBio logo
MeliBio is a technology-based company focusing on plant biology, precision fermentation, and food science that replaces honeybees with microorganisms as a medium for honey production. The company was founded in 2020 by Aaron M. Schaller and Darko Mandich a
OaklandCA20 - 502020$9,415,000
Moonshot Brands logo
Moonshot Brands acquires, operates, and grows e-commerce businesses.
OaklandCA5 - 202020$160,000,000
Liferaft logo
We believe that everyone should be able to weather life's unpredictability. Let our products be your back up plan when surprise strikes. Let us be your liferaft.
OaklandCA10 - 502020$3,500,000
Jetpack logo
Jetpack creates scalable cloud backend software for engineers to help them with coding and cloud services. Their platform develops software that builds scalable web backends for the cloud and creates images and configurations directly from annotated python
OaklandCA5 - 102020$10,000,000
Launchpad Capital logo
The world of financial services is transforming and more ready than ever for thoughtful disruption. The combination of permanent structural changes to the global financial services industry and readily accessible infrastructure will unlock empowering finan
OaklandCA2 - 102020
DeepMedia AI logo
DeepMedia is building the first DeepFake social media app. Users on Insta and TikTok can only create videos with one identity - themselves. Our unique DeepFake networks allow users to create content using any identity they choose! Our users have already ge
OaklandCA5 - 202020$200,000
Onramp Funds logo
Onramp Funds' innovative financing platform is purpose-built for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Their financial solutions fund your working capital needs, freeing your existing capital to invest in growth. With Onramp, you don't pay for inventory until you rece
OaklandCA10 - 502020$310,000
Yunit logo
Yunit is an online platform which helps users to save money with their friends.
OaklandCA1 - 102020$120,000
Inclined Technologies logo
Inclined pioneers a new form of lending in a large and vastly underserved market. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in San Francisco, California.
OaklandCA5 - 102020
ElastiFlow logo
ElastiFlow provides deep visibility into network traffic, resulting in improved performance and security. It transforms a user's preferred open data platform into a powerful network analytics solution in an instant. ElastiFlow empowers enterprises with an
OaklandCA10 - 502020$2,999,996
Axiom Cloud logo
Axiom Cloud Inc. uses AI to solve the biggest energy and maintenance problems plaguing the underserved commercial cooling/refrigeration industry ($120B/year in the US alone). Our first target customer segment is retail grocery. Customers pay an initial set
OaklandCA20 - 502020$16,000,000
Pogo Financial logo
Pogo Financial is a financial services company that specializes in the fields of mobile and online payments. Developer of a mobile payment application intended for international travelers. The company is currently operating in stealth mode.
OaklandCA10 - 502019$9,000,004
Viable Fit logo
Viable Fit develops a structured user platform designed to use historical qualitative data to answer new questions instantly. Viable Fit offers a custom-branded survey, measures product/market fits, automatically segments customers into groups, and discove
OaklandCA20 - 502019$10,900,000
Afriex logo
Afriex is a pioneering platform that allows its users to send and receive money to anybody around the globe. We use stablecoins to offer the fastest and cheapest remittance service to over 30 countries around the world.
OaklandCA20 - 502019$11,425,000
Skillprint logo
Skillprint identifies your strengths by observing the way you play mobile games. We then share those insights with you in an intuitive, fun and engaging interface with the pure goal of empowering you to get ahead. Discover what you are great at, uncover wh
OaklandCA10 - 502019$3,500,000
Primergy Solar logo
Primergy Solar is a developer, owner and operator focused on both distributed and utility scale solar PV and battery storage projects.
OaklandCA50 - 1002019$963,000,000
Dotshop logo
Building agile development and lean startup tools for venture capitals, entrepreneurs, projects managers and startups. Technologies: Java, Groovy on Rails, Twitter bootstrap, JQuery, postgres database, h2 database for file data storage, spring security an
OaklandCA5 - 102019
AudioFocus logo
They’re building a mobile app that helps you hear the voices of your friends and family in noisy places.
OaklandCA2 - 102019
Qwasar Silicon valley logo
Qwasar is a learning platform used to facilitate training programs that develop technical skills for the digital economy. Our model is an iteration of previous product experience. As the economy and labor demands shift, jobs require increasing levels of c
OaklandCA20 - 1002019$100,000
Origami logo
Origami is an organization currently based in Oakland, California, United States. It has been founded in 2019 by Jeung Park.
OaklandCA1 - 1002019
Big Run Studios logo
Big Run Studios is a building cutting edge mobile games for overlooked and underserved audiences.
OaklandCA20 - 502019$6,650,000
Waves logo
Waves is a dating application that allows its users to find someone to fully express themselves with. The app allows to input sexual preferences before matching. It will only be shown to those who want to try the same stuff as the user. That way, their pr
OaklandCA1 - 102019$150,000
ENVision mobile logo
ENVision mobile's business intelligence platform provides shared data analytics between suppliers and micro-retailers in emerging markets.
OaklandCA2 - 102019$200,000
Eclipse Foods logo
Eclipse Foods is plant-based dairy products that are indistinguishable from animal dairy products. Using a novel plant-processing technology, Eclipse gives amazing dairy flavor, texture, and functionality without the health, environmental, and welfare issu
OaklandCA20 - 502019$55,650,000
Spinwheel logo
Spinwheel is a software platform that helps Americans get out of debt sooner by embedding solutions in their favorite apps. The company's API infrastructure helps Americans connect, pay, and manage their debts in third-party apps and services. Spinwheel wa
OaklandCA10 - 502019$11,000,000
Text Blaze logo
Text Blaze is democratizing productivity. It allows users to save programmable text snippets and insert them anywhere on the web using keyboard shortcuts. Snippets can be plain text, but they can also include real-time input from the user, dynamic busines
OaklandCA5 - 202019$3,425,000
Plantt logo helps companies improve their customer support and avoid long wait times on their digital channels by integrating into their sales and support tools, learning how they interact with their customers, and creating an automated, tailor-made, convers
OaklandCA10 - 502019$1,765,000
XQ Message logo
XQ is a data protection platform that easily encrypts at the edge and works everywhere. Secure emails, texts, IoT data, or even voice and send it through any app, platform, or network including 5G. We have edge applications for Gmail, Outlook, iOS, and And
OaklandCA20 - 502019$1,720,000
Oii logo
Oii develops an AI based supply chain planning set up for meeting the strategic needs of organizations.
OaklandCA10 - 502019$1,850,000
Pine Park Health logo
Pine Park Health works with medicare advantage plans, senior living communities, and providers to improve health outcomes for seniors.
OaklandCA50 - 2002019$43,500,000
Revitalize Venture Studio logo
Revitalize Venture Studio focuses on creating, launching, and spinning out Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and platform-based software startups. It specializes in product creation and getting to product-market fit, the most challenging stage of the startup li
OaklandCA10 - 502019
Brimstone Energy logo
Brimstone Energy is a hardware cleantech startup that aims to reduce CO2 emissions through innovative technologies.
OaklandCA20 - 1002019$55,000,000
Kinside logo
Kinside gives parents everything they need to make work work: from securing a spot for your child, to paying for care online, and accessing tax savings and contributions from your employer.
OaklandCA20 - 502018$16,620,000
Koya Medical logo
Koya is a transformative healthcare venture with a mission to treat cancer-related chronic lymphedema and venous diseases through an innovative patient-centric platform.
OaklandCA20 - 1002018$70,224,960
Stealthy IM logo
A fully decentralized & encrypted communication platform powered by Blockstack
OaklandCA1 - 102018
Rent The Backyard logo
Rent the Backyard helps you earn income by building a home in their backyard. We help them through the entire process. They build backyard homes to make living easier and to help solve the housing crisis together. It builds backyard homes more efficiently
OaklandCA5 - 202018
Capology logo
Capology is an organization currently based in Oakland, California, United States. It has been founded in 2018 by Eric Luna.
OaklandCA5 - 102018
Vivun logo
Beat the competition to product-market fit, revive dormant sales opportunities, nail your revenue forecast, and unlock vital sales intelligence to close deals faster
OaklandCA100 - 5002018$131,000,000
Flo AI logo
Founded in 2018, our goal is to halve traffic and congestion in major cities. We are developing an AI platform that can leverage the transport datasets to reduce congestion, pollution and improve safety in cities.
OaklandCA1 - 102018
Unagi Scooters logo
Unagi is an electric scooter startup that aims to liberate people from the tyranny of transportation frustrations—the costs, inconveniences, the carbon emissions. So we built the ideal personal liberation device.
OaklandCA50 - 2002018$40,950,000
Kubit logo
Kubit's Smart Analytics platform turns your data warehouse into Analytics Powerhouse and make deep data discovery and insights accessible for everyone. Follow your data's journey - together.
OaklandCA20 - 502018$22,800,000
Powered by Pennies logo
Powered by Pennies is an organization currently based in Oakland, California, United States. It has been founded in 2018.
OaklandCA1 - 102018
Buy Me A Coffee logo
Buy Me a Coffee (BMC) is an American crowdfunding company based in San Francisco, California, United States. It provides a service for creators to collect donations from their supporters.
OaklandCA150 - 5002018
Unchained Logistics logo
Unchained Logistics is the go-to e-commerce fulfillment partner for direct to consumer brand focused merchants. Their years of experience in fulfillment logistics has given us the insight to build a system that saves merchants time and money while optimizi
OaklandCA2 - 102018$1,750,000
xCures logo
The xCures technology platform uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) and predictive modeling to identify and rank the most promising treatment options for advanced cancer patients who are not responding to standard of care therapies. Patients pay with their
OaklandCA20 - 1002018$12,965,000
Josh Bersin Academy logo
The Josh Bersin Academy is the world's largest global professional development academy for HR. The company and its learning, community, and assessment platform supports tens of thousands of HR professionals and their teams through education, research, comm
OaklandCA100 - 5002018
Joro logo
Track your carbon footprint. Find your carbon type. Build sustainable habits to improve your carbon footprint through challenges and carbon offsets.
OaklandCA20 - 502018$14,200,000
Powerhouse Ventures logo
Powerhouse Ventures backs seed-stage startups building innovative software to rapidly decarbonize our global energy and mobility systems.
OaklandCA10 - 502018
LINQ Software logo
LINQ is a search engine that intelligently streamlines your construction document management workflows. Built to create connections between information silos and empower contractors to make confident, cost-effective decisions.
OaklandCA1 - 102018
PolySign logo
PolySign develops state-of-the-art, secure, scalable infrastructure for financial institutions to fully leverage their digital assets. The company also develops a secure and scalable infrastructure for financial institutions to fully leverage their digital
OaklandCA100 - 5002018$158,181,200
Flow Labs logo
Flow Labs is a technology company that provides ​software solutions for better traffic operations
OaklandCA20 - 1002018$832,000
Peach logo
Peach delivers modern, simple servicing tech that gives immediate returns to your finance, legal and operations teams - and to your customers.
OaklandCA20 - 502018$27,499,998
Vertosa logo
Vertosa creates industry-leading active ingredients for infused product makers. Our patent pending nano- and micro-emulsions are carefully designed for the specific needs of each of our customers. Our pre-suspended aqueous solutions empower you to create i
OaklandCA20 - 502018$6,000,000
Pyka logo
At Pyka we develop autonomous electric aircraft to provide people with an affordable and safe air transport option for regional trips. We're building a future where everyone can visit a friend, partner, family member, or colleague in a nearby city by air -
OaklandCA50 - 1002017$48,100,000
Resolve logo
Resolve is a free financial management platform created by a team of passionate financial advisors, debt experts & technologists to provide affordable and unbiased help for people in financial distress.
OaklandCA10 - 502017$5,200,000
Smile Identity logo
At Smile Identity they believe anyone should be able to prove their identity easily, anywhere in the world. Their team is made up of American and African engineers and financial services professionals with experience across global markets in highly regulat
OaklandCA50 - 1002017$31,100,000
tEQuitable logo
tEQuitable Inc. operates as a software development company. The Company designs and develops platform to address issues of bias, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace. tEQuitable operates in the State of California.
OaklandCA5 - 202017$2,005,000
LUUM logo
LUUM is introducing automation to the beauty-services market, initially focusing on eyelash extensions, a widely popular treatment ($20B global market opportunity). Pioneering a patented combination of robotics, AI, and machine vision, LUUM applies a ful
OaklandCA10 - 502017$11,047,881
qDev logo
At q{dev} LLC, we are your partner in full stack web development and business system solutions. We leverage cutting edge technologies and libraries to address your product needs or to mitigate business system gaps. q{dev} is not only an end to end developm
OaklandCA1 - 102017
NakedPoppy logo
NakedPoppy is a seed-stage clean beauty company that matches women with better-for-her makeup tailored to individual needs and preferences.
OaklandCA20 - 502017$7,787,065
Saferize logo
About Saferize is company founded by two fathers and startup veterans who got tired of subpar parental control solutions. We're building a brand new way to help our kids safely navigate online and use apps. Stay tuned! Founding Date 07/2017
OaklandCA1 - 102017
Homeroom logo
Homeroom is an all encompassing after school enrichment platform.
OaklandCA10 - 502017$3,620,000
Promise logo
PromisePay is provides a modern payment platform built for government. They transformed the inconvenient and time-consuming process of paying down government debt into something that any resident can use. PromisePay is easy to use on mobile devices, offeri
OaklandCA20 - 1002017$48,120,000
Mighty Buildings logo
Mighty Buildings is a cutting-edge construction technology company that uses 3D printing, robotics, and automation to build homes. It is a modular construction company working on disrupting the residential housing market with 3D printing tech, robotics, an
OaklandCA100 - 5002017$153,823,024
Zonetap logo
Zonetap offers highly precise, location-based messaging, alerting, fencing, and analytics to businesses. Make your mobile app even more valuable to you and your customers.
OaklandCA2 - 102017
Allganize logo
Allganize, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company enterprise workplace automation by providing AI-driven knowledge management SaaS (Software-as-a-service) to extract and analyze knowledge database. Allganize serves customers in the State of Californ
OaklandCA20 - 502017
Kai XR logo
Kai XR develops inclusive mixed reality spaces allowing children to explore, dream, and create.
OaklandCA5 - 202017$2,500,000
Nana logo
Skilled trades are in high demand, but the current workforce isn't equipped to meet it. At the same time, the U.S. is dealing with massive unemployment and underemployment caused by the pandemic. Nana is creating a pipeline of skilled tradespeople to meet
OaklandCA20 - 502017$28,200,000
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