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Panasol logo
Panasol is a manufacturing company that offers solar panels.
Las VegasNV1 - 102023$13,157,807
Peregrine Hydrogen logo
Peregrine Hydrogen operates as a climate technology company pioneering a dual production method for green hydrogen and valuable chemicals.
Santa CruzCA2 - 102023$7,800,000
Peak Energy logo
Peak Energy is on a mission to speed grid decarbonization by substantially cutting the cost of energy storage and establishing the United States as a global leader in the sodium-ion sector.
DenverCO2 - 102023$10,000,000
Base Power logo
Base is a modern power company for the electric era that has built a dependable and affordable home energy service powered by distributed batteries.
AustinTX10 - 502023$68,000,000
Clean Energy Terminals logo
Clean Energy Terminals supports port infrastructure for offshore wind, boosting local opportunities.
ValenciaCA1 - 102023$50,000,000
Wisconsin Battery Company logo
Wisconsin Battery Company responds to the growing need for sustainable power solutions by developing and producing clean, renewable energy storage solutions through research and development and production.
PortageMI2 - 102023$5,000,000
Arena Renewables logo
Arena Renewables is a community and distributed solar and storage developer. We deliver lower power bills and clean energy to customers and communities across the United States. Our agile, policy-led approach to developing valuable projects draws on the le
El SegundoCA5 - 102023$3,080,000
Hydrosonics logo
Hydrosonics is developing electrolysis methods that allow for the complete integration of economical, small-scale on-site hydrogen generation with renewable electricity sources.
AlbuquerqueNM1 - 102023$1,225,000
Wand Solar logo
Empowering Landlords with Solar Income. The groundbreaking solution that enables you to bill your tenants for the solar energy they consume, mirroring the utility billing process.
DoverDE2 - 102023$500,000
Apricus Generation logo
Apricus Generation is developing a platform that will allow developers to move their pipelines to generation.
Boca RatonFL1 - 102023$28,000,000
Aether logo
Aether Energy is an AI-powered end-to-end platform for rooftop solar installers
San FranciscoCA2 - 102023$3,000,000
Faradyne Power Systems logo
Faradyne Power Systems is a renewable energy company that provide solutions for complex energy problems.
MiamiFL1 - 2002023$3,265,000
Texture logo
Texture provides the infrastructure to build, manage and monetize your ideas on the grid, with the scale, velocity and intelligence you need.
New YorkNY1 - 102023$7,230,078
Plural Energy logo
Plural Energy helps investors invest directly in renewable energy projects. The company utilizes blockchain-enabled smart contracts to provide constant yield and liquidity to investors.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102023$2,330,000
Exowatt logo
Modular Full-Stack Renewable Energy Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Applications
MiamiFL1 - 102023$20,000,000
Nightpeak Energy logo
Nightpeak Energy develops, owns and operates energy projects that meet the growing capacity needs of a decarbonized grid. Nightpeak comprises seasoned industry veterans with experience creating and building innovative energy infrastructure projects. For mo
OaklandCA2 - 102022$200,000,000
Haven Energy logo
Haven Energy is a climate technology company that is accelerating home energy storage adoption. Haven walks homeowners through the process of selecting, quoting, and financing a home battery system, and then connects them with vetted, qualified electrician
Los AngelesCA5 - 202022$11,200,000
Anovion Battery Materials logo
Anovion Battery Materials produces synthetic graphite materials.
ChicagoIL10 - 502022$117,000,000
Found Energy logo
Found Energy is a renewable energy company engaging in turning aluminum into a renewable energy carrier. It recovers aluminum waste from landfills and uses a carbon-free process to produce hydrogen on-demand for less than $0.50 per kilogram of hydrogen and
BostonMA2 - 102022$12,000,000
Mona Lee logo
Powered by AI, Mona Lee is the fastest, most efficient way for homeowners to go solar. Through a direct-to-consumer approach, Mona Lee’s AI-powered self-serve platform transforms the solar buying experience by eliminating non-stop solicitation calls, lengt
BostonMA50 - 1002022$3,250,000
Paladin Power logo
Paladin Power provides an innovative energy solution for residential and commercial properties. Its ESS Solution features a stacking system and scalable inverters that require no wiring for adding additional capacity.
PerrisCA5 - 202022$7,329,873
Realta Fusion logo
Realta Fusion develops fusion energy technology for the production of industrial heat and power. It applies advances in super-conducting materials, plasma physics, and computing power to a simple linear fusion reactor configuration. It utilizes abundant fu
MadisonWI5 - 102022$12,000,000
Thea Energy logo
Thea Energy is taking a faster approach to commercialize fusion energy. The company’s fusion systems will create a limitless source of zero emission energy for a sustainable future. Thea Energy is leveraging recent breakthroughs in stellarator physics and
PrincetonNJ500 - 1,0002022$20,000,000
Bluestar Energy Capital logo
Bluestar Energy Capital focused on investing in early-stage greenfield projects companies by addressing the scarcity.
ChicagoIL20 - 50202299819128 EUR
Anode Labs logo
Anode Labs is a technology company committed to building a more stable, sustainable, and abundant energy system for humanity.
Baton RougeLA2 - 102022$4,200,000
Bayou Energy logo
Bayou Energy’s software platform provides clean energy startups with electricity billing and usage data via API or CSV files while ensuring a smooth customer onboarding experience. Receive the best utility data while freeing up your team to focus on your c
SeattleWA1 - 102022$1,200,000
Sonocharge Energy logo
Sonocharge Energy is developing a platform technology that enable a battery to have high power density and high energy density across the range of markets and applications.
San DiegoCA10 - 502022$6,600,000
Pathway Power logo
Pathway Power is a utility-scale solar and battery storage developer building renewables energy value chain.
San DiegoCA5 - 102022$61,000,000
Elevate Renewable Energy logo
Elevate Renewables is initially focused on developing battery storage projects. It will also focus more broadly on projects in electricity markets where the rapid growth of intermittent renewable energy has created a need for flexible, dispatchable zero-ca
BostonMA10 - 202022$150,000,000
Verse logo
Verse's software platform, Aria, makes it easy for organizations to buy and manage clean power.
San FranciscoCA5 - 202022$26,250,000
Mantel logo
Mantel is developing the first molten-salt based carbon capture technology. Our molten borates are designed to operate at the high temperatures found inside boilers, kilns, and furnaces – enabling highly efficient carbon capture that has not been possible
CambridgeMA5 - 202022$2,000,000
MN8 Energy logo
MN8 Energy is an energy company that provides renewable energy and services to enterprise customers.
New YorkNY100 - 5002022$325,000,000
DeepPower logo
DeepPower is developing a breakthrough geothermal drilling technology to access the Earth’s unlimited source of clean energy.
LehiUT2 - 102022$2,000,000
Fuse Energy logo
Fuse is an energy supplier that offers the UK's cheapest electricity tarif. Also active in the US.
Greenwood VillageCO10 - 50202278684104 EUR
Linova Energy logo
LiNova Energy is a developer of ultra-high energy density batteries. The company pairs its Polymer Cathode with a novel 3-D Lithium Metal anode, a non-flammable electrolyte, and a dendrite-blocking membrane to deliver a sustainable energy storage solution.
MonroviaCA2 - 102022$26,300,000
Sunrock Distributed Generation logo
Sunrock Distributed Generation partners with solar developers and installers to acquire, originate, and finance commercial solar and storage assets at various stages of development. Sunrock Distributed Generation develops and owns distributed generation as
BaltimoreMD10 - 502022$10,000,000
Adena Power logo
Adena Power is a new business from Nexceris, and is dedicated to the commercialization of our new sodium solid-state battery. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of new technologies that provide safer, longer duration and lower-cost energy storage.
Lewis CenterOH5 - 102022$3,100,000
Aether Fuels logo
Aether Fuels is a cutting-edge climate technology firm that seeks to use ground-breaking methods for creating scalable, affordable, and sustainable fuels to decarbonize ''hard-to-abate'' sectors including aviation and ocean shipping.
San FranciscoCA10 - 502022$8,500,000
Monarch Energy logo
Monarch Energy operates a green hydrogen project development platform. They convert abundant renewable power supplies into clean fuels to decarbonize segments of the economy that are difficult to electrify.
San DiegoCA5 - 102022$25,449,404
Fineart logo
Fineart LLC is a Dunedin, Florida-based company on a mission to revolutionize energy management and resource utilization. They firmly believe that all waste is a waste of energy, and they are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses make more effici
DunedinFL1 - 102022$7,500,000
Trillium H2 Power logo
Trillium H2 Power uses hydrogen energy for producing Ammonia and Silicon.
ColumbusTX2 - 102022$6,340,000
Newton Energy Solutions logo
Newton Energy Solutions Newton Energy Solutions empowers individuals to work together to create a more sustainable future.
South HollandIL2 - 1020222714055 EUR
Jasmine Energy logo
Jasmine is the easiest way to track prices, verify renewable energy generators, and buy & sell Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs/RECs)
Washington, D.C.5 - 102022
Cultivate Power logo
Cultivate Power is a developer of distributed solar and storage projects dedicated to improving communities, the grid, and climate stability.
ChicagoIL10 - 502022$10,000,000
Granite Source Power logo
Granite Source Power (GSP) develops battery energy storage and renewable energy projects.
New HampshireOH1 - 102022$40,000,000
Active Surfaces logo
Active Surfaces is commercializing MIT-developed ultra-thin-film solar technology.
SalemMA2 - 102022$13,250,000
Vespene Energy logo
Vespene Energy aim to repurpose otherwise wasted energy from landfills. It envision a fully renewable energy future.
BerkeleyCA5 - 102022$4,300,000
Reunion Infrastructure logo
Reunion accelerates renewable energy by simplifying financing. Its platform makes transactions easy and low-risk. Corporations can reduce their federal tax liability while enabling new renewable energy installations. Solar, wind, and battery storage compan
San FranciscoCA2 - 102022
Solarcycle logo
SolarCycle is an appropriate technology startup developing a low-cost reflective material for use in the developing world.
OaklandCA10 - 502022$36,600,000
Solara logo
Solara is a fintech company dedicated to accelerating the promise of clean technology in emerging economies. Focus on developing cutting-edge, customer-friendly financial products that are savings-oriented for clean-tech assets so as to help demand drive t
WalnutCA1 - 102021$4,885,000
HEQ Deepwater logo
HEQ Deepwater is an energy company that focused on the acquisition of the deepwater gulf. The Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, where HEQ Deepwater is focused, offers one of the lowest carbon-intensive sources of petroleum available to fuel the earth’s needs durin
HoustonTX1 - 102021$400,000,000
Electrified Thermal Solutions logo
Electrified Thermal Solutions replace fossil fuels with renewable heat in every furnace, turbine, boiler and kiln to decarbonize industry.
MedfordMA5 - 202021$4,600,000
Hoevan logo
HOEVAN is a holding company focused on bringing together disparate companies with complementary capabilities. We strongly believe in the accretive value created through shared capabilities and unique management experience. Our mission is to support consum
AshburnVA10 - 502021$2,000,000
Blip Energy logo
Blip is making energy equity accessible to accelerate the clean energy transition by building a new category of smart, affordable energy storage to add millions of homes to the smart grid network. A hybrid hardware/software solution for energy management t
ChicagoIL5 - 102021$1,445,000
Alaska Renewables logo
Alaska Renewables is a renewable energy development company. The company was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Fairbanks, Alaska, United States.
FairbanksAK2 - 102021$1,025,000
Industrial Sun logo
Industrial Sun is a renewable energy and storage developer, purpose-built to serve industrial and high energy demand customers, including refineries, pumping and compression stations, manufacturing and/or processing plants, terminals, and data centers. Our
AustinTX10 - 502021$90,000,000
Fourth Power logo
Fourth Power is an energy storage startup that uses thermal batteries. Through utility-scale thermal storage, the technique transforms renewable energy into an on-demand energy source.
CambridgeMA2 - 102021$19,000,000
Neon logo
Neon is building open-source cloud-native PostgreSQL. Our architecture separates storage from computing, allowing for stateless and serverless Postgres. We’re a well-funded startup with deep knowledge of Postgres internals and decades of experience buildin
FitchburgMA186 - 5002021
Nodal Power logo
Nodal Power's mission is to develop power plants and increase the utilization of renewable energy resources.
Salt Lake CityUT5 - 102021$13,000,000
Sapphire Technologies logo
Sapphire Technologies develops, manufactures, and sells energy recovery systems for both natural gas and hydrogen industrial and commercial applications.
CerritosCA20 - 502021$10,000,000
Evergreen logo
Democrating investments in clean energy markets and accelerating the transition to a low-carbon future.
SeattleWA10 - 5002021$11,812,965
Moneytree Power logo
A turnkey solar amenity for renters and rental property owners. Solar unlocks value for millions of buildings, but rental properties have been left behind. We’ve fixed that with technology that makes adding solar simple and profitable for rental property o
Santa MonicaCA2 - 102021
Elephant Energy logo
Elephant Energy makes it simple to upgrade the home's heating and cooling systems, as well as appliances, to modern, all-electric technologies, allowing homes to be gas-free. It provides Heat Pumps, Water Heaters, EV Charging, and other services. Josh Lake
BoulderCO5 - 202021$9,311,514
Ambient Fuels logo
Ambient Fuels is a pioneering green hydrogen developer guiding heavy industry through the great green upgrade. We deliver custom-engineered green hydrogen solutions. Blending development and technical expertise with our renewable energy and industrial proc
New YorkNY10 - 502021$250,000,000
Telematica logo
Telematica API enables businesses to connect to EVs, home chargers, batteries, HVACs, and solar inverters directly. Founded in 2021 and is based in Francisco, California.
Buena ParkCA2 - 102021$500,000
Mitra Chem logo
Mitra Chem is the lithium-ion battery materials manufacturing company.
Mountain ViewCA20 - 502021$87,050,008
Nira Energy logo
Nira Energy builds products to provide transmission insights throughout the interconnection process.
DenverCO5 - 202021$500,000
Clean Hydrogen Works logo
Clean Hydrogen Works mainly engages in developing an integrated clean hydrogen value chain. It aims to fulfill the world’s urgent need for clean, affordable, and scalable energy solutions to transition to Net Zero in collaboration with strategic partners a
Grand PrairieTX10 - 502021$30,000,000
Cache Energy logo
Cache Energy is developing energy storage technology that is non-toxic, non-flammable, and a fire retardant for easy transportation.
ChampaignIL5 - 102021$4,500,000
Aspen Creek Digital logo
Aspen Creek Digital is a developer of a renewable Bitcoin mining operator used to catalyze the decarbonization of power generation.
El SegundoCA10 - 502021$16,625,000
Alder Fuels logo
Alder Fuels is a process technology and project development company in the advanced, low-carbon transportation fuels industry
Washington, D.C.10 - 502021$2,000,000
Syrcuit Energy Solutions logo
Syrcuit Energy Solutions engages in providing energy solutions to commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential properties. The company leverages relationships with land developers, builders, commercial and municipal properties, suppliers, and others
DenverCO5 - 102021$6,000,000
Greenwork logo
Greenwork helps workforce training programs connect students with jobs It supports employers in solar, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, logistics, and the trades. Its software helps students manage their training, prepare their resumes, and connect wi
San FranciscoCA10 - 502021$2,375,000
Phoenix Hydrogen logo
Phoenix Hydrogen facilitates planning and trade at emerging hydrogen hubs.
BerkeleyCA5 - 102021
Xcimer Energy logo
Xcimer Energy offers a laser-driven fusion to provide cheap, abundant, and carbon-free energy. It is used to transform the energy marketplace that integrates low-cost excimer laser technology with the HYLIFE reaction chamber concept to design an Inertial F
Redwood CityCA10 - 502021$117,750,000
Focused Energy logo
Focused Energy is a laser fusion startup dedicated to developing fusion as a means of generating clean alternative energy.
DenverCO50 - 1002021$79,000,000
CubicPV logo
CubicPV is a solar industry that relies on legacy technologies with inherent limitations. Conventional solar modules convert sunlight to electricity using a single light-absorbing material and are nearing an efficiency threshold.
BedfordMA50 - 1002021$58,000,000
Torus logo
Empowering individuals and communities to become their own renewable energy provider.
LehiUT20 - 1002021$67,000,000
NovoHydrogen logo
NovoHydrogen is experienced at deploying and commercializing successful innovative energy transition technologies. its extensive learnings from across the energy sector include developing solar, wind, and battery storage assets and oil & gas operations.
CentennialCO5 - 102021$20,000,000
Verdagy logo
Verdagy is innovating water electrolysis technology for the large-scale production of green hydrogen. Verdagy's industry-leading solution achieves both the lowest upfront capital costs and the lowest unit economics for production. Verdagy operates laborato
Moss LandingCA100 - 5002021$156,599,968
Perch Energy logo
Perch is transforming access to renewable energy and making it more affordable. Visit to learn more and get a free savings estimate.
BostonMA20 - 1002021$43,800,020
Equilibrium Energy logo
Equilibrium Energy operates at the intersection of grid variability, market volatility, economic optimization, commercial structuring, trading, and risk management, across the end-to-end power value chain. Their ambition is to become a next-generation clea
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002021$71,699,992
Shasta Power logo
Shasta Power is an investment platform that allows investors to invest in high-return renewable energy return projects.
BendOR2 - 102021$6,118,000
CleanJoule logo
We are the world's leading innovators of full performance SAF. Our highly innovative technology allows us to harness existing energy from biomass and convert it to superior performance aviation fuel as well as carbon negative, bio-rubber that can be used i
West Valley CityUT5 - 202021$50,000,000
Terraform Industries logo
Terraform Industries is a bet on cheap solar, synthetic hydrocarbon supremacy, and hyperscale. The overarching goal is to zero out the net transport of carbon from the crust to the atmosphere and oceans as quickly as possible by displacing drilled natural
Los AngelesCA10 - 502021$11,000,000
Verde Technologies logo
Verde Technologies specializes in the production of perovskite solar cells that offers thin film and flexible solar panels.
BurlingtonVT2 - 102021$1,250,000
Talus Renewables logo
Talus Renewables offers new pathways to chemicals, fertilizers, and fuels with its green ammonia production technology.
AustinTX10 - 502021$22,000,000
Inlyte Energy logo
Inlyte Energy is a company that creates batteries for grid storage. Inlyte Energy's grid battery uses the most abundant commodities - iron and salt - to create an energy storage solution with the unique combination of high efficiency, long lifetime, compet
BerkeleyCA5 - 102021$8,000,000
VeriWatt logo
VeriWatt is a solar energy installation company that maximizes the grid’s performance, cuts costs, and saves energy. Their mission is to provide transparency and increase confidence throughout the solar industry.
SpringfieldMO2 - 102021$1,175,000
ICE Thermal Harvesting logo
ICE Thermal Harvesting is based in Houston, TX and focuses on supplying zero-emission power in various regions around the world. The company is founded as a partnership between like-minded individuals who view the global energy supply holistically and desi
HoustonTX5 - 202021$151,700,000
InBalance logo
inBalance recognizes the growing demand for next-generation financial modelling to support the increasingly sophisticated decisions that renewable stakeholders face. Our vision is to enable rapid growth of novel decarbonizing technologies through the tradi
BostonMA20 - 502020
Sage Geosystems logo
Sage Geosystem is a transformative geothermal development company working to optimize both the well(s) and power plant to make geothermal accessible and affordable everywhere.
HoustonTX10 - 502020$17,000,000
Citron Energy logo
Citron Energy converts non-recyclable and non-organic waste into a usable energy source reducing the use of fossil fuels. The company's CitronFuel is produced by processing non-recyclable municipal and commercial wastes. It also replaces fossil fuels used
New YorkNY2 - 102020$1,517,500
Nomad Transportable Power Systems logo
NOMAD Transportable Power Systems offers patent-pending technologies to fit any project or application need. It was founded by two companies known for their disruptive innovation and desire to impact clean energy, Northern Reliability, and KORE Power. The
WaterburyVT5 - 202020$16,043,131
Infinium logo
Infinium offers an electrofuels solution to decarbonize the transportation sector using today’s infrastructure.
SacramentoCA50 - 2002020$69,000,000
Orenda logo
Orenda is a renewable energy technology company focused on the development and operation of energy storage assets in the United States. Orenda uses a data-driven process to optimize the development process and limit the associated risks.
New YorkNY5 - 202020$1,499,319
Enteligent logo
Enteligent is a solar product company devoted to delivering products that yield higher and more efficient levels of solar electricity.
Morgan HillCA20 - 502020$14,650,000
Standard Biocarbon logo
Standard Biocarbon is produced by pyrolysis of biomass yielding a stable, porous material that is near pure carbon.
CambridgeMA5 - 202020$10,958,317
TeraWatt Technology logo
We engineer ultra-high energy density lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
San FranciscoCA10 - 502020
UtilityInnovation Group logo
UtilityInnovation Group offers electric grid infrastructure across the globe with an decarbonization and the ever-increasing need for resiliency. They provide microgrids, distributed energy resources, system integration, substation development, utility eng
RaleighNC50 - 1002020$31,375,470
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