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Caffeinated Capital is a venture capital firm that focuses on providing early-stage funding to innovative technology startups. Founded by Raymond Tonsing, Caffeinated Capital has gained recognition for its unique investment approach and its involvement in supporting promising companies.

Caffeinated Capital is known for its hands-on approach to investing. The firm emphasizes active collaboration with founders, providing not only capital but also strategic guidance, mentorship, and operational support. This approach helps startups navigate challenges, refine their business strategies, and accelerate their growth.

One of the distinctive features of Caffeinated Capital is its "permanent capital" model. Unlike traditional venture capital firms that raise funds in discrete cycles, Caffeinated Capital maintains a perpetual pool of capital that allows it to make investments without the constraints of typical fund lifecycles. This enables the firm to be flexible in its investment decisions and offer ongoing support to its portfolio companies.

Caffeinated Capital has been involved in funding several successful startups across various industries, including technology, consumer services, and more. The firm's investments have contributed to the growth and success of these companies, positioning Caffeinated Capital as a valuable partner for early-stage founders.

While Caffeinated Capital's investment model and focus may evolve over time, as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, it was recognized for its commitment to providing long-term support to startups and its innovative approach to venture capital. To gather the most accurate and up-to-date information about Caffeinated Capital, I recommend visiting the firm's official website or referring to reliable industry sources.

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Series logo
Series brings together the best of modern software with institutional-grade finance to empower institutions and corporations to move their capital more efficiently and meaningfully.
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002023$25,000,000
Tatem logo
At Tatem, we believe teams should love the tools they use, not tolerate them. So, we're reinventing the way teams work together. Our vision is to increase productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction for teams and employees around the world. Tatem helps
Los AngelesCA10 - 502022$2,500,000
Stakeholder Labs logo
Stakeholder Labs builds tools for brands to measure, engage, and acquire customers as owners.
West HollywoodCA5 - 102022$4,200,000
Booth AI logo
Booth AI enables companies to supercharge their creative output with a generative-AI powered image production platform.
San FranciscoCA2 - 102022$1,070,000
Ganymede logo
Ganymede is the first PaaS for biotech software engineering. Quickly integrate apps, import data, or design pipelines using a powerful bio-aware low-code platform.
Palo AltoCA20 - 502022$15,650,000
Saronic logo
Saronic is building cutting-edge unmanned surface vehicles that enable maritime security and domain awareness by combining best-in-class hardware, software and artificial intelligence into one scalable, fully integrated platform.
AustinTX20 - 502022$70,000,000
Switchboard logo
Switchboard is the first error monitoring and incident response platform for Zapier and Make (formerly Integromat). its goal is to become the operating system for non-technical teams building dashboards, systems, and processes.
AtlantaGA5 - 202021$7,500,000
Hyfé logo
Hyfé creates the future feedstocks of biomanufacturing from nutrients lost in trillions of gallons of food processing wastewater. Their technology enables water reuse and lowers the cost of wastewater and water management at food manufacturing facilities w
BerkeleyCA5 - 202021$11,025,000
Rainbow logo
We’re transforming insurance into a positive, risk-preventing force for small businesses, starting with restaurants. As your business grows and takes big steps forward (or experience occasional slowdown), we’re here for you behind the scenes. We show up in
San FranciscoCA2 - 102021$12,000,000
Harmonic Discovery logo
Harmonic Discovery operates as a pharmaceutical company that develops a platform that combines computing and experimentation.
New YorkNY5 - 202021$8,000,000
Together logo
A 3-sided marketplace for people to find, join, and start communities, or Casas, centered around shared values and interests. Our belief is that by living with others that share the same values and interests, life is more fulfilling and productive.
Los AngelesCA1 - 102021$2,025,000 logo
Blossom makes coaching more accessible than ever before. Find the perfect coach based on your profile and goals, and track your progress along the way with a science-backed app. Start your growth journey with confidence and Blossom into your best self tod
San FranciscoCA5 - 202021$1,500,000
Pluto logo
Pluto will bring the power of automated investing to retail traders of all background by removing complexity and creating a powerful and accessible suite of tools.
Los AngelesCA10 - 502021$4,225,000
Ownit logo
Ownit's mission is to make commerce at the point of discovery work for brands, creators, and shoppers. Ownit's Connected Checkout links increase conversion for direct-to-consumer brands by enabling a one-tap purchase of any product in paid ads, email, text
Palo AltoCA10 - 502021$8,000,000
Default logo
Default is an all-in-one inbound lead qualification, scheduling, and routing platform. It combines everything needed to capture and qualify inbound leads on your website, book meetings, and route them to the right sales rep. It was established in 2020 and
San FranciscoCA10 - 1002021$7,325,000
Bluedot logo
Bluedot is a marketplace where electric vehicles reach charging units and charger owners can share their spots with others. It is a software and hardware integrated system with a mobile application where charger owners can easily schedule and share charger
San FranciscoCA10 - 502021$7,000,000
LatchBio logo
LatchBio develops a data infrastructure intended to build and disseminate the open-source infrastructure of the biocomputing revolution. Founded in 2021 by Alfredo Andere, Kyle Giffin, and Kenny Workman, the company creates open-source machine learning and
San FranciscoCA20 - 502021$33,200,000
Capchase logo
Capchase is a fintech company that helps SaaS companies finance the growth of their operations with cash tied up in future monthly payments. The company was founded in 2020 by Ignacio Moreno, Przemek Gotfryd, Luis Basagoiti, and Miguel Fernandez and is bas
New YorkNY100 - 5002020$949,600,000
Varda logo
Varda is a space manufacturing startup that focuses on creating products in space for terrestrial applications. They aim to manufacture things in space that benefit from low gravity. The company intends to create an infrastructure that harvests source mate
TorranceCA10 - 1002020$51,025,000
Federato logo
Federato provides an underwriting platform for insurance companies. The company's underwriter workflow software ostensibly allows actuaries and portfolio analysts to drive analysis into the hands of front-line underwriters, allowing clients to understand a
Palo AltoCA20 - 502020$40,000,000
Known Medicine logo
Known Medicine is looking to take the experimentation of how tumors respond to cancer drugs out of the patient’s body and into the lab. The startup breaks down tumor samples into micro tumors, which they treat separately inside specialized micro-environmen
Salt Lake CityUT10 - 202020$9,625,000
REGENT Craft logo
Regent is building all-electric sea gliders for fast, safe, and low-cost coastal transportation.
BurlingtonMA20 - 1002020$87,000,000
Ready logo
Ready makes it easy for local ISPs to acquire, retain, and monetize subscribers. Ready helps local internet service providers to solve the digital divide through powerful tools to operate, grow, and finance their networks. Ready was founded in 2020 by Mik
San FranciscoCA20 - 502020$15,700,000
Hyfe logo
Hyfe is an acoustic AI that runs on any phone and detects and classifies coughs. It is the most sophisticated AI cough classifier on the market, used daily by researchers, medical professionals as well as thousands of regular people all over the world.
WilmingtonDE20 - 502020
Hadrian logo
Hadrian manufactures precision components for cutting-edge technology companies.
HawthorneCA50 - 2002020$99,500,000
Polywork logo
We've got something cooking in the professional network space.
New YorkNY20 - 502020$44,618,000
Settle logo
Settle is a fintech platform that automates B2B payments and provides working-capital solutions for businesses. The company was founded by Alek Koenig in November 2019 and is based in San Francisco, CA, USA.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002019$520,999,744
Polytomic logo
Polytomic syncs your internal data to your business systems. Internal data within companies is fragmented across many different systems; accessing relevant slices of outside of a team's home system is cumbersome. Polytomic allows business teams to easily a
San FranciscoCA5 - 202019$2,400,000
Better Health logo
Better Health offers an end-to-end care solution, bundling peer-support, coaching, education and home delivery of medical supplies.
San FranciscoCA50 - 2002019$13,500,000
CloudTrucks logo
CloudTrucks develops a virtual trucking carrier application designed to reduce operating costs for truck drivers. The platform helps to manage and book loads from brokers and shippers, offer instant payments after load delivery, and access to cheap insuran
San FranciscoCA50 - 2002019$141,600,000
Pulley logo
Pulley is a San Francisco-based company that provides a platform to help startup founders and employees figure out their equity. It also offers a cap table management product for startups to provide employee and investor equity information and maintain acc
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002019$54,550,000
InCountry logo
Run SaaS apps, like Salesforce and ServiceNow, with local processing and storing of regulated data. Seamlessly, efficiently and fully compliant in every country.
San FranciscoCA50 - 1002019$40,000,000
DigitalBrain logo
DigitalBrain says it can help CS reps get through tickets twice as fast.
Palo AltoCA20 - 502019$19,800,000
Dapper Labs logo
Dapper Labs, Inc. is a gaming company. The Company offers blockchain based gaming experience and digital collectibles such as basket ball, rugby, football, fights, and other games. Dapper Labs serves customers worldwide.
500 - 1,0002018$612,507,840
CIONIC is a technology company that builds a platform for human augmentation that powers people to transcend physical limitations. The company develops wearable solutions that provide comprehensive analysis and precise augmentation to improve human perform
San FranciscoCA20 - 502018$32,254,634
AgentSync logo
AgentSync is where Producer Management and Compliance meet smart technology and automation. AgentSync is a powerful, easy-to-use Compliance as a Service solution. It directly integrates regulatory database sources of truth (i.e. NIPR, FINRA) with core bus
DenverCO100 - 5002018$161,100,000
Odeko logo
Mobile ordering and supply chain software for cafés, bakeries and coffee shops.
New YorkNY200 - 5002018$227,022,752
Peach logo
Peach delivers modern, simple servicing tech that gives immediate returns to your finance, legal and operations teams - and to your customers.
OaklandCA20 - 502018$27,499,998
Bitwise Asset Management logo
Bitwise Asset Management is a trusted partner to individuals, wealth managers, family offices, investment managers, and institutions in navigating cryptocurrency. Bitwise develops funds, indexes, insight, and other services. The team behind Bitwise has bac
San FranciscoCA100 - 2002017$84,500,000
DYDX logo
dYdX is the most powerful open trading platform for crypto assets. dYdX offers decentralized derivatives, margin, and spot trading. Our mission is simple: To build open, secure, and powerful financial products that are equally available to everyone, every
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002017$87,000,000
SentiLink logo
Sentilink Corp. provides clustering technology. The Company offers equipments and tools needed to pinpoint and stop synthetic identities. Sentilink serves customers in the United States.
San FranciscoCA50 - 2002017$84,000,000
Divvy Homes logo
Tired of renting? Divvy is on your side. Every Divvy payment contributes to your home savings.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002017$490,000,000
Spring Discovery logo
Spring Discovery, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers machine learning-based drug discovery platform to accelerate experimentation for discovering therapies for aging and its related diseases. Spring Discovery serves customers in the State
San CarlosCA20 - 1002017$22,250,000
Atrium LTS logo
Atrium is a full-service corporate law firm that uses modern technology to give startups a legal experience that is fast, transparent, and price-predictable.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002017$75,500,000
Future logo
Future offers one-on-one digital training with fitness coaches, at home, at the gym, or on-the-go. Future pairs its clients with coaches who have trained pro athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and working professionals.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002017$110,500,000
Bitwise logo
Bitwise Asset Management, Inc. provides investment management services. The Company offers portfolio construction, financial planning, and asset allocation services, as well as develops funds, indexes, and other ancillary services. Bitwise Asset Management
SchaumburgIL1,000 - 5,0002017
Brex logo
Brex is rebuilding B2B financial products, starting with a corporate credit card for technology companies.
San FranciscoCA1,000 - 2,0002017$1,457,120,000
Clipboard Health logo
Clipboard Health is a marketplace where nurses can search for jobs based on what they're qualified for and what they care about, and apply with one click.
San FranciscoCA500 - 2,0002016$94,120,000
Voicea logo
Workfit Corp provides speech recognition software solutions. The Company develops enterprise voice assistant software application which enables users to translate abbreviations as well as identify inconsistencies, errors, and missing informations. Workfit
San JoseCA10 - 502016$20,000,000
Staffjoy logo
Staffjoy, Inc. develops an automated workforce scheduling platform. The Company offers tools to collect worker availability, business demand, and schedules workers according to preferences, as well as business rules. Staffjoy serves customers in the State
San FranciscoCA10 - 502015$1,212,000
BioAge Labs logo
BioAge Labs, Inc. develops application software. The Company provides machine learning powered platform to measure human aging and accelerates drug discovery. BioAge Labs serves customers in the United States.
RichmondCA100 - 5002015$293,900,000
Color logo
Color is a population health technology company which provides genetic tests and analysis directly to patients as well as through employers. The product focuses on genes that indicate risk for heart disease, cancer, and that affect medication response.
BurlingameCA100 - 2002015
Drip Capital logo
Drip Capital offers trade financing product targeted towards SMEs in developing markets. Its automated risk assessment model allows rapidly growing SMEs quick and easy access to finance. With a focus on technology, Drip aims to eliminate the hassle of pape
Palo AltoCA200 - 5002015$415,120,000
Triplebyte logo
TAKE OUR CODING QUIZ. Get offers from top tech companies
San FranciscoCA50 - 2002015$48,120,000
Opendoor logo
Get an offer on your home with the press of a button.
Shape logo
Shape is a platform for people analytics. It brings together people data from disparate sources across an organization, and provides comprehensive reporting, insights, and predictions on that data. Leading companies use Shape to help their people do their
San FranciscoCA5 - 202014$2,890,000
Pachyderm logo
Pachyderm, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company creates and manages data to build scalable end-to-end machine learning and artificial intelligence pipelines while empowering users to use any language, framework, and application tools. Pachyderm se
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002014$28,120,000
Socotra logo
Socotra, Inc. provides software solution. The Company offers cloud-native core platform that supports underwriting, policy administration, claims, billing, reporting, and other insurance services. Socotra serves customers in the United States.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002014$93,900,000
Boom Supersonic logo
Boom Supersonic is a commercial airplane manufacturer that builds a 65- to 88-seat supersonic airliner. Boom Technology is making supersonic passenger travel into reality by making a supersonic airliner. Boom was founded on the philosophy that they need to
EnglewoodCO150 - 5002014$207,496,032
Gigster logo
Gigster is a smart development service combining top developers and designers with AI
San FranciscoCA500 - 1,0002014$32,620,000
Virta Health logo
Virta Health Corp. operates as an online medical clinic. The Company offers clinically proven therapies by combining advanced biochemistry, clinical expertise, data science, and digital tools for treatment and reversal of type two diabetes. Virta Health se
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002014$373,000,000
Kite logo
Kite operates as a software company. The Company through its software platform provides editor integrations solutions and relative activities. Kite serves customers in the United States.
San FranciscoCA20 - 502014$21,000,000
MemSQL logo
MemSQL is an enterprise-scale database for real-time applications that benefit from transactions and analytics in a single platform
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002013$464,100,000
Bluedot Innovation logo
Bluedot Innovation, Inc. operates as an advanced location services technology company. The Company offers solutions which enables enterprises to connect with their customers through relevant and personalized interactions based on the location and context.
San FranciscoCA5 - 102013
Airtable logo
Part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible, teams use Airtable to organize their work, their way.
San FranciscoCA500 - 1,0002013$1,352,600,064
Beyond Pricing logo
Beyond Pricing is the world’s most popular revenue management and dynamic pricing software exclusively for vacation rentals. Driven by big-data machine learning, Beyond Pricing integrates into the most popular property management systems like Escapia, Stre
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002013$46,000,000
Kindred logo
Kindred is the easiest way to grow your professional network with valuable and trusted connections. Simply sign up, add your most trusted connections, and get access to their trusted connections. With a few taps, you can request introductions to 2nd degree
San FranciscoCA10 - 1002013$22,750,000
Front logo
Front designs and develops software solutions. The Company offers a collaborative customer communications platform that provides shared email inboxes, messaging, and other forms of communications for teams to better serve their customers. Front serves clie
San FranciscoCA200 - 5002013$203,600,000
Front logo
Front is reinventing the inbox so people can accomplish more together. With new workflows, efficient collaboration, and all their communication channels in one place, more than 3,500 businesses rely on their Front inbox to be more productive as a team.
San FranciscoCA180 - 5002013$203,600,000
TrueAccord logo
TrueAccord LLC provides debt recovery services. The Company offers platform that bridges the gap between the creditor and those in debt.
LenexaKS200 - 5002013$160,522,384
Affirm logo
Buy with Affirm – and pay off your purchase in easy, fixed monthly payments
San FranciscoCA2,000 - 5,0002012$1,520,000,000
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