Companies with Offices in Huntington Beach

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Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
Newlight Technologies Newlight Technologies 2003 $106,610,584 Huntington Beach, CA Harnessing nature to make materials that help improve the world. 50 200
Surfline Wavetrak Surfline Wavetrak 1985 $30,000,000 Huntington Beach, CA Corporation founded in 1985 100 500
Reloaded Games Inc Reloaded Games Inc 2011 $22,292,326 Irvine, CA Organization founded in 2001 50 200
Benchmark Email Benchmark Email 2004 $3,000,000 Huntington Beach, CA Corporation founded in 2004 100 500
Perspire Sauna Studio Perspire Sauna Studio 2010 Huntington Beach, CA Ignite the Wellness Within 50 200
Sex Toy Distributing Sex Toy Distributing 1999 Huntington Beach, CA Organization founded in 1999 50 200
TaskBullet TaskBullet 2013 St. George, UT Focus on the important stuff- we’ll take care of the rest 200 500
Covid Clinic Covid Clinic 2020 Huntington Beach, CA COVID Clinic was formed by a group of individuals dedicated to providing COVID testing for all. 100 200
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