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Company NameDescriptionYear FoundedTotal Amount Raised
Boardroom is an integrated governance management platform improving distributed decisionmaking, management, and governance across diverse crypto networks. Our mission is to enable stakeholder-owned platforms to scale while upholding the interests of all th
Connext is a crosschain liquidity network that enables fast, fully-noncustodial transfers between EVM-compatible chains and L2 systems. It leverages the Ethereum blockchain along with groundbreaking distributed systems tech to enable instant, near-free tra
At Contribution Labs, we want to celebrate every human’s achievements and empower them to accomplish more. Currently we are building Kudos, which is a token platform to appreciate other people’s work and live on the blockchain as uniquely generated NFTs. J
CreatorDAO is a decentralized community that invests in creators by providing capital, technology, and operational support. It was founded in 2022 and is based in Los Angeles, CA.
Eclipse customizable blockchain platform powered by Solana enables developers to build apps for Web2.
Mintify is an NFT multi-chain aggregator, analytics platform and trading terminal to deploy sophisticated NFT investment strategies. Our platform caters to a new type of trader looking for better tooling to discover, trade, and manage their NFT portfolios
Used by over 70,000 developers and creatives, Pinata secures and moves data with #IPFS for #blockchain and #crypto applications. More than 45 million files have been pinned with our #NFT multimedia solution.
Roll is a blockchain infrastructure for social money on Ethereum. The Roll network mints branded digital tokens unique to online presence, allowing them to own, control, and coordinate the value created across platforms. Roll was founded in 2017and is base
Web3-native data warehouse. Built from the ground up as a multichain data platform for dapps and developers in Gaming/DeFi, or any project needing next-gen analytics. We deliver fully decentralized yet enterprise-scale SQL + APIs to join on-chain and off-c
XMTP is an open, crypto-native communication protocol that connects communities, applications, and users. It was founded in 2021 and is based in Austin, Texas.